Calvin Maduro flies with the Orioles

Calvin Maduro was born Septmber 5, 1974 in the Dutch Antilles, the island of Aruba, is not by anything we could find, related to the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Madura — admittedly, it was a long shot but we felt an interesting one.

Calvin is six feet tall, bats right, throws right and was a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. His legal residence is in Glen Burnie, Maryland, though since retirement how much time he is there is questionable, as he is now a scout for the team. As a pitcher his stats are unimpressive — 10 wins and 19 loses: his ERA (earned run average) was an abysmal 5.78.

The ERA is an important statistic for pitchers all the runs accountable to the pitcher. Any runner(s) who tags his base and reaches home plate is scored against the pitcher as an earned run(s). An error OTOH made by the pitcher is counted the same as an error by any other player. (Please see the Official Rules of Major League Baseball here for a full accounting — at 188 pages it is detailed enough to answer any questions on baseball scoring.)

Mapping Maduro

We have rectified him to Cancer 10 and think that his chart would have made him a better catcher than pitcher but his Grand Trine in Fire (Moon to Venus to the North Node) was what propelled him onto the mound. The problem is the North Node in the sixth (Neptune is just oo far away), that shows his fire and youthful vigour, but misses the Moon in the 11th house that he was basically rather shy and had problems with the star attention (his Moon is also conjunct the Asteroid Oriola at 07 Taurus).

It shows nonetheless, how the famed Orioles farm system made a mistake based more on attendance than aptitude, but then the Orioles have not been living up to their former Earl Weaver glory in a long time, see this FoxSports graphic where their chances of getting into the Fall Classic is rated at a paltry 22:1 shot because of their poor record.

Maduro with a 10 Cancer ascendant (HS Ripe cherries on a tree) like so many players eager to make the Big Show, would not have registered too many complaints also as his symbol says, this was the “fruition” of all his dreams.

In the end, it worked out well for him. His Splash Temperament type makes him good with people,his own bad experience gives him a good understanding of how the business of baseball works, and his new career unleashes his voice (Neptune in the sixth) in his scouting reports. We wish him all the best.

We constantly review and vet our essays for accuracy and typographical, grammatical errors (which we are sad to say are numerous). This one was re-examined on October 12, 2019.

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Lizzie Borden took an Axe

Netflix has a series on Lizzie Borden starring Christina Ricci, best known for playing Wednesday in the television show, the Addams Family.


The Netflix show deals with the the infamous Lizzie and the gruesome murder of her father & stepmother in Summer of 1892 that inspired the famous ditty:

  •                     Lizzie borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks
  •                      when she saw what she had done
  •                     She gave her father 41.


We have rectified Lizzie’s chart an hour earlier than the popular 9:46 AM — EST did not come into effect until World War I.  We then rectified the chart of her step mother’s murder to 9:07 AM on August 4, 1892 that does fit into the window of reported testimony i.e. her father was out of the house since early morning and did not return until 10 am.

                                The Murders


At the time of the murder, Lizzie has an Air Grand Trine in her chart, from the Ascendant at Libra 03.18 to Mars in the fifth at 12.11 in Aquarius and then Neptune in Gemini 10.53 in the ninth.  The rest of her planets are rather split evenly amongst the various elements but her quadratures show a strong mutable basis suggesting that she was influenced more by the people in her environment than anything else and had a problem working with them particularly when it concerned dealing with her father.

Saturn the ruler of her tenth house is square it and then conjunct her ascendant, but we are not using it in the Grand Trine because it would make it out of quadrature.  If we did, we would then more visibly see that there was a lot of thinking, planning and idle rumination about her  relationship to her father and a worry of how would effect her status after his death.

Instead using the Grand Air Trine, gives her a certain momentous imperative to her thoughts, making her feel that she had to do something to protect her self-interest i.e. the Ascendant sextile her Sun.

lizzie nn

Her strongest square is from Mercury to Pluto and then from Mercury  to Neptune & Saturn , that latter which is associated with a strong imagination concerning perceived sleights and insults & shows up in violent outbursts  against established (in this case patriarchal) control.  Lizzie’s square from Venus to Saturn, though with quite a wide orb,  tends to encourage her love towards her sister Emma, and desire to protect her as an aspect of herself, against their father.

                            Did Lizzie do it?

The chart above is transit of the first murder (rectified) to Lizzie’s birth chart (also rectified).  Transiting Saturn is exact to Lizzie’s  part of fortune, or the inner motives of her nativity of 26.42 Virgo that has the symbol of fishes swimming in a deep blue sea that suggests performance art.  According to McClung this is when the “execution of a deed” long thought and rehearsed is finally performed.  Saturn is also square her transiting Moon,  that feeds into the previously discussed squares giving her emotional conviction.

And so yes, it is our astrological opinion, Lizzie did the evil deeds.  If you have questions or other opinions, please let us know.  Here is a site that has a lot of forensic information about the crime.



Oh my! It’s Betty Boop

Max Fleischer was her father, Sun in the ninth house in Leo.  Hollywood her mother, opposite the Sun in the third house of Aquarius; it would seem that the parents were match made in heaven.  We picked 12 noon for a matinée, but we do not really know the time of her first showing.  No matter, at noon she gets an exalted Ascendant of 12 Scorpio — exalted because its ruler, Mars, is right there on the eighth house cusp.  A semisextile away in ever-flowing Cancer lies abundant effervescent Jupiter.   If it is not her time, it’s definitely her day.

Her mid-heaven, 16 Leo is partile to her fatherly Sun and so it would seem that this is everything that Max wanted.  It is also conjunct the asteroid Ceres, giving her, as though she needs it, sexual intensity.

Mercury at 10 Virgo is in the tenth house but squeezed in, between Neptune (water) and Vesta (fire), for Betty never thinks her way out of anything, she just sorta oozes and schmoozes her way around the screen and somehow into success.  If ever there was a addle-brained bimbo complete with Venusian curls, she was it and opposite a empty fourth house she was everywhere but home.

Venus in Virgo 29.46 just nipping at beautiful Libra,  showing her friends and devoted public and how everyone wants her, but who really got Betty?  She remained like the Venus of myth, unattainable, fixed in plastic celluloid and virgin.  While we age, die and move on, Betty, is just a  permanent fixture and always seems to find fans where ever she goes, and with a filled ninth house, Miss Boop goes everywhere, transcending time, place and culture (Pluto at 19.53 in Cancer right on that ninth house cusp).


But there is a stumbling block — Betty’s, she was never Miss Boop — Venus is square Pluto suggesting the need to remake her — she was originally drawn just for adults very lasciviously in the “pre-code” days of Hollywood. That did not last and Betty was toned down,  several notches, as Venus went into Libra, and she got re-balanced and remade into a more wholesome image for families.  Blame it on that opposition to Juno.  Eventually she went underground (South Node in the twelfth house)  and then totally digital recreated years later (So. Node opposite Uranus in the fifth at 16 Aries finally got a transit that put it into motion).

betty as flag.png

The header image is from Fine Art America and available for purchase.  We love it, finding it perfect that she illustrated  as a maid in a foreign capital, as that is one of the occupations for a Scorpio ascendant and probably fine for our little traveller.    Thomas Kolendra of  Long Island, New York, the artist, knows our Betty and for $22.35 plus fees, and image of Betty, because that’s all any of us gets, she’s  yours.

And a boop boop-boppy-do


Almost Saint: George Sanders

George Sanders was born on July 3, 1906 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  He was twelve years old when the Russian Revolution came around, and his family fled to England supporting his Moon inconjunct his Sun suggesting “sudden home upsets.”

 His parents were Henry Peter  Sanders (1868–1960), and Margarethe Sanders (née Kolbe; 1883–1967) both also born in the city.  She was of Estonian-German parentage and her husband the bastard son a prince of the House of Oldenburg who had an affair with a lesser duchess while married to a sister of the Czar.  The actor Tom Conway (1904–1967) was George Sanders’s elder brother; their sister Margaret was the youngest born in 1912.

george sanders

                                                                                   Almost Prince


Sanders chart supports that belief because of the South Node in the fifth house and Uranus in the fourth, so the 1990 biography is true.  He was an exquisite actor in many roles from Rebecca to the Falcon to the movie serial the Saint — that Uranus in the fourth opposite his Sun in the tenth suggests that his decision, like many actors who forewent television, it was a mistake not to reprise his role.  His point focus at Saturn on the seventh house cusp, suggests that he too traditional to make that break, and so Roger Moore got that chance to be Simon Templar despite his miserable few years in the television show, Maverick (replacing Jim Garner who went on to movies and The Great Escape).

Sanders was married several times, twice to Gabor sisters.  None of these marriages worked because despite his caddish character on the screen, he was a romantic and swayed by opportunistic gold-diggers.  As his chart is a see-saw (hourglass) this swaying was intrinsic to his personality — the bulk of his planets are in the tenth and eleventh houses supporting his strong ambition and concern for his image, but the other part, spread out in the northern hemisphere shows his weak spots:  the moon in the third and his various talents in writing, singing and acting, the fourth his birth and inability to capitalize on new technologies, and the sixth that creates the Line of motivation and binds the upper and lower halves by his work ethic (Saturn to Jupiter trine).

Alas it is that Saturn on the seventh house cusp that was also his nemesis, as it shows a depressive outlook if his work-marriage decisions did not pan out and sextile the Part of Spirit in the eighth led to his suicide on April 25, 1972 in Spain from barbiturate poisoning and finally validating the symbol of his Ascendant as a “large public building the flag breezily flies at half mast.”  It suggests that the appreciation of his work is hailed even after his death as it gives a common sustainment for the human emotion.

His autobiography is here.

The Ninth Circuit’s Judge Stephen Reinhardt

The last Federal judge appointed by President Jimmy Carter, Stephen Roy Reinhardt died March 29, 2018 from a heart attack; he was 86.

His chart is not rectified but set for sunrise on March 21, 1931 at Brooklyn New York where he was born to lawyer Samuel Shapiro, and Silvia Handelsman.  His name was changed after his mother divorced his father and married Gottfried Reinhardt, the son of Austrian director, Max Reinhardt. His parents moved to Los Angeles for Reinhardts career and Stephen graduated from Los Angeles high school and then attended Pomona College, thirty-five miles away in Claremont,  matriculating in 1951 with a B.A. in Government. In 1954, he received an LL.B. from Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut.

judge reinhardt.png

The judge was considered to be one of the most liberal judges on the 9th Circuit as his rulings often placed him on the side of immigrants and prisoners (his Sun is confined in the twelfth house) .  In a 2012 opinion, struck  down California’s gay marriage ban — Venus in Aquarius in the eleventh house square the North Node of supporting unpopular and bohemian partnership issues.

                                                Mapping Judge Reinhardt

His chart shows him to be a lipped bowl scooping up experience with Neptune in the creative fifth house and distilling that thru his sense of civic duty.  With his Mars in Cancer opposite his Saturn in Capricorn his point focus at his North Node in the seventh house of partnerships and opportunities demonstrating his ability to be theatrical to get his points across — obviously learning from his stepfather’s directorial abilities.

Judge Reinhardt has a preponderance of Arian planets in his first house that highlight his ability to take a stand in his beliefs, but with a  square from Cancer show that his parents divorce was something he was very sensitive to, & keen to the rights of those people whose voice he felt not was openly heard, but felt.

ramona ripston.jpg
Ms. Ripston Reinhardt c. 2008 delivering the keynote speech at the ACLU Bills of Rights Dinner.  She retired from office  February 15, 2011.

He is survived by his wife Ramona Ripston, age 91, who was the former executive head of the ACLU Southern California branch, and their three children.  Ms. Ripston was the first woman to head a major ACLU affliate when she took over in 1972. They lived in Marina del Rey, California where the average house valuation, non-waterfront, is $660.000; waterfront 1.6 million dollars  per

From This week in California, New York Times.

Remembering the Legacy of a Liberal Judge
Judge Stephen Reinhardt in 2010.
Judge Stephen Reinhardt in 2010. J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times
Good morning.
Judge Stephen Reinhardt, a liberal stalwart on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, died last week in Southern California. He was 87.
We talked to two experts  about him and his legacy:

  • Jeffrey Fisher, a professor at Stanford Law School who clerked for Judge Reinhardt and Justice John Paul Stevens of the Supreme Court of the United States and
  • Joshua Matz, a constitutional lawyer based in Washington who also clerked for Judge Reinhardt and  Justice Anthony Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Court.
The questions and their answers have been edited for length and clarity.
Q: What was Judge Reinhardt like?
Mr. Matz: Judge Reinhardt ranked among the most brilliant and influential judges in modern American history. His mastery of doctrine was equaled only by his conviction that law must aspire to justice, especially for the voiceless and vulnerable. His powerful opinions and tactical savvy — not to mention his rock-ribbed liberalism — made Reinhardt a hero to the left and a villain to the right.
Q: What were some of his most famous opinions?
Mr. Fisher: Judge Reinhardt persuaded colleagues on his appeals court, for example, to establish a right of terminally ill adults to physician-assisted suicide. He also spearheaded rulings forbidding states from establishing English as an official language and barring public schools from compelling students to recite the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. But the Supreme Court rebuffed him each time.
Two years after vacating an opinion by Judge Reinhardt forbidding states from banning same-sex couples from marrying, the Supreme Court adopted just that constitutional rule.
Q: Can you give us a layman’s explanation of the Ninth Circuit and tell us why it’s important?
Mr. Fisher: The Ninth Circuit is the largest of the 12 regional federal courts of appeals. It encompasses territory on the West Coast and adjacent states covering roughly one fifth of the U.S. population. Twenty-nine full-time judges sit on the court. Whereas the Supreme Court hears only about 75 cases a year, the Ninth Circuit hears thousands.
Because California and other western states continually innovate everything from the economy to social policy, the Ninth Circuit tends to hear an outsized portion of “big” cases. It is no accident, therefore, that Judge Reinhardt found himself so often on panels asked to resolve cutting edge legal issues.
Q: Who decides who will replace Judge Reinhardt — and how does it happen?
Mr. Matz: Federal judges are nominated by the president and must be confirmed by the Senate. Although presidents have traditionally consulted with home-state senators, President Trump and the G.O.P.-controlled Senate have largely abandoned that practice. Instead, they have moved at an aggressive pace to confirm deeply conservative judges.
There are several vacancies on the Ninth Circuit, now including Judge Reinhardt’s seat. We can expect that over the next year, or less, President Trump will nominate judges to fill most of those positions. However, at this point it is impossible to predict who he will nominate to replace Judge Reinhardt.

Reading New Orleans’s DA Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison was born four and half years after President John Kennedy and about a thousand miles away, but as a quirk of fate would have it, they became intertwined through the President’s murder. In late 1960’s he became quite a cause celebre because of his speculation that Oswald did not fire the gun, and so was not the lone gunmen, but instead someone killed him from the infamous grassy knoll. He then posited that the CIA, headed then by George H.W. Bush, covered up the real story. Thirty years later before he died, director Oliver Stone took up his theory and made a very long movie on it; Kevin Costner starred as Garrison.

The New York Times, did not care for Garrison or his story even  when Stone cinematized it.  In a review by John P. Mackenzie in 1991.. They wrote:

In an unworthy attempt to showcase his personal theories about the murder of John F. Kennedy, a self-promoter named Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney in 1967, concocted conspiracy charges against a retired local businessman named Clay Shaw. Mr. Garrison alleged that the crime in Dallas had been hatched in New Orleans by Mr. Shaw, Lee Harvey Oswald and another man.

Two years later a jury, after a month long trial and a closing oration from Mr. Garrison, took only 50 minutes to acquit. The jurors concluded that, whatever doubts they might have had about the Warren Commission’s finding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, Mr. Garrison had utterly failed to link Mr. Shaw to any crime.

A day later the unchastened D.A. filed a perjury case, charging Mr. Shaw with lying when he denied meeting with or knowing his alleged co-conspirators. A Federal judge took the rare step of finding “bad faith” on Mr. Garrison’s part and enjoined the second prosecution. Mr. Shaw died in 1974, thus ending his own suit charging a malicious Garrison prosecution and gross violation of his constitutional rights. He had a strong case of fabricated evidence, perjured testimony and abuse of power over the local legal machinery. In fact Mr. Garrison’s sins were worse than that: He had appropriated another human being to make a self-serving political statement.

Oliver Stone’s new movie “JFK” not only fails to concede this evil but perpetuates it. About the only suggestion of a moral problem for the prosecutor, played by Kevin Costner, is expressed by his alienated wife, played by Sissy Spacek. She accuses her husband of picking on Mr. Shaw because he’s gay and supposedly vulnerable. But by the end of 3 hours and 20 minutes on the screen, she too accepts the “value” of his mission.

Mr. Stone is as careless with the truth as is his hero. He depicts the prosecutor’s fabrications as actual events, and adds fabrications of his own. Like the D.A., Mr. Stone is indifferent to the rights of the accused and cynical in denying Clay Shaw his humanity. The movie is ostensibly dedicated to truth; instead it revives a malicious prosecution and, like the prosecutor, uses Clay Shaw to promote a theory of grand conspiracy. Allegations of conspiratorial meetings with Mr. Oswald and others, which would have convicted Mr. Shaw if the jury had believed them, are portrayed on the screen as actually happening. The movie also depicts as true a policeman’s contention that Mr. Shaw, after his arrest, admitted using the alias “Clay Bertrand.”

Mr. Stone glosses quickly over the jury’s ringing “not guilty,” strikes up triumphal music and ends the film with a written epilogue. It says that in 1979 Richard Helms, then Director of Central Intelligence at the time of the Shaw prosecution, admitted that contrary to the defendant’s testimony, Mr. Shaw had “worked for” the C.I.A. But Mr. Shaw was a C.I.A. “contact,” like many businessmen and academics who are sometimes debriefed when returning from abroad.

Lee Harvey Oswald is accurately quoted as contending that he was a “patsy” in the Kennedy case, a victim of a frame-up. Prosecutors and historians will long debate whether he was indeed the fall guy arrested to divert attention from a monstrous global conspiracy.

                                 The Garrison Map of Events

Looking just at the quadratures, the most striking thing about Jim Garrison, splay, is that he has no planets in the three earth signs: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn and of course no oppositions (key for a splay).

Earth quadratures give a person a strong and perceptive decision-making process; Capricorn is the executive of the horoscope, with Taurus being the planner and Virgo the doer. Absent here, the lack of earth suggests that he was neither the most practical or industrious of men, but instead with five planets in the water trio he was compassionate and sensitive – more like a Don Quixote fighting windmills than a stolid Poncho Villa.

His Uranus is in the Fourth House , the same as President Kennedy, at 06 Pisces making him very concerned with end of life matters that end unusually. Trine his Pluto in Cancer in the Eighth and then trine again his Ascendant at 07 Scorpio, this Grand Water Trine,. Was very sensitive to emotions, both his owns and those of others – particularly those on large patriotic scale. Water signs operate on the deepest the most unconscious level, and these feelings probably swelled within him forming a mission (Neptune at the Midheaven) that he felt honor bound to pursue.

Yet his chart is a bit askew. He is not all honour and noble-minded as his demeanour suggest.  Garrison has a lot of planets in the last quadrant of his chart, suggesting he had many things to hide himself, and  used the trial as a way escape those questions.   His Uranus in Pisces is square his Venus and Mercury suggesting unusual amours and sexual leanings, maybe his attack on Clay Shaw was a way to make himself seem above reproach and muddy the waters. It is hard to say, though that particular square composition does suggest that.

New Orleans in the 1960’s was a wild and libertine then as it is now, (our header shot shows New Orleans in 1963)  and Clay Shaw being homosexual in that town, was not the same as if he was in Boston or Chattanooga, but why Garrison showed up there, and not Chicago or Minneapolis is interesting.  Conceivably his arrival in the Big Easy coincided with his work with the FBI.

Garrison’s chart does tell us, with the Moon in the Eleventh House, that he loved the attention of the trial and conjunct Saturn suggests that he did not act totally on his own, but had some guidance and help. At six foot six he was definitely an imposing figure that had to galvanize spectator and large people tend to have booming voices that carry well also. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Garrison’s chart create a Line of Motivation (Jones re-termed the Line from book to book) and it seems the D. A. felt compelled to make his actions matter and establish himself as moral character, probably another reason for both the job in New Orleans and the Bureau. Others who have this aspect are Emperor Hirohito of Japan and Walt Disney though only Hirohito has it in a different house – the Twelfth.

The D.A. lost his bid in re-election to Harry Connick, sr. He died October 21, 1992 in New Orleans of heart failure. He was seventy years old. He left behind his wife, Elizabeth, and five children.

Johnny Carson devoted an entire “Tonight” show to interviewing Mr. Garrison, whose nickname was the “Jolly Green Giant”  and talking about his accusations of a guerrilla band of mysterious figures on the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the possibility of shots from a sewer, photographic analysis and the involvement of the Dallas police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, C.I.A., Secret Service and Texas oil millionaires.

The Clay Shaw trial itself involved strange characters. One key witness died under mysterious circumstances. Others refused to repeat on the stand the statements that Mr. Garrison’s investigators had attributed to them. One witness, a psychologist, testified that he had regularly fingerprinted his daughter to make sure a spy had not taken her place.

Several students of the Kennedy assassination said that even though Mr. Garrison’s was seriously flawed, he served as a positive force in focusing attention on the inadequacies of the Warren Commission and pressing for the release of many still-confidential documents .  =======  from his obit.


DA Garrison’s wheel.pdf

MOAB, Mother of All bombs

The U.S. military conducted a strike on an ISIS-K tunnel complex in the Achin district of Nangahar province, Afghanistan, on Thursday, April 13, at 7:32 PM local time (UTC +4:30). A U.S. C-130 cargo plane dropped the GBU-43 Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB) as part of the U.S. military efforts to defeat ISIS-Khorasan in Afghanistan.

The 30-foot, 21,600 pound bomb was designed before the Iraq war but was never used there.  The detonation on Thursday was the first time the bomb has ever been used in combat. It was tested on March 11, 2003.

The unexpected use of the big bomb raises the question of whether this signals a new U.S.policy in the Middle East.  DJT has given plenty of tough talk about how he is going to defeat ISIS, this could be his second shot, the cruise missile attack being the first, in an escalation of U.S. military action in the area. . He has certainly given a signal to the world that he will not hesitate to take overt military action when and where he thinks  this is needed.

All the evidence does seem to  point toward a new U.S. policy; one that will rely more on military force over diplomacy.  The Department of State has already felt the brunt  of this downgrading of  emphasis on diplomacy as it has lost many career officers and many appointment positions remain unfilled, the most important one, the Deputy Secretary of State position has not been filled, and Rex Tillerson has been “out of sight and out of mind” from most of the time so far in this new administration.

The chart for bomb strike set for Washington D.C. below:

MOABWhat we want to find on from this chart is  whether the bomb strike was significant and if it marks a real shift in U.S. war policy, or was it just a “show-off” tactic, an attempt to intimidate adversaries?  There was, however, a tactical situation at Aschin, the destruction of a tunnel network, that the MOAB could possibly alleviate, and so there was a practical justification.

The chart does suggest that this attack was important as there are five planets in angular houses, the 10th, 7th and 4th, forming a T Square with Pluto focal in the 7th.  The Sun,Uranus and Mercury in the 10th (Executive Branch) suggest that it  believes this is an extremely important turn of events and feels quite powerful, dominant; Pluto in the 7th appears as a powerful, insidious adversary; and Jupiter in the 4th is indicative of strong support from the “homeland”.  Military action by an American President invariably gets high approval from the public.

The Sabian Symbol for the 10th degree of Cancer which was rising at Washington D.C. at the time the bomb was dropped is: a large diamond not completely carved.  A first impression of this is of a situation/condition that is incomplete but is in the process of being cut, shaped and refined.

It is however not just anything that is undergoing this process of refinement but a precious diamond, something of great worth ( from the perspective of DJT and his advisers). Greater insight into a question can often be gained by looking at the symbol of opposite degree, in this case, for 10 Capricorn: an albatross feeding from the hand.  

The albatross was a bird of bad reputation among the seafaring class, a harbinger of bad luck.  The fact that it is being feed may mean that DJT and his advisory people are “feeding the wrong bird”, i.e. they may have a flawed plan, which is at this point not finished, but the direction they are going will likely backfire, but, they, are, it seems, hot to carry something off.

The next chart is a bi-wheel of DJT’s natal wheel and the MOAB detonation chart set at Washington D.C.

Trump-MOABA glance at the bi-wheel with the major aspect configurations marked in clearly tells the story.  The Moon is the trigger as it moves through Scorpio, at 20 degrees, it opposed the transiting Mars which was exactly on DJT’s MC and square to his natal Mars and Ascendant.

Also, 9 Cancer 43, the MOAB Ascendant degree was conjunct DJT’s natal Mercury.  There is also Grand Square with the focus on DJT’s natal Venus and Saturn.  This over-all planetary pattern, except for the Moon, will persist for quite some time because it involves the heavy planets; Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus.

Mars has been a powerful actor in the pattern but will be out of the picture by the end of this month, April, thus, the “heat in DJT’s stove” will be turned down a bit and he may feel less need to shoot from the hip and give more thought to situations before acting.

 If the country can make it through April without a major conflict,  turmoil or upset of some sort  we should be safe for a while.

Margaret: Pearl of the Green Mountain State

Margaret is a friend of ours who offered up her horoscope for discussion.  Bravo Margaret, we need more volunteers to fill up our database! Margaret’s chart is here,  without our notations.

margaret north node

Her Ascendant at 24.02 Scorpio is “An X-Ray” suggesting her integrity and her ability to share herself selflessly with others but it warns of her being oversensitive to her environment particularly as this is semi-sextile her Chiron, the unicorn healer / patient of the zodiac.

She is Bowl temperament Type with a Jupiter handle in the Fourth house.   Margaret tends to let things go; she is forever expending energy on things particularly that relate to her house and environment.  Jupiter right on the Fifth house cusp makes her a Drama Queen and rather melodramatic.


Ceres at 21.13 Sagittarius is a “Chinese Laundry” receives an opposition from the wild card of the zodiac, Uranus, Cancer 09.29, suggesting that these various stresses result in “Seclusion” impairing her mobility, and as it effects the Ninth house, a lot of this is by choice. That is supported by her Saturn in Virgo on the 12th House cusp where fearing failure because of her own harsh self-criticism, she has put too much stress on her “gut” forcing her to withdraw from participation in life because of “health problems.” She needs to let those debilitating Virgoan thoughts go, as they are not only working against herself but creating a wedge between her others as she is too judgmental and critical. Instead, she should harness Pisces where her North Node resides and learn to be more loving, sharing and spontaneous.

Margaret’s Part of Fortune at 22.10 less than a degree away from Ceres, “Immigrants Entering”  emphasizing her need to surrender extraneous matters and concentrate on what matters most. That unfortunately puts us back to her Jupiter handle of her Bucket and her desire to be part of everything, thus the samsara tug of needing to let go and her not wanting to relinquish dominates her life.


                 Do two T-squares make a Grand Cross?

Margaret has two T-Squares in her chart, but no they do not make a Grand Cross.  The first is with Jupiter is opposite Pluto in the ninth house of faith and religion with its outlet at the Moon in the twelfth house, suggesting that experiences with large institutional religion may unleash some bad experiences.  Scorpio 17.28 is the “woods rich in autumn coloring,” with the keyword of Fulfillment but reminds tells her that she needs to heed the desire of following perverse things for the sake of being perverse, as that may ricochet back in her face.

Her next T-Square is between the asteroid Chiron and Uranus pointing to unusual health issues.  The outlet here is at Venus suggesting that they will be debilitating and slowly progressive,  but as Venus is in a stellium of the Sun, Neptune, and Mercury that instead of seeing what she lost, she needs to focus on mastering new talents and modes of communication.

Mercury is the key here, as it is in the tightest orb to the opposition at Libra 06.06.  Its symbol is a “woman feeding chooks and protecting them from the hawks.”  it is on the cusp of the 1-11th house, suggesting that her trials and tribulations should be used as vehicles for greater social awareness, instead of morbid self-pity.

She is a garrulous talker and communicator thanks to her Line of Efficiency and lives for an audience.  YouTube and oral blogging are just two ways for her to communicate with an audience and share her insights, as well as local library chats.  With all four planetary pairs aspected in her chart, Margaret would enjoy the hubbub of social activity & camraderie.

9th Appeals Court and the Trump Decree

The court is scheduled for an hourlong oral argument for Tuesday in San Francisco, California at 3:30 pm on the Immigration Edict that is being challenged by the Attorney General of the states of Washington & Minnesota.

The administration’s brief was the last in a series of urgent pleas to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, which is now set to rule on the most ambitious and disruptive initiative of Mr. Trump’s young presidency. The ruling will almost certainly be followed by an appeal unless surprisingly, the 9th knocks it back.

The Justice Department on Monday evening is urging  a federal appeals court to reinstate President Trump’s targeted travel ban, saying the immediate action was needed to ensure the nation’s safety.  The ban affects 60,000 Immigrants.

From the Mundane perspective, viewing the Horary Chart of this event, we see that it is a Bucket Temperament Type with the Moon Handle at 9.30  in the twelfth house of Welfare exalted by being found in its own house.  This makes sense since the issue from the Trump Administration point of view is that it is highlighting just immigrants from known terrorist countries.  Exile, terrorism,&  jail are all covered by the twelfth house.

It does have an interesting correlation from the Attorney General of the USA who feels those arguments are more about President Trump overstepping his boundaries, shown by Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn 18.12 in the 7th house.  The Lord of Capricorn is ound in the sixth house, there is an of civil servants, Military, and national defense, basically telling us that this is an insurrection (Plutonian energy) by government employees against their Chief.

The Line of Efficiency of Venus conjunct Mars at the Midheaven tells there is a high interest in the case particularly from the President and the Justice Department who is representing the government’s case, but also the Media who as fourth estate is found also residing there.  It’s Lord is also found there, Mars, and is trine the sixth house, so it like a house divided against itself.

Viewing the T-Cross at Jupiter in the fourth at 23.8 Libra, is the keyword “Watchfulness.”  It has the symbol of “An open window blowing its curtains into the wind,” which is apropos for the whole scenario.  In it’s negative form, it portrays a petty self-important figure dispensing favours; in reality it can be used by the defense or the prosecution just as curtains blow one way now and another way later.

The Grand Cardinal Trine, that creates an organizing aspect, suggests that this issue will not die easily, &  Uranus at 21.15 Aries concurs that this is an unstable situation, just like the blowing curtain — things will never be static unless the window gets closed.

Charubel, the Welsh mystic, describes this as an amusement hall, which we guess for those fascinated by the push-pull of headlines and talking heads, works too.  But in the short term, the fixed star, Baten Kaitos, portends downfall for the Trump administration and bitter humiliation.  Long term, we would bet on Scotus (Pluto at the Square is Lord of Scorpio and rules the 4th House or the head of US legislature Federal Affairs)  getting the case; there looks like nothing at the State level will solve this.

Download the chart of the frisco-appeal-2-7-2017