Balanchine’s Mel Tomlinson

Rectified with 9:15 birth time for Raleigh, North Carolina. Previously unknown.


Mel A. Tomlinson, a ballet dancer of powerful, regal demeanor and one of the few performers to star with three major companies — Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and New York City Ballet — died on Feb. 5 in Huntersville, N.C. He was 65. Twenty years ago he had had AIDS and was in and out of the hospital for three years before eventually getting admitted to the House of Mercy AIDS hospice in Belmont, N.C., in 1998: he made a full recovery. While there he became a phlebotomist and earned a doctorate in theology. Up until his hospitalization, just before Christmas 2018, he delivered services using American Sign Language at St. Paul Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C.

Mel Tomlinson and unknown ballerina


“It was like watching him dance,” Ms. Claudia Folts a long time friend who collaborated with Mr. Tomlinson on his 2018 memoir, “Beyond My Dreams,” said. “It was all his hands and his face, and it was just beautiful. It was like he got to perform every week.”

Mel got a unicycle for a Christmas gift from Santa when he was 9 and loved it. He was one of six siblings, and his parents did not have the money to spare on dance lessons, so Mel had neither a formal training in acrobatics or gymnastics, but was the sports mascot of his high school. A local ballet teacher saw one of his halftime performances and offered him free classes that he gladly accepted. He was spotted by the choreographer Agnes George de Mille (her uncle was film director Cecil B.) who initially turned him down stating that there was no place in her repertoire for a black dancer, but changed her mind after Mel refused to accept that defeat and continued auditioning. Eventually, Miss de Mille hired him for her Heritage Dance Theater.

Chart Highlights:

  • Mr. Tomlinson has Mars in Scorpio, creative fulfillment, in the ninth house of higher calling and travel.
  • Mars + Saturn are sextile the preponderance in the eleventh house of Capricorn showing the great strides he made with the public and his ability to overcome preconceived notions of ballet stars.
  • His ascendant at 13 Aquarius is a tad wide for Pluto knocking on the seventh house, but if we consider it, we see his transformative ability of marrying his personality with his jobs that supports the above.
  • Jupiter in Gemini in the fourth suggests that he came from a large family and really loved the dynamic of it. It is sextile his Pluto and thus highlighting another transformation he made was making coworkers friends i.e. Ms. Folts.
  • His Moon is on the eleventh house cusp showing that his career was tied to how well he was publicly received.
  • While his ascendant is in Aquarius, Uranus in Cancer in the fifth shows how when his legs gave out from ill, the hands (rules by Cancer) became a new form of dance for him. Trine his Mars and Saturn in the ninth house, it worked for him on several levels and showed his ability to conquer whatever hurdle life threw at him with great equanimity.
  • Libra rules the kidneys and pancreas in the eighth house of death where Neptune resides. It is squared Uranus in the fifth and then again the stellium in the eleventh suggestive of problems with waste disposal. True enough, Neptune is opposite the TransNeptunian planet Hades at Taurus 02 (out of quadrature) and square Pluto highlighting this health problem.
    • Mr. Tomlinson died of pancreatic cancer
Natal Chart with Tranneptunians and asteroids.

Lizzie Borden took an Axe

Netflix has a series on Lizzie Borden starring Christina Ricci, best known for playing Wednesday in the television show, the Addams Family.


The Netflix show deals with the the infamous Lizzie and the gruesome murder of her father & stepmother in Summer of 1892 that inspired the famous ditty:

  •                     Lizzie borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks
  •                      when she saw what she had done
  •                     She gave her father 41.


We have rectified Lizzie’s chart an hour earlier than the popular 9:46 AM — EST did not come into effect until World War I.  We then rectified the chart of her step mother’s murder to 9:07 AM on August 4, 1892 that does fit into the window of reported testimony i.e. her father was out of the house since early morning and did not return until 10 am.

                                The Murders


At the time of the murder, Lizzie has an Air Grand Trine in her chart, from the Ascendant at Libra 03.18 to Mars in the fifth at 12.11 in Aquarius and then Neptune in Gemini 10.53 in the ninth.  The rest of her planets are rather split evenly amongst the various elements but her quadratures show a strong mutable basis suggesting that she was influenced more by the people in her environment than anything else and had a problem working with them particularly when it concerned dealing with her father.

Saturn the ruler of her tenth house is square it and then conjunct her ascendant, but we are not using it in the Grand Trine because it would make it out of quadrature.  If we did, we would then more visibly see that there was a lot of thinking, planning and idle rumination about her  relationship to her father and a worry of how would effect her status after his death.

Instead using the Grand Air Trine, gives her a certain momentous imperative to her thoughts, making her feel that she had to do something to protect her self-interest i.e. the Ascendant sextile her Sun.

lizzie nn

Her strongest square is from Mercury to Pluto and then from Mercury  to Neptune & Saturn , that latter which is associated with a strong imagination concerning perceived sleights and insults & shows up in violent outbursts  against established (in this case patriarchal) control.  Lizzie’s square from Venus to Saturn, though with quite a wide orb,  tends to encourage her love towards her sister Emma, and desire to protect her as an aspect of herself, against their father.

                            Did Lizzie do it?

The chart above is transit of the first murder (rectified) to Lizzie’s birth chart (also rectified).  Transiting Saturn is exact to Lizzie’s  part of fortune, or the inner motives of her nativity of 26.42 Virgo that has the symbol of fishes swimming in a deep blue sea that suggests performance art.  According to McClung this is when the “execution of a deed” long thought and rehearsed is finally performed.  Saturn is also square her transiting Moon,  that feeds into the previously discussed squares giving her emotional conviction.

And so yes, it is our astrological opinion, Lizzie did the evil deeds.  If you have questions or other opinions, please let us know.  Here is a site that has a lot of forensic information about the crime.



Frankland’s Musician

William Frankland in his book, Investigative Astrology c. 1900, has this chart with the question of what is his problem?  He gives us some clues:  there is a kite configuration made of the opposition between Mercury and Uranus.


He also lets us know that Jupiter is in its essential house of Pisces and Venus is there and exalted.  The trine, depicted in yellow, goes from that conjunction to the Ascendant at 20 Cancer and then to Uranus on the fourth-fifth house cusp.  Based on the orbs, this is one off-kilter Water Trine while the kite’s tail — an opposition made from within the trine — is a bit tighter.

The tail lets us know that the dynamic challenge in this man’s life is handling his career rationale vs. the demands of his family life.  While dynamic challenges change appearances, because of transits and progressions,  the underlying tension remains true, just morphing into chimerical visages that we may not catch because of their changed appearance.

frankland's musician

What we do know, based on the chart is that this man is a gifted musician.  We can say that based on all that Piscean energy, but it is in the ninth house, & travel is required, such is the lot of the entertainer — they must go to their venues; no one comes to them.  Libra on the fourth though, wants a stable home life:  family and friends and all the idyllic happiness that brings, but with Uranus hovering between that an the fifth, that desire is torn by the  disruption of his creative juices that keep the musical flow churning — he seems to hear music everywhere and has a protean creative force within, but  his Ascendant  cannot give up either dream, and so that challenge will haunt and besiege him until he finds someone or thing that can help balance it out for him.


Frankland notes that because it is Uranus, this opposition, will either have the most strife at the ages of “twenty-one, forty-two or sixty-three years of age,” and so this musician’s success will be long delayed.

If we create a yod, not then in favour so Frankland would have not used it, we see that the Ascendant’s lord, the Moon is in the eighth house, sextile the Sun in the tenth with the apex again at Uranus and the head midpoint at the mid-heaven at 19 Pisces that gives us the Hyperion symbol of ”  wind driven dust devils under the red sun.”    Kent McClung writes that this is the force of  reckless inspiration — the wind — in one’s life that is hard to control.


Mrs. Donald Trump, jr — Vanessa Haydon Trump

vanessa and melaniaWe have rectified Mrs. Trump from 12 noon to 10:08 AM giving her a 13 Aquarius ascendant.  Looking at her natal and current transits, we can see that there is a lot of social pressure for her divorce request — this is most likely her own family who are not Trump supporters   — see the strong second house activity quincunx her Saturn in the seventh — who are openly using their “fears” for her safety after last month’s “arsenic” scare to destroy her family.  Her native tenth house is trine this, and being a bit of an opportunist, she takes their comments to heart.


It is rather odd that a woman with 5 children has nothing in her fourth house, but plenty in the tenth.  Another striking thing is her native Mars in Leo is opposite her ascendant with the point focus in the ninth at Libra in Scorpio highlighting how she weaponizes her faith and maternal duty.

The chart below shows this clearly in pink as it is just hers alone, and also highlights her Cardinal Cosmic Cross in the fixed houses telling us that when she makes up her mind, she does not change it and she really does believe that her life and those of her children are at risk as the Moon is in her natural second that the transits are amplifying.

vanessa trump.png

All of this makes us wonder about the perfect timiing of the attack as it seems to have shown up at the right time in her life when she was also the unhappiest.  We wish her and the children the best..  You can download the natal only Vanessa Trump  here.

#347 Henry Ford, making America great

Biography of an Industrialist

Britannica vers. 11 is typically first-rate, giving more incisive information than the online watered down version, but sometimes, as in the industrialist Henry Ford, they leave you wanting, wondering how they ignored him as he was reaching his height when they started the edition in 1908. Instead for a brief biography, we turned elsewhere using the New York Times, book review for this abbreviated biography

Ford built his first car, the “Quadricycle Runabout” in the Summer of 1896. It had a four horsepower engine and could reach 20 mph. He sold the car for $200.00 to finance the production of his second car in 1898. He incorporated Ford Motor Company on June 16th, 1903 capitalizing the manufacturing with $100,000 from 12 stockholders. With that money, Ford produced 1708 cars the first year. In 1908 he brought out the Model T. A car for anybody and everybody. In 1914 he announced a plan for profit-sharing, and then an unheard of $5.00-a-day minimum wage so they could afford what they made.

When the United States entered the war in 1917, his plants switched to war production.

Efficient production line methods enabled him to cut costs of his products during simultaneously increasing wages so that his employees were the highest paid in the industry. In 1926 with the popularity of the Model T waning and almost 15,000,000 units sold Ford’s son Edsel, now President of Ford pushed the company to design and build a new car.

What evolved was the “Model A.” First shown in Dec. 1927 to the general public.   The Ford Motor Co. produced about 4,500,000 Model A’s before adding the V8 engine in 1932 and calling it the “Model B.” When the United States entered World War II, Edsel converted all his plants to war production as his father had done previously for World War I.

Edsel Ford was president of Ford Motor Company until his death on May 26th, 1943 at the age of 49 when his father at the age of 80, took over the presidency of the company until  September 21st, 1945 when Henry Ford II, Edsel’s eldest son, took over the position. Henry Ford, the undisputed father of the automobile, died in Dearborn Michigan shortly after that on April 7th, 1947. He was 83 years old.

Henry Ford, the undisputed father of the automobile, died in Dearborn Michigan, near where he had been born, 83 years earlier on April 7th, 1947.

Henry Ford via Jones 1000

Henry Ford via Crowley’s List


We have two different times and thus two different charts for Mr. Ford.  The first is from Aleister Crowley in his Complete Astrological Writings that cites a 2:30 in the afternoon birth in Deerfield.  The second is from Marc E. Jones in his Sabian Symbols and their use in Astrology that cites 7 am.  They are both marked and colour coded .  Download the Jones Henry Ford Chart here.

The major difference is, of course, the Ascendants.  Crowley puts Ford at 28.31 Scorpio making his Midheaven 15 Virgo.  Jones puts Ford’s ascendant at 1 Virgo and the Midheaven at  25 Taurus and Uranus in the Tenth House while Crowley puts Saturn and Venus in the House of Honour.  After thoroughly viewing both times and charts, we have decided to go with Aleister Crowley’s chart (the map in green).

                           Henry Ford a life force

A lot of our decision is based on Mr. Ford’s Temperament Type, a locomotive, that with Crowley’s time of 2:30 PM puts his ascendant at 29 Scorpio and exact to the Fixed Star of Toliman in Alpha Centauri, that happens to be the bright star on the Centaur’s foreleg and suggests endurance and speed.  The imagery of the Father of the Automobile heavenly aligned with the Centaur intrigues us as it did Crowley; the imagery is hard to pass up.

This puts his 28.08 Mars, conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus, in the Ninth House of Long Journeys,  transportation, and speculation.  As Sagittarius, a Centaur is the natural Lord of the Ninth House, this makes his Mars square his Ascendant giving him a steely backbone that would not back down from the automotive cartel that tried to stop his nascent cartel or the unions that tried to destroy him in the 1930’s. Eventually, in the latter case, he forced into submission by  FDR’s government, but not after a long and bitter strike.

CC BY-NC-ND Bruno Monginoux of the Tuileries

His Part of Fortune is at 02.23 Gemini in the Seventh House emphasizing the importance of getting along with partners and others, which has the symbolism of the Garden of the Tuileries (Paris France) of self-confidence and authority that brings men social position and wealth.  The keyword for this degree is Luxury.

Saturn in the Tenth House is opposite Neptune in the Fourth suggesting that Ford’s desire to make a name for himself also created a service that was able to help his fellow-man by helping them create Luxury for themselves by uniting hard reality (Saturn) with idyllic dreams of faraway places (Neptune).  Saturn though is Lord naturally of the Tenth House, and often here, like the Robert Hulseman chart of Solo Cup, we find that Ford worked all aspects of the automotive manufacturing business, learning the trade from the ground floor up and improving it as he saw fit.   This made him realize the importance of giving his employees better pay than other manufacturers to first buy their own goods, and two because he understood that a laborer ill-paid resents their toil and the spirit of the car, if not the actual assembly, is impoverished.

On an off-note, Dr. Mitchell Gibson in his book Astrological Signs of Mental Illness, mentions that Ford’s Uranus degree would have made him dyslexic. Anyways, a happy belated birthday to the Father of the Automobile, Henry Ford.