Update for June

Things work at whatever variation of the site address we try:  http://www.sabianearth.com,  http://sabianearth.com or https://sabianearth.wordpress.com .  This is Stage 1 success, so we are going forward and posts will soon appear and revisions – look for that category — will return.  Thanks most of all, for your patience. ‘If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.’   Sir Bernard Williams via … Continue reading Update for June

Revisions for February 2018

This page notes the revisions and major updates to our posts for the month of February.  January’s revisions are here.  Our header picture is  of the Olympic Complex in Pyeonchang, South Korea.  It  cost 62.6 million US dollars according to BusinessInsider, not including the 44 million alpine complex below. Have some kimchi.  Watch Chaser, swoon for  Kim Yun-Seok and get into the Korean mood.   … Continue reading Revisions for February 2018

Revisions for January 2018

We constantly review and vet the site for accuracy.  While we always update the reports with new information, we do not always publicize it, like we did with the EPA Chief.  Starting this month, we will note the technical errors found for the charts posted; grammar and spelling mistakes will be thankfully ignored. Why Labour Day Time was originally for 12 noon not midnight. Chart … Continue reading Revisions for January 2018