#873 Juliusz Slowacki, Polish Poet

Marc Jones has this incorrectly marked as L. Stowacki, September 4, 1809, place unknown.  His correct name is Juliusz Slowacki, born in Krzemieniec Poland; now Ukraine. Slowacki is one of the "Three Bards" of Polish literature and a  major figure in the Polish Romantic period, concurrent with Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and John Keats in … Continue reading #873 Juliusz Slowacki, Polish Poet


#105 Jennie Elmina Bollenbacher

Mrs. Bollenbacher was born Jennie Elmina Whitcomb on September 7, 1864 at 6:40 PM in Peoria, Illinois.   She was an American professional astrologer  specializing in health and child guidance &  got interested in astrology in 1914 with the advent of World War I. Jennie served as President of the Columbus Theosophical Society in 1939, … Continue reading #105 Jennie Elmina Bollenbacher

Poet & Father of Frankenstein – P. B. Shelley

Recently I was reading a series of essays, “English Romantic Poets: Modern Essays in Criticism” edited by M. H. Abrams in 1960. One writer, I think it was the poet Donald Davie,  mentioned how when he was young and first introduced to the Romantics he loved Shelley to the point of memorizing his poems and quoting … Continue reading Poet & Father of Frankenstein – P. B. Shelley

Cumberland Clark of Bournemouth

The header image is of Mr Clark's funeral statue.  Reportedly he told his minister Rev. Dr John Short,  ‘I do not care if everything else I have written should perish; I would like that to live.’   It is inscribed: ‘Sacred to the memory of Cumberland Clark, poet, historian, dramatist … The longer I live the … Continue reading Cumberland Clark of Bournemouth

Chimeric George Parker

George Parker was a British astrologer who published an ephemeris, including heliocentric positions with his partner, Dr. John Partridge. from Parker's Tutor²:   a Sun in Leo gives a large voice, broad face and a mark on the aspect.  An honourable character, faithful to his friend and just in his promises.  He takes pleasure in Warfare … Continue reading Chimeric George Parker

This week in Wheeling WV – 8/13-8/19

Our header picture is of Bill and Diana Roche, the latter whom passed the previous week.  Next week we hit the Empire State. This may have been a rough week for many, with the after effects of the Blood Eclipse, highlighting many a fatality.  Even deaths that were expected from old age or illness, are … Continue reading This week in Wheeling WV – 8/13-8/19

Asteroid Listings by Mark Pottenger

Mark Pottenger is Dr. Zipporah Dobyns's son.  He has for sale an Asteroid program to supplement your main astrology program as none have a full listing themselves.  Serennu.com does provide for free a good account, but to get all that active that day you must pay $69.00 per year.   Pottenger's version is $100.00 for … Continue reading Asteroid Listings by Mark Pottenger

Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.d. on the future of astrology

In a book by Malcolm Dean, the Astrology Game, he quotes Dr. Dobyns about her belief that astrology will be accepted in her lifetime.  She was wrong there, and when she died in San Diego on June 7, 2003 it still was unaccepted, but she is probably right that we are closer now than a … Continue reading Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.d. on the future of astrology

#758 Eugene Gladstone O’Neill playwright

The Prelude: Eugene O'Neill was a famous American playwright and father in law to Charlie Chaplin via the latter's last wife Oona O'Neill. His father was a famous stage actor, James O'Neill, who met his mother, Mary Ellen (Ella) Quinlan, while travelling on tour through Ohio, though they had resettled there from New London, Connecticut … Continue reading #758 Eugene Gladstone O’Neill playwright