1st Natl Woman Suffrage Convention

Seneca Falls was established as the first convention in the 1890s by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, neither of whom had attended, but the true  first event used to anchor the movement was on October 23, 1850 in Worcester, Massachusetts.¹  The Seneca Falls dates of July 18-19th 1848,   was adopted to  acknowledge … Continue reading 1st Natl Woman Suffrage Convention


Update on Brett Kavanaugh for Scotus

The chart attached is Brett's rectified chart to Monday 12 noon when the hearings resume and when Christine Basely Ford is supposed to appear before the Senate. She is now calling for a full FBI investigation into her charges. She is not calling for DoJ, because she realizes that an FBI investigation will take forever … Continue reading Update on Brett Kavanaugh for Scotus

Friday the 13th in Taos

Taos, New Mexico.  The weather is bright and sunny, far different than cloudy and windy Buffalo, so I am glad for this trip to the southwest. I have been busy, but still throwing die daily, and those intervening, though unposted,  symbols have reinforced a distinctly personal emphasis:  like the effects of an autumn flu activated … Continue reading Friday the 13th in Taos

Fall Equinox 2017 & the Three Months Ahead

The sun entered Libra, Friday, September 22 at 4:01 PM EDT, initiating  the fall equinox and autumn season.  Our chart for the event set at the Capital Building, Washington, D.C.  I have used the popular Placidean format.                                     … Continue reading Fall Equinox 2017 & the Three Months Ahead

The Daily in Miami 9-12-17

​​Our featured image of that dynamic Miami duo, Crockett and Tubbs with the Testarossa.   Aquarius 4 - Transcendental Meditation Reaching out and touch someone, the old Bell commmercial, (pre breakup) is taking a beating today  with the Sabian Dice at Aquarius 4 (Peculiar) in the Third House opposite Ceres (Caring)  in Cancer in the … Continue reading The Daily in Miami 9-12-17

SF Cosmobiology and Hallene Hill

Hallene Hill was a Hollywood Actress.  There is little on Amazon-owned Imdb.com about her, but I did notice that she did not start her acting career until she was near 50. As her midheaven is in Capricorn that makes sense, she was a late bloomer.  She has a lot of energetic planets in her fifth … Continue reading SF Cosmobiology and Hallene Hill

Belichick takes 5 in 2017

In honor of Bill Belichick's Superbowl win, we decided to rectify his chart as we could find none anywhere, so we worked on this during the game; it was an enjoyable way to pass the time, particularly during the first half. BIOGRAPH: The original Croatian spelling of the name was Belicic, the "ci" giving a … Continue reading Belichick takes 5 in 2017