#95 Annie Besant

“An imperious necessity forces me to speak the truth, as I see it, whether the speech please or displease, whether it bring praise or blame. That one loyalty to Truth I must keep stainless, whatever friendships fail me or human ties be broken.” – Annie Besant, An Autobiography Chapter XIV. Annie Besant eat no meat and drank … Continue reading #95 Annie Besant


#18 William Livingston Alden, canoeist

William Livingston Alden was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts on October 9, 1837, time unrecorded but we have rectified it to 10:50 am giving him a 10 Sagittarius rising.   Alden was a see-saw temperament showing the two parts of his life, his outward career of journalism and a writer of science fiction and his Neptunian career … Continue reading #18 William Livingston Alden, canoeist

Columbus Day, Washington DC.

It's unfortunately a small wheel but all the aspects are listed in a tradeoff. The two majors ones today are the Sun square Saturn suggesting that hard won gains won't be giving you the party you desired, but more hard work The second square from the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn also in the tenth, … Continue reading Columbus Day, Washington DC.

#524 Myra Kingsley the No. 1 Astrologer

American astrologer described as "the No. 1 astrologer of the U.S." in an article in LIFE magazine ("Hollywood Likes Myra Kingsley's Horoscopes," 7 August 1939), it appears in full below. She wrote "Outrageous Fortune: How I Practice Astrology" (Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1951). Miss Kingsley died on November 20, 1996 aged 99.   Myra was … Continue reading #524 Myra Kingsley the No. 1 Astrologer

#223 The Father of the the United Nations: Cordell Hull

Cordell Hull (October 2, 1871 – July 23, 1955) was an American politician from the U.S. state of Tennessee. He is known as the longest-serving Secretary of State, holding the position for 11 years (1933–1944) in the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during most of World War II. Hull received the Nobel Peace Prize … Continue reading #223 The Father of the the United Nations: Cordell Hull

#377 Janet Gaynor, first Oscar Best Actress Award Winner

Janet Gaynor was just twenty-two when she became the first person to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. Honored for her memorable performances in three dramatic films—Sunrise (1927), Seventh Heaven (1927), and Street Angel (1928)—Gaynor was the only actress ever to earn the Oscar for multiple roles rather than for work in a single … Continue reading #377 Janet Gaynor, first Oscar Best Actress Award Winner

#58 Pop novelist, Faith Baldwin

There was a time when Faith Baldwin books lined the supermarket checkout counters along with Daphne du Maurier, Anya Seton, Susan Howatch, Barbara Cartland, Jean Plaidy/Philippa Carr and so on.  Now she would be compared to Nora Roberts.  Searching for Baldwin's book, all we could find was her first Mavis of Green Hills and that as … Continue reading #58 Pop novelist, Faith Baldwin

#478 Louis P Horton, sea captain cum taxi driver

Little was found on Mr. Horton, and that was from the archives the New Yorker Magazine  October 28,  1939 volume 15 issue #2.   It seems they were doing "slice of life" stories and Marc Jones must have been entranced by the various people they interviewed.  As for the Captain, he is a rather askew … Continue reading #478 Louis P Horton, sea captain cum taxi driver

#17 The Dolls House of Eleanora Duse

Biograph: Eleonora Duse, (born Oct. 3, 1858, near or in Vigevano, Lombardy, Austrian Empire [now in Italy]—died April 21, 1924, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.). Marc Jones gives her birth time as 2:00 am but we find that is a bit fast, and have rectified Miss Duse to 1:30 am giving her the rising 0f 18.20 and … Continue reading #17 The Dolls House of Eleanora Duse

#459 German Chancellor & Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg

Hindenburg was the son of a Prussian officer of old Prussian Junker stock but his mother was not. He was a cadet at the age of 11, and served in the Austro-Prussian (Seven Weeks’) War of 1866 and in the Franco-German War of 1870–71 that Germany won and General Fochs his WWI adversary lamented. . … Continue reading #459 German Chancellor & Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg