#105 Jennie Elmina Bollenbacher

Mrs. Bollenbacher was born Jennie Elmina Whitcomb on September 7, 1864 at 6:40 PM in Peoria, Illinois.   She was an American professional astrologer  specializing in health and child guidance &  got interested in astrology in 1914 with the advent of World War I. Jennie served as President of the Columbus Theosophical Society in 1939, … Continue reading #105 Jennie Elmina Bollenbacher


Chimeric George Parker

George Parker was a British astrologer who published an ephemeris, including heliocentric positions with his partner, Dr. John Partridge. from Parker's Tutor²:   a Sun in Leo gives a large voice, broad face and a mark on the aspect.  An honourable character, faithful to his friend and just in his promises.  He takes pleasure in Warfare … Continue reading Chimeric George Parker

This week in Wheeling WV – 8/13-8/19

Our header picture is of Bill and Diana Roche, the latter whom passed the previous week.  Next week we hit the Empire State. This may have been a rough week for many, with the after effects of the Blood Eclipse, highlighting many a fatality.  Even deaths that were expected from old age or illness, are … Continue reading This week in Wheeling WV – 8/13-8/19

Scott Cunningham, Earthless Wiccan

Scott Cunningham the Wiccan writer who died of AIDS over twenty years ago (March 28 1993) , is a great example of how a missing element dominates a chart.  Cunningham has no planets in earth, and has an air trine that dominates his Splash temperament type, but his closest square to the trine planets is … Continue reading Scott Cunningham, Earthless Wiccan

The gem of July — Ruby

  The late Scott Cunningham has a good book on gems.  It is really geared towards making a gem-based tarot, unlike the James Wanless Voyager tarot  or the gemstone tarot where there are pictures of gems, here you literally use 78 gems to put your deck together and put them together in a reading.  Pity this … Continue reading The gem of July — Ruby

Astrologer Ruth Gerry

Ruth Gerry was a spectacular astrologer. She born on September 17, 1900 in Boston, Massachusetts and was descended from the original Mayflower party in 1622.  She married Edward Gerry who was head of the Willimantic Orchestra and a talented composer; they had no children. Before she met Marc Edmund Jones of the Sabian Assembly, she … Continue reading Astrologer Ruth Gerry

Searching for Isabel M Hickey — whomever she is

Isabel Hickey was born on August 19, 1903 at 12:25 PM in Brookline, Massachusetts, the same town that President John F. Kennedy would be born in thirteen years later. Based on the records of the Brookline Historical Society, it had been a ne-er do town for some time complete with the trappings of a country … Continue reading Searching for Isabel M Hickey — whomever she is

Marc Jones – Point 15, The Probity of Pluto

No. 15 - Probity (Integrity) Pluto shows what is one's integrity or probity.   Here the planet is in the sign of physical energy (Taurus), in the house of the home and end of life (fourth), on a degree (Taurus 7) of "awakening." "I wonder if you will ever know how I love Sagamore Hill," remarked … Continue reading Marc Jones – Point 15, The Probity of Pluto

Marc Jones – Point 14, Uranian Independence & Recreation

No. 14 -- Uranus Now we come to Uranus, the fourteenth point.  It is is the planet of recreation and of independence. In Teddy Roosevelt's chart it  is in the house of self-expression (fifth), the sign of vivification (Gemini), and in import. The symbolical degree (Gemini 3) reads: "An etching of rare beauty displays a … Continue reading Marc Jones – Point 14, Uranian Independence & Recreation

Marc Jones – Point 13, Venus

Point 13.  Venus -- the finishing. Venus is money, or how you finish things. It is also how you know when you are finished or when it is over or complete. Money is one symbol of that end or finishing; aesthetic things like art, and personal values are other aspects of the finished side of … Continue reading Marc Jones – Point 13, Venus