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Noel Jan Tyl, baritone astrologer

Noel Tyl died on his birthday, December 31st. He was a towering figure in modern astrology and many call him their mentor having taken his Masterworks DVD set and learnt the craft from a grand master. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, and started out as a operatic baritone. He switched gears and became the foremost Jungian astrologer in the world, picking up the baton from Jones and Rudhyar. His fans are legion and to be honest, we’ve never heard a bad word against him; which alone speaks volumes. Thanks for the books — all 33 of them.

This is Tyl’s OFFICIAL chart. Probably not the real thing i.e. Moon at Regulus. Instead try 06 Sagittarius, twleve hours earlier, with its Grand trine in Earth and Mercury and Venus in the second for his lovely rich voice. Read more about him at his site, Tyl.com.

#53 Wilhelm Backhaus, pianist

Wilhelm Backhaus, (born March 26, 1884, Leipzig, Ger.—died July 5, 1969, Villach, Austria), German pianist was best known for his interpretation of the works of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Backhaus studied piano in Leipzig and in Frankfurt am Main. His rst concert appearance took place when he was eight years of age, and in 1905 he won the Rubinstein prize in Paris. He held teaching appointments at the Royal Manchester College of Music (1905), at Sondershausen (1907), and at the Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia (1925).

After World War II, he settled in Lugano, Switzerland., but continued to tour and make recordings. His style was described as severe and articulate, with scrupulous regard for the score.

Marc Jones only has March 26, 1994 in Leipzig. We have rectified him to Cancer 01. His charts, natal, progressed and the transits at his demise, are below. There is a nice t-square that has point focus at his part of fortune Gemini 19 showing his very persistent nature to use and mature his natural talents. He is a bucket with a Saturn handle on the fifth house cusp of entertainment and creative arts.

Week of 12/3-12/9 in Kansas City Missouri

We are winding down our 50 state tour.  This week is Missouri, next is Wyoming, then Michigan and Arizona and finally New York.  Missouri smack in the middle of the continental 50 comes and goes in the news.  One writer, MacKinley Kantor, wrote a book on the state’s past called “Missouri Bittersweet” that is part travelogue and part history tracing the Show Me’s cultural history from slavery, the Underground Railroad, to Mark Twain and the railroad desperadoes like  Jesse James.   I think it’s the only book dedicated to Missouri, at least that I’ve seen.  As expected from Pulitzer prize winner Kantor, (Andersonville) it’s well written and enjoyable.

                The week’s highlights

Our week’s chart is a self-contained-bowl from Washington D.C. to honour the recently departed President George H. W. Bush for his lifelong service in keeping with a White House Tradition. We get an ascendant of Cancer 01 for the affair, or a “flag’s furling and unfurling. ” Furling is when the flag is rolled up tightly and made secure to a staff or mast while unfurling is when the flag is dismounted.   This symbolic action show’s a person’s unshakable determination to further their every ambition  by anticipating every possible reaction so that they can feel one step of their competition.

President G. Bush giving eulogy for his father at the Capitol.

Indeed, the flags are half-mast today and Mercury is retrograde in the sixth showing above the slowing down of governmental affairs below including the shuttering of the post office (conjunct the Moon) for a day’s respite. But don’t let that lull you into false complacency:  cancer has a TransNeptunian preponderance that is mind blowing from 01 on and suggests that there are blocks (Admetos) and leadership/vision questions (Kronos) still unsettled from last week or even previous months. 

The Part of Fortune at 17 Cancer “a germ grows into knowledge”  is unfolding problems, questions as it creates a space for its own identity and a vigintile away from the ascendant suggests that as one stage changes another one maybe also be taking advantage of that life force.  

President and Mrs. Donald Trump, sr. honoring the fallen president.

Finally a semi-sextile away at 02 Leo, we meet Vulkanus right on the third house cusp square Venus reminding us that foolishness and violent attacks may occur and so we should watch not only with whom we are partying with this season but also where (square sixth house and Persephone + Jupiter + Atlantis ) as the  issues of leadership/host/authority abuse rise its ugly head.  It maybe cold out there, be careful of strange and unwanted bedfellows; there really maybe hell to pay (Persephone abducted by Hades).

Neptune conjunct Mars at the top of chart reiterates that message — the season is filled with honest and straight dealing characters but alas the obverse suggests that those who insincere and duplicitous maybe using that for cover.  Be abstemious in drink and exert self control be wary of those ethereal friends who want to meet up for the holidays and above all watch for vindictiveness, bullying and too good to be true offers — they probably are. 

The spirit though yearns for excitement and so these wild schemes and effusive people seem to be lending the holiday some extra pizzazz, alas there is always a morning after.

Jupiter is Sagittarius is conjunct the asteroid Persephone, also in the sixth, but here there is some anxiety in the air and people start to worry that things won’t arrive on time because of another delay, or that they themselves won’t be able to celebrate the holidays as they had hoped.  That carries forwards to Bacchus at 15.09 Sagittarius conjunct the Sun  where scurrying for Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and those attendant parties where mistletoe are furled freely.   

President & Mrs. George Walker Bush

Alas the pair is sextile Venus in Scorpio in the sixth, making a new problem arise in this day of click and ship,  and that is what to  get those special someone’s a good gift  as even children are now “people who have everything.”  Perhaps the southern based bowl is telling us, that just “being” there is the real treat. CBSnews, gives a full recounting of the elegant ceremony.

                    I’ll be Home for Christmas

I’ll be Home for Christmas was written by Kim Gannon, Walter Kent and Buck Ram. It was first copyrighted on August 24, 1943, by Kent (music) and James “Kim” Gannon (lyrics). . The label on Crosby’s recording credits “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” to Kent, Gannon, and Ram. Later recordings usually credit only Kent and Gannon.

Sully, President G. H.W.  Bush’s service dog at his master’s side, one last time.

The discrepancy arose  on December 21, 1942  when Buck Ram copyrighted a song titled “I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Tho’ Just in Memory)”—a song bore little resemblance to the Crosby recording.  Ram, who was primarily a lyricist, he wrote the  lyrics as a 16-year-old, homesick college student. Prior to his publishers planned release, he had discussed the song with two acquaintances in a bar. He left a copy with them, but never spoke to them about it again. Both he and his publisher were shocked when the song was released by a competing publishing house.  Ram’s publisher, who had been holding the song back a year because they were coming out with “White Christmas,” sued Gannon and Kent’s publisher and prevailed in court.

Kent and Gannon revised and re-copyrighted their song on September 27, 1943, and it was this version that was made famous by Crosby. On October 4, 1943, Crosby recorded “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with the John Scott Trotter Orchestra for Decca Records. Within about a month of Kent and Gannon’s copyright of the song hit the music charts and remained there for eleven weeks, peaking at number three. The following year, the song reached number nineteen on the charts. It touched a tender place in the hearts of Americans, both soldiers and civilians, who were then in the depths of World War II, and it earned Crosby his fifth gold record.

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” became the most requested song at Christmas U.S.O. shows in both Europe and the Pacific. Yank, the GI magazine, said Crosby accomplished more for military morale than anyone else of that era.
Later renditions, both post war,  were recorded by Frank Sinatra and Perry Como and were equally successful.

           Song’s Lyrics

  • Verse 1.
    • I’ll be home for Christmas You can plan on me
    • Please have snow and mistletoe
    • And presents on the tree
    • Christmas Eve will find me  Where the love light gleams
    • I’ll be home for Christmas If only in my dreams
  • Verse 2.
    • Christmas eve will find me
    • Where the love light gleams
    • I’ll be home for Christmas
    • If only in my dreams
    • If only in my dreams

C’ya in Wyoming next week.

Poet & Father of Frankenstein – P. B. Shelley

Recently I was reading a series of essays, “English Romantic Poets: Modern Essays in Criticism” edited by M. H. Abrams in 1960. One writer, I think it was the poet Donald Davie,  mentioned how when he was young and first introduced to the Romantics he loved Shelley to the point of memorizing his poems and quoting him freely.  Now writing in 1956 and 25 years after university, he found there were few poems by him he could bare to read, much less quote.  I found that hilarious because as a young lit student, I too loved Shelley and like he, here are a few poems by him I can tolerate as I ot older , Ozymandias & Ode to the West Wind being foremost.  Vergil’s 4th Georgics that  inspired me to read that epic in the original, and raise bees, seems horribly insipid now.  There is one or two more poems that are tolerable, but too much Shelley is a horrible wooden harangue, belaboring the points and forgetting the cadence in almost a clap-trap staccato beat.  It is a pity; he could be brilliant.



I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear —
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.’

Percy Bysshe Shelley

                            Shelley the Poet

Now concerning his claim to fame is as the father to his wife’s Mary Godwin Shelley’s Frankenstein.  One old version of the flick says Mrs. Shelley wrote it in a contest, Abram’s book mentions that, and it s is attributed to Robert Southey; the essayist does not dispute it as apocryphal, so perhaps it is true.

Looking at his chart created via Matrix Software’s $69.00 program, WinStar Express, we get 04 Sagittarius for his ascendant or  the City of Ecbatan at dawn.  It encapsulates the idea of a person extending himself into his environment. Thomas Jefferson Hogg, his friend at Oxford, wrote that Shelley’s rooms were filled with:

books, boots, papers, shoes, philosophical instruments, clothes, pistols, linen, crockery, ammunition, and phials innumerable, with money, stockings, prints, crucibles, bags, and boxes were scattered on the floor and in every place. . . . The tables, and especially the carpet, were already stained with large spots of various hues, which frequently proclaimed the agency of fire. An electrical machine, an air pump, the galvanic trough, a solar microscope, and large glass jars and receivers, were conspicuous amidst the mass of matter.

The Abrams article mentioned that “it often remarked that Shelley read with a book held right up to his eyes, lying close to the fire.”

The latter comment makes us wonder if he was nearsighted.  This is possible as a Fixed Star Aquila is right near his Ascendant, making his eyesight poor early on. According to Ptolemy gives great imagination, strong passions, and a dominating character.  All true if we review his liaisons with Harriet Westbrook and then Mary Godwin, and how much he impressed Lord Byron to the extent of effecting that one’s poetry, as mentioned in the Abrams’ volume, much to the latter’s regret.

Shelley is definitely a see-saw temperament type, almost a perfect prototype.  Half of his planets are in the Southern hemisphere and the rest below.  There are two angles between them — one a square and the other a sextile. Plus, each half has a corresponding opposition to unite them:  Pluto in Aquarius to Uranus in Leo and then Saturn to Neptune in Libra.  His Mercury like Chef Bourdain is in a separate house from it’s sun showing Shelley had strong opinions and was an independent thinker. Mars is partile Jupiter showing his prolific poetry in the tenth fulfilling his dreams but also conjunct his Neptune in the eleventh, showing his hospitality to his friends and love of animals.

the second grouping in the Southern hemisphere in the eighth house has Venus partile the Sun and then conjunct Uranus.  The first aspect does not bode well for marriage, as Harriet learned, and suggests jealousy and combativeness, as perhaps Mary did.  Venus is semi-sextile Mercury that was unfortunate for his son, Charles, who died after being hit by lightning bolt that the mythological Hermes (Greek Hermes; Roman Mercury) used for transport.

                         Enter the Creature

That’s the Southern half, the public half of his chart.  Now the hidden half tilts towards Mary, highlighted by the Part of Fortune in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities that joins the two hemispheres via a friendly and helpful sextile to Saturn.

painting, The Funeral of Shelley

It is that sextile that changes and transmutes the Poet into the Father of the “Creature,” as Mary calls him in her book.  He or is it It?   Shows up as Saturn, the old Kronos of the Olympic gods that is Father Time, or in her version, Father Resetting Time as he comes to life again, Prometheus Reborn, in the creative house of offspring of the fifth in Taurus.  Could anything be more fitting for the creature created from bits of this and that dug up from graveyard?  Mary, is obviously the Part of Fortune at 01.10 Cancer, that is perfect for such a devoted mother (and she was to their sole child Percy Florence, as well).  That point, for the Part of Fortune is an Arabian calculation like the ascendant or Midheaven, and not a planet in space,  is then square Neptune in the Eleventh, representing the popularly of the “creature” eclipsed for a time his own poetry which led to rumours that Shelley committed suicide and sank the Don Juan (named for his friend Byron’s masterpiece) drowning of all hands aboard the vessel.

To be honest, that last tall tale seems to be a “romanticized” version of his death.  There is not much in his chart that suggests suicide, though a lot that supports his lofty ideals (Saturn sextile Moon suggests his vegetarianism that Mahatma Gandhi so admired and Uranus conjunct the Sun-Venus his pacifism), but nothing to suggest suicide.  Still it makes for a good tale and as John Ford says in the Man who shot Liberty Valance, “When the Legend becomes Fact, Print the Legend,” and so for Shelley the suicide makes good copy for a “Romantic Hero.”

The Part of Spirit and Karen Carpenter

The Part of Spirit is calculated from the natal ascendant, plus the sun, minus the moon.  According to ancient Greek astrologers, the Part of Spirit (Greek: daimon) literally means that which distributes, or that which is distributed. Daimones were the ancestral spirits who watched over their descendants, the UNIX Operating System took that idea for long-running background processes  that answers  service requests and called them daemons.

karen carpenter.png

When the Arabs conquered Ancient Greece, they renamed the “faces” to decans and daemons to genii, keeping the idea of the guardian spirits who are sparks of divinity present in all intelligent beings, whether good or ill.

Using the chart of singer-songwriter, Karen Carpenter, we see that her Part of Spirit, is 24 Capricorn in the Eighth House and suggests that despite that ethereal voice, Venus in Aquarius, she was too earth-bound and concerned with her self-image to get out of the anorexic web she had weaved and semi-sextile Jupiter and Mercury, the more acclaim she received the stronger this demon grew.

It was a great loss when she died of anorexia nervosa  (an eating disorder) on February 4, 1983.  Here is a fan site devoted to the brother-sister act.

Friends with Shaker Sister Frances

from her obit:  Sister Evangeline Annie Carr, better known as Frances Ann Carr, passed into eternity Jan. 2, 2017, at her home (The Shaker Community), surrounded by her community and loved ones, following a very brief battle with cancer.

frances carr
from her book

Download Sister Frances Carr’s chart

Sister was born in Lewiston, March 13, 1927, the sixth of seven children born to Herbert and Margaret (Rourke) Carr.  Following the loss of her father, her mother placed Frances and her little sister Ruth with the Shakers on Aug. 26, 1937; she was ten years old

She attended Shaker School, where she graduated, and was taught all the arts and crafts the Sisters were employed in, but these did not really interest her like cooking. She became head cook when she was 21 and served in that capacity for over 50 years.

She officially joined the Church on May 11, 1948. Over the years, Sister assumed many duties and offices. She served as a caretaker for several young girls and always retained a love for children. She was appointed a Trustee in 1988 and Eldress in 1990. She served in both capacities until the time of her death.

Sister was a founding member and driving force behind the Friends of the Shakers. She also was a founding member of The United Society of Shakers, Inc., which incorporated our museum and library, and served as its president until the time of her death.

Over the years, Sister Frances authored many articles and several books on the Shaker experience. She also lectured all over the country. She had a fine singing voice and was the driving force for a collaboration of the Community with the Boston Camerata, which produced two recordings and many public performances.

the Sabbathday meeting house at New Gloucester

She was the public face of Shakerism for decades, serving as our goodwill ambassador. Sister was interviewed by countless television and radio stations and was a part of many documentaries made about the Shakers. She had a natural and welcoming spirit that drew many people to her. Read more about the Sabbathday Shakers here.

She had a deep interest in the welfare of children and the disadvantaged of all ages. She never turned anyone away who was in need & s strived to live by the words of the Christ, “In as much as ye have done it to the least of these, ye have done it unto Me.” (The Gospel of Matthew chapter 25.)    Her passing leaves a large hole in our life and our hearts, but also draws us closer to God, knowing that she is with Him.

She was predeceased by her parents and all of her siblings. She is survived by her Community members, as well as many nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. She was particularly close to her nieces, Linda (Carr) Harmon, Wendy (Carr) Furlong and Frances (Yeaton) Riley, whom she was proud to have helped raise.

The Shakers were founded in England in the 1740s and moved to America in 1764. At one time, Maine was home to three Shaker villages – in Gorham, Alfred and at Sabbathday Lake. By the 1930s, the remaining Shakers consolidated their resources in New Gloucester.

                            The Map of Sister Frances.shaker sister frances.png

We rectified Sister Frances’ horoscope to Cancer 01 based on the above obituary published in Portland Press Herald.

Her temperament type is a bucket with a Saturn Handle in the Seventh House of partners and relationships, showing how much being part of a long established Church like the Shakers meant to her. She has one opposition in her chart from Saturn at 08 Sagittarius to Mars in Gemini 11, that divides her chart almost in half between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres but is united by her T-Square shown on the site map.

That square is from the Southern Saturn to Jupiter, also creates the Line of Culture, suggesting the importance of the Shakers in recognizing her great talents: cooking and her great love of the community is then squared again to the Northern Mars in the First House highlighting her enthusiasm and energy in all her undertakings, but also her natural prudence and thrift.

What is most remarkable in this chart is the preponderance of planets in Pisces, the sign of Universal Love in the Southern (top) part of her chart.  They fall in her Tenth house depicting the good Sister’s place in society, and as well as her ambition which in her case, shows how she wanted to spread the Shaker philosophy and conviction to the world at large hoping to attract others.  That last bit did not seem to work as only two Shakers – Brother Arnold Hadd and Sister June Carpenter – remain.  Our thoughts are with them.


The daring do of the Robber from Zutphen

bank robber DutchThis chart comes from Alan Leo in his November 1909 magazine. He notes that Saturn is at 01 Cancer right near the Ascendant at 08 on the cusp of the second house of resources. Since it is in its fall, we wonder does that mean that appropriating others resources will be their calling and not working hard at making their own? Perhaps, particularly as it is opposite Pallas in Capricorn, suggesting that this is a poor use of his talents.

The T-Square has a rather comedic outlet at Jupiter in Libra 04, again right on the cusp of the creative fifth house — it would seem that our Robber enjoyed his work. So what brought him down? No doubt he did not pay attention to wanting to expand his limits by travelling would be a bad move – for while Jupiter is sextile the Moon in Sagittarius and encourages that choice, it is opposite his first house and square his midheaven and 07 Pisces telling us, but it should have been him, that leaving his cozy home environment would be a mistake as he would literally be a fish out of water.

Leo reports he was caught on a caper in Spain.

The header image is a map of Zutphen from 1649.  You can download the chart for the  zutphen robber here.