Updating Astrologer-Psychologist Liz Greene

In Ms. Greene’s book, The Outer Planets and their Cycles, section #5, Liz admits that her “Mercury is in Gemini”. Based on her birthday of September 4th that cannot be literally true Mercury is never that far away from the Sun (which in September is in Virgo), so she must mean is that it is in its the third house or Gemini.

Re-rectifying Liz

When we originally rectified her chart, we put her Mercury in the 9th, and Sagittarius. Now we have to switch it around 180 degrees and Mercury is in the 3rd house (vivification or the ability to make things come alive). Instead of a 28 Scorpio ascendant for 1 PM, she now has a 15 Cancer for 1 AM and the Hyperion Symbol of “candles in a shadowy room.” This highlights her ability to be attuned to opposite conditions with the fine skill which discerns each. Gavin McClung gives this symbol, the keyword of “Sensitivity.”

Change in Type

Greene was a deviated bowl; now she is a bucket with a Uranus handle at 12.33 Gemini [HS] “antique seals and sigils” commenting on her conscious sense for dealing with the unknown and forgotten pasts. As this is in the 12th house or the hidden world of the psyche, her focal determinator Uranus allows her contribute Jungian archetypes and myths in self-awareness.

Opposite her Uranus handle is a preponderance of planets in Sagittarius (Administration) in the 6th house where her daily work as a psychologist cum astrologist encourages her to travel both physically and metaphorically to expound her theories and techniques. Her South Node (SN) there is a mutable (cadent) house that always deal with realization.

With two planets and a node there, we see that Ms Greene employs understanding to find an untapped market to which she acts like a guru because coming right after the preponderance of in Leo (assurance) she makes her students (audience) feel that she not only has an “instinctive response” (the 4th) to the problems but also can express the answer both creativity and personally.” (the 5th). Such an ability has led to her unparalleled financial success (she and Robert Hand own Astro.com and now Astrotheme.com).

Greene’s Yod

Using again her idea of Pluto and Neptune for the yod points, as they a sextile away, her original yod is still at 8 Virgo but now in 3rd house. Here we see that Liz has a strong philosophical nature (she has Ph.D. in philosophy) with an abundance of ideals and concepts that do not always translate into practical terms. While she is a glib conversationalist, it’s hard to fully grasp her meanings, as talks on an abstract plane. This was apparent in the Outer Body book with her insistence Pluto is a female planet akin to the Furies, where elsewhere it is associated with Mars. Those who have read her other books can discern that same thread. Her discussion with her audience keeps her grounded, they can point out inconsistencies (and they do!) and jumps in logic that are perplexing. This is like to the conversation she has with her clients who probably do the same.

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Almost Saint: George Sanders

George Sanders was born on July 3, 1906 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  He was twelve years old when the Russian Revolution came around, and his family fled to England supporting his Moon inconjunct his Sun suggesting “sudden home upsets.”

 His parents were Henry Peter  Sanders (1868–1960), and Margarethe Sanders (née Kolbe; 1883–1967) both also born in the city.  She was of Estonian-German parentage and her husband the bastard son a prince of the House of Oldenburg who had an affair with a lesser duchess while married to a sister of the Czar.  The actor Tom Conway (1904–1967) was George Sanders’s elder brother; their sister Margaret was the youngest born in 1912.

george sanders

                                                                                   Almost Prince


Sanders chart supports that belief because of the South Node in the fifth house and Uranus in the fourth, so the 1990 biography is true.  He was an exquisite actor in many roles from Rebecca to the Falcon to the movie serial the Saint — that Uranus in the fourth opposite his Sun in the tenth suggests that his decision, like many actors who forewent television, it was a mistake not to reprise his role.  His point focus at Saturn on the seventh house cusp, suggests that he too traditional to make that break, and so Roger Moore got that chance to be Simon Templar despite his miserable few years in the television show, Maverick (replacing Jim Garner who went on to movies and The Great Escape).

Sanders was married several times, twice to Gabor sisters.  None of these marriages worked because despite his caddish character on the screen, he was a romantic and swayed by opportunistic gold-diggers.  As his chart is a see-saw (hourglass) this swaying was intrinsic to his personality — the bulk of his planets are in the tenth and eleventh houses supporting his strong ambition and concern for his image, but the other part, spread out in the northern hemisphere shows his weak spots:  the moon in the third and his various talents in writing, singing and acting, the fourth his birth and inability to capitalize on new technologies, and the sixth that creates the Line of motivation and binds the upper and lower halves by his work ethic (Saturn to Jupiter trine).

Alas it is that Saturn on the seventh house cusp that was also his nemesis, as it shows a depressive outlook if his work-marriage decisions did not pan out and sextile the Part of Spirit in the eighth led to his suicide on April 25, 1972 in Spain from barbiturate poisoning and finally validating the symbol of his Ascendant as a “large public building the flag breezily flies at half mast.”  It suggests that the appreciation of his work is hailed even after his death as it gives a common sustainment for the human emotion.

His autobiography is here.

Kansas City says farewell to Patsy Cline

Since we are in Kansas this week, I noticed, that today is the 55th memorial for the death of Patsy Cline and crew who took off from here on March 3, 1963 on a fatal flight back home to Nashville, Tennessee.

The chart below is pogressed from Ms. Cline’s rectified natal to approxmiate time at the KC airport. She was there to perform at benefit at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas for the family of disc jockey “Cactus” Jack Call, who had died in an automobile crash a little over a month earlier.

A Comanche Piper PA-24 plane

She boarded a Piper PA-24 Comanche plane, four-seat or six-seat, low-wing, all-metal, light aircraft of semi-monocoque construction with tricycle retractable landing gear. It was  designed and developed the Comanche and cost about 14.500 at the time.  That would be about $130K today.

Also on board were country performers Hawkshaw Hawkins famous for his Sunny Side of the Mountain, and Lloyd Estel “Cowboy”  Copas who hit #1 with his ditty, Alabam.  Their manager Randy Hughes, was also the pilot but not trained in instrument flying, a requirement for inclement weather when visibility is poor.

I have darkened all the houses that do not have major planets within,  clearly showing a see-saw temperament type for the flight. At this point, her Part of Fortune is in 30 Pisces the Ninth House of administration and travel,accurate as because of her gifted voice she was travelling everywhere from the East Coast to the Midwest with her very aggressive road manager after being discovered on the Arthur Godfrey Show.

patsy leaves KC.png

The PoF is opposite her Venus at Virgo 02, where Venus is ill-dignified in the second house of resorces and then makes a Cosmic Cross to Vulkanus in the twelth house (hidden pressures) to Pallas (seeking approval) in the sixth. Based on the reports from the flight manager in Tennessee that could only be her manager, Randy Hughes, as everyone on the flight was under his administration, because the only act that wasn’t, Dottie West, drove back home with her husband. From the chart, it would seem that Ms. Cline wanted to join the West’s but did not want to upset her manager because she was so reliant on him for bookings.

Hughesmade a fuel stop in Missouri, and another landing at Dyersburg Municipal Airport in Dyersburg, Tennessee before departing for Cornelia Fort Airpark, near Nashville. The airfield manager at Cornelia recommended that the weather was quickly worsening and recommended them staying overnight. Hughes shrugged that off and told his people to board the Comanche. The manager was right and the flight encountered severe inclement weather crashing in a forest near Camden, Tennessee on the evening of March 5, 1963, killing all on board. Patsy Cline was 30 years old.

The chart of the accident shows that her PoF is now on the twelfth-first house cusp, signing her over to posterity.  Sadly though, her transitting Saturn, again her manager and the Dragon’s Tail of betrayal, are in the eighth house of death but trine her PoF.  If it wasn’t so sad, it would be “crazy.”

patsy cline death.PNG

patsy leaves KC.pdf

Patsy Cline’s rectified nativity.

She was born Virginia Patterson Hensley on september 8th, 1932 in Winchester City, VA, her father was a blacksmith and her mother was a 16-year-old seamstress. She became familiar with music at an early age, singing in church with her mother. When her father left, she was forced to drop out of high school and work odd jobs to help support her family.

paty cline natal.png

After several weeks of watching performers through the window at her local radio station, she asked WINC-AM disc jockey and talent coordinator Jimmy McCoy if she could sing on his show. Her first performance on radio in 1947 was so well received that she was requested to come back and sing again. This led to performances at local nightclubs, wearing fringed Western stage outfits that her mother made from Patsy’s designs.

She started singing in variety and talent showcases in and around the Winchester, Virginia and Tri-State area, and coupled with increasing appearances on local radio, she soon attracted a large following. In 1954 Jimmy Dean, a young country star, learned of her and she became a regular with Dean on Connie B. Gay’s “Town and Country Jamboree” radio show, airing weekday afternoons live on WARL-AM in Arlington, Virginia.

patsy on wedding day to charlie dick.jpg
Patsy and Charlie Dick on their wedding day.

In September 1953 she married Gerald Cline, a contractor who was considerably older than her and divorced him four years later because he did not want her traipsing around with other men singing. A few months after her divorce, she married Charlie Dick, a linotype operator, with whom she had two children.

In 1955 her manager, Bill Peer, got her a contract at Four Star Records, the label with which he was then affiliated and also gave her the first name of Patsy, from her middle name that was her mother’s maiden name, Patterson and used Cline instead of Dick for obvious reasons.

In the late fall of 1956, she auditioned for “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts” in New York City, New York and was accepted to sing on the CBS-TV show on January 21, 1957. She was originally supposed to sing “A Poor Man’s Roses (Or a Rich Man’s Gold),” but the show’s producers insisted she sing “Walkin’ After Midnight” instead. Though heralded as a country song, Godfrey’s staff insisted that Cline appear in a cocktail dress rather than in one of her mother’s hand-crafted cowgirl outfits.

Patsy and Charlie and their two children

The audience’s enthusiastic ovations pushed the applause meter to its apex, winning the competition for her. After the Godfrey show, listeners began calling their local radio stations to request the song, and she released it as a single. The song reached Number 2 on the country charts and Number 12 on the pop charts, making her one of the first country singers to have a crossover pop hit.

From 1955 to 1957 she recorded honky-tonk songs like “Fingerprints,” “Pick Me Up on Your Way Down,” “Don’t Ever Leave Me Again,” and “A Stranger in My Arms,” with her co-writing the latter two. In 1958, after the birth of her daughter Julie, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

Known to be generous with her friends, she often bought them groceries and furniture, hiring them as wardrobe assistants, and occasionally paying their rent in order for them to stay in Nashville to pursue their dreams.

In June 1961 she and her brother Sam were involved in a head-on collision in Nashville. The impact threw her into the windshield, nearly killing her. When help arrived, she insisted that the other car’s driver be treated first. She spent a month in the hospital, suffering from a jagged cut across her forehead that required stitches, a broken wrist, and a dislocated hip. When she left the hospital, her forehead was visibly scarred and for the remainder of her career, she wore wigs and makeup to hide the scars, along with headbands to relieve the forehead pressure that caused headaches if left unattended.

Six weeks later, she returned to the road on crutches. Unable to capitalize upon the success of “I Fall to Pieces” because of hospitalizaion, she sought another recording to reestablish herself and found “Crazy”, written by Willie Nelson. She instantly disliked the composition and the inaugural recording session was unsuccessful.

Her ribs still hurting from the car accident, she was unable to reach the high notes and the sound was flat. After several other attempts and different instrumentals she liked the tune better and cut the record in a single take. “Crazy” would ultimately become her signature song. B late 1961, it was another crossover success, reaching the Top 10 on the both charts.

In 1961 she became the first woman in country music to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall and the following year she headlined the famous Hollywood Bowl with Johnny Cash and became the first woman in country music to headline her own show in Las Vegas at the Mint Casino.

Patsy’s natal rectified chart

Today 2-21-18 in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina

hurdle mills nc

We have stellium of Pisces in the Sixth House in the Bowl corresponding  to the laboring classes and volunteers  and so rules employment, unemployment and wage conditions.  With the Part of Fortune in the Tenth House at 15 Cancer trine our newly birthed Piscean Sun, and heralding the beginning of tax season.  Our ascendant at 29 Virgo is at a critical degree telling us that this is a time of “discovery” as you peruse your paperwork you may find out that your “estimated taxes” are not going to do the job, too many surprises,  or a long research project finally yields fruit in unexpected ways.

Our Moon in Taurus opposite Jupiter in the second house with the south node as point focus in the fifth house.  This is a little touchier as “betrayal”  take the spot particularly involving  may come to light that is another discovery, but one that is not as easily reconciled as it deals with personal loyalty  and acknowledgement– [Aquarius is loyalty in the 16th degree of  the big businessman at his desk according to the Sabian Symbols].

Our picture is of Durham near our local Hurdle Mills, North Carolina.

RIP Arabella Kennedy

Arabella Kennedy was the first of the four children born to John and Jacqueline Kennedy on August 23, 1955. Only two of their children made it adulthood, and two, Arabella and John Patrick, died at birth and both were born in August.

Arabella died shortly after birth and was buried the next day in Newport, Rhode Island with a simple marker “Daughter”.  Chances are that the mother laid in there, because Hammersmith (our featured image by the way)  was the home of her mother, Janet Lee,  and her second husband, Hugh Dudley Auchincloss , whom she married in 1942.  Also part of Hammersmith was a parcel called the “Windmill” a  single-family home built  like a windmill, with three bedrooms, two baths  on a 6.5-acre lot, that Jackie summered at after her mother’s remarriage with her sister Caroline Lee (Lee Radziwill), but it would be doubtful that the pregnant Jackie would have stayed there alone.

jackie and caroline lee.jpg
Sisters Jackie and Caroline Lee

Curiosity made me bring up this chart, and looking it i was caught immediately the amount of her oppositions therein, including an ominous one from the Second to the Eighth House that seems to suggest that Mrs. Kennedy had had a bad pregnancy.  There is an interesting Septile from Mercury to Saturn that makes me think of toxemia, but of course that is a guess.  The birth time was set for sunrise.

Then there is another unfortunate aspect from Hygeia at 19 Capricorn to Venus at 14 Cancer in the Twelfth House that may have been indicative of this heavily watched and doctored pregnancy. Yet, despite all their efforts, the baby was not to be.

arabella kennedy.pdf