#576 John L. Lewis’s House on Fire

This post is an update to #576 the John L. Lewis nativity.  Here we will be checking our rectification against a known mundane event. From the Sunday Wilkes Barre Gazette on June 4, 1949 the article is about a firebug trying to set John L. Lewis's home on fire. Since the Lewis family was out … Continue reading #576 John L. Lewis’s House on Fire


Surf’s Up: Bruce Brown and an Endless Summer

Here's an interview with the incredible Bruce Brown from Surfer's Journal. https://youtu.be/lC7cRmZzevI Brown made headlines with his Endless Summer movie that followed surfers around from wave to wave. Between him and the Beach Boys, California became the #1 destination for surfing and his movies romanticized catching a wave until it became a world wide phenomenon. … Continue reading Surf’s Up: Bruce Brown and an Endless Summer

The Daily 9-26-2017 Oxford MS

Our symbol for Tuesday September 26, 2017 is Aquarius 01 degree or an old adobe mission. Today though we are set in Oxford, a bit north of the capitol and home to Ole Miss University. A cardinal T-Square is occurring in the Locomotive pattern and we find leadership being thrust upon us, perhaps an uncomfortable … Continue reading The Daily 9-26-2017 Oxford MS

Mozart ala Christine Grenard’s Book: Astrology

Lovely pictures in this book by French Astrologer Christine Grenard. It was originally published in Paris but Cassell of London translated it for English readers. She does a nice comparison of Gandhi and Mozart, but I’m only attaching Mozart for viewing. download wolfgang mozart.pdf

The Astrological Opposition & Pres. Barack H. Obama

Phenomenal people have outstanding charts that are worthwhile an astrological student's time.  President Barack Hussein Obama, the USA's 44th President and the first Black American President, a spectacular feat since it was a mere fifty years since all the Jim Crow laws were abolished by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  The Opposition of Awareness Dr. Marc … Continue reading The Astrological Opposition & Pres. Barack H. Obama

Barack Obama, 1st Inauguration

Bucket Temperament Type Barack Hussein Obama's 1st inauguration on January 20, 2009, at 12 noon had the Ascendant of  13.56 Taurus.  Sepharial wrote about 15o years ago about this Symbol that it denotes a "humble and conscientious nature that find pleasure in good works. .... The chief characteristic is the sense of justice and fraternity … Continue reading Barack Obama, 1st Inauguration

Case Study from Havelock Ellis

Our featured image is of Havelock Ellis., from where the study emanates. This chart is of eight-year-old Marie Schneider whom Havelock Ellis wrote up.  Perhaps before reading further, you may want to figure out what she did to attract such notice.   We rectified it based on her account giving her a 01 Aquarius Ascendant; … Continue reading Case Study from Havelock Ellis