Dribbling with Naismith

James Naismith, born November 6, 1861, Almonte, Ontario, Canada we gave him a rising of Virgo 02, [HS] Children gathering fruit, rather apropos for a man who first used peach baskets for hoops. His proposed chart with Uranus in the 10th 15 Gemini 31 Rx shows how the individual came up with something that would develop the skills of the group. With a grand trine in earth dominating his chart, Dr. Naismith is a splash temperament type, using all his personal experience and knowledge for the public good (all the socially relevant planets are in the south).

As a Presbyterian minister, Naismith was recruited by International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School, in 1891. Once on board, Luther Halsey Gulick, Jr., head of the Physical Education Department told him to invent winter non-contact sport that would replace the boring calisthenics used at the school during the winter, As a former athlete, Naismith relished the challenge though during the long incubation period questioned whether it was possible.

Eventually Naismith selected felt that field hockey, and cricket, sports without body contact were the foundation, but without a scoring mechanism he saw that the idea was doomed. His original team was 9 men for each side and it was via someone throwing something into a wastebasket that gave him the mechanism of shooting into baskets. Indeed, the first games employed half-bushel peach baskets as targets, after hatboxes did not prove sturdy enough, and they needed a stepladder to retrieve the ball after the infrequent goals.

His original prohibitions of walking or running with the ball in one’s arms like football are still the basis of a game that spread throughout the world. A few years later, his wife asked him to modify the setup for women.

As the Y could not fully remunerate him for his work, or even promote it, in 1898 Naismith went to the Gross Medical College, Denver, Colorado, now the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Here he worked on refining the sport, toying with knee pads and getting a medical degree to understand human physiology. For the next 40 years he was chairman of the physical education department at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, where he also coached basketball until 1908. Besides basketball, they credit him with inventing the protective helmet for football players.

He died November 28th 1939, in Lawrence Kansas.


  1. Rains, Rob, Naismith: the Man who Invented Basketball, Philadelphia, PA, Temple University, c. 2009

the reverend dr. james naismith.pdf

Pointing out Isiah Thomas III

Isiah Thomas never appears in Hoop Dreams but he fills the picture like a spirit hovering overhead as two boys, Arthur Agree and William Gates use basketball to create their American Dream.

The official time of Isiah is 10 PM Chicago time but that symbol (HS 7 Sagittarius) — stacks of books in a library — is so crazy, we could not even consider it. Once again like President Trump we thought of DST and sure enough Isiah was born the very day DST occurred. It seem natural enough just to jump an hour to 11 PM and get 19 Sagittarius and “the face of love accepted.”

Sag 19 is apropos because of Isiah’s own comments about the love of his family, mother Mary Thomas (his father abandoned the family early on) and his beloved wife, Lynn, in his life. We agree it is an important part of his life, and Venus in 12 Aries 45 Rx, shows his mother’s devotion & his wife’s loyalty have meant a lot to him. A look above at his Midheaven 11 Libra 57 directly opposite supports how that support has kept him en pointe.

Isiah in action

The Thomas Connextion

  • Asteroids that make Isiah’s chart come alive are:
    • Edolsen (Marshall Field’s curator) at 28 Capricorn 04 conjunct Saturn — a black man from Chicago West Side.
      1. This is opposition Mars at 27 Cancer 30 conjunct Asteroid Lord at 28 Cancer 41. Lord is his middle name.
      2. Asteroid Sugiyashi is at 25 Cancer 33 conjunct Mars 27 Cancer also. Sugiyashi is a Japanese ball player.
    • Asteroid St. Joseph for Isiah’s high school is at 12 Gemini 5.– i.e. Isiah “bought” intellectually into the St. Joseph’s curricula of how to be successful.
      • It is opposite his Ascendant at 19 Sagittarius showing he believed that the coaches and teachers at St. Joe knew how to make him his best. This was integral to his success –he could surrender his own ego and accept theirs.
    • Asteroid Bal at 13 Aries 14 for Ball. His love of basketball took on an almost totemic significance in his life.
    • Asteroid Ball 16 Scorpio 49 for the Mayan invention of ball-playing. It is conjunct the Moon and via a translation of light Neptune all in Scorpio. For Isiah, basketball playing was the only way “out — it filled his dreams and fantasies.
      • This is probably because his Moon at 13.37 was average and his Mercury is equal to the Sun. Isiah was not a stellar student and knew that his grades alone would not get him into any college basketball program; he had to excel as a ball player — there was no fallback position.
    • Isiah is a see-saw temperament type with his chart split at the mid heaven between growing up poor in Chicago’s ghetto’s and his dreams getting away from it vs. the Western side his chart and his phenomenal skill: he is a 12-time NBA All-Star and named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. He has been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts a recommended trip for any Basketball aficionado.
    • Isiah is President of Isiah Thomas International.

As for the boys, we hate to be spoilers, instead we recommend watching the film & finding out for yourself how their Hoop Dreams turned out.

Medal of Freedom winner Tiger Woods

Eldrick Tont Woods, is better known as Tiger Woods, and was born December 30 1975 at 10:50 PM in Long Beach California — though some sites say Cypress California — to an ex-marine and a immigrant Thai mother, hence the middle name Tont — meaning “excellent” in Thai. Tiger was raised in his mother’s native Buddhist faith.

The chart above is based on his birth certificate but rectified by a few minutes to 24 Virgo (HS) “memory chips” or total openness to his true presence in the world reflecting others image of what he could be, but yet to be activated and become so. The keyword is Latency. His Lilith is at 15.16 Scorpio.

Herculean Labors of Tiger

He beat par for first time in major golf history with his Master’s win. He is now 3 behind the golden bear, Jack Nicklaus. Tiger won his first major in 11 years and was at his worst ranked 1199th.

Tiger’s chart with a 24 Virgo ascendant has a cardinal cross with Saturn just out of quadrature at 01.07 Leo — it should be to fulfill its promise about 29-30 Cancer. Nonetheless, it depicts a major problem in Tiger’s life : an inability to harness his appetites and thus a lack of self discipline particularly in the 10th-11th house of career promise and fan appreciation. It was this latency, this dormant ability that finally came to life when he against the odds, he won at the Masters Tournament and awarded the Medal of Freedom on May 6th 2019 by President Donald J. Trump.

The medal was established in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the security or national interests of America, either by their endeavours in world peace, or cultural and other significant work. For Tiger he is second all-time in both professional victories with 81 and major championships with 15, including 5 Masters, 3 U.S. Opens, 3 Open Championships, and 4 PGA Championships. He has a a record-setting performance in 1997, became the youngest person and first African American to win the Masters at that time, and in 2019, he became the tournament’s second oldest champion with a spectactular comeback win.

Notice that the transiting No. Node was conjunct his asteroid Herakles on his comeback at the Masters.

Off the course, Tiger established the TGR Foundation, which has empowered students to classroom and career success for more than 20 years.  The medal was established in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the security or national interests of America, either by their endeavours in world peace, or cultural and other significant work. …And the fan came out in record numbers and went wild.

Running with Steve “Pre” Prefontaine


Steve Roland “Pre” Prefontaine was born on January 25, 1951 in Coos Bay, Oregon. His father Raymond, was a welder and his mother Elfriede,  a seamstress, both Mars ruled careers  He was 5 feet 8 inches tall & about  140 pounds.

Pre hit the running world  with his bronde hair flying in the wind behind him like winged Pegasus when he broke the 2-mile high school record with 8:41 seconds.  Not to be undaunted, he continued breaking records in his freshman year at the University of Oregon at Eugene and was the first athlete to win the track title four years running.

                                                                        Boasting Speed

An arrogant personality (Mars near the Ascendant) Pre  usually lived up to his boasts. He disdained the runners who lurked in the back waiting for a  sprint, and so set  very fast paces, trying to burn off the sprinters.   At the same time, in the horse racing world Secretariat the Derby winner, was doing the same at the race track, and the two became immortalized as “speed runners.”

Before the 1972 Olympic 5K, he claimed he would ” go out at world record pace, and then pick it up with a mile to go”. This did not happen, but instead sat on a slow pace for 2 miles and then began a sustained pace increase that forced the field to run the final 1,600 metres at 4-minute pace, but in the final straight he lost.

His full record is over here at the Sport-Reference site.

By the time he reposed, Pre was American record holder at every distance from 2,000 metres to 10K. He is memorialized by the Prefontaine Classic meet in Eugene. Two movies have been made of his life, and a short biography was written by Tom Jordan, simply entitled Pre. It’s available on Alibris for under $7.00.

                                                       Charting Pre

We have rectified Pre’s chart to 06 Aquarius, HS “Superior Creatures from another world.” Pre’s chart has Mars conjunct his Venus that is partile his first house cusp (remembering we using the Morins’s house system and so the ascendant and first house are not united), depicting his mother’s strong support of her only son, but also shows his strong independence  and love of freedom — that is picked up and redoubled elsewhere in his chart — as his mode of expression.

He has one opposition in his chart from Uranus at 07 Cancer to Mercury at 12 Capricorn that is Cardinal Negative because it is separating.  While it does depict his  his efficient ruling style, it also shows his brusque manner of dealing with people and how his arrogance was often offputting.

Uranus in the fifth, gave him a creative electricality that was almost a  halo around him and many chanted and wore t-shirts saying just “Pre.”  Uranus is  trine Mars in the first house at 04 Pisces  showing his “iron horse” durability and manual adroitness and dexterity.  This also bestows an exceptional tactile memory.

Pre also has a Cardinal grand trine in chart, showing running was his way of breaking away,  and while not elementally based does hint that challenging the running world at large was all part of his great thrill of experience.

Pre is like most runners we have reviewed is “air based” with little fire: the wind against his skin, his long hair flying helped with his “runner’s high.” In the Sabian Symbols his ascendant at 05 Aquarius is opposite that of Leo 6  warning  of “rock formations at the edge of a precipice.”

Unfortunately that was true as Pre died all too young at 24 drunk behind the wheel after having hit a curb on a hill and rolled over in his MG.  As would be the case with Neptune in the eighth house, it was shock to all, but his chart suggests, not to Pre.

We constantly vet our essays for completeness and factualness.  This was revised on February 27 2019.

Calvin Maduro flies with the Orioles

Calvin Maduro was born Septmber 5, 1974 in the Dutch Antilles, the island of Aruba, is not by anything we could find, related to the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Madura — admittedly, it was a long shot but we felt an interesting one.

Calvin is six feet tall, bats right, throws right and was a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. His legal residence is in Glen Burnie, Maryland, though since retirement how much time he is there is questionable, as he is now a scout for the team. As a pitcher his stats are unimpressive — 10 wins and 19 loses: his ERA (earned run average) was an abysmal 5.78.

The ERA is an important statistic for pitchers all the runs accountable to the pitcher. Any runner(s) who tags his base and reaches home plate is scored against the pitcher as an earned run(s). An error OTOH made by the pitcher is counted the same as an error by any other player. (Please see the Official Rules of Major League Baseball here for a full accounting — at 188 pages it is detailed enough to answer any questions on baseball scoring.)

Mapping Maduro

We have rectified him to Cancer 10 and think that his chart would have made him a better catcher than pitcher but his Grand Trine in Fire (Moon to Venus to the North Node) was what propelled him onto the mound. The problem is the North Node in the sixth (Neptune is just oo far away), that shows his fire and youthful vigour, but misses the Moon in the 11th house that he was basically rather shy and had problems with the star attention (his Moon is also conjunct the Asteroid Oriola at 07 Taurus).

It shows nonetheless, how the famed Orioles farm system made a mistake based more on attendance than aptitude, but then the Orioles have not been living up to their former Earl Weaver glory in a long time, see this FoxSports graphic where their chances of getting into the Fall Classic is rated at a paltry 22:1 shot because of their poor record.

Maduro with a 10 Cancer ascendant (HS Ripe cherries on a tree) like so many players eager to make the Big Show, would not have registered too many complaints also as his symbol says, this was the “fruition” of all his dreams.

In the end, it worked out well for him. His Splash Temperament type makes him good with people,his own bad experience gives him a good understanding of how the business of baseball works, and his new career unleashes his voice (Neptune in the sixth) in his scouting reports. We wish him all the best.

We constantly review and vet our essays for accuracy and typographical, grammatical errors (which we are sad to say are numerous). This one was re-examined on October 12, 2019.

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#18 William Livingston Alden, canoeist

William Livingston Alden was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts on October 9, 1837, time unrecorded but we have rectified it to 10:50 am giving him a 10 Sagittarius rising.   Alden was a see-saw temperament showing the two parts of his life, his outward career of journalism and a writer of science fiction and his Neptunian career canoeing in appropriately enough, the water-bearer Aquarius’s sign.  There is a problem with that date, as

Alden attended Lafayette College and transferred to Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri,  after his father, Joseph Alden, was its elected president.

After graduating from college in 1858, and read law in New York City with William M. Evarts, joining the bar in 1860. He practiced law until 1866 and then became a journalist, writing for the Scribner’s Monthly, James Russell Lowell’s  The Atlantic, New York World and Daily Graphic. He later worked on the editorial staff of The New York Times and produced a weekly column called “Minor Topics”.

While in New York City he became an early member of the Theosophical Society,  founded by Helena Blavatsky in 1875.   He married Agnes Margaret McClure and had one child.


Alden is credited with bringing the sport of canoeing to the United States, founding the  New York Canoe Club in 1871, that was the first canoeing organization in America. He was also a founding member of the American Canoe Association and served as its first Commodore.

john alden.png

President Grover Cleveland appointed him Consul General to Rome in 1885, a position he held until 1890, after which he lived in Paris, writing for the New York Herald. He died in 1908 in Buffalo, New York.

#831 Pretty boy Karl Schulze

It’s hard to be a boxer ad not want to get hit in the face. Sooner or later, no matter how good you are, you will run into someone who will punch you in the kisser and you’ll fold like a cheap card table. That is the story of Pretty Boy Karl Schulze, number 831 in the Jones hit parade.

Jones has his birthplace as Bremerhaven; the German boxing site says Wandsbek.  He was born on May 14, 1907 in Wandsbek, Germany at 3:30 AM according to Jones. There is no record of his childhood, or even a photo — we have pieced that together from his boxing record and chart.


Harry Stein;
there is no extant
picture of Karl

Karl Schulze was the 1925 and 1926 German Amateur flyweight champion.  In  1925 he was third in the  European Championships in Stockholm behind Emile Pladner of France and J.W. James from England. In July 1928 he began his professional career in Berlin.  His career started off with a technical knockout (when the referee gives 10 counts for the boxer to get back on his feet; when he doesn’t because he realizes he is licked he shakes his head no and a TKO is scored; this can also happen if the fighters face is gnashed, and he is bleeding) against Urban Grass  in the second round.

Two months later, Schulze lost twice to Harry Stein, both times on points. In January 1929 he won the German flyweight championship over Erich Kohler by a knockout but later that same year he lost his title because of weight problems (Neptune in Cancer) and had to go up a class to bantamweight (the difference in division is about 15 pounds).

The River Elbe is marked in red. Wandsbek is near Hamburg

After some rough times, Schulze was back.  In the autumn of 1929 Karl won the  German championship and retained that until July 1930. There is little information on him, from then to his 1932 bout against the undefeated Richard Stegemann: he lost both matches.

On October 21, 1932, Schulze went south to Stuttgart for a tournament,  Here Hans Schiller knocked him out in the third and his short career was over.  There was nothing more about him until 1935,  where while swimming in the Elbe, Schulze drowned.

Boxing with Schulze

Schulze had talent as a western-based bowl: he has the asteroid Toro next to Jupiter in the fourth house and with Tisiphone (one of the three Ancient Greek goddesses of Furies symbolizing vengeance) coupled with the North Node at 25 Cancer 13, he had a bad temper and a punch to match. But with Venus in his first house next to his Ascendant — a vain boxer is an anathema to the sport no matter how hard that exalted Mars in Capricorn maybe, and his Mercury in a close sextile to Jupiter (which is square a good drinking buddy Neptune) suggests he liked to party in beer halls, hard.

Uranus in Capricorn is an oxymoron, for while Schulze may reach his utmost goals, at the last moment he will get cold feet and run away. This is probably abetted by his South Node there but it is difficult to ignore Uranus in the tenth opposing Neptune in Cancer (and square Jupiter remember) doubles down on alcohol problems. Neptune is conjunct Jupiter could also intimate drowning.

Schulze with the Bremerhaven birth place.


For reasons unbeknownst to us, Bremerhaven and Wandsbek came up as west of GMT in the original post. We caught it when reviewing the essays and noticed the longitude data, though the chart itself was correct.  Wandsbek is near Hamburg, now part of Central European Time Zone, and one hour east of Greenwich. The new charts and reports reflect this change.

#228 Jack Dempsey and the Stars

Jack Dempsey is one of Marc Jones’s notables and comes in at 228. He does not provide the place, but that’s easy enough to fix, he was born in a coal mining town in Colorado. The time Jones has is also on Astro.com but does not work with the known biographical details of his life, so we rectified him to a 4:40 PM birth time for his birthplace Manassa, Colorado. For those using the Sabian Symbols book, both charts are supplied.

dempsey via jones
Dempsey is a Northern deviated bowl, some may say a lipped bowl, Jones time.

Manassa is high in the Rockies, at 7.664 feet or 2,344 meter high. It was founded in 1851 by Mormons who it Manasseh, the son of Joseph of the many-coloured coat.¹  Once the mining went, most of the original settlers did too.

The Dempsey’s were a mixture of Irish & English Jews & Catholics and they came to Manasseh like everyone else for the mining, but shortly after William Harrison, named after the ninth president of the United States,  the whole family converted to the prevailing Mormonism.  William Harry as he was originally called, got his stage name Jack from his elder brothers who all fought under the “Dempsey” name and bestowed “Jack” to their youngest brother in honor of the Nonpareil 2 himself.

Jack’s obit from the New York Times archives.  Jack Dempsey, 87, is Dead; Boxing Champion of 1920’s

dempsey at 440.png
Almost 12 hours later, Dempsey becomes an outgoing Southern bowl, still a bit deviated with a preponderance in the eighth house mixed between Cancer and Leo.  His ascendant here is 28.20 Scorpio, matching the eighth house of  a creative use of one’s legacies.  We think that all his older brothers were also boxers works well with that.

the Stars lead the way

Among several, one reason for the later time is Sirius, the Dog Star, conjunct his Mercury in the eighth house important because Dempsey made another fortune running his nightclub in New York City (liquor and its sales are eighth house Scorpian issues because they are liquid and cause inebriation).

a polished Jack circa March 1932, Vanity Fair

The fixed star Sirius is an old star and it is depicted conjunct to Jupiter in the Dendera Zodiac — the oldest zodiac around. Cleopatra’s father supposedly died in 51 BC when the Sirius-Jupiter conjunction occurred and the great Nile queen herself expired August 12th 30 BC.   While the Egyptian calendar was lunar based, each month having about 30 days each, it was timed to the helical 4 rising of Sirius and so important deaths were noted when they coincided with that.

Another star in that vicinity is Canopus, also conjunct Mercury. This one bestows a headstrong nature & subsequent loss through domestic affairs — he was married four times excepting the last most lasting just a few years. Neptune in the seventh is conjunct Fixed Star Rigel, this gives Jack an energetic but cautious, disposition making him a natural  diplomat and generous to those less fortunate — he spearheaded a fund for down and out fellow boxer Joe Lewis when the latter fell upon rough times.


  1. Some time later Joseph was told, “Your father is ill.” So he took his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim along with him.,
    1. Genesis chapter 48, verse 1.
  2. Nonpareil Jack Dempsey was actually stage for the original too. His real name was John Edward Kelly and was an Irish-born American boxer and first holder of the World Middleweight Championship in a true international bout against Australian Billy McCarthy. He was nicknamed “Nonpareil” because he was unbeatable and never quit.
  3. Our header shot is from George Bellow’s painting  Dempsey and Firpo being on exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this fall. It memorializes the match between the  “Manassa Mauler,” and the “Bull of the Pampas,” held at the Polo Grounds in New York in September 1923 before 82,000 spectators.
    1. Bellows’s print focuses on the moment Dempsey was hoisted back into the ring, the legality of which was later questioned, resulting in controversy. The artist inserted his self-portrait in the lower left corner of the composition, with his attention cast on the most dramatic moment of the action-filled fight.
  4. Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens, travels a helical (helix or spiral)  path through space.

#333 Max Baer, sr. the Livermore Larruper

Max Baer, born Maximilian Adalbert Baer,  is a well known American boxer, cemented into popular culture through his son, Max Baer, jr of Beverly Hillbillies fame where he played Jethro Bodine.  With the death of Ellie May, Donna Douglas, Baer fils, is the latest surviving member of the cast.

Marc Jones just notes CST time for boxer Baer, but the Boxing Register, the International Boxing Hall of Fame’s book , cites that he was born in Omaha, Nebraska on February 11 1909 not February 16 as Jones and Astro.com cite.

max baer.png
Jones time and date.

His setup is similar to Max Schmeling, air and earth with little water and in a fateful bout at Yankee Stadium in front of a crowd of 60,000 fans Baer hammered Schmeling until the latter cried to stop (similar to Roberto Duran’s No Mas fight against Sugar Ray Leonard in the Superdome at NOLA fifty years later) and while Baer, the Livermore Larruper, had great talent, he also had bad luck.   The Schmeling battle was a major blow to Aryan Germany as Baer was descended from German Jews¹ and the newspapers lost no time in ballyhooing that link.

In 1930, as Pluto was coming onto the scene, Baer knocked out Frankie Campbell (his real name was Francisco Camilli), brother of baseball player Dolph Camilli on August 25, 1930 in San Francisco; Campbell died shortly afterward.

                                              Whose in the List?

This shook up Baer and he semi-retired when #264 Jack Dempsey helped him control his punches and tighten up his style.  While Dempsey, Tunney and Louis made the list, Tony Zale and Rocky Marchiano did not, rather gaping holes in 40’s boxing.  But then he  does not cover any of post WWII boxing, and thereby  ignores Jack Lamotta (Scorsese’s Raging Bull), Floyd Patterson  and Sugar Ray Robinson either.  While Jones handles many 19th Century notables, he does not mention Gentleman Jim Corbett — notable if only for the Errol Flynn movie — the Ninth Marquess of Queensbury (born 1844) , John L. Sullivan or Mike Donovan, all predominant boxers of the previous century.  It is an unfortunate choice considering he plasters his list with royalty.

campbell fight.png
The Baer Campbell fight is a horrible chart — the angles are too close for Campbell to recover from each blow.  Asteroids Hektor & Sedna both warrior images that are slain dominate the map.

To be fair, he treats boxers better than other sportsmen for he totally ignores baseball, football, hockey and basketball.  He has a few jockeys, no cricketers (they are now travellers),  no swimmers, Johnny Weismuller & Esther Williams are both  listed  for their acting credits not swimming feats,  and one ice skater, the graceful Sonje Heine, and odd golfer and tennis player here and there.

While we go through the 1000 we will be readjusting their groups as well as others we find miscast, so many will return to the sports arena and leave Hollywood or the travelling life  behind.  As Charles Jayne wrote in The Best of Chas. Jayne, it is an uneven list at best; we may add it is definitely idiosyncratic as well.

                                                       The Boxing Rec chart

max baer sr.png
The correct Baer chart

Using the same time but the Rec’s chart we get the map above.  Pluto hovers on the ninth house cusp depicting his lethal punches, but next to the North Node, he is safe from them in return.  Neptune and Jupiter are sextile making at yod point at his Part of Fortune 09.10 Aquarius that ends up in his Cancerian tenth house; his blows were hard & plummeting and Mars in the second suggest his native talent was his power, but conjunct the Dragon’s tail intimates at his lethalness — besides Campbell, Ernie Schaaf met his Maker through Baer’s blows in 1932 when Pluto was discovered.

                                                   Locomotive no more

Technically, when Baer was born, Pluto had not been discovered, so he was originally a Locomotive, but with the advent of Pluto found his humanist and secular Splash Temperament, just in time for Hollywood.  This is redoubled by the Sun on the fifth house cusp, showing  that after becoming Heavyweight Champion he frittered himself away and lost interest in the sport.  It is hard to blame him with two deaths to his name and it is doubtless that played a major role in his title loss.

baer plaqueIn 1933 Baer divorced his first wife actress Dorothy Dunbar, & got mentioned by all the gossip columnists for his romances with the latest starlet like Jean Harlow, Mae West, & Greta Garbo.  He still fought but barely trained, culminating in the loss of his  title to James Braddock where Baer sleepwalked through the rounds and Braddock came out fighting (he would later lose to #597 Joe Louis).

He retired a year or so later and became a nightclub owner with Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom — a typical route for ex-boxers.    On June 29, 1935 he settle down for good, marrying Mary Ellen Sullivan (born 1903 in Ithaca New York) , the mother of the actor and two  others Maudie and James who was widowed when Baer died in 1959.  Mrs. Baer died in 1978 and is buried beside her husband.

Baer’s natal chart is the blue inner wheel; the wedding is the progressed outer green wheel.  it looks very peaceful, the warrior has been laid to rest, and happy (Jupiter in the eleventh sextile the ascendat)

The Lines

  • Line of Vitality is absent.
  • Line of Efficiency is absent.
  • Line of Motivation is in opposition.
  • Line of Self-Determination is absent.


  1. Max Baer’s father, Jacob, is buried in a Jewish cemetery, but Max obviously converted for Mary Ellen, as he is buried in Saint Mary’s Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum in Sacramento, California.
  2. Have no idea why he was given the nickname of Livermore but Larruper is an old term for a Thrasher, someone who can beat another to death.  In this case an unfortunate but accurate nickname.

#829 Max Schmeling the Black Uhlan of the Rhine

Marc Jones has Schmeling at a standard unknown time with no place, so we put in the Prenzlau location from Astro.com.  This chart is what we got.

max per jones.png
Prenzlau Jones at 12 noon

This is the time that Astro.com has for Schmeling 10:50 am.  The hour does not change Schmeling much, but it is a rectified time — which we prefer — and does loosely fit his known details.

Astro.com at 10:50 Prenzlau.  Place is incorrect.

                                         But it’s Klein Luckow!  not Prenzlau.

The International Boxing Hall of Fame, has the same day but different place, Klein Luckaw, that is close to Prenzlau and the Polish border (see the enlargened map below, G is for Germany and P of course for Poland.  The blue water above is the Baltic Sea where Denmark lies); the BoxRec.com site has the same location.

max per jones.png

Changing the Jones map to there gives us this map; the time remains unaltered and we now have a see-saw temperament.  This is being supplied for those who are following along in the book.  We are not recommending using the noon time but are going with the KL because it has Max Schmeling Strasse (German for Street) and Prenzlau does not.  Chances are that Max was born somewhere along that street hence the renaming of it.

max schmeling strasse.png
highlighted map of Klein Luckow, Germany showing Max Schmeling Strasse.

Putting the Astro.com time with the IBH place gives us the chart.  We are choosing the Boxing Hall of Fame’s location and Max Schmeling Strasse.  Not much changes from the Prenzlau location and when they are differences it is in the calculated points and even there just in the minutes so the degrees are the same, nonetheless we think the actual place is as important as the rest of his birth details and recommend this correction.

schmelling corrected.png
Recommended chart for boxer Max Schmeling

Max like others, see Dr. Frankl and the designer Givenchy,  who were affected by World War II has an intercepted trine within his chart, but the heavyweight is obviously a locomotive with his widest space in the northwest corner of his chart.  This open area supports that Schmeling had leadership of Hilter’s Aryan philosophy thrust upon him though he did not support it having rescued persecuted Jews during Kristallnacht (see Venus in the ninth house of religion and higher calling).

 The Black Uhlan

The International Boxing Hall of Fame short bio on Schmeling remarks that he tried to disassociate himself with Hitler but because of his tall, blond good looks and the Nazi propaganda machine, few in America believed him.  He was a SS officer during World War II that was also probably enforced because of his stature in Germany, but was quick to surrender at Hitler’s fall.

Like the other boxers profiled, he has lots of Earth but no water.  He also is separate from the group in that he has more air than any others in the Jones clutch and is highly mutable.   As for his nickname, Uhlans were Polish light cavalry, that had a fearful reputation because of their speed, dexterity with lances, sabres and pistols. They became the model for many general-purpose cavalry units throughout Europe as traditional heavy cavalry fell into disuse. The title was adopted by lancer regiments in the Russian, Prussian, and Austrian armies because of their intimidating reputation.

  • The Line of Vitality is conjunct.
  • The Line of Efficiency is trine.
  • The Line of Self Motivation is trine, obviously encourage Schmeling to go along with the larger prevailing trend  (i.e. the SS position during WWII)  for his best interest.
  • The Line of Self Determination is in opposition, thus Schmelling has all four departments in his charts making him an arrogant man.