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#9 Jane Addams, social reformer

At her death on May 21st, 1935, John Dewey, Marc Jones mentor and teacher, hailed Miss Addams as the greatest social reformer in America to date. Her parents hailed from Pennsylvania Dutch country, around Lancaster, PA and went west to improve their chances as the land there was either too expensive or overgrazed. They landed in Cedarville, Illinois where their daughter Jane was born.

Her father was a founding member of the Illinois Republican Part and served as an Illinois State Senator (1855–70). He was personal friends with Abraham Lincoln and stumped for him first as senator (1854) and the president, (1860). In her book, Twenty Year at Hull House (complete with many fine illustrations) she gives a full account of her childhood and her decision after graduating from Rockford (Illinois) Female Seminary to take up social reform. The book is not easy reading, but worth the effort.

She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 shortly before her death. Hull House in Chicago has since closed.

This chart has been rectified against all known events in her life. Marc Jones states her ascendant is 21 leo 35; we pegged it at 06 Leo 05 or “constellations in the sky”.

Roscoe Lee Brown has something to say

Starting out

Roscoe Lee Brown was born on May 2nd 1922 in Woodbury, Gloucester County, New Jersey (not far east of Philadelphia) to a Baptist Minister and his wife. He went to Lincoln College, (now Lincoln University) an all black college in Lincoln College, Pennsylvania and then served in the army in WWII. Afterward he returned to Lincoln to teach French and comparative literature, but at the same time competing internationally as a track star. In 1951 he won the world championship in the 800-yard dash.

Capitalizing on that recognition he was hired by Schenley Import, Corporation, at that time a Kahlua and sole Guinness Stout importer, where he worked as a sales representative until 1956. Then one night he decided, during dinner with friends, he decided to break out & become an actor. The next day he auditioned for, and won, a role in a production at the newly-formed New York Shakespeare Festival.

This is not my favourite scene btw. Mine is his hanging, alas it is not on utube.

He began as a fixture of New York Shakespeare Festival productions and then in 1961 joined James Earl Jones in the original cast of a long running Off Broadway production of “The Blacks” by Jean Genet. But he broke out with his portrayal of the mutinous slave Babu in a 1964 production of “Benito Cereno,” a one-act that was part of Robert Lowell’s trilogy “The Old Glory.” Later in career he was Dr. Foster on the Bill Cosby Show and the cook Jebediah Nightlinger in “The Cowboys.”

The Quincy Tale

In 1974, Quincy Jones suffered an aneurysm. He was given a one-in-a-hundred chance of surviving the operation, and when the doctors shaved his head they saved the hair in a plastic bag, in case they needed to glue it back onto his corpse. By the time it was clear that the operation had been successful, an elaborate memorial concert had already been planned, so Jones figured it might as well go ahead.

“They had invited just about everybody I’d ever known and cared about,” he recalls. “Cannonball Adderley with Freddie Hubbard in the band; Sarah Vaughan; Minnie Riperton; The Main Ingredient, with Cuba Gooding, Sr., on lead vocals; Ray Charles; Billy Eckstine; the Watts Prophets; Marvin Gaye. Roscoe Lee Brown did a recitation… “

Quincy Jones, New Yorker Magazine, October 8th 2001 issue

Even with metal plates in his head, witnessing a memorial service for himself, Jones could not help admiring the talent onstage. “That’s some lineup,” he admits.

The chart

With little information on Roscoe, we’ve pegged him to 19 Cancer, (HS) an “artists model of a legendary bird” because of his ability to take elements of the known make them a whole ” for someone else to use.

With his stellium in the 12th house of great service and secret enemies, highlighting his need to speak out about the racism he raced and with the ruler of the 12th in the 2nd, and sextile, suggests his need to avoid stereotypical “black” roles and instead stand on his own (he played many Shakespearean roles beyond Othello)–see the trine to Mars in the 6th that supports this.

His 4th house with Saturn opposite the Midheaven says he looked for a career that would allow him to be a “voice” of the times. His ascendant in Cancer is trine Saturn in the 4th and its Lord in the 10th suggests he found some amount of success in his life but also hints at the gastric cancer from which he died at 81.

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Morinus on his own birth chart

Jean Baptiste Morin writes that he was born during the daytime i.e. 8:33 in the morning, and the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in the 12th house. He used the Whole Sign house system so they are “all” square to Mars in the third.

The parental effect

The Moon is the significator of my parents because it is the ruler of the 4th House, he is Aries rising, and in particular the Moon represents my mother because both are feminine. The Moon also is in the feminine sign of Pisces — 02 Pisces while the Sun by his reckoning is at 04 degrees Pisces and partile Jupiter, a money sign. But, he continues, as “the Sun is between my mother and money, it is not from her I will get anything”, he writes somewhat embittered, and that he writes on is his brother’s doing, the Mars in Cancer in the 3rd house.

Of course Monsieur Morin writes when there were only 7 sacred planets in the sky, thus they are not mentioned in his astrological review.

He wants to be clear that his father — the Sun — is not at fault, because “he never wished me harm”. Cardinal Richelieu, on the other hand, was his secret enemy and shows up in Morin’s chart 12 Pisces. Notice that the Sun is next to Saturn, and these “sunbeams” of ill emanate from Saturn and the powerful enemies he unwittingly made. Morin clarifies this that “I do no think that the Sun is my father alone, but also myself as the Sun is too universal in itself to refer to anything else”.

Ptolemy and Jerome Cardan are correct about the Moon being my moral nature, — 02 Pisces in the 12th — just as Mercury is my mental capacity” — at 26 Aquarius in the 11th. He continues that his Mercury is ruled by the beneficial aspects of Saturn — the traditional house ruler — and not its harsher qualities when it is in the 10th, making my mind more open to ideas and calculations. Venus is next to, and is ruled either by Libra or Taurus, either works in his favour. “This would say that I am not only curious but open to new ideas and ventures and I have found that to be true.”


The Moon’s ruler is Cancer and found in his chart in the 4th house and since the Moon and Cancer have the same basic nature he postulates that his moral capability is sound. But he adds the following caveat, “If we apply, as some do, Mercury’s aspect to his Moon, it is behind, and this means that everyone born that day would have the same capabilities”.

He finds fault with that and says what we do with the other planets we should do with Mercury and its position too, and not by its relation to the luminary. Naturally, he adds, that the Ruler of that house and whether it is afflicted by the ruler or not changes a person’s mental outlook too.

Monsieur Morin is a Mars Bucket. His ascendant 20 Aries [HS] “a salver with bottles of healing oil” gets the keyword of Service.

His ascendant’s ruler is 19.08 Aries that is ruled by Mars and found in the 4th house. It is interesting that he does not mention that Mars in Cancer is in its fall (it is exalted in Capricorn and so in fall in the opposite house) and it is both locally and essentially. Instead, Morin writes that it is in good aspect to his Sun (a trine), so it brings honors to his name (which was true). Mars is also in good aspect to Jupiter (also trine), thus he will also bring by his own efforts money (which he did). Jupiter is also exalted in the 12th as the traditional ruler of Pisces — he does not mention that either.


Now, Morin tackles whether his horoscope is accurate regarding his acumen. He writes that first “I look to the relationship between Mercury and my ascendant (for him it is sextile), and thence to the relationships between Mercury and the ascendant’s ruler (Mars) to see what type of intelligence I will have. For me, we see that Mercury is next to Venus and it’s lord as I have written are good, so this means I am eager student. Mercury to my ascendant is also good though to my ascendant’s ruler (Mars) is in a harsher aspect (obviously Morin is inferring that no aspect means a poor one) meaning that my mind will be sharp, logical, cold and discriminating.”

I will in conclusion, state that all of this is very general and not specific enough to make a real determination. Ptolemy of course would disagree with me, and so would many current, past and probably future astrologers. Thus we must study further and delineate this chart in greater detail.”

–end chapter 3, Book xxi

#272 Louis De Wohl, astrologer

Marc Edmund Jones lists him incorrectly as Louis duHohle born on January 25, 1903 at 7:45 PM sans location.  Astro.com gets the win here, with the right details of January 24, 1903 in Berlin Germany.  De Wohl, as an astrologer, states that his birth time is 15:30.  To be honest, we disagree with his time and would move it Cancer 23 and two minutes later 3:32 PM. Nothing in the chart moves at all; just the ascendant but we feel that is enough.

While Cancer 22 has the SS of “a woman awaiting a sailboat” Cancer 23 is “the meeting a literary society. ” The latter has an implicit meaning of one’s continual re-examination of his intellectual and aesthetic identity but it is the actual explicit idea of a literary society that truly highlights De Wohl’s using his astrological connections during World War II to uncover information from fellow astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft, who worked for Dr Goebbels and supply it to the Allied Forces.

louis de wohle.PNG

De Wohl’s chart is a Bucket with a Mars in the fourth house handle.  Mars isn’t the most popular planet for being in Cancer, he makes a ruckus, but in De Wohl’s case his ruckus was against a dictator and mass murderer so it works.   His Pluto in the twelfth opposite his Uranus opposite Neptune can cause him to flee (Uranus in Sagittarius) from his native land because of religious disagreements — Pluto opposite his Moon also in Sagittarius agrees that his strong self-will chafes against regimented secular authority.

He was a prolific Catholic author, but Jupiter semi-sextile his Midheaven in Pisces supports this.  While a late calling, once he found him at peace with his environment (Jupiter sextile Uranus) after the War, he wrote only religious books and articles. Like Jean Baptiste Morin, William Lilly and Marc Jones, DeWohl found no discrepancy between belief and astrology.

The following movie is De Wohl’s adaptation of his book on Saint Francis Assisi.  Michael Curtiz, well known for his earlier Errol Flynn swashbucklers is the director and it is in glorious colour.

His autobiography is here.  It is worth reading and contrary to the Wikipedia article.

#51 Duc d’Amale, Henri Eugene Philippe Louis d’Orleans

The duc d’Aumale – Henri Eugène Philippe Louis d’Orléans was born 16 janvier 1822 in Paris France.  When he was eight he inherited the Domaine de Chantilly in 1830, from his godfather  Louis-Henri-Joseph de Bourbon, the last Prince of Conde, thus becoming one of the most significant landowners in France.

Henri (left) with his brother Antoine and his mother Queen Marie Amélie.

But after the Revolution of 1848 and the monarchy was abolished, the Duke and his wife, Marie Caroline de Bourbon, were forced to flee to Twickenham, near London, where he collected art, paitings and books waiting for his return to France.  Alas the wait was longer than he expected and his wife, and two sons had both died before he returned to the Grand Chateau

Henri d’Orléans, Duc D’Aumale  date unknown

The domaine  is situated in the valley of Nonette some 40 kilometres north of Paris, Chantilly records a history that stretches back over six centuries. Its past is riddled with illustrious names including Orgemont, Montmorency, the Grand Condé, and of course the duc d’Aumale.   The mansion has sprawling manicured gardens, grand stables, majestic chateau, and its unparalleled collection of art, manuscripts and furnishings and it is considered a jewel of French heritage.


  In 1884, widowed and having lost both his sons, the duc d’Aumale bequeathed Chantilly to the Institut de France with the condition that his art collection and library be made accessible to the public, and that their presentation remain intact at Chantilly, never to be sold nor loaned out.  This gesture allowed him to return permanently to France and the chateau, but he died in Zucco, Sicily, while writing letters to the families of the victims from the great fire of the Bazar de la Charite. He was buried in the chapel of the Orleans.
duc d'amale.PNG
Marc Jones gives no time for the Duc but the ascendant of 29 Leo seems to fit the known record of his life.  This makes him a bucket with a Mars handle with a cardinal-mutable natural disposition, reflected in his collection of art, books and decorative ware, as well as his generosity in bequeathing the whole thing to the people of France — moon at 13 Scorpio on the fourth house cusp or the “Magi searching for the Star”  in his poetical gift of understanding humanity through its belles artes and lettres and wanting to openly place all of it before the eyes of humankind.

#35 First Baron of Amulree, Wm. Warrender MacKenzie

William Warrender Mackenzie, 1st Baron Amulree, GBE, PC, KC — Knight Commander — (19 August 1860 – 5 May 1942) was born in Scone, Scotland, a town outside of Perth..   He was the fourth son of Robert MacKenzie and his wife the former Jean Menzies.  The Baron was also known as Sir William Mackenzie between 1918 and 1929. His alma mater was the University of Edinburgh where he took a M.A. and later towards the end of his life, received an honorary LL.D.   His elder brother  James was a distinguished physician, and knighted for his service.

MacKenzie several books on the history of the standardization of elementary education from 1870-1891.  He was considered a knowledgeable advocate and later adviser to Parliament, business and law on this topic.  Under fellow Scot, Ramsay MacDonald, he was the Secretary of State, between 1930 and 1931.¹

Marc Jones has the Baron listed as 1859 instead of 1860 and the time at 11:25 PM. We have rectified that to 1:25 PM giving him a 20 Scorpio rising or the symbol of the Shield of Odin, highlighting his attitude that a higher order of consideration must be taken from the group perspective.mackenzie.jpg

                                            And Justice for all

MacKenzie is a bucket with a Mars handle, rather appropriate for his calling as a barrister.   He was a competitive man who needed challenges in his life otherwise would be restless, and remained politically active all of his life.  The asteroid Justitia is appropriately in the ninth house of higher education and calling and it and the eighth have the bulk of his natal planets.

He was married once to Lilian Bradbury on June 1, 1897, who shows up as the Venus on the eighth house cusp.  They had at least one son, Basil William Sholto MacKenzie, the 2nd Baron Amulree born July 25, 1900 before she reposed on June 3, 1916.  There is a semisextile interception in his eighth as well, demonstrating his devotion  to her memory.

Pluto in Taurus, discovered on February 18, 1930, corresponds roughly to his retirement from active politics, though he did remain an occasional adviser to his party.   It has the symbol of a “Red Cross nurse” and shows how he was always on call.


  1. Wilson, Horace. “WILLIAM WARRENDER MACKENZIE, BARON AMULREE OF STRATHBRAAN; HIS INFLUENCE ON INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS.” Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, vol. 94, no. 4709, 1946, pp. 106–113. www.jstor.org/stable/41362238.

Another Mars Bucket — Kate Spade

kate spade.png

Like Sigmund Freud that we just highlighted, the late Kate Spade also has a Martial handle to her larger bucket.  Hers falls on the seventh house cusp highlighting how her partnership with her husband Andrew Spade, really brought her inspiration and drove her workaholic self into high gear.  It is partile to her mid-heaven so setbacks there, like the Frances Valentine line, would be detrimental to her ego particularly as Venus the planet of artists and fashion is conjunct it and Neptune (high celebrity fashion).

Mrs Kate Spade is the brunette

The Moon in the twelfth house suggests that she was prone to depression and that may have been construed by her family as bipolar (maniac depression) because in mutable Sagittarius her swings from jubilant to despondent would have been that much more noticeable to the people around her.  Also, the moon there would make her rather superficial and be too outward directed, obviously a factor in her demise.

progressed kate.png
The progressed chart for an approximate time of death

                                       the progressed Kate Brosnahan Spade

The progressed chart for Mrs. Spade has 19 Cancer as its ascendant, interesting as Eugene Johnson, mentions this as a critical degree for the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 1992.  See this article on that.  Here, Dr. Gordon cites that this degree highlights a persons foibles, and that their love of luxury and celebrity makes them cowardly in the face of adversity.  With Moon and Sun in the eighth house, she had been a spendthrift with her money from Coach when she sold the Kate spade brand, and this definitely depressed her with the Frances Valentine one that she had spent hand over fist in trying to recapture her former glory.

from the Tapestry site…….we sincerely agree

This unfortunate aspect is supported by Mars conjunct Transpluto in the second house where she was probably spending a lot to make FV a name, gambling on its success.  When it did not pan out, her Mercury in the eighth house conjunct the Dragon’s Tail led to nihilist thoughts that she could not escape as it was sextile her mid-heaven opposite ever watchful Vesta.  This would give her a feeling that everyone noticed her failures and now with her Moon in the sixth house she probably felt her career was “over.”  Without that sense of identity, remembering that her natal Mars sits in that position, Mrs. Spade came up empty,  for who was she beyond Bea’s mother?   In retrospect the sale to Coach (now Tapestry) was a big mistake.