#904 Regis Toomey actor gallant

I’ve seen Mr. Toomey a zillion times in old movies and never knew his name. he always plays nice fellows, smiling chaps that character actor you know you can count on in a movie to pull his weight. Unfortunately, outside of his obit, there was little I could find on him. Wikipedia filled in that he was married for 56 years before she died and had 2 children.

Things like this make rectification difficult, though not impossible, just difficult, but I know one thing for sure, he’s not a Libra. He has Venus in that sign, and in the 6th house showing how much that helped him in a long film career, but despite that we’ve pegged him 04 Taurus — the leprechauns pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The Keyword is hopefulness.

He has a stellium in the 3rd house that tells us he tended to be a worrywart, and was too concerned about his public images for his own happiness, and often scoured the review pages for how the critics rated his performance. His north node is in Capricorn in the 9th house repeats this problem and that his feelings of personal prestige were shaped by a desire to do well in his film career, not well regarded, and that his acquaintances and relationships was influenced by how it affected his social status and whether they would pan out . This made him conservative in his film choices and why he never jumped over to major Starring roles where some amount of risk taking is necessary.

From the LA Times obit…

Actor Regis Toomey, best known for his man-of-action roles and for taking part in what they billed as the longest on-screen kiss in Hollywood history, died Saturday at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills. He was 93.

Toomey appeared in over 200 movies during his long career, including such films as “Northwest Mounted Police,” “Dive Bomber” and “The Big Sleep.” In the 1940s feature, “You’re in the Army Now,” he and co-star Jane Wyman kissed for 185 seconds. It was called the longest kiss in movie history.

Former President Ronald Reagan–who was Wyman’s husband during his years as an actor–recently visited Toomey’s bedside along with Nancy Reagan. Toomey, a longtime friend of the Reagans, died of natural causes, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Clara Bow and Regis Toomey

With his Irish grin and tough-guy demeanor, Toomey often played the victim of screen violence. In fact, early in his career, he was “killed” so often that he moodily wondered if he shouldn’t be voted the “morticians’ man of the year.”

“I was Danny McGann, an undercover homicide cop who had gotten friendly with the crooks,” Toomey recalled, describing one of his screen personas during a 1963 interview. “It was a good part–until the crooks shot me. This was the first of a long series of death scenes. The trouble was that in each succeeding picture I got knocked off sooner, so the roles were growing smaller.”

At one point, he vowed never to do another film in which he was killed. Then he was called by Cecil B. De Mille to play a part in “Union Pacific,” in which he would be killed by Anthony Quinn during a poker game.

“For you, I’ll do it,” he told De Mille, joking later that “it wasn’t so bad. I died in Barbara Stanwyck’s arms. If you gotta go, that’s as good a way as any.”

Born in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Aug. 13, 1898, Toomey graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and did postgraduate work in drama at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He intended to be a lawyer but changed his mind and became a stage actor and singer who toured England in George M. Cohan’s “Little Nelly Kelly.”

In 1928, Toomey appeared with Chester Morris in “Alibi,” the first all-talking gangster melodrama. Three years later, he appeared opposite Clara Bow in “Kick In,” which was Bow’s first sound movie. Among Toomey’s later credits were “Spellbound,” “The Bishop’s Wife,” “Show Boat,” “Warlock,” “The Mighty Joe Young,” “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” “Peter Gunn” and “The Carey Treatment.”

#668 Mei Lan-fang as jingxi

When Mei Lan-fang died in 1961, China mourned his passing.  s the passing of Mei Lan-fang.  Even  Premier Chou En-lai and other Party and government leaders were among those who visited him during his last illness and a 61-member funeral committee was setup.  Memorial meetings were held on August 10 1961 for the great opera nanfan.

The young Mei Lanfang

Mei Lan-fang was naturally a  member of the Chinese Communist Party joining the party formally in 1959. He had devoted his whole life to the development of the traditional arts of the people.¹  His ninth child and son, Mei Baojiu, followed in his footsteps but he died at 82 in 2016.

Mr. Lan-fang was the son and grandson of noted opera singers, and under that influence, Mei began studying jingxi at the Peking Opera at age 8 and made his stage debut at 11, playing a weaving girl. Thereafter he played mostly female roles, becoming especially known for his portrayal of the “Flower-Shattering Diva”; his style of dance won such acclaim over the years that it came to be known as the “Mei Lanfang school.”

At age 13 he joined the Xiliancheng Theatrical Company and, through performances in Shanghai and elsewhere, acquired a national reputation. He toured Japan in 1919 and 1924, the United States in 1930, and the Soviet Union in 1932 and 1935.²

Some of his most famous roles are Bai Niangzi in Duanqiao (“Broken Bridge”), Lin Daiyu in Daiyu zanghua (“Daiyu Buries Flowers”), Yuji in Bawang bieji (“Farewell My Concubine”), and Yang Yuhuan in Guifei zuijiu (“Concubine Gets Drunk”).

Jingxi is highly formalized as the characters are encoded in traditional steps, postures, and arm movements. Traditionally it was an all-male cast with female impersonators.  The actors wear elaborate face paint to show the characters they play and acrobatics are used to suggest violent action. Wooden clappers, a small drum, stringed instruments are the musical accompaniment with narration interspersed for the actors to rest and change costume.

marc mei lan fang.png

Marc Edmund Jones set Mr. Lan-fang’s time at 6 am giving the above chart in Koch, a modern variant of Placidus, format.  We rectified 26 Libra to 27 Pisces and got the following.  Mr. Lan-fang is a lipped bowl.

mei lan fan.png


  1. From the Peking Review, August 8 1961.
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica entry.

#502 Charles A. Jayne Astrologer



The Astrologer Charles Jayne was born on October 9, 1911 in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, a town north of Philadelphia and south of Abington.  He studied philosophy at Princeton University, electrical engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and psychology at Columbia University. From 1961 – 1969, he was a technical analyst on Wall Street. Esoterically he studied occult theory in general and Theosophy in particular.

Marc Jones gives Jayne the birthtime of 10:43 AM in Jenkintown; Jayne goes with 10:39 AM.  Both times make him a double Libra with a moon in Taurus.   See the charts below for the differences.  Both are in Koch, the modern Placidus format.

Jayne’s major contribution to astrology was in the area of “progressions.”  His wife Vivia published many of his manuscripts after he died.  Jayne was a bowl temperament type.

#95 Annie Besant

“An imperious necessity forces me to speak the truth, as I see it, whether the speech please or displease, whether it bring praise or blame. That one loyalty to Truth I must keep stainless, whatever friendships fail me or human ties be broken.”

– Annie Besant, An Autobiography Chapter XIV.

besant 5 20
Marc Jones’ time for Mrs. Besant

Annie Besant ate  no meat and drank no liquor.  She is considered the forerunner  start of the British Anti-vivisection group (animal testing) and Lizzy Lind af Hageby, one of her many proteges,  gave her such credit.  Marc Jones wrote about her to such length in his Essentials of Astrology that abbreviating it would be hard to do; so we won’t. There are two times out there for Mrs. Besant.  8:29 per Astro.com and 8:20 per Marc Jones.  We are going with Jones’s rectification, but YMMV.

annie 529
Astro.com time for Annie Besant

                                         The young Annie

       The young Annie

Annie Wood was 20 years, a devout Christian, when she married an English clergyman, Rev. Frank Besant and had two children, Arthur and Mabel, but five years later she reputed Christianity finding no logic therein and became a freethinker.  In 1879 she matriculated from London University with a degree in science and started publishing and writing pamphlets on free-thought but it was meeting Helena Blavatsky that changed her from a Free-Thinker to a Theosophical one and she became Blavatsky’s dedicated pupil and eventual heir. In 1888, Annie Besant became attracted to the philosophy of Marxism. In addition to being a member of the Fabian Society, British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles a democratic socialist party that advocated a gradual social reformation rather than via a bloody revolution.

She was also a member of the Social Democratic Federation (SDF) that was the first British  socialist political party by Henry M. Hyndman. It was a popular among the British socialists and  included the artist William Morris, George Lansbury, and Eleanor Marx, Karl Marx’s daughter advocating women’s voting, birth control and abolishment of the House of Lords.  However, Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx’s long-term collaborator, refused to support Hyndman’s venture because it was not “Marxian” enough.

In 1885, Annie Besant stood for election to the London School Board. Campaigning on a policy of ‘No more hungry children’  she won with over 15,000 votes despite that women could not vote.   During her period on the Board of Education, she played an important role in helping the London Dockers form a union and gain better wages in an industry which had been dominated by one-day employment contracts.

Annie became a Freemason in 1902 attracted by their belief that men and women should join together to work for a better world. And from 1907 to 1993 she was the second President of The Theosophical Society.  Her protégé was Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian native raised in England,  whom she believed to be the messianic teacher whose arrived was announced by his great pupil, Jesus Christ.

However, Krishnamurti renounced her and Theosophy in 1929 in favour of self-reliance and unflinching self-knowledge.  He said that to do this, meant vegetarianism and renunciation of  all organized religions and ideologies.

Mrs. Besant died shortly thereafter in 1933 at her home in Tamil Nadu India.

Marc Jones discusses Annie Besant alot in his both his astrological and metaphysical writings as he considers her a paragon of modern intellect, so it is no surprise that she is example in “How to Learn Astrology” for the T-Square with a Cardinal-Sign Emphasis. This “cardinal cross” is the basic type of the three t-crosses.

  1. Aries is opposite Libra
  2. Taurus is opposite Scorpio
  3. Gemini is opposite Sagittarius
  4. Cancer is opposite Capricorn
  5. Leo is opposite Aquarius
  6. Virgo is opposite Pisces

Jones feels that learning the the pairs of opposites are the first step towards a better method for recognizing the planetary relationships.  Once they are remembered, he bunches them into the traditional groups of four.

  • The Angles are the Cardinal points of the compass:  Aries on the East, Libra on the West, Cancer in the South and Capricorn pointing North.
  • In a similar correspondence follow the succedent houses, or the eighth, eleventh, second and fifth houses in that order, that are deemed the “fixed signs,” Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.
  • The last four are cadent cusps or the ninth, twelfth, third and sixth, that he refers to as the “common signs,” Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The cosmic cross of the “t” pattern occurs when a square is found in the midst of an opposition.   It creates an overbalanced emphasis of life according to the quadrature in which it is found. Quadratures are the basis of astrology handed down by Ptolemy himself, and Marc Jones, while he dismays at day and night lords, terms and faces, does not throw the baby out with the bath water; quaratures and modality are the basis upon which his teaching lie.

With that fresh in our minds, we turn to the T-Cross or what Marc Jones refers to as the Cosmic Cross an area of the chart where ” excess activity is directed toward the point of the “short leg, ” or the point focus, revealing the necessary “construction” for the opposing planets to get beyond their petty squabbles,  and focus on so that they may get to work and get something accomplished.

In Mrs. Besant’s case this square is Jupiter, that is less than 2° to her Mercury, or the mind, and also to Uranus, independence. Jones interprets this as her (Jupiter) enthusiasm is the foundation of her achievements.
While her moon, sun, Venus and Pluto are also in this cross configuration, that means that her Jupiterian enthusiasm bequeaths tremendous power in applying herself, and she uses Venus and Pluto for a laser-like focus

Theosophy was the focus the gave her the all-inclusive  attitude towards her life.  It ordered her perspective  and gave her a cynosure that was intune with her own beliefs. Jupiter was the organizing principle and through its prism she expounded Theosophy as the great encompassing belief that modern man could aspire.

Besant though went a step further and had a cardinal Grand Cross indicating a life fundamentally concerned with the critical or vital issues of human experience.
If the person is important enough, or makes his life important enough through will and fixity of purpose, this Cross links his career irrevocably  with the broad crises of a nation, a movement or even an age.

Annie Besant was such a person, who came to a position of leadership in Theosophy when it was torn by dissension and needed the capable hand of a great unifying force. == Marc Jones notes from How to Learn Astrology, adapted and revised.

adapted from Marc Jones’s How to Learn Astrology.

#130 Senator Styles Bridges of NH

AP6009290351.jpgHenry Styles Bridges was born Sept. 9, 1898 in West Pembroke, Maine about 20 miles from the Canadian border.   He was a graduate of the University of Maine and then Dartmouth College. He was an instructor after college at Sanderson Academy in Ashfield, Massachusetts and then became part of the extension staff of the University of New Hampshire in the same position. He was called Styles Bridges in his Senatorial career that spanned from 1937-1961 because Harry Bridges was a union leader and he did not want to be confused with the ardent leftist. Bridges was the leader of the Conservative wing of the Republican party. Previously he was governor of New Hampshire from 1934-1936. He supported Wendell Willkie in his bid against FDR in 1940.


He was a controversial figure for criticizing Roosevelt’s appointment of Justice Hugo Black, the whole New Deal and the Yalta accord that gave most of the Middle East and Asia to the Soviet Union, Dean Acheson’s foreign policy, that led to the U.S. entry (1950) into the Korean War and the President’s seizure of steel mills during an industry-wide strike in 1952. He applauded JFK as the first “patriotic American” president supported by the Democratic Party in his lifetime, but that he was naive concerning the Russians.

                                                     from the little town of  West Pembroke

Senator Bridges died on Nov. 26, 1961 in Concord, N.H after complications from a heart attack on September 21 1961. He died in his sleep and was 63 years old. His first wife Sally Clements died in 1938 with whom he had three sons and remarried in 1944 Doloris Thauwald.

Marc Jones has Senator Bridges’ birth time at 10:39 AM; Astro.com has 10:30 so we are going with Jones’s stated time but we do think a few minutes earlier works better. Still we are not changing the chart. This time makes his a southern hemisphere bowl with a little lip of Saturn in the first house to distill the resources he has at hand through the preponderance in the 12th house planets of government.

His Ascendant is 18.42 Scorpio or “fasting pilgrims outside the castles of the king” per the Hyperion Symbols. McClung writes that his symbol is the application of the individual to authority for a sympathetic response. That works well as Jones says that Saturn’s keyword is “sympathy” and here found in Sagittarius suggests that his call was the call for an informed public on the dangers of socialism, fascism and its international brother communism.

ye olde homestead, West Pembroke

With Saturn opposite Pluto in Gemini, Bridges agreed with the football adage that the best offense was a strong defense and felt that the overreaching of a US republic was a mistake. His part of fortune at 08 Virgo conjunct the midheaven is at another defensive post and the point focus of the Saturn – Pluto opposition showing his desire for an America that was “anonymous in foreign countries,” and thus beckoning to an American First nation.

The Mars in the eighth, its essential lord, conjunct the Moon in its native Cancer give the double connotation of the mother of his children would die early and that his mother would outlive him. Jupiter in Libra in the 11th suggests he enjoyed the competitive nature – trine Pluto – of politics and being a Conservative leader – sextile Saturn.


                                                   Presidents send regrets

His mother Mrs. Earl Bridges and his sister Doris of West Pembroke, Maine as well as his second wife and children survived him. JFK magnanimously applauded Senator Bridges in an eulogy from Hyannis Port nonetheless saying

“The nation will mourn the loss of Senator Bridges, a great patriot who devoted his life to the continual strength of country. He was a distinguished advocate of his state, his region and his nation. Mrs. Kennedy and I extend our deepest sympathy to his widow.”

Former presidents Ike and Truman did likewise.

#105 Jennie Elmina Bollenbacher

Mrs. Bollenbacher was born Jennie Elmina Whitcomb on September 7, 1864 at 6:40 PM in Peoria, Illinois.   She was an American professional astrologer  specializing in health and child guidance &  got interested in astrology in 1914 with the advent of World War I.

Jennie served as President of the Columbus Theosophical Society in 1939, but that is no longer extant.  The TSA only has offices in Canton& Cleveland today.  Her association with TSA is probably why Marc Jones, a theosophist himself, mentions her in his Jones 1000.   If you interested in learning more about this, get a hold of his book “Occult Philosophy,” from your local library or via this link.

Mrs. Bollenbacher  was an early member of AFA, and affectionately known as “Aunt Jennie”. She continued her astrology practice at Columbus, Ohio where her husband Martin came from, right  up until her death on February 14, 1947.  She and her husband are  Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus Ohio; her plaque beautiful in its simplicity is shown.


She is a lipped bowl temperament type scooping everything up via Neptune in the first.  According to Marc Jones, such a placement in Aries, would have made her forthright with a strong obligation to helping others through her natural gifts (Uranus in Gemini, fourth house).

Mapping Vivian Maier

Photographer Vivian Maier takes a lot of self-portraits, so much so that it is rather overwhelming while watching the cult movie “Finding Vivian Maier,” by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel.

Maloof realized he found something good in 2007 when he bought the contents of Maier’s derelict storage locker at auction (for $380), and discovered 100,000 negatives, 700 rolls of color film, and 2,000 rolls of black-and-white film, taken during the decades that Maier worked as a nanny for wealthy families in New York and Chicago. he then set out to find her, and couldn’t which is wild as she was still alive, dying in 2009 at the age of 83.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The key to the Maier cult is that she never published a thing during her life — instead, she stored it all away and that she took her Rolleiflex everywhere with her, on her various nanny jobs and eventually around the world.

What we learn is that she was born in Brooklyn New York on February 1, 1926. She had a brother and we learn from the film a family in France and she was tall and took photos of street life. Not much more, but we do see a lot of her photography in the film and learn how Maloof became totally entranced by this celluloid goddess. that’s about it.

Mapping Vivian D. Maier

download the chart for the photographer cum nanny vivian maier

vivian maier

This chart has been rectified for an Ascendant of 18 Sagittarius with her camera, Mars at Sagitarrius 25, right by its side.  She is a Western Bowl Temperament Type that highlights her resourcefulness much like sewing aficionado Nancy Zieman.  Her bowl with a rimmed opposition from the Moon in the Ninth (travelling for education) and Venus in the Third (seeing it through a keen eye) but it the scoop,  seeing the world from the two generational planets of Neptune in the Eighth, capturing bits of forgotten things and Uranus in Pisces, distilling it (via photography) into a unique vision that was truly her gift.


If you cannot catch the movie, look at the pix on the Maloof site here. and be entranced.


#313 The birth & death of King Edward VII of England

edward 7thendward 7

King Edward is a rimmed bowl with the Moon opposite Uranus in Pisces creating the rim.  Pluto was not discovered in his lifetime, but almost 20 years after this death, so we are ignoring it here.  If it was part of the configuration, he would then be a lipped bowl.  His natural disposition is mutable, making him a very personable & practical king, very unlike his regal and idealist mother, Queen Victoria.

His Ascendant is 28 Sagittarius in the Eleventh house of the people, and he has quite a preponderance of planets also therein — Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury.  The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn give him a Line of Self-Determination that supports his natural disposition, suggesting that he relies more on his his life experiences than either education or philosophies.  Again the Moon – Uranus rim reinforces that eccentricity.

edward 7 dies

His death chart, from Alan Leo’s Astrologer’s Magazine, suggests the cause of his death, now a temperament type of a bucket with a Jupiter handle in the Ninth house, was a heart attack brought on by his his excessive & indulgent lifestyle (Uranus square Jupiter opposite the Moon) that became onerous for his body to support.  Upon his death, his son, George V, became King for the next twenty-six years (Pluto in the Fifth House conjunct Mars on the Sixth house cusp at Cancer 04).

edward 7th death


  • #313 refers to King Edward being the #313 entry in the Jones 1000 nativity listing.
  • His son, Prince of Wales Albert Victor’s chart is here.
  • Available for downloading is  biography of aKing Edward VII.adapted from Encyclopaedia Britannica.


Running with a Bowl of Sweet Caroline

Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of President Jack Kennedy and his wife Jackie, (both now deceased) is thinking of throwing her hat into the Presidential Ring according to the New York Post. That made us think about looking at her chart.caroline kennedy.png

Something about Caroline

Caroline Kennedy was 3 years old when she and her brother John-John  moved into the White House with their parents.  After her father’s assassination, she and her brother were raised in Manhattan by their mother, who married Aristotle Onassis on his  private island of Skorpios on October 20, 1968 which they attended  holding the candles that were traditionally held by Greek pages during a marriage. It poured heavily that day but that did not discourage the paparazzi, though many of the pictures were blurred.  Mrs. Onassis died May 20, 1994; and her brother John July 1999.

Ms. Kennedy graduated graduated from Radcliffe College and then Columbia Law School. In 1986 she married Edwin Schlossberg they have three children, Rose,  Tatiana Celia  and John.   She has written  books about civil liberties, and a series of literary anthologies. In 2008 she endorsed Barack Obama  for president and joined him on the campaign trail. She has never held public office, although in late 2008 she announced her interest in the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton, but reasons never publicly disclosed, she withdrew her name and Kirsten Rutnik Gillibrand, got the seat instead.  Read the story over here at New York Magazine.

The Schlossberg three.

President Obama later appointed Ms. Kennedy to the Ambassadorship of Japan.  Her son John majored in  Japanese History at Yale University in New Haven, CT  after living there for three years with her.

                                                                       The bowl of Caroline

Caroline is a Bowl Temperament Type with an Eastern or resourceful bias with a Uranus and Moon rim. Another famous woman in the Presidential family who has a similar makeup is Eleanor Roosevelt, while Abraham Lincoln, an actual President, does not have rim. Rimmed bowls, like Caroline’s have an actual border that holds all the points of her chart in place. For her this rim has a FIXED bias and so she tends to hold onto her own inner self through the many buttresses of life, because so much else is transient.


Caroline travelling the Japanese countryside as US Ambassador.

Marc Jones felt that rimmed bowls were indicative of Progressive political temperaments (also called Liberal) because their tendency to attach themselves to causes. Ms. Kennedy’s bowl has midpoint in her open area at her Part of Ancestry, showing for her this obligation is part of her identify – it is opposite her Ascendant at 20.16 Sagittarius and conjunct Pallas, mental expression, at 14.47 Gemini. She also has a stellium of planets in Sagittarius, the sign of legislature and government, in her Twelfth House showing that she is comfortable in that arena.

caroline's stellium.png

If the inspiration of Neil Diamond’s song  Sweet Caroline, makes it to the Oval Office, we think at most as a Veep, but politics makes strange bed fellows so you never can tell. Download  Ambassador Caroline Kennedy’s chart here.

The Daily in Steamboat – 11-15-2017

                                                                     Passion in the Tenth

I typically do not do the die.  No reason, just don’t.  I did today and got 9th House 26th Degree which really falls right on the Midheaven.  Obviously no matter what is going on right now, careers are being highlighted.  Questions are being asked that despite the 9-5 job that pays our bills, what is that one wants to do and whether or not we are willing to make the sacrifice to do it.

         Sex in the Senate

For the nation at large this highlights all the sex scandals going in with the perv’s in Congress.  First there was Judge Roy Moore who when he was thirty, forty years ago, may have dated some teenagers.  Considering the age of marriage in Alabama is 16, I do not find that at all remarkable but Mitch McConnell who’s never met a Conservative he didn’t like,  does & wants him gone.Leeann_Tweeden_2

In the meantime, up north, the Brooklynite turned Minnesotan, Senator Al Franken is getting hit with SNL charges from LeeAnn Tweeden (her story is here and her picture to the right) who says she was violated and “groped” in 2006.

Franken was 56 and Tweeden  29, when this incident occurred but our boy Mitch is looking the other way and thinks an investigation will settle the matter.  Hold on though, Uranus in Aries (shaking up the status quo) is right  the Third House cusp of Brethern , and Brietbart has just dropped loose that the Senate has been paying off bimbos that their boys accosted, I guess this is just another version of Pay for Play.  Uranus will be in Aries for a while revealing and upsetting things and this may be just what draining the swamp will become — the very Puritan urge to get rid of sexual predators on our streets, in our school, our churches and now our government.  Since who authorized this with our money is secret and hidden, perhaps another Executive Order will be needed to release those along with more of the white washed JFK tapes.

                                   As in the Country, so in person

So that’s going on nationally…but what happens in a country is just a reflection of what is happening in the body politic as well, and corruption, that corrosion of eating one from within is stalking us as a person as well?  Do not just quickly say no, for there maybe now family secrets coming to light that shake your personal world that show that the people within have not always been the people that they purport.  This could be on the Health front (Second House of Genetics and Family Resources) or between Brothers and Sisters (Third House) that as 26 Aries suggests, next to the fixed star Al Pherg, starts with some idle curiosity and blows into a torrent of revelations that just rocks your collective boat.


If so, no worries, as   the map is heavily leaning on the Eastern side of the chart highlighting personal resourcefulness…and while that could be taking a myriad of shapes, like cleaning out that closet, garage or attic, changing our diet and unburdening ourselves from all that collective  junk we bought, found or got.   See Marie Kondo for hints on bringing joy to your life via tidyness, because   we have the ways to move forward but are perhaps missing the will or as Arthur Schopenhauer’ wrote, Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung.

                   The Time is Now   if the Price is Right

If the selling fancy does strike hold, eBay.com and Amazon would like to help and these days they make it very easy with all the fees and shipping coming out of the sale — just remember to Price it Right so it does sell.  Whatever is going on right now, just buckle down and get to it, get rid of it and move on, because yes you can

Cheerio   ala The Sisters of Mercy & This Corrosion

if you


the chart resides here november 15 2017