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Quds Major General Qasem Soleimani

The United States launched an airstrike Thursday evening that resulted in the death of an Iranian general and other military officials at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, according to Fox News.

“The Pentagon confirmed Thursday evening that Trump had ordered the attack that killed Soleimani and other military officials at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. Iran’s top ‘shadow commander’ was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more, the State Department said,” reports Fox.

The General has a good chart for ruthless war monger — Regulus at Pluto on the eleventh house cusp. Soliemani was known for exterminating many of his own countryman for the advancement of the mullahs and was greatly feared. His Ascendant Libra 20 is a Muslim mullah, the symbol of man’s self assurance of his place among his fellows. The keyword is Heritage but is poorly placed elementally here and gives him an unhealthy sense of self-superiority (Jones).

“I think the Iranian leadership understands President Trump will take action. … We made very clear that these responses would be swift and decisive. We have now demonstrated that. I hope the Iranian leadership sees American resolve and that their decision will be to de-escalate and take actions consistent with what normal nations do. In the event that they do not and they go in the other direction, I know that President Trump and the entire United States government is prepared to respond appropriately.”

said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

This is a major blow to the Obama Administration 2015 Iran deal . The Hudson Institute points this out in an article here, so we are doing Obama’s official chart against the Soleimani too. Notice the conjunction of Soleimani’s Mars to Obama’s Moon in the eighth house and the Part of Fortune of the General to Obama’s fifth house South Node.

Horary Updated: Trump impeached by House Judiciary Committee 23 v 17

When we did the Horary for whether they would impeach Trump, we never broke it down to whether the whole Congress (House and Senate) or just the House would impeach him or just as it is now the House Judiciary Committee. Our miss but we were assuming the whole Congress and the Horary was an empathetic NO, that startled even us. With Lilly as our guide, we remain firm — it WILL NOT HAPPEN.

The Judiciary has recommended impeachment but that was always a done deal with Schiff and Nadler on that committee, with the vote was 23 to 17 after  14 hours of debate Thursday on the articles with amendments offered by Republicans that sought to gut the resolutions. On Friday the Thirteenth, the Committee had two quick roll call votes, which lasted only a few minutes and the dead was done.

After umpteen thousands of dollars, one House Committee has impeached President Trump…thanks to Randall Collins for the time.

While there are many things in this chart that are notable we are just going to look at the 4 asteroids that Marc Jones cited that were helpful in mundane issues:
Ceres for economics; Pallas for philosophy; Juno for politics and Vesta for business.

Understanding the chart

The TPoF conjunct the NAsc is remarkable — it is as though this was doomed to happen because he ousted the Dems beloved Hillary, a major faux pas. And that is true they have been arguing against him since election night. More telling is Trumps NAsc opposes the TPoF, and one has to wonder if his major business deals had the same opposition arise, or perhaps his divorce from either his first wife Ivana or the gold digger Marla Maples. At some other time that maybe interesting to look at it, but requires a lot of work and probably an automated rectification system, which we do not have and are not inclined to purchase. (Kepler sells a stand alone product for another $150.00 half of what what the Sirius upgrade costs.)

Pallas on Transit chart is conjunct the Sun both in Sagittarius in the 10th. This is a mutable house showing how much the public has some sway in the Impeachment decision which is why you will see in the next few weeks the World Press come out full throttle against the President — they have everything on the line. Astrological sites, we believe we are the sole site pro-President Trump (our anti-Trumpist mundane writer has retired from the scene unhappy with our stand years ago, we still wish him well), will also give you crazy interpretations of why the Times and the UK Daily Mail and Al-Jazeera are right.

… reactions to the hearing were lukewarm at best. In a piece in The New York Times titled “I’m Sorry, Is Impeachment Not Entertaining Enough for You?” author Jennifer Weiner called out NBC for claiming that the hearings “lacked the pizzazz necessary to capture public attention.” Similarly, Reuters wrote in their headline that the event was “consequential, but dull: Trump impeachment hearings begin without a bang.”

The Inquistor on the poor Nielsen ratings

On the larger picture, the current situation has nothing against Trump’s natal. There are no major aspects occurring. He is serene and happy campaigning away for his next hit against his foes probably more on HealthCare since they have abandoned that fight in favor of being anti-Trump 24x7x365. We believe that was a big mistake. Instead we think that they should have front loaded the docket with a massive one stop shop (total Obamacare no private insurance) for Healthcare and made him veto it and then have something to campaign against — but they did not ask our advice preferring this venue.

Ceres is next to the South Node in the eleventh house. Again, the Democrats are fighting against the most prosperous United States since 1969 and the go-go 60’s to unseat a president. We do not see that with basically full unemployment that will happen — holiday spending is up — way up. People are doing well and the Democrats after spending tons of money and lots of political capital have never proved a thing against the President — there is no Watergate smoking tapes, no turncoat John Dean with his leggy wife Maureen to fill the afternoon hours: nothing. Even the Nielsen ratings for the Impeachment hearings have been lacklustre. There is no galvanic shift in America calling for Donny’s head and to impeach a President you need that.

Just the impeachment chart alone shows asteroid Lilith for competition right at the Midheaven conjunct Mercury. There is a lot of truth to that configuration as the Democrats are very unhappy that his alternative economic theory has already deposed some of their long held thoughts — even the very biased New York Times had a cover story on that and they hate to begrudge the President anything (they are officially calling for his impeachment see here).

Ceres in the 10th is trine Vesta in the 3rd. We suspect that supports the lack of support out there for Impeachment. Our yod from the Moon in Cancer to Vesta hits Mars in the ninth at 16 Scorpio 05 or [HS] “convoys of limos speed through the city streets” keyword Significance but to be honest, Carelli gets the nod here “he who takes no risks takes no rusks (biscotti).” The head of the yod is at 11 Gemini, the Asteroid Admete, and not TransNeptunian Admetus (which means delays).

Admete is the daughter of Okeanis and means “untamed” as in the wild clouds and rain, or the untrammeled mountain stream. Admete right next to Vesta (business) we suspect means that the American people are agreeing with Corey Lewandowski’s book, “Let Trump be Trump” and do what he was elected for — Make American Great Again.

What’s next on the docket

If the full House impeaches Trump, the GOP-controlled Senate would hold a trial to determine whether they should remove the president from office. To oust the commander-in-chief, a two-thirds vote of the full Congress is needed but that did not happen even with Andrew Johnson after the Civil War, so the chances here are slim — die hard socio-liberals can retract their fangs now.

Donald Trump is the fourth US president to face impeachment proceedings and the first to be running for re-election at the same time but Americans as a whole are not as zealous against Trump, with the polls 51 % against impeachment.

Merry Christmas.

Below is a good article from the Claremont Institute by Michael Anton that sums up the situation well.

Table of Contents v.3

My interview with Chris Flisher will be available on Saturday. I had a lot of fun, so I do hope you get a chance to hear our repartee.

We added more names from our database and this week put it in alphabetical by surname order. We are about half way through with the nativities. As we review the charts, many are getting updated one way or another… & often the PDF version is available for download, but it is a large task so it will take a while.

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Birthdays for September

From our list…

Bernie Sanders09/08/41US Senator
Dr. Edmund Eger II09/03/30Anesthesia Pioneer
Gen. Mikhail Skoboleff9/29/1853Russian Military Commander
Liz Greene, Ph.D.09/04/48Psychologist/Astrologer
Hallene Hill09/12/1876Actress
Sunny von Bulow09/01/31Socialite
Norma McCorvey09/22/47Scotus Plaintiff Roe v. Wade
F. Scott Fitzgerald09/24/1896Writer, Screenwriter
Edw. Chas. Caswell9/12/1879Illustrator
Dr. Robt. S. Lynd9/26/1871Sociologist
Prince Harry of UK9/15/1984Royalty

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‘If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.’   Sir Bernard Williams via Paperquote¹. 

June’s strawberry moon, that happens on June 28th, is our header image.


  1.  Paperquote seems to be defunct.  The site is there, and I’m not sure why, but that is about it.  It was a good screensaver in its day and the Williams quote one of my favorites.

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