Jazz Singer: Susannah McCorkle & fear of the unknown

Susannah McCorkle was born in Berkeley, Calif., on Jan. 4, 1946 — Astro.com mistakenly says January 1st — to an anthropologist who took teaching positions at colleges around the country and his wife.

She enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley in 1964 majoring in Italian literature and read in 5 languages when her professorial father, Tom committed suicide following a mental breakdown. He had been ill a long time, suffering from bipolar disorder (formerly maniac depression, as McCorkle herself was later diagnosed) and felt obligated to drop out of school and get a job to support her family. She was definitely overwhelmed — her mother Margery’s sister was also a schizophrenic and she had two younger sister & a mother who made many demands . The therapist said that she was not going to save anyone.

“You’re living in a burning building,” she later recalled him saying. “Get out.”

Susannah’s 1970’s therapist told her

And she did but alas she kept going back and so did not fully heed his warnings. At first, under the pseudonym Susan Savage she began writing career — winning prizes and contributing to the O Henry short-story anthology. Her non-fiction included profiles of Ethel Waters, Bessie Smith and Irving Berlin, published in the prestigious American Heritage magazine.

the holiday muse

As Italian-literature major, McCorkle picked up work dubbing films and translating books for the European market. She expected to become Europeanized, but instead like a lost lorn child discovered her American root via all the movies music, and jazz that were sweeping the continent. When she heard (Asteroid Siva 15.48 Libra is conjunct Neptune 8.37 Libra) American jazz singer Billie Holiday’s (1915 – 1959) “I’ve got the right to sing the blues,” her career choice changed.

”That one record completely revised my thinking and made me want to become a professional singer.”

susannah mccorkle on her jazz career

Changing her focus she left Italy & went to London. She joined a a jazz band led by the trumpeter John Chilton (1932 – 2016). That did not last as Chilton found his vocalist in Liverpoolian George Melly (1926-2006) and Susannah moved on. She met Keith Ingham, himself having dropped out of reading Ancient Chinese literature at Oxford to become a jazz pianist & the two became a romantic and musical duo.

Using her literature background, she focused on stories and phrasing much like Peggy Lee (b. 1920-2002) had, still success was elusive. Jazz singing was losing out to rock and roll and refusing to change her style was detrimental to success. She would not acknowledge that all the jazz impresarios were either dead or much older, and by the time she began her career they were established, like fellow San Franciscan, Tony Bennett (b. 1926).

Ingham (1942 – ) and McCorkle married and then divorced. He saw the writing on the wall and went to swing and dixieland music; she returned to New York and remained resolute. Gigs got fewer and fewer, another marriage and another divorce and with it the loss an extended family pushing her back to her unstable one (Niobe 12 (lost children) conjunct Isis 12 (the Egyptian mother symbol) in mothering Cancer vs. Vesta (sterility in service of the goddess) at 13 Capricorn).

Her younger sister, Katy, was diagnosed with schizophrenia (Mercury + South Node in the 3rd), and the fear of a possible genetic link closed in. Her depression (Mercury to Saturn inconjunct – negative thinking) grew. Eventually in the early morning house of May 19. 2001 she jumped out of a window and committed suicide. It was her first attempt and was quite successful.

Natal Chart.

The straight arrows are highlighting the inconjuncts in her chart that point to the underlying worries — Mercury inconjunct Mars + Saturn, her fears of her father’s illness that she felt was supported in her own life by her sister’s onset. The strong preponderances in the northern and the southern hemispheres were not offset by the weak Eastern, but actually encouraged as Jupiter was conjunct Neptune telling her tell will out.

Despite that, there is nothing in work or money but her fanciful Neptune heard the siren’s song and felt she too could be a singer, not realizing it was not profitable — but just another creative outlet (Asc + Neptune trine Moon).


Gary Busey is Back to the Future

Gary Busey playing Biff in Back to the Future is rather satirical, as he had a near death experience when he crashed a guard rail back in 1988. It made headline because he refused to wear a helmet and during the surgery to sew his head back together, the actor died on the operating table.

Gary, born William Gareth Jacob Busey, won an Academy award for fellow Texan, Buddy Holley, another irony as Busey started out as a drummer in a country-western band and played for Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.

gary busey

He is a bundle temperament type, though it is hard to tell because his tenth house is crowded with a preponderance of planets in Cancer, making Saturn at home in the tenth, ill-dignified because Saturn is in its detriment in Cancer and highlighting his unsettled family life: Busey has three children from three different women, only two of which he married, but he is an incurable romantic.


The Uranus on the tenth house cusp shows that he is versatile, and the Midheaven at 16.20 tells of his musical talent. Mars in the twelfth does tell of crashes against metal, and indeed he struck a metal guardrail, and since it is conjunct Jupiter gave him the great luck to outlive the incident. Inked2018-06-28_21-06-28_LI

Looking at the bi-wheel of the two charts we can easily see the accident. A Cosmic Cross dominates, the first from the Ascendant in Virgo to his protective Dragon’s head in the sixth (health and surgery). The second part is from Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct the Sun, probably going too far, opposite the Midheaven and Uranus – an unexpected turn, or his reflexes were not as good as he thought.  This chart suggests Busey was motoring while intoxicated so his reflexes were slowed and his judgement impaired. There is an extra support for this from the opposition of the the Moon in Libra to Mars in Aries.

gary as biff

                     Busey’s Lines

  1. Line of Vitality is squared, showing Busey is an adrenaline junkie.
  2. Line of Efficiency is missing telling us Busey does not plan his life, he just falls into it.  As the majority of his planets are int he Southwestern portion of his map, while Busey tries to manage his life, he is poor at it, and usually ends up letting others do it to his detriment.  The Moon in Libra, the end of the Bundle, tells us he is a poor financial manager also.
  3. Line of  Motivation is semi-sextile suggesting that Busey needs a lot of encouragement to make changes in his life.  Another with this aspect is Herr Goebbels surprisingly.
  4. Line of Self-Determination is missing showing his disinterest in social issues.
    1. Tally two out out of four despite being a close knit bundle.

Cayce SC Amtrak Derailing

from the New York Times

At a news conference near the crash site, Robert L. Sumwalt, the current N.T.S.B. chairman, ruled out foul play and said investigators initially believed that a switch had been manually thrown and then padlocked. “The key to this investigation is learning why that switch was lined that way because the expectation was, of course, that the Amtrak train would be operating like this,” he said, pointing to a whiteboard showing the passenger train’s southbound direction.

Amtrak has described itself as a “safe and reliable transporter,” but Mark V. Rosenker, a former chairman of the N.T.S.B., said that although Sunday’s accident was another in a “series of anomalies,” it perhaps hinted at a “lack of safety culture” at Amtrak. He suspected that Sunday’s crash involved some discrepancy in the way CSX communicates with Amtrak, which does not own large swaths of the track it uses, and Mr. Hall suggested that the design of the nation’s rail network invited collisions between passenger and freight trains.

Derailments rarely cause more than minor injuries, but the aftermath was tragically different on Sunday not far from Columbia, the state capital. Gov. Henry McMaster said the engine of the Amtrak train, which had been carrying eight crew members and 139 passengers on its route from New York to Miami, was “barely recognizable.”

“It’s a horrible thing to see — to understand the force that this involved,” Mr. McMaster said.

The Lexington County coroner, Margaret Fisher, identified the dead as Amtrak employees: the train’s 54-year-old engineer, Michael Kempf, of Savannah, Ga., and a conductor, Michael Cella, 36, of Orange Park, Fla. Both men were in the first car of the train. Dozens of passengers were taken to a nearby middle school, where the American Red Cross set up a temporary shelter and passengers tried to make sense of what had happened aboard Train 91 at about 2:35 a.m. on Sunday.

sc crash.png

                                                    What happened?

Looking at the chart and the yod drawn on it, I would say that with Pluto in its essential ruler Scorpio in the Eighth and Saturn in the Seventh focal determinators to the opposition of Uranus in the Eleventh and the Moon in the Fourth (Aries and Libra respectively), that one of the engineers was hotdogging the rails i.e. going at too fast a speed to slow down for incoming traffic.  I am not sure if it is CSX or Amtrak that was the culprit and I twist and turn the two around, one time coming up with CSX based on the Ascendant and another time coming up with Amtrak based on Saturn in the Seventh.  If you have an alternative reading, drop us a line. Thanks.

the chart for the amtrak derailing

Here’s the update:  Amtrak was the culprit from the New York Post, my hometown paper.

Peter J. Powers, Giuliani advocate

Deputy Mayor Peter J. Powers, left, with Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in 1994.

“I never had a brother,” Mr. Giuliani said in an interview this week. “Peter was my brother.” CreditJames Estrin/The New York Times

Peter J. Powers, a high school friend whom Rudolph W. Giuliani recruited to impose order on his chaotic novice mayoral campaign and later installed as his even-tempered alter ego to manage New York City’s government, died on Thursday in the Bronx at Calvary Hospital Hospic.  He was 72.  The cause was complications of lung cancer, according to his lifelong friend Mr. Giuliani.

Before being hired to manage Mr. Giuliani’s 1989 mayoral race, Mr. Powers, a tax lawyer, had last been involved in a campaign in college, when his losing effort for senior class council president was managed by Mr. Giuliani. And before becoming deputy mayor in 1994, his only government job had been in the parks department mail room one summer three decades earlier.

Mr. Giuliani, the most famous prosecutor in America but a neophyte candidate, had squandered $2 million, was being challenged for the Republican nomination and was trailing the Democrat, David N. Dinkins, by about 29 points in public opinion polls when he enlisted Mr. Powers.

Mr. Powers proceeded to impose discipline on Mr. Giuliani’s disparate Republican, Liberal and independent supporters and, with Roger Ailes, focus on a runaway campaign. He helped steer Mr. Giuliani to within two points of victory that November in a race that Mr. Dinkins won.

In 1993, with Mr. Powers managing the rematch, joined by the media consultant David Garth, Mr. Giuliani toppled Mayor Dinkins with 51 percent of the vote.

Mr. Powers in November 1993. Credit Ruby Washington/The New York Times

Mr. Giuliani himself described their relationship in familial terms. “I never had a brother,” he said in a telephone interview this week. “Peter was my brother.”    They met  during their sophomore year at Bishop Loughlin High School in Brooklyn. Mr. Giuliani induced him to join the opera club, though Powers preferred country music, and before meeting President Ronald Reagan, Giuliani was a lifelong Democrat while Powers was always the Republican.

                                                 The Map of PJ Powers

Peter James Powers was born on April 9, 1944, in Middle Village, Queens, the son of Thomas Powers, an organizer for the retail clerks’ union, and the former Florence Fitzgibbon.  His chart is very much the pragmatic Splash temperament type with few conjunctions.  We have rectified Mr. Powers to 05 Cancer, that G. K. McClung writes is symbolic of “celebrities conversing at a banquet in their honour” (see our header picture that depicts just that.)  McClung says this is indicative of the idea of fraternity.

                                                    “Peter was the glue that held the thing together,” Joseph J. Lhota, Mr. Giuliani’s former budget director and deputy mayor for operations, said in an interview on Thursday.

He also has a strong Western tilt to his chart, showing his resourcefulness and assertiveness — he has Mars in its Lord in the Tenth house that is naturally ruled by the shrewd executive Capricorn and a Yod from that Mars to Mercury in Taurus right on the Eleventh-Twelfth cusp hinting at his desire to be out of the limelight.  The third point of the Yod is at Neptune in Libra in the Fourth House, telling us that he was a wise nurturer of talent and an uncanny ability of making life long friendships.

Mr. Powers is survived by  daughters, Heather McBride and Krista Harvey; his wife, Sylvia and  brothers, Jack and Don as well as four grandchildren.

Download peter j powers.pdf

The Star Center: Jim McDaniels

James Ronald McDaniels was born in Scottsville, Kentucky, on April 2, 1948, to James McDaniels and his wife, Sendy Binom McDaniels. His stepfather, Dickie Stovall, helped raise him.

We feel a bit better rectifying Jim McDaniels’ chart because we are more familiar with his physical presence and personality than we were of Walter Becker’s. and have chosen 6 Libra for his Ascendant.  We like Neptune in the first house conjunct it, because of his famous “soft” touch and that his Sun is opposite both Neptune and the Ascendant creating a T-Square at his Cancer midheaven.

That T-Square gives him an ambitious side to his personality, and a desire to create his own destiny and as it is Trine the Moon at 11.53 Aquarius shows his innovative and very intuitive way of handling the ball.  Another thing we find in favour of this chart, is that the Midheaven at Cancer finds it’s Lord in the Creative and Gaming House of the Fifth.

McDaniels has a lot of planets in the House of Friends, which makes sense as basketball is a team sport and it shows how he thrived off the rivalry between teams as well as between team mates.  Pluto  is opposite almost exactly the Moon right on the Eleventh house cusp and intimates how he came alive on the court.

His Yod has an interesting aspect as well.  There is Mars in Leo at 18.17 sextil Venus at 29.25 Taurus in the Eighth both incoming Jupiter in the Third making its Axis of Awareness right at the 10th House cusp — but still in the Ninth at 23 Gemini conjunct Uranus, showing how much he liked the travel aspect of the job and sheer joy he found in the camaraderie (off the court of  course) with his teammates.

Mr. McDaniels has a Splash Temperament type with the maximum of two conjunctions — Pluto to Saturn and Saturn to Mars — that because of their close proximity, is also  Translation of Light giving that aspect extra significance.  It is a powerful trio, highlighting the Eleventh House of fans and publicity and shows us how his fans loved him and how he felt indebted to them in kind.  This debt was fulfilled by his hard work, and total dedication to his game as well as learning more about basketball off the court (Mercury 21.45 in the Sixth).

The one problem with this chart is that Mars is not near the ascendant as Monsieur Gauquelin preferred, but in the Eleventh House.  We will be reading and studying more about those requirements and update the chart, as we rectified it, as needed.

                                            Big Jim’s Career

Jim McDaniels was a star center who led Western Kentucky University to the N.C.A.A. Final Four but whose professional career was marred by contract disputes right at the start.  He died in his native Kentucky on Wednesday in Bowling Green. He was 69. His wife, Carolyn, said the cause was complications of diabetes.

A 6-foot-11 center and power forward with an unusually soft touch for a big man, McDaniels led the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers to the most successful years in their program’s history.

jim mcdaniels.png
The Yod is shown above.  The “head” is McDaniel’s SUN in the Seventh House in Aries.

In his senior year he averaged 29.3 points per game in helping Western Kentucky reach the Final Four of the 1971 N.C.A.A. tournament. Meeting at the Astrodome in Houston, the Hilltoppers lost to Villanova in a semifinal match and beat the other semifinal loser, the University of Kansas, to take third place, their best finish to date.

McDaniels was named All-American that year.

But the next season, after McDaniels had started to play professionally with the Carolina Cougars of the American Basketball Association, the N.C.A.A. found that he had violated college rules by signing professional contracts (with an agent, the team and the league) before the start of his senior season.

After a year in Italy, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers. and the Kentucky Colonels of the A.B.A. He played his last season as a reserve center for the N.B.A.’s Buffalo Braves, which he joined after another year in Europe.

“I’m a player and a very dedicated athlete,” McDaniels told United Press International in 1977. When I leave the game, I want to be able to say that good or bad, I gave 100 percent.”

He retired in 1978 with a career average of 10 points per game and his free throw percentage is 72% the same as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lou Alcindor).  His stats are here.

He graduated in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.  After retiring from basketball, he coached high school basketball and sold cars. He married Carolyn Wright in 1990 who survives him.

Hygeia: You’ve been served

Hygeia Mythologically

 In Greek Mythology, Hygeia is the great-granddaughter of Zeus / Jupiter via the Apollo(n) line.  Her father Aesclepius,  another asteroid, was the Greek god of healing & is often shown with a physician’s staff & a  snake wrapped around. The cock bird was also sacred to Asclepius and sacrificed on his altar.  Chiron, the centaur, was his mentor.
Aesclepius had five daughters.  The two most famous are Panacea (cure all) and Hygeia, the root of the English word Hygiene or public health. Hygienists at one time in American history called Hygeists.
Hippocrates, the great doctor of antiquity and father of the Hippocratic oath that doctors take, was said to be a mortal descendant of Asclepius.  His promise calls upon the Greek gods as his witness, doctors still take some form of this oath today, sometimes without the ancient gods.  It begins solemnly:

I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfil according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant. …


Hygeia 10 First recorded observation April 12, 1849 by Annibale de Gasparis in Naples, Italy, we are speculating that it was 9:30 AM giving a Cancer 05.00 Ascendant, and putting Hygeia herself in the Fourth House of home and housekeeping.  Her ascendant’s symbol is an “Automobile wrecked by a train” demonstrating the importance of reorganizing one’s environment into a beneficial environment.  When afflicted, Hygeia in the chart is about reckless disregard for one’s person and environs.

Interestingly, Hygeia is conjunct Juno  (07.37 Cancer) and the Asteroid Apollon (Cancer 15.31) , which mythologically at least was her grandfather.  In such a configuration, Hygeia suggests the importance of hygiene and cleanliness as the basis of family happiness and health and is supported by her Line of Vitality trine between the Sixth House Moon and the Tenth House Sun.  There is no doubt, housework and cleanliness is hard work.  That idea is impressed upon us with Hygeia lacking a Line of Efficiency — there are no shortcuts to being tidy, and if we look at the latest list on Amazon, there is no shortage of books and methods of how to get there.

Suprisingly there is no Line of Personality, aspects betwee Jupiter and Saturn.  Perhaps this is telling us Hygiene is independent of personal preference and with no Line of Culture either, Hygeia is warning those that do not think it is important, should reverse that opinon.

Il Signore Dottore de Gaspari also discovered Parthenope, Egeria, Eunomia, Psyche, Massalia, Themia, Ausonia and Beatrix.

Download the chart here.hygeia discovery

 Using Hygeia

In the few cases we used Hygeia, we discovered that it works well as a public hygiene point.  Here are a few examples from our notes:

  • One native who had Hygeia in the Third House admitted that she came from a very neat family where ironing, clean windows, and presentable appearance counted.  it was also sextile her Sixth House of work and labor, and she admitted that her work appearance was impeccable.  Once out of the limelight though she dressed quite differently and when her co-workers met her were stunned by her disheveled hippie appearance.
  • Another fellow has Hygeia in his Twelfth House, admitted he was a “closet slob.” He only cleaned up when he knew he was going to have company or meet someone personally important and then shoved everything in closets.
  • President Trump who has Hygeia in the Eighth House is an admitted “germophobe.”