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Seeking perfection Jerrold Nadler

Congressman Jerrold Lewis Nadler was born on June 13 1947 rectified to 3:30 in the afternoon in Midwood Brooklyn according to his Congressional site but since his father was at that time a poultry farmer in nearby rural New Jersey why Jerry was born in Brooklyn and not in Jersey seems odd.

The family relocated to Brooklyn after the father’s bankruptcy and Nadler received a traditional Yeshiva education focused on studying the Talmud (the book of Law) and reading the Torah (the five volumes or Pentateuch, or the 5 books of Moses). He graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1965 and ran for student government president in a campaign organized by his good friend Dick Morris (November 28, 1946).

He is married with one son. The rest of his biography is here.

The Congressman is a Bucket with a Jupiter handle in the first house highlighting his intemperance with sensual pleasures. His Moon opposite Neptune does not help but encourages him to overeat when overworking or anxious. as Cancer which the Moon rules rules the breast, chest and stomach.

This opposition though, from the 6th to the 12th house highlights how once he gets an idea from his work, he pursues it with zealous ferocity, particularly if it deals with issues from the 12th house (where Neptune,. the modern ruler of the 12th, is found. This opposition is rather karmic, as he always wants to right the wrongs of the individual/community/country against his perception that capitalistic business is rigged against the average citizen (in his case his father). This probably explains his strong criticism of President Trump, a former businessman but myopic because of the amount of Democrat millionaires in Congress itself. This uneven application of justice is problematic in his life and career, but he is certainly not alone.

The Congressman has a stellium in the 8th house highlights his desire to get control over the uncontrollable whether it is his weight or the many forces of nature or politics as he resents anything beyond his own grasp. This stellium suggests that despite his vengeful nature, he is good with money.

Nadler’s ascendant is 25 Libra [HS] a Rabbi throwing dice on the Tree of Life shows his dsire to seek knowledge of the perfection proceeding from the Deity so that he may at least have indirect contact with its true Being. This is supported by his Mercury in Cancer in the 9th house highlighting his moody approach to this quest.

A rather striking note is that both Congressman Schiff and Nadler had fathers that were unsuccessful in the private arena and it is that inner anger that makes them such intense critics. In Nadler’s case, he also symbolizes the age old dichotomy between King and Parliament (see John Locke) or Executive privilege being unaccountable to Congress. America provides for three equal legislative branches in a series of checks and balances: Presidential, Congressional and Judicial in the first three articles of the Constitution. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has also been a large critic of these statements. Nadler is also outraged that Trump is dismantling the bureaucratic establishment as he believes that should be the sole source of American citizen’s income; Ginsburg champions John Anderson’s “fair voting” allowing certain people greater share in the electoral process and universal suffrage. However Trump’s inquiry turns out, this see-saw argument is will predominant world politics for a long time.

These aspects remind us of Maximilien Robespierre. A quick biwheel of the two shows many similarities including an exact trine to the ascendants. The Robespierre chart is taken from Astro.com unchanged.

Union Man, Terence V. Powderly of Scranton

Terence Vincent Powderly was one of twelve children born to Terence and Madge Powderly in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, where his father owned a coal mine (the relics of this are visible on Route 6, Congressman Joseph McDade highway). Young Terry was near sighted and deaf in one ear because of yellow fever. He married Hannah Dever from Scranton on September 19, 1872. Shortly thereafter he was a 3 term Republican mayor of the town. Mrs. Powderly died in 1907. In 1919, Terry married Emma Fickenscher in D.C. We could find no listing of children from either marriage.

Powderly is a Bucket with a Jupiter 19 Leo 25 RX handle in the first house. Astrologer Marilyn Waram writes that this position is “identified with the Puer AEternis or cult of youthful perfection for the native will hold onto one idea until something better comes along. Provisionality is a wholesome attitude in philosophy and belief systems, but not in
relationships, careers and general life goals”. * His life exemplified that as Powderly seemed to always be able to pick himself up and start all over again doing better each time, Jupiter being conjunct the Ascendant encouraged his adventurous personality and zeal to break the rules because of his personal and individual interpretation of Truth, and when questioned cry Foul!
Mars in fifth house house at 16 Capricorn 16 shows his ability to be good administrator of the KoL, but because it is in the 5th house, made his vision rather grandiose. Creating a yod from Neptune in the 7th to Mars in the 5th with its foot at Jupiter, makes the apex at 2 Aquarius or his Sun at 02 Aquarius 55 in the 6th ( an unexpected thunderstorm showing how when his dream at KoL were not easily acquired, he jumped shipped to greener pastures, keyword is Accident.) The Hyperion Symbols highlight this problem in even starker images , of Riders breasting a hill at full gallop, with the keyword “Control.”
South Node in Pisces conjunct Venus hints at the depth and purpose his friends, particularly female (fellow Irishwoman Mother Jones comes to mind), bring to him.

                             Railroads, coal and Carbondale

Railway unions were among the earliest trade unions organized on any scale in the United States. The Knights of Labor founded by Uriah Stevens was a first, it was a secret organization like the Masons, but Powderly, the next leader, brought it public 1879. Membership grew quickly, reaching approximately 700,000 by 1886 when Powderly united all “producers”  — anyone that constructed a physical product in the course of their workday. They  rejected “non-producers” — bankers, lawyers, and academics.

There is a local fund to restore Powderly’s home in Scranton. In the meantime, it is closed to the public and part of the National Registrar.

The  Haymarket Square Riot in Chicago, Illinois May 4 1886, led to the Knights of Labor demise. Another ongoing problem was that Powderly was unable to bring the organization’s membership together and his own Catholic diocese issued warnings against associating with him. An economic depression (called the Great Upheaval) worsened overall conditions; Powderly resigned and took up the law.

Powderly is in the rear standing. Seated is Mother Jones and Max Hayes, who unsuccessfully challenged Samuel Gompers for the presidency of the American Federation of Labor. Hayes also was the editor of the Cleveland Citizen. Picture from the Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co., Chicago Illinois, a socialist publishing house dedicated to documenting the great fight.

Next we hear from him from Washington, D.C. He became great friends with Mother Jones and fought for religious tolerance of the labor movement. Terry died June 24, 1924 in D.C.


  • Waram, Marilyn, the Book of Jupiter, ACS Publications, c. 1992.
    • Ms. Waram has another fine book The Book of Neptune, also at biblio.com

The Dynamic Aptitude of Emma Borden

Looking at Emma Borden’s (Lizzie Borden’s elder system) Dynamic Aptitude (closest square or opposition)/ I find in her chart at Jupiter square Venus — part of her T square with multiple opposition’s to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in her 8th house. This gives her a bucket with a Jupiter handle.

With Jupiter in the 2nd house, her short leg is Venus is in the 5th house, a planet that has a tendency to get lost in the superficiality of life. Thus this Jupiter-Venus makes Emma outweigh her core interest of moving forward with instead obsessing over the trivialities of what she does not have (2nd house of emotional and real property). If instead of dwelling on that, and she unlocked the growth capacity inherent in that square, she could be her best & recognize her true desires — of family, and community,(5th and 6th house stellium) instead of becoming a societal pariah.

Uranus as disruptor

The faster planet Venus is past the 90-degree angle in this case with the applying planet to her oppositions. Jupiter is closest to Uranus, not to Saturn. This makes Emma lose herself in embracing her dynamic aptitude instead of unlocking it. This is born out by her & Lizzie’s virulent dislike of their stepmother (6th house Mars on the cusp) sextile their father (Saturn in the 8th in Aries that Mars rules) resulting in the “forty whacks by Lizzie”. This setup is almost Freudian in her resentment of the stepmother usurping what she felt was her place in the family as eldest daughter and in her relationship with a harsh father. Emma needed to have power in the family and she transmitted this to the weaker Lizzie in many quiet nighttime conversations.

Between the two girls, the chart becomes a very lopsided see-saw with a unifying Mars in the 5th in both charts. We can only surmise there was some amount of discussion and “daydreaming” about if only Step-Mother was gone (Moon in 6th).

Fiendish Inspiration

Attic vase with Orestes, Electra and Hermes at the tomb of Agamemnon,

To say Emma was absent from the murder would underestimate her importance in the crime. More likely, she was Elektra of the Oresteia, goading Lizzie on, thinking she would walk about free and unencumbered with lots of money. Alas when Emma died, shortly after her sister, and her estate was worth “$450,000 in 1927 monies” or $6,635,456.90 (6 million) in 2019, but she lived a life in the shadows far from home.

A tale of two leaders: Alan Garcia of Peru and Marcelo Oberbrecht of Brazil

Alan Gabriel Ludwig Garcia Perez was born May 23, 1949, Lima, Peru at 3 am. This gives him the symbol of 16 Libra (HS) “terrific winds in the stratosphere.” Coupled with Neptune at 13 Libra explains a lot of his personality that seems more undulations of bravado than plans. At 6′ 4″ (193 cm) tall he had a commanding appearance.

Born in APRA

Both his parents were members of the rebel group ‘American and popular revolutionary alliance’, ‘APRA’ founded in 1924 in Mexico City, Mexico. This seems not to be unusual according to one Aprist, as APRA is akin to a brotherhood in South America and membership seems almost ancestral. Our header picture is of the young Alan with his. Date and age is unknown.

For generations, being an Aprista has been an inherited identity; militants join the Party because their fathers and mothers were members, and their grandparents before them. When I asked Erasmo Reyna, Garcia’s personal lawyer, to define the Apra, he made no mention at first of ideology or policies. “Aprismo is a feeling,” he told me. “A brotherhood. It’s like you’re part of a big family.” I pointed out that it sounded as if he were talking about a soccer team. He shook his head. “We’re not a club. We’re not a fan base. We’re bigger than that.”

New Yorker Magazine, July 1st issue

García studied at Pontifical Catholic University in Lima and earned a law degree (1971) from the Main National University of San Marcos of Lima. After several years of additional study in Madrid and Paris, he returned to Peru, where in 1976 he joined the familial center-left American Popular Revolutionary Alliance (APRA). A gifted & charismatic public speaker, García career rocketed: elected to Congress in 1980, APRA party leader in 1985 and then president at 36 years of age.

His meteoric rise made him “Peru’s JFK” and he entered office as the country’s youngest-ever president. How much he owned to the power of APRA can only be guessed, but his midheaven is 12 Cancer ” a rainbow trout” where one’s mind’s eye opens the door to a world beyond.” Its keyword may sum Apra best of all: “Secrecy,” like the Freemasons.

President Garcia and Pope Benedict

First Term disastrous

García’s presidency turned ruinous. His first decision was not like Kennedy’s to cut taxes but instead raise them, nationalize the banking industry, and to suspend the country’s foreign-debt payments. This should have not been a surprise as Scorpio is in the second house of his chart and it wants to play creatively with the status quo. Venus that rules that house is in Venus on the 8th-9th house cusps and suggests that philosophy over pragmatism would win out.

Incredibly, Peru plunged into economic ruin as inflation skyrocketed to 7,500 percent. Shortages of food and five million Peruvians in the streets results. The Maoist rebel group Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) a radical offshoot of APRA led by Comrade Gonzalo who believed like Chairman Mao an industrialized state is not needed for overthrow as Marx had specified stepped up its attacks and called for a violent toppling of Garcia’s regime.

García left office in disgrace. Alberto Fujimori reigned as dictator for the next 10 years while Garcia under the threat of arrest on corruption charges, fled to France in 1992 and then took up permanent domicile in Spain. The statute of limitations ran out in 2001 and incorrigible (Neptune’s waves hit again) he returned to Peru to lead the party, again. He ran for president but lost to Alejandro Toledo ( a full foot shorter than Garcia) fondly called “El Cholo” (“The Indian”) because of his indigenous ancestry.

2nd Presidency

A river runs through it ; Peruvian desert the wonder of Oberbrecht

Garcia bounced back again and in 2004 won the presidency a second time. He was different, his agenda was free-trade, low inflation and solid economic growth a marked reversal of the fiscal and political disasters of his first term. The bi-wheel above could be the key” Saturn typically takes full effect after 58 — he was now 55, so a maturer and more fiscally responsible Garcia was in charge.

Not knowing when the elections were, we have chosen the winter solstice for analysis

As his natal Saturn is 30 Leo and partile his Part of Fortune, [HS] “ephemeral clouds caught in the sunlight” he was able to manage his exuberance of being president and a leader, and think long term of his legacy [Mars and Venus in the 8th house of Gemini]. He now spoke [transiting Mercury in the 7th] of visions and growth; Pluto both trine, has markedly changed his tenor and tone.

Constitutionally barred from seeking a consecutive term, García was unable to run for reelection in 2011. Like a yo-yo he waited for 4 years before trying again.

A third term?

It’s 2015 and with Neptune in the first house those cyclic waves have Garcia running for president. However, this time he received less than 6 percent of the vote in the 2016 election and was forced to step down as leader of APRA; humiliated he returned to Spain. Charged with having accepted kickbacks from the Odebrecht construction giant (part of the Petrobras scandal) during his second term as president he returned to fight. But because of his affiliations with the US, his enemies were able to make the allegations stick.

What Odebrecht brought to Peru: Chavimochic

Petrobas, Oderbrecht and Peru

The crux of the problem is Odebrecht, which began work in Peru in 1979 under Garcia & rose to be one of the country’s chief constructors of roads, bridges, dams and highways. It built a $4.5 billion road that connected the Pacific to the Amazon basin and an electric train in Lima. It was also the engineering construction company behind a $1.9 billion irrigation project called Chavimochic (see above) that irrigated a section of desert on Peru’s northern coast and paved the way for the export of asparagus and strawberries.

the president they call PPK

The brouhaha hit Peru in late 2017, when President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, son of Polish Jews who fled Hitler to Peru, and former university economist, was linked to a $782,000 payment from Odebrecht; his rivals in Congress moved to impeach him. He avoided that by resigning last March. According to U.S. Justice Department documents, Odebrecht paid US $29 million in bribes to Peruvian nationals over the span of 10 years when Kuczynski served as Prime Minister; the listing does not mention any payments to Garcia.

President Toledo at the UN in NYC.

Alejandro Toledo, aka El Cholo, president in the early 2000s, is wanted for extradition from the United States where he lives in San Francisco, but has refused to return to Peru — no dummy there — the DoJ listing has 10 million going to him. Ollanta Humala, president from 2011 to 2016, and former military commander, was detained but released after interrogation.

Picturesque Peruvian winter — July; all Peruvian images from NY Sunday Times

The End

On November 17, after a judge banned García from leaving the country for 18 months worried that he would return to Spain. He moved into the Uruguayan embassy and requested asylum. Perhaps he should have tried Ecuador as Uruguay denied the petition.

His natal Sedna is conjunct the transiting Sun at time of death as is transiting Sedna conjunct his natal Sun. See our writeup on Sedna here.
(Jailed Odebrecht CEO Marcelo Odebrecht / World Economic Forum)
Marcelo Odebrect CEO

It did not matter what DoJ found, Peruvians believed he was as guilty as the other.

Officials arrived at Garcia’s Liman home, on April 17 1917, and García with his transiting Part of Fortune conjunct his South Node in Libra fatally shot himself.

Astrologer Ivy Jacobson says that, “Any planet or angle in the same degree as the Nodes points to a catastrophe, casualty, fatality or tragedy whether it is a horary or natal chart.” In her “The Way of Astrology” , she further notes that during the year that a progressed angle lines up with a natal or progressed node, there will be some tragedy in the life often as a result of previous poor judgment.

Two months later on June 18, Odebrecht, filed for bankruptcy protection after years of graft scandals and trials involving top Latin American businessmen and politicians. Marcelo is fine albeit a billion dollar poorer, but happy in jail.


  1. The inspiration for the story was the article in New Yorker Magazine, July 1 2019, titled What Led Peru’s Former President to take his life? Click here to read it; the New Yorker gives a few articles each month for public viewing.

#66 Actress Wendy Barrie was a relation

She was born Margeurite Wendy Jenkins in Hong Kong on April 18, 1912 to an Irish barrister and his wife, Sophia, who had been actress in Yiddish vaudeville. When she decided to follow her mother footsteps on the British stage, she adopted the name Wendy Barrie in homage of her godfather, J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. Despite the connection, she is not considered the role model for Wendy Darling, primarily because she was born 8 years after the play debuted on the London stage. Perhaps though her middle name was in the character’s honour by her parents for the Scottish bachelor Barrie who was a great friend of her father.

young Wendy probably studio promo

Several writers have stated that Barrie was the first to use the name Wendy in a published work, and that the source of the name was Barrie’s childhood friend, Margaret Henley, 4-year-old daughter of poet William Ernest Henley (author of the poem Invictus), who pronounced the word “friend” as “Fwendy.” This mispronunciation was adapted by Barrie as “Wendy” when writing the play. There is some evidence that the name Wendy may be related to the Welsh name Gwendolyn, but prior to its use in the Peter Pan stories, the name was not used as an independent first name; afterwards is another story.

Neverpedia.com , the Barrie place.

Here is Miss Barrie in 1939 American flick The Witness Vanishes, a poor pun off of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 classic, The Lady Vanishes. Barrie is the woman in the opening scene as Joan Marplay.

Wikipedia is wrong in stating that her husband was the British actor David Meyer; he was the Jewish-American industrialist David Meyer and not born in 1947. They divorced sometime in the mid 50’s according to the New York Times obit.

Wendy’s Map

Astrodata cites she was born in London at 15:15 , while Marc Jones and Wikipedia, say British Hong Kong same time: we agree with Jones on Hong Kong but disagree with the time — we are pegging her at 3:39 and 16 Virgo instead of 11 or an “orangutan” perhaps joking about her strawberry blonde hair? vs. a “girl moulded in his mother’s aspirations for her.”

Despite the joke, we think orangutan works better for Miss Barrie because it highlights her ability to “use the latest trends for her own advantage.” Its keyword is Dexterity and how she can rise to any occasion. Alas as her Ascendant is squared her focal determinator Jupiter in Sagittarius, gives her a tendency towards self-justifying her actions (perhaps hinting at her dating the married gangster Bugsy Siegel) to further her career which ended only with the advent of Virginia Hill in his last few years (and wasn’t she lucky?) Miss Barrie also had another affair with Marlon Brando, 12 years her junior, but it was not as long lasting or notorious.

Barrie’s Lilith is at 23 Aquarius and sextile her Mercury and Sun suggesting that she always felt overshadowed by the real Wendy and Peter Pan play. It is also sextile her North Node in Aries (previously discussed) this time in the 8th House. Dr. Koparkar writes this signifies not only unusual financial activities in their life but also the ability to use others fame, resources and possessions for their own gain. Astrologer Haydn Paul adds that the South Node in the 2nd house, drives the natives need for a “high profile career or relationship” and help release their poor self-image.

Miss Barrie had no children. She died on Ground Hog’s Day, 1978 in Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey and was buried in Kensico Cemetery at Valhalla, Rockland Co. New York. She is sharing a gravestone with fellow actress though never on film, Fay Templeton Patterson who was born Christmas day 1865 in Little Rock, Arkansas and died October 3, 1939 in San Francisco.

Our gal Rachael from Guam


Rachael, a friend of ours, recently asked us for some career advice.  We always rectify our clients; chart and for her came up with 29 Pisces, a prism that takes facets of reality and fashions it into a way to measure her potential.

a most famous prism album cover.jpg
A famous prism

The prism, is a dual edged sword for Rachael as it inverts images so that they are not viewed correctly but instead with Jupiter right near her ascendant —  and her focal determinator as the handle of her bucket —   she has the most optimistic view of her problems possible.  Her yod is a handy tool for  offsetting the problem using Liz Greene’s suggestion of the natural sextile of Neptune and Pluto as the base.  This makes the head, as astrologer Joan Kellogg calls it —  at 16 Libra — symbolically a  a boat landing washed ashore — in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities.

Libra 16 a boat washed ashore

In practical terms, this symbol suggests that Rachael needs to take a “respite” from always thinking from her own perspective, instead reaching out of herself and listening to others and valuing their opinions.  Intuitively, Neptune in the Scorpio the house of creative regeneration, coming for astrological advice was a good first step and allows herself to get off the hook and listen to another point of view.

Cat Stevens’s Longer Boats from 1970 album Tea for Tillerman

Answering the Question

In our first edition of this essay, we did not write up our response to Rachael -- a major on our part.  Reviewing it, we saw the error and are now correcting it.  

With a new ascendant and thus a new point of view, we looked at Rachael’s career and saw the problem — currently she is in the sales service world, we recommend that she go into the traditional sales world of commodities: housewares, furniture, clothing, lumber and cars. Since she has a preponderance of planets hovering around the sixth house in Virgo we think that hard goods would be a much better fit with her overall active personality.

We constantly review and vet our essays for completeness and accuracy. This one was reviewed on Wednesday, April 3 2019.

Balanchine’s Mel Tomlinson

Rectified with 9:15 birth time for Raleigh, North Carolina. Previously unknown.


Mel A. Tomlinson, a ballet dancer of powerful, regal demeanor and one of the few performers to star with three major companies — Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and New York City Ballet — died on Feb. 5 in Huntersville, N.C. He was 65. Twenty years ago he had had AIDS and was in and out of the hospital for three years before eventually getting admitted to the House of Mercy AIDS hospice in Belmont, N.C., in 1998: he made a full recovery. While there he became a phlebotomist and earned a doctorate in theology. Up until his hospitalization, just before Christmas 2018, he delivered services using American Sign Language at St. Paul Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C.

Mel Tomlinson and unknown ballerina


“It was like watching him dance,” Ms. Claudia Folts a long time friend who collaborated with Mr. Tomlinson on his 2018 memoir, “Beyond My Dreams,” said. “It was all his hands and his face, and it was just beautiful. It was like he got to perform every week.”

Mel got a unicycle for a Christmas gift from Santa when he was 9 and loved it. He was one of six siblings, and his parents did not have the money to spare on dance lessons, so Mel had neither a formal training in acrobatics or gymnastics, but was the sports mascot of his high school. A local ballet teacher saw one of his halftime performances and offered him free classes that he gladly accepted. He was spotted by the choreographer Agnes George de Mille (her uncle was film director Cecil B.) who initially turned him down stating that there was no place in her repertoire for a black dancer, but changed her mind after Mel refused to accept that defeat and continued auditioning. Eventually, Miss de Mille hired him for her Heritage Dance Theater.

Chart Highlights:

  • Mr. Tomlinson has Mars in Scorpio, creative fulfillment, in the ninth house of higher calling and travel.
  • Mars + Saturn are sextile the preponderance in the eleventh house of Capricorn showing the great strides he made with the public and his ability to overcome preconceived notions of ballet stars.
  • His ascendant at 13 Aquarius is a tad wide for Pluto knocking on the seventh house, but if we consider it, we see his transformative ability of marrying his personality with his jobs that supports the above.
  • Jupiter in Gemini in the fourth suggests that he came from a large family and really loved the dynamic of it. It is sextile his Pluto and thus highlighting another transformation he made was making coworkers friends i.e. Ms. Folts.
  • His Moon is on the eleventh house cusp showing that his career was tied to how well he was publicly received.
  • While his ascendant is in Aquarius, Uranus in Cancer in the fifth shows how when his legs gave out from ill, the hands (rules by Cancer) became a new form of dance for him. Trine his Mars and Saturn in the ninth house, it worked for him on several levels and showed his ability to conquer whatever hurdle life threw at him with great equanimity.
  • Libra rules the kidneys and pancreas in the eighth house of death where Neptune resides. It is squared Uranus in the fifth and then again the stellium in the eleventh suggestive of problems with waste disposal. True enough, Neptune is opposite the TransNeptunian planet Hades at Taurus 02 (out of quadrature) and square Pluto highlighting this health problem.
    • Mr. Tomlinson died of pancreatic cancer
Natal Chart with Tranneptunians and asteroids.