#903 Was Thelma Todd Murdered?

Thelma Todd was the daughter of a pair of immigrants: John Todd of Ireland and Alice Edwards of Canada. They met in Boston where John was working in the rug trade. It was a whirlwind courtship and they married on June 20, 1900 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, about 30 miles away in a Congregationalist ceremony. On July 27, 1903 their first son, William was born, and … Continue reading #903 Was Thelma Todd Murdered?

Jupiter and the South-North Korean Conflict

Some astrologers think that Jupiter is the ruling planet for America because of its Sagittarian ascendant.  Of course there are lots of debate on that, but many others use Jupiter because of its 12 year cycle that is not too short, like Mars, and not too long, like Saturn, but right in the middle.  We are in the latter group, so looking at Jupiter and … Continue reading Jupiter and the South-North Korean Conflict

Astrologer Ruth Gerry

Ruth Gerry was a spectacular astrologer. She born on September 17, 1900 in Boston, Massachusetts and was descended from the original Mayflower party in 1622.  She married Edward Gerry who was head of the Willimantic Orchestra and a talented composer; they had no children. Before she met Marc Edmund Jones of the Sabian Assembly, she was a member of the Theosophical Society in Boston where … Continue reading Astrologer Ruth Gerry

#250 Playing Tennis with Sheila Birkenhead

Marc Jones states that she was a tennis player in the Sabian Symbols.  His time is generally accepted, so our chart here agrees.  She was the daughter of William Ewart Berry, 1st Viscount Camrose and Mary Agnes, Viscountess Camrose and married Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith, 2nd Earl of Birkenhead. She is a southern hemisphere bowl type that spans from Jupiter in Neptune in the first … Continue reading #250 Playing Tennis with Sheila Birkenhead

Trump in Syria – Another view

Above is a picture of the attack.  I like maps and always want to know where geographically things are and the geopolitical boundaries involved.  I am using the same coordinates as the previous post. The News Cycle On Capitol Hill, many lawmakers described the attack as long overdue and a necessary exercise of American leadership on the world stage, even as many Democrats warned that … Continue reading Trump in Syria – Another view