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Make it so, Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart was born on July 13, 1940 in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon or a rising 23 Libra 19 to Alfred and Gladys Stewart. This gives him the [HS] of “druid’s oak tree” or the ability to call forth distant spirits and make it part of his own reality, a rather good description of his work as Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek series.

Our header picture is Stewart from the BBC T.V. Series, I Claudius. His biography is here.

His strong preponderance in Leo spanning from the 9th to 10th houses shows how much acting is part of Stewart’s life. The conjunction of Uranus and Saturn highlights that his success will come late in something totally out of his ken — he was previously a Shakespearean actor. Jupiter in that little stellium tells us this will be the moneymaker.
For Stewart he admits he had no faith in the series at the start it has amazed him how much he has earned in comparison. That mistake plays right into his 9th house stellium where Stewart relies on his own thoughts about what is successful ,and since he has a preponderance of earth signs in his chart, he overthinks that and chooses wrong.
Luckily the Star Wars gig happened, perhaps a change of agent? A Hollywood producer who saw potential? He never says why he went there, just that he believed it was a blunder. The North Node conjunct his ascendant in the 12th suggests it was contract call, not one of volition.

#22 Queen Alexandra of England, Princess of Denmark

Alexandra was made of sterner stuff

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and the son and heir of Queen Victoria was a notorious rake. His parents recognized this when he was very young and arranged a marriage hoping to keep him from getting into further trouble. The wife chosen for him was the eldest daughter of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and her mother was Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel.  Other siblings were George (George I of Greece), Dagmar (later Empress of all the Russias via her marriage to Czar Alexander III, Thyra (Crown Princess of Hanover) and Prince Valdemar of Denmark.

Alexandra Caroline Mary Charlotte Louisa Julia of Denmark was born in Copenhagen on December 1, 1844 at 6:15 in the morning. Her rising symbol made her a good choice “fasting pilgrims outside the castle of the king” at 18 Scorpio 57 as she and Edward spent much of their lives apart — her in Sandringham and he in London.

On March 10, 1863 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Edward and Alexandra were married, her wearing a magnificent gown by Worth of Paris. They had six children including Prince Albert Victor.

While Queen Victoria chose the day, a month after her own to Albert, calendar wise, the chart was perfect for the bride. Notice the red arrow where her new Ascendant of 28 Cancer 44 is conjunct her natal Part of Fortune in the 8th house:P as her maidenhood ends, a new life as queen begins. Her Nodes surprisingly stay the same at Gemini 11 [HS a baptism the process of beginning something momentous, a sacred induction]. Her NMC is now opposite her TSun supporting again the major rite of passage she was undertaking as her TPart of Fortune is conjunct her natal Uranus in the 4th — her wishes have become true but alas (though oob) with a wrinkle — her husband will never be true (Mars as the T-Cross leg on the 7th house cusp). But Alexandra knew that.

Edwards peccadilloes

From the top left are Daisy Greville, Lilly Langtry, and Jennie Jerome. The bottom two portraits are of Agnes Keyser, and Alice Keppel.

Throughout their marriage, Edward had several well known mistresses —  the actress Daisy Greville, herself the descendant of two of England’s King’s paramours and for whom it is thought Daisy of The Great Gatsby was named ; Lily Langtry the actress, Agnes Keyser, the only unmarried woman during their affair, American Jennie Jerome the future mother of Winston Churchill and whom Alexandra was the most fond; and most famous of all Alice Keppel, the great grandmother of the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles. Despite her well known possessiveness, Queen Alexandra allowed Mrs. Keppel to visit King Edward VII on his deathbed.

The Queen was a bucket with a moon handle at 17 Leo 28, a castle-dweller, one who needs to be alone and undisturbed.

She had a scar (Saturn 03 Aquarius 17 in the 2nd, Taurus rules the neck) and wore high necked gowns or jeweled necklaces similar to her portrait above. On Edward’s coronation day she wore the gorgeous Dagmar necklace, especially made for the occasion (see the closeup below). She died at Sandringham House on November 20, 1925 from a heart attack and was buried in Windsor next to Edward, having outlived him by 15 years.

Sikhing Harmeet Dhillon

Dhillion has gotten a lot of recent press because of defense of whistleblowers vs Big Tech which she terms as the most prevalent threat to our liberties. Recently this came to the fore with Google denying Claremont College, Claremont, California, the use of their platform. Google later reversed itself and said it was a mistake. Tucker Carlson interviewed her on the issue asking “How many times have we heard this from some big tech company or another when caught silencing conservatives?”

Dhillon replied: “Well we hear it every other day and Tucker, I am not delusional. People are actually discriminating against conservatives every other day in this way and they’re gas-lighting us by saying ‘oh it was just a mistake, you imagined that.’” This highlights the problem that many see that Google, Facebook, Tumblr are not private platforms but public utilities like the electric, water and gas companies (the telephone company, AT&T and its subsidiaries, once fell into this hole but was broken up in 1984); this debate is far from over.

Something about Harmeet

Harmeet is a first generation American. She was born in Chandigarh, Punjab, India to two Sikh parents on October 2nd, 1968 about 4 am, giving her a Virgo rising and the [HS] symbol of “2 crones and a maiden in telepathic conversation,” highlighting her ability to see and recognize new methods of intellectual conversation. Her parents emigrated here to further her father’s medical training — he is an orthopedic surgeon.

Dhillon’s wheelbarrow with Saturn and the Moon pushing everything into her first house, makes life difficult for Ms. Dhillion, as its creates a large stellium in the first and third houses highlighting her need to be a public spokeswoman against the modern problems of the Digital Age versus individual rights. Her North Node in the 8th house highlights her decision to protect and other’s subconscious from exploitation, but with the Mars inconjunct, it also suggests it will be a constant battle particularly as sextile Mercury in its own essential house of communication creates a yod to it. Most troubling though is her many preponderances in the first quadrant of her scope showing that by defending her clients she puts herself out there too much and sacrifices personal happiness i.e. Neptune on the 2nd house cusp square the Moon in Aquarius.

Ms Dhillion has been married 3 times and has no children. She is the former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party, and the National Committeewoman of the Republican National Committee for California. Despite that she has supported fellow Indian, but non-Sikh, Kamala Harris and her senatorial run and is on the board of the Northern California chapter of the ACLU.

Senator Harris has not returned the favour in supporting Harmeet and Sikhs during her tenure as California’s Attorney General. In 2011 she upheld the Prohibition against state correctional officers from wearing beards for religious reasons, even though exceptions were given for medical purposes. The Sikh community has asked the Senator to apologize.

Husband, Harmeet and parents. Washington D.C>

Harmeet is the senior partner in Dhillon Law Group Inc.

Being a Sikh

Sikhism is a modern monotheistic religion, created in the 16 century in Punjab India by  Guru Nanak who preached a message of love and understanding , criticizing the rituals of the Hindus and Muslims. Guru Nanak passed on his enlightened leadership of this new religion to nine successive Gurus. The final living Guru, Guru Gobind Singh died in 1708.

“I observe neither Hindu fasting nor the ritual of the Muslim Ramadan month; Him I serve who at the last shall save.

The Lord of universe of the Hindus, Gosain and Allah to me are one; From Hindus and Muslims have I broken free. I perform neither Kaaba pilgrimage nor at bathing spots worship.

One sole Lord I serve, and no other. I perform neither the Hindu worship nor the Muslim prayer; To the Sole Formless Lord in my heart I bow.

We neither are Hindus nor Muslims; Our body and life belong to the One Supreme Being who alone is both Ram and Allah for us.” 

Guru Arjan Dev, Guru Granth Sahib, Raga Bhairon pg. 1136

John Davidson, a 30 Bob man

The poet

Recently I have been reading A History of Modern Poetry by David Perkins, Harvard University Press, and rediscovered many a familiar poet that I haven’t read in ages. John Davidson was one though I probably could not have told you more than he was “poet with Eliot connections” but that was about all.

The painting The Anger of Achilles (from the Iliad) c. 1819 now at the Kimble Art Institute in Dallas by French Neoclassicist Jacques Louis David. Thought by many to be a comment on Emperor Napoleon’s dismissal of Josephine.

Luckily Prof. Perkins filled in the details and gave a stanza from one of Davidson’s better poems, 30 Bob a Week. Of course doing a lot of poets, like a lot of anything is tedious, but some of the minors peppered with the greats should prove interesting fare.

Davidson is a PRISM. Notice he has no air in chart. His North Node is conjunct his Part of Fortune at 29 Pisces 57 that is in turn conjunct Neptune 21 Pisces 17 that starts off the bundle parade. Neptune is trine his Moon that is trine his Saturn giving him a Grand Trine in Water. Since the Moon is at the bottom of the chart in the Northern hemisphere this makes Davidson use every emotion that he encounters as fodder for his poetry / writing life.
Alas with the prism being in the third house of Scorpio and the essential house of airy Gemini, makes his writing too emotive and dark with a reductionist tinge. The North Node in the eighth house in Aries is sextile the essential lord’s Martian ruler, making him embrace the practical side of life to the extent that the spiritual questions of life and death are ignored.
The Dragon’s tail is in the first decan of Libra and in the second house, often hints at a career choice that leads to poverty that he stubbornly chooses because of his refusal to accept advice. see Susannah McCorkle for a similar outlook.

Davidson and eliot

John Davidson was the son of a Presbyterian minister and born in Barhead, Scotland. He wrote for several newspapers but in the 1890’s devoted himself to verse. He was married with 2 children. He had a rather strange compulsion about “getting cancer” and when he did, he left his wife and his family and went to Cornwall to commit suicide. He was buried at sea with another strange request: his poems could not be anthologized until the copyright ran out. Needless to say, this left his wife and children penniless.

Thomas Stearns Eliot, the Great American poet, liked Davidson because the Scot was one of the first “Moderns” to write in slang. This is highlighted by Davidson’s moon in the 3rd house at 15 Scorpio 38 — making his writing more attuned to sound than prose — as a good poet should be but the kicker is it is opposite via a translation of light (from Mars) to Uranus in Taurus making that sound not high and literary but common and offbeat i.e. slang. The Midheaven at 26 Taurus 05 is conjunct and Venus partile, suggesting as he traveled he squirreled away bits and bobs of language for future use.

Still that stellium in the 9th house is troubling even with Jupiter there with his strong belief in nothing, that the ethereal netherworld of thought, philosophy and poesy that he did embrace left him empty. The fixed signs near the 10th, help fasten him some but with only the Moon opposite and that with Mars only supported his very bleak nihilistic view (sextile Saturn in the 11th).

Merlin and Kassandra

Merlin and Vivien from Gustave Dore

His Yod from Mars to Saturn holds out little promise, pointing as it does to 07 Sagittarius and the Asteroid Kassandra from Homer’s great poem the Iliad as she portends the Trojans falls if they allow the gift from Greeks within their walls.

That is supported by another wizard of fortune, the fabled English Merlin , a fictitious character from the Bard Geoffrey’s Historia Regum Britanniae. Merlin is well known for his many prophecies of the One and Future King of England, Arthur and the Holy Grail, and in Davidson’s chart is right next to his ascendant. Fatalistic to the core, Davidson like astrologer Jerome Cardan had always feared the hand of cancer as it foretold death and when he received a diagnosis of the curse, fled to Cornwall to make it so.

For the record, Cardano did not die from cancer, but because he had prophesied his death on a certain day, and to prove himself right, did.

Designing Henry Dreyfuss

Henry Dreyfuss is not a household name, but his designs are objects that fill and beautify our homes like the Royal Quiet de Luxe Typewriter, the Westclox Big Ben alarm clock, the Western Electric desk, vacuum cleaners for Hoover and the AT&T desk and Princess line phones, the round thermostat for Honeywell (cloned by Nest though still in use). He lead the forefront of American industrial for decades until his death in 1972.

Dreyfuss’s name has a second “s” because his family were German Jews. French Jews Julia Louis Dreyfus of Seinfeld and Veep fame have just one. He was born on March 2, 1904, New York City, little else is known about his parents or family. A glaring oversight, that he is not part of the Jones 1000.

At the Start

In 1921 at Dreyfuss designed sets for stage presentations at a Broadway motion-picture theatre by 1927 a store commissioned him to study its merchandise, assess its attractiveness, and make drawings indicating improvements that the manufacturers could make. He made the study but refused to undertake the design because disagree with his overguiding approach — that design is part of the process and not “paste” on design afterwards; most notably Steve Jobs of Apple agreed.

Industrial designers were often trained traditionally as architects, now called the visual arts profession, and now work as part of a larger creative team. That was not true in Dreyfuss’s time where he typically worked alone, and brought his designs to the manufacturing & marketing teams for review. His concern was to to produce products where “form followed function” as in the credo of the great American architect Louis Sullivan (born September 2 1856 Boston, Massachusetts) and his famed student Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8 1867 Wisconsin)

Unlike Sullivan and Wright, Dreyfuss worked mainly on appliances or “things” and not buildings. Nonetheless, he kept the same idea of the Chicago School in mind — that the designs while stressing utility should be pleasing so that people would use and enjoy them. He said that “when the point of contact between the product and people becomes a point of friction, then the industrial designer has failed.”

His part of fortune at 03 Libra in the 7th House shows the importance his marriage to Doris Marks was to him. — “the day of a new day everything changed.” It is conjunct though out of sign, to his North Node in Virgo giving him deep, though idealistic, aspirations for their partnership marriage. This can cause problems, as indeed it did when Mrs Dreyfuss became ill, with his inability to face the reality of death — see Moon opposite Sun in Pisces in the 12th House of jails, and willing incarceration.

His book The Measure of Man contains extensive data on the human body and its movements. His approach to industrial design is described in his book Designing for People(1955, 2nd ed. 1967). An important theorist in the field of  human-factors engineering, or ergonomics, Designing for People published also that year, discusses his service-(focal determinator Moon in the 6th house of service and serving) oriented philosophy.

On Oct. 5, 1972, Dreyfuss, along with his business partner cum wife, Doris Marks Dreyfuss, died of carbon monoxide poisoning from the fumes of their car parked the garage of their Pasadena California home. They had left a left explaining their actions so homicide would not be suspected and that their family doctor be notified and witness their bodies. The Dreyfuss’s reasoning was Doris’s terminal illness, found the sympathetic Pisces (Pisces 27 rising “a harvest moon”) in affinity with her pain and heart sick over her coming loss; they had 3 children.

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Pedro Escobar & Rodrigo Lara of Narcos

I got interested in Lara watching Netflix’s Narcos, he was a welcome bolt of fresh air. The show is a real blast of the 1980’s past as the production team did a fine job and many of the actors were good as well. So here is a late obit to Mr. Rodrigo Lara for a job well done and life cut far too short. The header picture is of the team called The New Liberalism. Mr. Lara and his wife are third and fourth from the left.

The New Yorker

Senor Cano’s assassination reported

from the New Yorker magazine, March 8, 2019 …. Pedro Escobar wanted to be president of Colombia but he was soon denounced as a gangster by Colombia’s justice minister, Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. Escobar fought back, falsely accusing Lara of being in the pocket of narcos. Then an influential newspaper editor named Guillermo Cano (August 12 1985-December 16, 1986) of El Espectador, dug up an old news story showing that Escobar had been arrested, 7 years prior, for the possession of thirty-nine pounds of cocaine. This resulted in Escobar being ejected from Congress, and an F.B.I. investigation; Pedro went underground.

Tranquilandia now called Puerto Rondon, Arauca, Colombia at , 6° 25′ 0″ North, 70° 54′ 0″ West

In March, 1984, Colombian and American agents raided the cartel’s headquarters, Tranquilandia, a huge complex that contained at least seven laboratories, various airstrips, and more than a billion dollars’ worth of cocaine. A month later, two of Escobar’s men, riding a motorbike, ambushed Lara Bonilla’s car in Bogotá, and killed him instantly.

The NY Times Obit

Senor Lara Bonilla had begun an energetic campaign against Colombia’s drug dealers, and recent press reports said he had received death threats from the drug gangs.

The Lara automobile

Lara was killed as two gunmen on a motorcycle ambushed the limousine of Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla on May 1 1984 and killed him on a street in northern Bogota. Security officials said the minister’s bodyguards, who were following his car in a jeep, pursued the gunmen, killing one of the men on the motorcycle and capturing the other. (This was shown in the series for his own safety, was appointed as the Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, but was gunned down by Pablo’s men as he was heading towards the airport to leave the country. )

The Caracol radio station identified the captured suspect as Bayron Velasquez, 20 years old, and quoted police sources as saying he told detectives he had been paid $20,000 to kill Mr. Lara Bonilla. They said the limousine had slowed because of traffic when the gunmen approached and opened fire, hitting the minister three times in the head and four times in the chest and throat. The chauffeur drove the fatally wounded minister to the Shaio Clinic, where he died 10 minutes later, according to the officials.

The Lara Chart

Rodrigo Lara sr natal chart

Mr. Lara’s ascendant is 08 Aquarius with his Moon right nearby at 07 Aquarius. They are opposite Saturn at 01 Leo and a Mercury at 05 Leo giving him a fast Mental Chemistry according to Marc Jones. This and the Moon just opposite would give him quick responses to his insightful intuition that allowed him to sense what would happen and jump nimbly to logical conclusions.

Jupiter in his native house in the 9th at Libra 22 gave him a calculating and legal mindset but square his Sun at Leo 19, he was blinded to the powerful enemies he would make believing that his position was enough to protect him. He was right in his belief at the time, as the Cartel had never struck public figures, his was notable in being the first. But the inconjunct aspect, a bit wide it’s true, between the Moon in the 12th (natively Pisces) and Uranus at 21 Gemini in the 5th (and in its detriment), would have given some hint that things obscure in nature could lead to trouble or sorrow.

We assume a 9 am flight for the approximate time of death — but Kepler would not allow us to change Neiva for Bogota for a Tertiary Progression so those calculations are dodgy. Still Uranus is opposite the progressed Sun & Mercury conjunction showing that Lara was aware of the danger: particularly as the T-Square points to Neptune at the 9th conjunct the natal Neptune on the 8th cusp — fleeing the oncoming onslaught. But the problem was that with so much in the 11th house, his getaway was far too public and opposite it’s Lord in the 5th, fragile.

Flash forward to 2019

Mr. Rodrigo Lara’s son, Rodrigo Lara Jr. wants to exhume the body because he believes that there is something fishy about the murder according to Colombia Reports because who hired the hitman is still unknown.

The official version claimed that the shots that killed Lara were fired from a Medellin Cartel hitman driving a motorcycle on the right side of the car. Recent forensics result show that at least one of the shots that hit Lara was shot from the left and at short range (not as shown in Narcos from the right and the motorcycle). Furthermore, it’s unclear why the driver and Lara’s bodyguard left the vehicle unharmed when there were bullet marks on their seats.”

Colombia Reports, May 2016

In the meantime, the late Pedro Escobar’s son and Lara jr. have found some personal peace and moved on according to the UK Daily Mail.