#139 Earl Browder, Founder of the Communist Party of America

Marc Jones does not have a time for Mr. Browder so we rectified it to 11:03 PM in Wichita KS. This gives him the Ascendant of 17 Capricorn or a boy surreptitiously bathing naked. this suggests his irresistible desire to strip back to essentials and gain self-renewal by close intimacy with true archetype of the … Continue reading #139 Earl Browder, Founder of the Communist Party of America


The next Speaker? Kevin McCarthy

Congressman Kevin McCarthy's  home district, is the Californian 23rd District of California, that spans Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles counties.  His official website is here.We have rectified the birthtime of  Kevin McCarthy, Congressman of California, to 1:46 AM or 9:46 GMT on January 26th, 1965 in Bakersfield. A native Californian, he has lived his whole life … Continue reading The next Speaker? Kevin McCarthy

The Splay of Dame Maggie Smith

The header image of Dame Maggie Smith is from 1972 and a movie called the Millionairess.  Never saw it. Dame Maggie is a Splay Temperament Type.  That means she has no oppositions in her chart, and a Grand Trine -- both are requirements.  Typically we have found that one of the trines is in a … Continue reading The Splay of Dame Maggie Smith

In This Flood of Sexual Assault Reports What are the Astrological Indicators?

Time Magazine published, December 7, its annual  Person of the Year issue honoring "The Silence Breakers", those  women and men who have spoken out against sexual abuse.  An  avalanche of  such reports has been unleashed since October 5, 2017 when  New York Times published its investigative story on Harvey Weinstein. An investigation by The New … Continue reading In This Flood of Sexual Assault Reports What are the Astrological Indicators?

The Daily 9-26-2017 Oxford MS

Our symbol for Tuesday September 26, 2017 is Aquarius 01 degree or an old adobe mission. Today though we are set in Oxford, a bit north of the capitol and home to Ole Miss University. A cardinal T-Square is occurring in the Locomotive pattern and we find leadership being thrust upon us, perhaps an uncomfortable … Continue reading The Daily 9-26-2017 Oxford MS

Sabian Dice today: September 4, 2017

  Libra 11th degree: “A professor peering over his glasses”    “A professor, from his battered desk, looks out over his eyeglasses at a class awaiting his words.”  Today we experience interaction with talking heads not just occasionally at school or college, but almost continually.  They bombard us with information that may not be adequate … Continue reading Sabian Dice today: September 4, 2017

Not so Sunny von Bulow

Biograph: Martha (Sunny) von Bülow, was an American heiress who first married Austrian playboy prince and then to a Danish-born man-about-society who was twice tried on charges of attempting to murder her, died on December 6th, 2008 on a Saturday at a nursing home in Manhattan. Mrs. von Bülow, who was 76, had been in … Continue reading Not so Sunny von Bulow