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Noel Jan Tyl, baritone astrologer

Noel Tyl died on his birthday, December 31st. He was a towering figure in modern astrology and many call him their mentor having taken his Masterworks DVD set and learnt the craft from a grand master. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, and started out as a operatic baritone. He switched gears and became the foremost Jungian astrologer in the world, picking up the baton from Jones and Rudhyar. His fans are legion and to be honest, we’ve never heard a bad word against him; which alone speaks volumes. Thanks for the books — all 33 of them.

This is Tyl’s OFFICIAL chart. Probably not the real thing i.e. Moon at Regulus. Instead try 06 Sagittarius, twleve hours earlier, with its Grand trine in Earth and Mercury and Venus in the second for his lovely rich voice. Read more about him at his site, Tyl.com.

French Astrologer Andre Barbault reposes

French astrologer, Andre Barbault, reposed on the afternoon of 7 October 2019. Commencing his studies at seventeen years old,Monsieur Barbault gave the world eighty one years of profound study. His predictions of world events are well-known and his wisdom came from intense study of human psychology married to relentless research.

He was born at a solar eclipse on October 1, 1921, at 5:00 p.m. in Champignelles, France (about 4 hours away by Metro; 2 hours by voiture). He rectified his chart to 4:54:21 p.m. that of course we use for his chart. His website is AndreBarbault and he has many free papers both in French and English available for study. We recommend nabbing them now.

#19 Elizabeth Aldrich astrologer

If not for Ed Dearborn’s obit, previously highlighted here, we would know next to nothing about Ms. Aldrich other than she was born on May 17, 1875 in Des Moines Iowa. The Memorial site does not list her. Our next stop is Saturday, and gives 11:34 am for her birth time that is “from memory.” Marc Jones in his Sabian Symbols (the back of which is an index of his 1000 nativities) says 11:55 am.

Both charts are humanist Splash Temperament Type and striking because her Lilith is at Regulus and conjunct her ascendant but her ascendant is Regulus at 11:34 am (green) and 02 Virgo at 11:55 (pink). We are dubious of “memories” and going with 02 Virgo; both charts are below.

Dr. Broughton, astrologer extraordinaire

The time and place comes from Dr. Broughton’s own Elements of Astrology, self-published in 1898 from his home at 68 South Washington Square, Greenwich Village, New York. This is now part of the ever expanding New York University campus.

Broughton’s 1st and 7th houses are intercepted that includes his Ascendant and an exalted Moon in Cancer in his 1st house, but is conjunct Saturn that is in its detriment there. Perhaps this is suggesting that his gift of prophecy suffered from the “Kassandra” effect. The asteroid is not there though, but a trine away in Pisces at 29 Pisces 58, a degree away from his midheaven. While Pluto is his closest square, that planet was discovered 30 years after this death; instead we are choosing the Sun square Uranus at 1.56 off exactness as his dynamic aptitude that highlights his perverse delight in being different from his society’s norm. Personally, it shows his vanity and stubbornness, that made his personal life difficult.

Dr. Luke Dennis Broughton (1828 – 1899) was born on April 20, 1828 at 10 AM in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. His father taught him, and his brother astrology & he recounts how the minister argued mightily with them when the father died –early btw– of the evils therein. That did not deter either of the Broughton boys and while he was never a sole astrological practitioner, he did have many famous students like Wm. H. Chaney (#190), Catherine Thompson, John Hazelrigg (#443) & Evangeline Adams (#6) . His family immigrated to Philadelphia where Broughton studied the new science of homeopathy that was taking root there (the last homeopathic school of medicine closed shortly after his death).

Broughton drew up astrology charts for many famous people like Presidents Grover Cleveland and Wm. McKinley, both whom he cast their election victories. He was good friends with Alfred John Pearce (aka Zadkiel # 756), and had an enormous library of astrology and occult manuscripts (supposedly about 14,000 volumes). He recommended foremost of all, the J. M. Ashmand translation of Ptolmy’s Tetrabiblios for those wanting to learn the art.

He had three sons, Matthew, Mark and Luke, who followed his father into homeopathy and a daughter Rachael (English spelling).

Broughton was the first astrologer to identify the “20-year cycle” of US presidents dying in office.  In 1864, his prediction of the death of Abraham Lincoln in his Monthly Planet Reader was widely publicized and like Jerome Cardano, prophesied his own death.

#272 Louis De Wohl, astrologer

Marc Edmund Jones lists him incorrectly as Louis duHohle born on January 25, 1903 at 7:45 PM sans location.  Astro.com gets the win here, with the right details of January 24, 1903 in Berlin Germany.  De Wohl, as an astrologer, states that his birth time is 15:30.  To be honest, we disagree with his time and would move it Cancer 23 and two minutes later 3:32 PM. Nothing in the chart moves at all; just the ascendant but we feel that is enough.

While Cancer 22 has the SS of “a woman awaiting a sailboat” Cancer 23 is “the meeting a literary society. ” The latter has an implicit meaning of one’s continual re-examination of his intellectual and aesthetic identity but it is the actual explicit idea of a literary society that truly highlights De Wohl’s using his astrological connections during World War II to uncover information from fellow astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft, who worked for Dr Goebbels and supply it to the Allied Forces.

louis de wohle.PNG

De Wohl’s chart is a Bucket with a Mars in the fourth house handle.  Mars isn’t the most popular planet for being in Cancer, he makes a ruckus, but in De Wohl’s case his ruckus was against a dictator and mass murderer so it works.   His Pluto in the twelfth opposite his Uranus opposite Neptune can cause him to flee (Uranus in Sagittarius) from his native land because of religious disagreements — Pluto opposite his Moon also in Sagittarius agrees that his strong self-will chafes against regimented secular authority.

He was a prolific Catholic author, but Jupiter semi-sextile his Midheaven in Pisces supports this.  While a late calling, once he found him at peace with his environment (Jupiter sextile Uranus) after the War, he wrote only religious books and articles. Like Jean Baptiste Morin, William Lilly and Marc Jones, DeWohl found no discrepancy between belief and astrology.

The following movie is De Wohl’s adaptation of his book on Saint Francis Assisi.  Michael Curtiz, well known for his earlier Errol Flynn swashbucklers is the director and it is in glorious colour.

His autobiography is here.  It is worth reading and contrary to the Wikipedia article.

Cammille Adams the Astrologer

Cammille Adams, aka THE GRANDE DAME of Maryland astrology and was the Founding Member of the Annapolis Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. (NGCR). The first meeting was held on March 8, 1992 at 1:04PM at her home in Bowie, Maryland with 10 members.

There is no record of what town she was born in England, just the county, so we picked Oxford. We rectified her, probably erroneously, based on what little information we could find in her obit by astrologer and current president of the Annapolis chapter, Lynn Koiner on the Astrology Memorial site founded by the late Donna Cunningham and what else we could find. This gave us 23 Libra, “a woman in pastel colours carrying a heavy load,” whose keyword is Reticence.

Her Midheaven of 30 Cancer gets the SS of a “meeting of the literary society,” that is dead to rites to her eleventh house cusp for inaugural Annapolis meeting held in her home.

Mrs. Adams met her first husband during World War II when she was a firefighter, 24 Libra partile her Ascendant, has the SS of a “third wing on the left side of a butterfly” highlighting her potential. They relocated to the States after the War. There is no mention of her second or succeeding husbands. She reposed on May 11, 2011 in Bowie, Maryland.

Astro Highlights:

  • Moon and Neptune handle to her Wheelbarrow Temperament Type making her highly psychic/intuitive
  • 2nd House Preponderance of Spiritual Consummation
  • Grand Trine in Water
  • Line of Vitality Inconjunct
  • Line of Motivation Sextile
  • Line of Culture Inconjunct
  • Line of Efficiency semisextile
  • Ascendant partile Mars
    • Ascendant 23 Libra
    • Midheaven 30 Capricorn

Last update on Donna van Toen

Donna passed on December 8th, 2018 a little before midnight, her daughter Bonnie reported on Facebook.  As her request, Donna had no machines, no tubes, no hookups of any type.   She was 69 years old.  Our sincere condolences to her beloved children Bonnie and Geoff.

Donna van Toen in red, Donna Cunningham behind her in a white floral shirt. Suzanna Collins stands in black.  The picture was taken outside of  Sydney Australia in the Blue Mountains, c. 1991.

Her obit in the December 15th Toronto Star is here.

There will a memoriam on March 3, 2019 from 3 pm EST at the Occasions Restaurant, a favourite haunt of hers, at 30 Eastwood Road (the cross street is Gainsborough Road on the East Side of Coxwell Avenue) Toronto, Ontario, M4L 2A9 . Directions are available from Here WeGo. The restaurant’s telephone # is 1-416-469-3065 . The gathering should end around 6 pm.