October Birthdays

Highlighting the 47 October birthdays, from our 450 notable list. The PDF list available for download is searchable too.

Marc Jones should be here too…his details are October 1, 1888 St. Louis, Missouri Cabalist

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My interview with Chris Flisher will be available on Saturday. I had a lot of fun, so I do hope you get a chance to hear our repartee.

We added more names from our database and this week put it in alphabetical by surname order. We are about half way through with the nativities. As we review the charts, many are getting updated one way or another… & often the PDF version is available for download, but it is a large task so it will take a while.

Other changes have happened too..

We put up our new Sabian Premiere page, our discussion of the site and some of the charts; hopefully this will be become a regular feature. And we revamped the “About us” to a Team page and I jokingly put up shot of me back in the day.

Birthdays for September

From our list…

Bernie Sanders09/08/41US Senator
Dr. Edmund Eger II09/03/30Anesthesia Pioneer
Gen. Mikhail Skoboleff9/29/1853Russian Military Commander
Liz Greene, Ph.D.09/04/48Psychologist/Astrologer
Hallene Hill09/12/1876Actress
Sunny von Bulow09/01/31Socialite
Norma McCorvey09/22/47Scotus Plaintiff Roe v. Wade
F. Scott Fitzgerald09/24/1896Writer, Screenwriter
Edw. Chas. Caswell9/12/1879Illustrator
Dr. Robt. S. Lynd9/26/1871Sociologist
Prince Harry of UK9/15/1984Royalty

Last update on Donna van Toen

Donna passed on December 8th, 2018 a little before midnight, her daughter Bonnie reported on Facebook.  As her request, Donna had no machines, no tubes, no hookups of any type.   She was 69 years old.  Our sincere condolences to her beloved children Bonnie and Geoff.

Donna van Toen in red, Donna Cunningham behind her in a white floral shirt. Suzanna Collins stands in black.  The picture was taken outside of  Sydney Australia in the Blue Mountains, c. 1991.

Her obit in the December 15th Toronto Star is here.

There will a memoriam on March 3, 2019 from 3 pm EST at the Occasions Restaurant, a favourite haunt of hers, at 30 Eastwood Road (the cross street is Gainsborough Road on the East Side of Coxwell Avenue) Toronto, Ontario, M4L 2A9 . Directions are available from Here WeGo. The restaurant’s telephone # is 1-416-469-3065 . The gathering should end around 6 pm.

Happy Fourth of July Folks

The Sun-Venus Cycle for 2018

  • Superior Conjunction Is Exact 9 Jan 2018 2:01:37 am EST in Capricorn
    • Left on 11 Feb 2018 11:09:15 am EST
  • Next date is 20 Oct 2018 2:10:33 am EDT

independence day

Independence Day July 4th

  • Mars is retrograde see 08.50 Aquarius.
  • We’re heading towards a Sun-Jupiter trine, which promotes a generous, warm, open-minded, and open-handed approach today but we are also moving towards a Mercury-Mars opposition and errors in judgement creep in.
  • The Moon in Pisces is void much of the day, from 5:47 AM EDT forward  until the Moon enters Aries the next day, Thursday, July 5th, at 12:50 AM EDT.


July 5th, Thursday

  • Chiron now turns retrograde at 2° Aries 25′  of   A cameo showing  the profile of a man  on the outline of a map of his country.  Works well for today doesn’t it?
    • Chiron is retrograde in  July 5th to December 9th, turning direct in December at 27°Pisces 54.

July 6th, Friday.

  • The Last Quarter Moon is exact early today when the Sun in Cancer forms a square with the Moon in Aries. The Last Quarter Moon phase points to a sudden realization that things are not adding up and that does not always mean the checkbook.  It can be also be that your relationships are rather inequitable and you need to balance the tally one way or another.
  • Both Venus and Mercury form creative biquintiles, stimulating clever thinking so you may able to get out of your own trap.


July 8th, Saturday

  • All clear


July 9th, Sunday

  • VENUS ENTERS VIRGO.  Practical details take the spotlight.  Those plans from Friday are now looking clearer.  It maybe a good time to write them down in your planner so you do not forget.


July 10, Monday

  • JUPITER ENTER SCORPIO.  Jupiter in 13 Scorpio 21.  This  symbol is through inaccessible  mountainous  country the telephone linemen carry their  lines of communication and highlights creative thinking,.  This makes sense as all the other aspects were leading in this direction.


Update for June

Things work whatever variation of the site address we try:  www.sabianearth.com,  http://sabianearth.com or https://sabianearth.wordpress.com .  This is a Stage 1 success, so we are going forward. Posts will soon appear and revisions – look for that category — will return.  Thanks most of all, for your patience.

‘If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.’   Sir Bernard Williams via Paperquote¹. 

June’s strawberry moon, that happens on June 28th , is our header image.


  1.  Paperquote seems to be defunct.  The site is there, and I’m not sure why, but that is about it.  It was a good screensaver in its day and the Williams quote one of my favorites.

This week in Richmond, VA – 4/8-15 2018

Sunday April 8, 2018

  1. 2:32AM EDT Venus Sextile Transiting Kronos,
  2. Third Quarter 3:17AM EDT at 18°Cap24′,
  3. Chiron trine Vulcanus 11:58AM EDT,
  4. Sun opposes Zeus 8:47PM EDT
    1. and contra-parallel Zeus 9:10PM EDT


Monday April 9, 2018

  1. Mercury trine Ceres 8:56AM EDT,
  2. Venus square the nodes 12:40PM EDT,
  3. Pluto sextile Juno 7:34PM EDT,
  4. Mercury sextile Pallas 9:10PM EDT

Tuesday April 10, 2018

  1. Mercury square Hades 2:36AM EDT,
    1. Mercury parallel Chiron 6:05AM EDT,
  2. Moon square Jupiter
    1. Moon sextile Sun
    2. Moon square Venus
    3. Moon Square Jupiter
  3. Mars sextile Poseidon 2:47AM EDT,
  4. Sun contra-parallel Astraea 10:52AM EDT,
  5. Jupiter trine Juno 2:34PM EDT,
  6. Venus opposes Poseidon 3:54PM EDT
    1.  and contra-parallel Poseidon 7:46PM EDT

Wednesday April 11, 2018

  1. Sun square Pluto 00:53AM EDT,
  2. Venus trine Mars 2:02AM EDT,
  3. Moon sextile Uranus 10:55 EDT
  4. Sun contra-parallel Jupiter 8:14AM EDT

Thursday April 12, 2018

  1. Venus sextile Hygeia 00:36AM EDT
    1.  and sextile Neptune 12:26PM EDT,
  2. Moon sextile Saturn 8:18 EDT
    1. Moon conjunct Neptune 20:09
  3. Mercury contra-parallel Eris 6:45PM EDT

april 13 richmond va.png
A deviated bowl for Firday the Thirteenth

Friday April 13, 2018

  1.  Sun conjunct Eris 5:39AM EDT,
  2. Venus contra-parallel Jupiter 1:21PM EDT,
  3. Neptune conjunct Hygeia 10:35PM EDT


Saturday April 14, 2018

  1. Venus trine Black Moon 4:20AM EDT,
  2. Vulcanus stations direct 4:27AM EDT,
  3. Jupiter sextile Pluto 5:58AM EDT,
  4. Chiron square Cupido 10:20AM EDT,
  5. Mars sextile Neptune 1:27PM EDT,
  6. Venus contra-parallel South Node 7:53PM EDT

Sunday April 15, 2018

  1. Venus contra-parallel Vesta 3:54AM EDT,
  2. Mercury stations direct 5:20AM EDT,
  3. Saturn quincunx Pallas 10:06AM EDT,
  4. Venus quincunx Zeus 12:47PM EDT,
  5. Mars sextile Hygeia 2:23PM EDT,
  6. New Moon 9:57PM EDT at 26°Ar02′



  • Federal Taxes are due Tuesday, April 17, 2018

from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1911

RICHMOND is the capital of Virginia, U.S.A., the county-seat of Henrico county, and a port of entry, on the James river (at the head of navigation), about 100 m. S. by W. of Washington, B.C., and about 125 m. by water from the Atlantic Ocean. Pop. (1850) 27,570; (1860) 37,910; (1870) 51,038; (1880) 63,600; (1890) 81,388; (1900) 85,050, of whom 32,230 were Negroes and 2865 were foreign-born; (1910 census) 127,628 by 2016 the Richmond population was 223,170.

The city has a beautiful situation on the hilly ground (maximum elevation, about 250 ft. above sea-level) along the north and east banks of the James, at a bend where the river changes its south-easterly course for one almost due south. It occupies seven hills, from which fact it has been called the Modern Rome.”

Belle Island 2011 by Jim Wissert

The western stretch of the river, opposite the city, breaks into rapids which have a fall of about 116 ft. in 9 m. and provide abundant water power. Belle Isle (the site of a Confederate prison camp during the Civil War), about 1 m. long by about 1 m. wide, is in this part of the river; a little farther down stream are a group of small islets, and opposite the south-eastern boundary of the city is Mayo’s Island.


Within the city’s lines, the river is crossed by two bridges (to Manchester) for vehicles and pedestrians, and three railway bridges. The river has been improved by Federal engineers since 1870; in June 1909  which cost $1,799,033  or $49,826,214. 57 in 2017  for improvements including a channel 100 ft. wide and 18 ft. deep, making the area from Hampton Roads to the Richmond wharf nearly continuous with the maximum draft at low water was 16-1 ft.

Belgian Block

About three-fourths of the city’s total street mileage or 120 m is paved with either Belgian block (granite cobblestone) or macadam. About 637-8 acres are devoted to city parks among which are William Byrd Park (300 acres), Joseph Bryan Park (262-6 acres), Chimborazo Park (29 acres),, Gambles Hill Park (8-10 acres), Monroe Square (71 acres), Jefferson Park (6-3 acres) am Marshall Square (7 acres).

The State Capitol Square (10 acres) is not owned by the city at this time.

This week March 4-10 2018 in Topeka Kansas

Sunday March 4, 2018 Sun conjunct Neptune 8:53AM EST, Mercury conjunct Venus 1:04PM EST, Mercury conjunct Chiron 4:24PM EST, Venus parallel Eris 5:06PM EST and conjunct Chiron 5:59PM EST, Venus contra-parallel Chiron 8:09PM EST

Monday March 5 2018 Mars trine Eris 11:24AM EST, Mercury sextile Admetos 8:46PM EST and trine Vulcanus 10:05AM EST, Mercury square Cupido 11:22PM EST

And a happy birthday to astrologer Donna van Toen 

get her Node book and be impressed.



Tuesday March 6, 2018 Mercury enters tropical Aries 2:34AM EST, Mars contra-parallel Kronos 3:59AM EST, Venus sextile Admetos 10:37AM EST and trine Vulcanus 12:20PM EST, Venus square Cupido 2:22PM EST and enters tropical Aries 6:45PM EST

with transneptunians

Wednesday March 7, 2018 Mercury quincunx Transpluto 00:20AM EST and contra-parallel Venus 2:54AM EST, Mercury quincunx Apollon 12:55PM EST

Thursday March 8, 2018 Venus quincunx Transpluto 00:51AM EST, Mercury contra-parallel Eris 12:58PM EST and parallel Chiron 1:59PM EST, Venus quincunx Apollon 5:58PM EST, Mars enters sidereal Sagittarius 8:09PM EST, Jupiter stations retrograde 11:45PM EST

march 7 2018.PNG
basic chart

Friday March 9, 2018 Mercury trine Ceres 3:24AM EST, Mercury square Hades 3:36PM EST, Sun quincunx Zeus 11:19PM EST

Saturday March 10, 2018 Jupiter parallel Vesta 4AM EST, Sun sextile Pallas 6:14AM EST and contra-parallel Mercury 2:39PM EST, Venus trine Ceres 6:36PM EST

Sunday March 11, 2018 Mercury square Saturn 2AM EST, Mars trine Uranus 7:22Am EST, Sun sextile Pluto 7:56AM EST, Venus square Hades 12:53PM EST

download here, the chart for this week in topeka kansas

This week in Salt Lake City 2-27-2018

Sunday February 25, 2018 Mercury trine Poseidon 3:35AM EST and parallel Zeus 6:01AM EST, Venus square Mars 7:01AM EST, Mercury sextile Pallas 7:22AM EST and conjunct Neptune 7:25AM EST, Neptune sextile Pallas 7:35AM EST, Venus square Vesta 8AM EST, Mars conjunct Vesta 11:13AM EST, Sun sextile Saturn 12:45PM EST, Mercury parallel Neptune 6:53PM EST

Monday February 26, 2018 Venus quincunx Zeus 11:45AM EST

Tuesday February 27, 2018 Venus sextile Pluto 5:20AM EST, Mars parallel Cupido 11:52AM EST and sextile Zeus 6:47PM EST, Uranus sextile Astraea 10:30PM EST

Wednesday February 28, 2018 Mercury square Vesta 8:04AM EST, Sun trine Kronos 10:04AM EST, Mercury quincunx Zeus 11:15AM EST, Sun parallel Zeus 6:55PM EST, Mercury square Mars 6:56PM EST and sextile Pluto 11:42PM EST

Thursday March 1, 2018 Venus trine Jupiter 6:22AM EST, Sun parallel Juno 3:58PM EST, Full Moon 7:51PM at 11°Vi22′ tropical, Mercury parallel Venus 9:58PM EST

Friday March 2, 2018 Sun parallel Neptune 2:28AM EST, Saturn contra-parallel Hades 7:41AM EST, Mercury trine Jupiter 8:04AM EST, Uranus contra-parallel Hygeia 2:29PM EST

Saturday March 3, 2018 Neptune parallel Juno 1:02AM EST, Sun sextile Black Moon 3:36AM EST, Mercury parallel Eris 12:04PM EST and contra-parallel Chiron 2:41PM EST, Sun trine Poseidon 6:38PM EST

Sunday March 4, 2018 Sun conjunct Neptune 8:53AM EST, Mercury conjunct Venus 1:04PM EST and conjunct Chiron 4:24PM EST, Venus parallel Eris 5:06PM EST, conjunct Chiron 5:59PM and contra-parallel Chiron 8:09PM EST

                               The History of Salt Lake City

SLC was founded on July 24, 1847, by a group of Mormon pioneers — members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were led Brigham Young, and the first non-Indians to settle permanently in the Salt Lake Valley. The founding group numbered 148, consisting of 143 men, three women, and two children.

Salt lake City is the capital city of Utah and the county-seat of Salt Lake county, in the N.W. part of Utah, immediately E. of the Jordan river in the Salt Lake Valley, near the base of the Wasatch mountains, at an altitude of about 4,350 ft.   It is 710 m. W. by N. of Denver and about 930 m. E. of San Francisco.

The Pop. (1860) 8236; (1900) S3,53i; (1910 census) 92,777. Area, 51-25 sq. m.. Today the population is about 195K.


The situation of the city is striking, with views of mountains and of the Great Salt Lake, and the climate is dry and salubrious. The city is the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints . The streets are laid out, according to the plan of Brigham Young, with city blocks of 10 acres each (660 ft. sq.) and streets 132 ft. wide, and well shaded with trees planted along irrigating ditches, fed by mountain streams.

Brigham (or South Temple) Street is  boulevard running 3 m. from the Temple to Fort Douglas. Most of the streets are numbered and named ” East ” or ” West,” ” North ” or ” South,”  based on their direction from the centre of the city, the Temple Block.

liberty park.jpg
Liberty Park

State Street is the official name of First East Street ; and East Temple Street is called Main, and South Temple Street (east of the Temple block) is called Brigham. The only developed parks are Pioneer and City Hall, both small, and Liberty Park where  Brigham Young built a grist mill in 1852 and was bought from his estate by the city in 1880.

Three miles E. of the city is Fort Douglas, established as Camp Douglas in 1862 by Colonel P. Edward Connor (1820-1891), afterwards prominently connected with the development of the mineral resources of Utah ; the fort overlooks the city, being more than 4900 ft. above sea-level.


In the city there are medicinal and thermal springs, and water at a temperature of 98.104 F. is piped to a large bath-house (1850) in the N. part of the city. The most prominent buildings are those of the Church of Latter Day Saints, in Temple Square, the Temple, Tabernacle, and Assembly Hall.

The great Mormon Temple (1853-1893) has grey granite walls 6 ft. thick, is 99 X 186 ft., and has six spires, the highest (220 ft.) having a copper statue of the angel Moroni. The elliptical Tabernacle (1870) has a rounded, turtle-shell shaped roof, unsupported by pillars or beams, seats nearly 10,000, and has a large pipe organ (5000 pipes).

The Assemby Hall (1880), also of granite, has an auditorium which seats about 2500. In 1909 a bishopric building, with many of the business offices of the church, was built. Other buildings are three residences of Brigham Young, called the Lion House, the Beehive (the beehive is the symbol of the industry of the Mormon settlers in the desert and appears on the state seal), and Amelia Palace or Gardo House (1877).  The latter is now privately owned.

st marys of slc.jpg
St. Mary’s RC Cathedral

Three blocks E. of the Temple is St Mary’s, the Roman Catholic cathedral (1909, 100-200 ft.; with two towers 175 ft. high). Other large churches are: St Mark’s Cathedral (1869, Protestant Episcopal) and the First Presbyterian Church (1909).

There is a large city and county building (1894), built of rough grey sandstone from Utah county; it has a dome on the top of which is a statue of Columbia; over its entrances are statues of Commerce, Liberty and -Justice; its balconies command views of the neighbouring country and of the Great Salt Lake itself; the interior is decorated with Utah onyx.

Kingsbury Hall

Other buildings are: the Federal building; the Packard Library, the public library of the city (1905), one block E. of Temple Block, which housed in 1910 about 40,000 volumes; and several business buildings. Typical of the city is the great building of the Zion’s Co-operative Mercantile Institution, a concern established by Brigham Young in 1868 there are several large factories connected with it, and its annual sales average more than $5,000,000 in 1911 dollars.

A monument to Brigham Young and the Utah Pioneers, crowned by a statue of Brigham Young, by C. E. Dallin, was unveiled in 1897, at the intersection of Main and Brigham Streets. The city has numerous hospitals and charities, and there is a state penitentiary here.



Electricity is largely used in the newer factories, the power being derived from Ogden river, near Ogden, about 35 m. away, and from cataracts in Cottonwood canyon and other canyons.

The history of the city is largely that of the Mormons (q.v.) and in its earlier years that of Utah (q.v.). The Mormons first came here in 1847; an advance party led by Orson Pratt and Erastus Snow entered the Salt Lake Valley on the 22nd of July. President Brigham Young upon his arrival on the 24th approved of the site, saying that he had seen it before in a vision; on the 28th of July he chose the site for the temple.

In August the city was named ” the City of the Great Salt Lake,” and this name was used until 1868 when the adjective was dropped by legislative act. In the autumn the major body of the pioneers arrived. The first government was purely ecclesiastical, the city being a ” stake of Zion ” under a president; ” Father ” Joseph Smith was the first president.

BYU today

The gold excitement of 1849 and the following years was the source of the city’s first prosperity: the Mormons did not attempt to do any mining Brigham Young counselled them not to abandon agriculture for prospecting but they made themselves rich by outfitting those of the gold-seekers who went to California overland and who stopped at the City of the Great Salt Lake, the westernmost settlement of any importance.

On the 4th of March 1849 a convention met here which appointed a committee to draft a constitution; the constitution was immediately adopted, the independent state of Deseret was organized and on the 12th of March the first general election was held.

In 1850 the city had a population of 6000, more than half the total number of inhabitants of the Great Salt Lake Valley, which, as well as the rest of Utah, was largely settled from Salt Lake City. In January 1851 the general assembly of the state of Deseret chartered the city; and the first municipal election was held in April of the same year; the charter was amended in 1865.

BYU c.1884 before the great fire

Immigration from Europe and especially from England was large in the earlier years of the city, beginning in 1848. Salt Lake City was prominently identified with the Mormon church in its struggle with the United States government; in 1858 it was entirely deserted upon the approach of the United States troops.

Since the Civil War, the non-Mormon element (locally called ” Gentile “) has steadily increased in strength, partly because of industrial changes and partly because the city is the natural point of attack on the Mormon church of other denominations, which are comparatively stronger here than elsewhere in Utah.

———adapted from 1911 Encylcopaedia Britannica.

Today 2-21-18 in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina

hurdle mills nc

We have stellium of Pisces in the Sixth House in the Bowl corresponding  to the laboring classes and volunteers  and so rules employment, unemployment and wage conditions.  With the Part of Fortune in the Tenth House at 15 Cancer trine our newly birthed Piscean Sun, and heralding the beginning of tax season.  Our ascendant at 29 Virgo is at a critical degree telling us that this is a time of “discovery” as you peruse your paperwork you may find out that your “estimated taxes” are not going to do the job, too many surprises,  or a long research project finally yields fruit in unexpected ways.

Our Moon in Taurus opposite Jupiter in the second house with the south node as point focus in the fifth house.  This is a little touchier as “betrayal”  take the spot particularly involving  may come to light that is another discovery, but one that is not as easily reconciled as it deals with personal loyalty  and acknowledgement– [Aquarius is loyalty in the 16th degree of  the big businessman at his desk according to the Sabian Symbols].

Our picture is of Durham near our local Hurdle Mills, North Carolina.