Updating Astrologer-Psychologist Liz Greene

In Ms. Greene’s book, The Outer Planets and their Cycles, section #5, Liz admits that her “Mercury is in Gemini”. Based on her birthday of September 4th that cannot be literally true Mercury is never that far away from the Sun (which in September is in Virgo), so she must mean is that it is in its the third house or Gemini. Re-rectifying Liz When … Continue reading Updating Astrologer-Psychologist Liz Greene

Treaty of Versailles, twice

April 7, 2019, marks the hundredth anniversary of Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles — the infamous war-guilt clause. Although the treaty was not signed until June 28, the Supreme Council approved the notorious article on April 7, 1919. The authors were John Maynard Keynes, & John Foster Dulles. The Allied and Associated Governments affirm and Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her … Continue reading Treaty of Versailles, twice

This week in Carson City, Nevada 10/10-14/2018

Carson City, the capitol of Nevada, is about 30 miles south of Reno.  It is a picturesque town filled with slot machines like every town and gas station in the state.  This week we have a bucket with an Uranian Handle so look for things to break, change and suddenly pop up that are either electronic or via electronic means.  In my case this meant … Continue reading This week in Carson City, Nevada 10/10-14/2018

Cave-in, Larksville PA 1922

The history of the event We have highlighted another cave-in around the Northeastern Pennsylvania area that was a large mining district because of its hard firing, cleaning-burning coal:  the best coal ever discovered throughout the world.  This one, in 1922 in nearby Larksville, destroyed a high school on August 24, 1922.  There are no casualties mentioned and while school does start earlier in Pennsylvania than … Continue reading Cave-in, Larksville PA 1922

Prohibition Starts midnight 6-30-1919

Basically this chart is a bundle with an Uranian handle in the sixth house.  Uranus is also the only retrograde planet in the chart.  The asteroid chart is supplied above and has an interesting aspect between asteroid Li and Venus suggesting that the legislators were quite aware that this would not work. The ascendant is 22 Virgo, that has the Hyperion Symbol of “a small … Continue reading Prohibition Starts midnight 6-30-1919

#292 Vernon California, Boxing & Jack Doyle

The city of Vernon is best known today for its meatpacking plants and slaughterhouses, but nearly a century ago vied with Madison Square Garden for the title of “Boxing Capital of the World.” In his Vernon Arena, promoter Jack Doyle staged 20-round world championship fights and, between bouts, allowed the sporting set to refresh itself in a saloon with the “longest bar in the world” … Continue reading #292 Vernon California, Boxing & Jack Doyle

Saturn Return: Mandela Freed from Victor Verster Prison

Nelson Mandela was freed from Paarl, South Africa, near Cape Town. On the map below of the South African Cape area, it is the red x.  The header shot is of a statue commemorating Mandela’s release from the prison.   MAN IN THE NEWS: AN UNWAVERING OPPONENT AND AN UNPREDICTABLE LEADER OF SOUTH AFRICA; NELSON MANDELA By ROBERT D. McFADDEN Published: February 12, 1990 from … Continue reading Saturn Return: Mandela Freed from Victor Verster Prison