Dr. Broughton, astrologer extraordinaire

The time and place comes from Dr. Broughton’s own Elements of Astrology, self-published in 1898 from his home at 68 South Washington Square, Greenwich Village, New York. This is now part of the ever expanding New York University campus.

Broughton’s 1st and 7th houses are intercepted that includes his Ascendant and an exalted Moon in Cancer in his 1st house, but is conjunct Saturn that is in its detriment there. Perhaps this is suggesting that his gift of prophecy suffered from the “Kassandra” effect. The asteroid is not there though, but a trine away in Pisces at 29 Pisces 58, a degree away from his midheaven. While Pluto is his closest square, that planet was discovered 30 years after this death; instead we are choosing the Sun square Uranus at 1.56 off exactness as his dynamic aptitude that highlights his perverse delight in being different from his society’s norm. Personally, it shows his vanity and stubbornness, that made his personal life difficult.

Dr. Luke Dennis Broughton (1828 – 1899) was born on April 20, 1828 at 10 AM in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. His father taught him, and his brother astrology & he recounts how the minister argued mightily with them when the father died –early btw– of the evils therein. That did not deter either of the Broughton boys and while he was never a sole astrological practitioner, he did have many famous students like Wm. H. Chaney (#190), Catherine Thompson, John Hazelrigg (#443) & Evangeline Adams (#6) . His family immigrated to Philadelphia where Broughton studied the new science of homeopathy that was taking root there (the last homeopathic school of medicine closed shortly after his death).

Broughton drew up astrology charts for many famous people like Presidents Grover Cleveland and Wm. McKinley, both whom he cast their election victories. He was good friends with Alfred John Pearce (aka Zadkiel # 756), and had an enormous library of astrology and occult manuscripts (supposedly about 14,000 volumes). He recommended foremost of all, the J. M. Ashmand translation of Ptolmy’s Tetrabiblios for those wanting to learn the art.

He had three sons, Matthew, Mark and Luke, who followed his father into homeopathy and a daughter Rachael (English spelling).

Broughton was the first astrologer to identify the “20-year cycle” of US presidents dying in office.  In 1864, his prediction of the death of Abraham Lincoln in his Monthly Planet Reader was widely publicized and like Jerome Cardano, prophesied his own death.

1st Natl Woman Suffrage Convention

Seneca Falls was established as the first convention in the 1890s by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, neither of whom had attended, but the true  first event used to anchor the movement was on October 23, 1850 in Worcester, Massachusetts.¹  The Seneca Falls dates of July 18-19th 1848,   was adopted to  acknowledge Nantucket born Lucretia Mott work, because she was the defacto leader of the new women’s right movement,  being such a prominent figure in the earlier abolition movement and a also woman.


Te Worcester, Massachusetts convention,, was the actual  first national woman suffrage convention, because that was when activists from different states united into a larger whole on the agenda.  It gathered men and women from all over the Northeastern United States, including Maine, New York, Ohio and Indiana.  The one major state that did not fully participate was Pennsylvania because Philadelphians felt that it took momentum away from the Abolition movement.

..the first national women’s rights convention was in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1850, because that is when local events became coordinated into a larger, national whole….&  delegates from women’s right groups around the Northeast and Midwest were fomenting.¹

The Worcester location probably worked because it was at a  confluence of many railroads as shown on the map below.  As horse and buggy would be both expensive and lengthy for such a trip, railroads were the nations life blood, criss crossing around the fruited plane.  Of course the attendees had to make connections and wait at stations, it was the fastest and cheapest method of travel.  The Worcester spot also benefitted from the proximity to the fire-brand abolition spot of Boston that was 50 miles  and as easy train ride away, (see the yellow circle for Boston and the Aqua for Worcester on the train map below) as well as being the homes  of  (#599) James Russell Lowell, William Lloyd Garrison, Bronson Alcott (father of #17 Louisa May) , Henry David Thoreau and #348 Stephen Foster (whose wife Jane was an organizer).

worcester 1870 railroad map.png

Lucretia’s passion though  was for  fighting slavery. Feeling that “the Slave” had the “first claim” on her time and energy, she urged Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other young reformers to take the platform at the annual, and sometimes semi-annual, wom- en’s right meetings.5 At these conventions, Mott and other activists analyzed the obstacles to women’s equal citizenship. With her long history of confronting reli- gious authorities, Mott contributed an incisive critique of the way church and state cooperated to limit women’s sphere… Yet as firmly as she believed in women’s rights, but the women’s movement did not inspire her with the same sense of urgency, righteousness, or moral intensity as abolition. Committed to a universal conception of liberty, Mott questioned the tactical conservatism and narrow vision of some early women’s rights activists also.²

We do not know at what time the Worcester Convention started, nor exactly where it was held,  just the span of days, but chose 8 am as most people in that point in US history were still early risers because of agriculture.  This start gives us Scorpio 18 and the Hyperion symbol of “bees at a sunflower.”  McClung writes that this symbol is evocative of the promised rewards outweigh the current tribulations.  McClung’s mentor and teacher, Marc Jones, actually picks up on the autumnal features of New England itself with the symbol of  “a woods rich in autumn colouring,”  suggesting nature’s high ministry of service, and the varying manifestations of reality support the fruitage by innumerable resources on hand.

                                                                                                                   The women

Top left is Lucretia Mott, below her is Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  The Round picture in the middle is Lucy Stoner.  The last picture is of Susan B. Anthony.


                                              The Event

worcester 1850.png

The layout is a see-saw or hourglass temperament type showing the split between the priority of slaves in bondage, a strong preponderance in the twelfth to eleventh house versus the creative desire of women for the vote.  This see-saw is united by the opposition in Uranus at 28 Aries to the Sun in  Libra 29 demonstrating their refusal to stand-down and be ignored.  It also shows the high nervous tension this aroused amongst women and men because of its perceived rivalry with abolition.  This aspect reared its head again in the 2008 Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with Chelsea Clinton’s anger over a “woman being ignored in favour of a man” because the two had similar politics.

A still from the lost 1910 tricentennial movie memorialising Princess Pocahontas of Virginia.

Transpluto, that oddity, is also in the fifth house highlighting the suffragette’s untiring energy for work and creative powers to introduce new ideas and raise consciousness.  The hypothetical planet (but not a TransNeptunian) is conjunct Saturn showing strong persistence and great managerial skill in bringing delegates from all over the northeast to converge in Worcester, It is also conjunct Uranus (materialization of new vibrant ideas) that happens to be partile Pluto (a burgeoning desire for acknowledgement), while Neptune, newly discovered, hovers right on the angular fourth house cusp, showing the growing importance of women’s duties and responsibilities in the home and family.

Again we see Chiron our “culture creatior breaker-maker” right on the first house cusp at 28 Cancer  “a modern Pocahontas,”  highlilghting the idea that various phases of human endeavour  provide new potentials of a genuine pioneer spirit.

draco 1850.png
The Draconic Chart for the event acknowledging Cassanda Butler’s lecture from SOTA and its importance in highlighting the spiritual dimension of an event.

Women’s rights activists inaugurated their national movement at a convention in Worcester, Massachusetts, on October 23 and 24, 1850. Previous conventions had been explicitly regional, garnering local participants and attention. In Worcester, 500–1,000 reformers attended from across the northeast, attracting the notice of newspapers in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Lucretia signed the call for the convention, which invited men and women to “harmonize in opinion and cooperate in effort, for the reason that they must unite in the ultimate achievement of the desired reformation.” This statement recalled her resolution on participation of male allies at the Seneca Falls Convention years before.

The goal that activists “harmonize in opinion” proved more elusive. Female and male delegates at the Worcester convention discussed the strategy to be adopted by the young movement, revealing early divisions over respectability and race that hardened after the Civil War.²

Women finally got the vote seventy years later on August 18 1920 when President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law.  Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony,  Lucy Stoner were all by then long dead.

download the chart for the Worcester Women’s Rights Conference 1850


  1. The myth of Seneca Falls, Memory and the Women’s Suffrage Movement 1848-1898 by Lisa Tetrault, The University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, North Carolina c. 2014
    1. Published via a grant from the Greensboro Women’s Fund of the Universtiy of the North Carolina Press.
  2.   Lucretia Mott’s Heresey, Abolition and Women’s Rights in the Nineteenth Century America by Carol Fulkner, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 c. 2011

#347 Sigmund Freud & the Piano Keys


We mentioned previously that Elbert Hubbard was the first horoscope in How to Learn Astrology with a full complement of astrological symbology.  Sigmund Freud is part of the earlier lessons where Marc Jones uses his “piano key” to highlight what the student should focus on.  In a B&W publishing word, the piano keys were a great invention and keeps the eye focused on the points under discussion.  For Dr. Freud that was Mars in the Third House.


                                                   Gimme a sign

Dr. Jones does not note the houses because he wants the student to get used to eyeballing the chart and determining  their temperament type (another one of his inventions) right off.   His idea was that you get the birds-eye view of the chart and then zone in for the details.  Using that approach with Freud, we notice that he was bundle (all the planets in the south are within 120º) with a lone Mars in the north.  This Martial handle transforms the upper group  into bucket.

Download the Sigmund Freud chart with glyphs and houses noted.

Jones only uses ten planets for his pattern:  Sun, Moon, Mercury,  Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  The latter three “have paths of motion in the sky farther from the sun than the earth’s own orbit” while “Venus and Mercury have their paths between the earth and sun.”  These ten bodies  are placed in the horoscope exactly as they lie in the heavens, as seen from a geocentric (earth or a person centered) point of view,  for “by their position in the houses and signs,” lies a  correspondence to human affairs and thus supporting the prime of the seven esoteric principles “So above, so below.


In Freud’s chart, the location of a lone planet in a hemisphere gives it exaggerated influence, on the principle that anything set off by itself has special importance. At times a singleton planet will seem to dominate all the other nine planets and the native’s whole character will have a pointed emphasis because of that singleton’s hemisphere. — Marc Edmund Jones, How to Learn Astrology.

                                                    Freud’s Northeastern Hemispheric Bias

For Dr. Freud, this bias is in the north eastern hemisphere of his chart.  The corresponding northwestern hemisphere is totally absent, and marked in a darker hue.  The planets tend to congregate in the southern hemisphere of his chart and all within 120 degrees from start to finish.  Had the errant Mars been part of that group, he would be a bundle temperament type, but as it strikes out in opposition, it is a bucket, which is why the planet Mars in Freud’s chart has such marked importance — it is pioneering the hemisphere of personal identity.

glyph of mars.jpg
The glyph of Mars — the circle of the Infinite ruled by its search for matter.  It is aligned with the colour of blood red.

The symbol of Mars is a circle of the Infinite that is ruled by the searching for matter.  In practice the glyph is the the circle with an arrowhead jutting forth depicting the need to strike out beyond its harmonic confines and seek.  The glyph  indicates the impulsive spirit that searches out knowledge (science is the study of knowing), power, & opportunity for its own purposes.  Thus Mars has the dual nature:  it both constructive and destructive  — it destroys what it will re-create it in its own image. 

the older Freud.  He smoked cigars until his death from throat cancer.

This idea is actually Aristotelian, a Greek philosopher scientist who taught Alexander the Great of Macedonia and whom himself was a student of Plato.  Aristotle  lived in 384–322 B.C Athens and posited that if something is undifferentiated and formless it becomes transmuted into a new thing that has both form and substance by the search for wisdom¹

                                             So what does Mars mean in Freud’s chart?

Mars the singleton in Freud’s chart means that  it is an individual member that is distinct from the others — it is separate and alone.  As we said previously, being a solitary planet in a hemisphere makes Mars the most important planet in Dr. Freud’s chart and denotes that like religious reformer Martin Luther he is a reformer concerned with the individual (the northern hemisphere) and not the group.  Jones believed that it was solitary effort, the man (or woman) alone was at the zenith of human potential and so individuals who helped and encouraged that idealization, were paragons of personal effort.

 As a matter of record, no other man in human history has done as spectacular a job of pioneering in the hidden depths of personality. Thus he gives an excellent dramatization of this planet’s fundamental nature.  Moreover, Mars lies in the third house of communication and daily environment,  showing that Freud’s pioneer work took place mainly in the affairs of everyday living. What he explored was a practical technique for helping every individual adjust to the various situations they encounter.   ——–  Marc Edmund Jones, How to Learn Astrology


  1. This is how this syllogism works.
    1. A child goes out to play and bumps himself on a hard thing and gets hurt.  He goes home and tells his parents.  They do not understand what the hard thing is, so he brings them to the spot and shows them.  The hard thing is now transmuted into a form with a tough substance that the parents call “rock.”
    2. He goes out another day and hits against another hard thing.  It is bigger than the first and now he  asks his parents “do rocks have different sizes?”  and they say “yes.”  The child now tells them, he has banged against a “bigger rock.”  And so it goes.

Lillian Ross, The New Yorker Reporter

Lillian Ross, who became known as the consummate fly-on-the-wall reporter in more than six decades at The New Yorker, whether writing about Ernest Hemingway, Hollywood or a busload of Indiana high school seniors on a class trip to New York.

lillian ross


Ms. Ross preached unobtrusive reporting and practiced what she preached. She outlined her credo in the preface to her book “Reporting” (1964): “Your attention at all times should be on your subject, not on you. Do not call attention to yourself.” And true to form, on assignment, Ms. Ross asked very few questions and never used tape recorders but filled many notebooks.

In 1998 she published “Here but Not Here: A Love Story,” describing her 50-year love affair with William Shawn, the longtime editor of The New Yorker, who was married to someone else and who, if anything, had even been more compulsively guarded about his private life than she.   Former associates at the magazine accused her of betrayal.  Obviously though came out because of “their” son and his need for closure & bereavement had been denied.


Ms. Ross’s work was often cited as a precursor of the New Journalism of the 1960s, in which nonfictional material was presented in forms drawn from imaginative literature.

Her book “Reporting Always” was a collection of Ms. Ross’s journalism published in 2015. Credit Scribner

                      Astrologically Looking at Miss Ross

Miss Ross is a lipped bowl, with the lip in the Fourth House of fathers and home.  Her Ascendant at 15 Gemini suggests that it was quite natural for her to live a dual life, and it did not bother her.  She definitely enjoyed writing & all types of communication — with Jupiter in the First House she had a real zest for meeting and interviewing others.

Her Uranus is in her midheaven, which does suggest that she very much wanted to pioneer in some form of communication and with that disruptive planet square her Sun, it was a natural outgrowth of her personality that led to her what is called “New Reporting,”  or literary reporting where the emphasis is on the subject and not the reporter.

poppa and ross
Hemingway’s two sons, Gregory & Jack,  Ernest “Poppa”  Hemingway and Lillian Ross

That does not infer that she could not write fiction or whimsy as she has both Mercury and the Moon there, suggesting that she had a strong imagination tempered by a very intellectual outlook — journalism was a good outlet for such creative talents.  With no oppositions in her chart, Miss Ross was her own person and redoubtable writer.

Interestingly, with Venus in Taurus, where is reigns, she most likely had a very pleasant almost musical voice that helped in her interviewing, as people would enjoy her company and conversation.

All of this supports that her “New Reporting”  method was a natural for Miss Ross:  she has nothing in the Western Hemisphere of the chart nor in the Second House, all which highlight “others” in the horoscope.  She was very much a  Resourceful Lady and with her Sun in her First House, Miss Ross she tended to be a solitary person who did it “her way.”

Lillian Ross died at age 99 of a stroke on September 19 2017 at Lenox Hill Hospital on the East Side of Manhattan.   Her immediate survivor is her son Erik, whom she had adopted in Norway, and raised with Mr. Shawn as their son.





Belichick takes 5 in 2017

In honor of Bill Belichick’s Superbowl win, we decided to rectify his chart as we could find none anywhere, so we worked on this during the game; it was an enjoyable way to pass the time, particularly during the first half.


The original Croatian spelling of the name was Belicic, the “ci” giving a “ch” sound in the Romance languages.

Download Coach Belichick’s Chart here.

This map gives Coach Belichick an ascendant at 25 Libra is excellent for a sports coach, needing as they do to be a good balancing act,  good eyesight and the ability to see a unified whole of the disparate parts.


His Ascendant is opposite his Sun 26 Aries making a T-Cross at the Moon 22 Capricorn. This setup gives him a strong personality, harsh and few words, and with Jupiter right next to his Sun, and opposite his Lord Mars, a true martial personality. Belichick’s chart shows he is a workaholic, highly ambitious, with a strong cardinal [action oriented] drive.  His planets are heavily “fire” based too.

In another time and place, he would have made a great General, thankfully today with peaceful Pisces in his fifth house with the North Node at 27 Aquarius, these talents turn to making a great defensive coach-general manager of the Patriots.

His Part of Fortune at 20 Cancer (the Tribulations of the unacknowledged brilliant mind aka Karl Marx) in his ninth house of long journeys, is both literal, all the traveling that he and the team do, as well as figurative — it has taken him over twenty-five years to get favorable press. Besides the T-Cross, Belichick is marked with a Cardinal Grand Cross.


Belichick, Trump and Linda Holliday at Mar-Lago

Theosophist Annie Besant has a grand Cross of this type, as does Prince Otto Von Bismarck.  Dr. Jones in “How to Learn” discusses both charts, & writes that this type gives the native a “pioneering spirit” and strong “organizational” ability. It suggests a “person whose career and temperament” are linked to the age and time they are born.  For Belichick, a friend and supporter of Donald Trump, that has been true in several ways:


First, last year after coming out for Trump, he and his team were taken apart on the Deflategate created by the press and continues into the 2018 season.

This year, with his quick Mental Chemistry, he watched the Falcons run up the score at the second quarter, learning their plays and moves, and then came back in the second half exploiting their weakness for a historic win, using the same tactics that he used, and should have been familiar to the Falcon coach when he was beaten 3 years ago when he headed the Seahawks.  But then Dan Quinn is not Bill Belichick.

Belichick and his son Stephen via the New York Post.


Temperament Type

Coach Belichick is a Splash temperament type, something in other charts, we have noticed shows up in good coaches; we cannot yet speculate about players in particular sports, but for coaches, Splashes do seem to have an edge.  Perhaps it is their ability to be dispassionate about necessary player changes, viewing them as pieces in the overall mosaic, each doing a specific job with the required skills and with a lack of conjunctions an ability to handle the heat of criticism.

His Ascendant at 25 Libra, keyword  Leadership,  is directly opposite his Sun and Jupiter, at 26.56 (a degree that shows up in professional prize fighters and other sportsmen according to E. C. Chambers and has the keyword of Opposition)  & 27.09 Aries (Marconi the great telegrapher had that one) and his Midheaven is square to that at 27.24 Cancer (the determination of Newton).   The only planet in this Cardinal Grand Cross that is not almost exact is his Moon at 21.58 in Capricorn (that is the Power of Determination of Charles A. Linbergh) and on the cusp of the third-fourth house.  He has no interceptions.

                                                      The Front Line

His Line of Vitality is square suggesting that he is excellent at distributing his experience into viable patterns of group action in a constructive & communicative manner.  Someone else who has this aspect is Leon Trotsky and Carl Jung; definitely an interesting trio but for Belichick this aspect in the third and seventh house, tells us how the team is a “shadow” of himself.

Coach Belichick’s Line of Efficiency is conjunct in the sixth house of work, telling that he wastes little motion or time in getting things done.  To him, in work everything must fit and make sense; inefficient moves, and players are disruptive to the whole and avoids that as much as possible.derossi1

His Life of Personality is inconjunct as Saturn is in the twelfth house at Libra 10.27 and Jupiter at 27.09 Aries.  Jupiter is too far away from the Ascendant to be conjunct but there is a Translation of Light between it and the Sun reflecting back into Neptune at 20.10 Libra, that is in conjunction with the Conjunction.

It is an incredibly powerful setup that seeks outlet at his Midheaven in Cancer.  To Belichick life is football; family is football, he learned from his father and has taught his three children the game,  and his dream is to be considered the touchstone of the sport like his hero the Great Coach himself, Vincent Lombardi.

Finally, his Line of Culture 10.18 Uranus Cancer ( keyword Memory that showed up with Francis Galton the Human Encyclopedia’s Mercury)   squared 20.10 Libra  (keyword Charm often shows up with philanderers) ndicates a strong responsiblity to his dream and career.  It is no wonder with all four planetary pairs in his chart that his first marriage to his high school sweetheart went south, and his succeeding relationships have not lasted.  This would be a tough man to live with, particularly if you were not part of the team.