Trump at 20 Leo: Zuni Sun Worshippers

Hello. My name is Joel Anthony aka Mo Saladin, and I am a political science student and have been working with the Sabian Earth group since inception. I received my astrological chops from Mrs. Ruth Gerry, who was Marc Edmunds right-hand woman and founder of the Astrological Society of Connecticut. She was a non-pareil and I loved her dearly. She was so close to Marc … Continue reading Trump at 20 Leo: Zuni Sun Worshippers

The Trump Inauguration 2017

We have not done previous inaugurations, though perhaps we should, we start with looking at President Trump’s, noticing that certain things stand out. Download the inauguration sans our colourful circles. We cannot say that the Inauguration sets the tempo for  a president’s whole four years, at least not yet, but certain things strike us.  First starting with the blue circle around the Ascendant,  at 14 … Continue reading The Trump Inauguration 2017