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#188 Astrologer Maude Champion

Marc Edmund Jones has Miss Champion born in Emporia Kansas, a typical mistake since it is a popular place, but alas Maude was a Texan from several generations of Texans: Emporia is outside of San Antonio–hence our featured image of the 1836 Alamo.  She was the only girl and the last of three born to William Pinkerton Champion (1859-1931) and Iola Britton Champion (1876-?) on January 26 1898 (not 1897).  She married Peter Gottschling of Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.  Perhaps they met through the Theosophical study group there that Jennie Bollenbacher founded .  The Gottschlings had two children.  She died in 1964.

She is not listed on the late Donna Cunningham’s Astrologer’s Memorial so there is little else we can add.

maude champion.png

We set her birth time to the standard sunrise and that gives her a 17 Capricorn ascendant, of “Thumb worn holy books” that Kent McClung writes is about “piety” and the fidelity to natural obligations of family or attachment to a inspired duty.

Maude  has Jupiter in the ninth house of travel  opposite her Moon in Aries in the second, demonstrating how she had to leave Texas to find like minded people who could teach and help her along.  She probably also had a sharp temper and did not take any guff from sceptics.  The T-square ending at her ascendant highlights that she was probably a gift astrologer but with the south node in sixth house did not really apply herself.

Another Mars Bucket — Kate Spade

kate spade.png

Like Sigmund Freud that we just highlighted, the late Kate Spade also has a Martial handle to her larger bucket.  Hers falls on the seventh house cusp highlighting how her partnership with her husband Andrew Spade, really brought her inspiration and drove her workaholic self into high gear.  It is partile to her mid-heaven so setbacks there, like the Frances Valentine line, would be detrimental to her ego particularly as Venus the planet of artists and fashion is conjunct it and Neptune (high celebrity fashion).

Mrs Kate Spade is the brunette

The Moon in the twelfth house suggests that she was prone to depression and that may have been construed by her family as bipolar (maniac depression) because in mutable Sagittarius her swings from jubilant to despondent would have been that much more noticeable to the people around her.  Also, the moon there would make her rather superficial and be too outward directed, obviously a factor in her demise.

progressed kate.png
The progressed chart for an approximate time of death

                                       the progressed Kate Brosnahan Spade

The progressed chart for Mrs. Spade has 19 Cancer as its ascendant, interesting as Eugene Johnson, mentions this as a critical degree for the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 1992.  See this article on that.  Here, Dr. Gordon cites that this degree highlights a persons foibles, and that their love of luxury and celebrity makes them cowardly in the face of adversity.  With Moon and Sun in the eighth house, she had been a spendthrift with her money from Coach when she sold the Kate spade brand, and this definitely depressed her with the Frances Valentine one that she had spent hand over fist in trying to recapture her former glory.

from the Tapestry site…….we sincerely agree

This unfortunate aspect is supported by Mars conjunct Transpluto in the second house where she was probably spending a lot to make FV a name, gambling on its success.  When it did not pan out, her Mercury in the eighth house conjunct the Dragon’s Tail led to nihilist thoughts that she could not escape as it was sextile her mid-heaven opposite ever watchful Vesta.  This would give her a feeling that everyone noticed her failures and now with her Moon in the sixth house she probably felt her career was “over.”  Without that sense of identity, remembering that her natal Mars sits in that position, Mrs. Spade came up empty,  for who was she beyond Bea’s mother?   In retrospect the sale to Coach (now Tapestry) was a big mistake.


Mr Bernstein of Citizen Kane & Everett Sloane

everett sloane

Everett Sloane was in many movies in his career but he is best known as Mr. Bernstein in Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane.  He was the eldest of three children born to Nathaniel Isadore Sloane, an insurance broker and cotton merchant, and  Rose Gerstein, from Boston on October 1, 1909.    We have rectified his ascendant to 14 Libra for a birth time of 6:26 AM in Manhattan, New York City.

He started out as a Wall Street  “runner” working at $17 a week and did well but the stock market crash of 1929 ended that career and so he turned to radio. From there he got some Broadway parts and was sighted by Welles and invited over to Mercury Theatre where his career took off.   He married Lillian Herman (1912-1989) in 1933 and had two children, Nathaniel and Erika.  He committed suicide by barbiturate poisoning on August 6, 1965.

                                                 The Map of Sloane

Mr. Sloane is a Splash temperament type, giving him a mutable — people oriented — disposition despite his Cardinal Grand Cross and his lack of conjunctions in his chart.  His Ascendant at 14 Libra makes him a great imitator (on radio he played Adolf Hitler) particularly for political figures (Vesta in the third house).

Neptune in the Tenth highlights how his eventual career while by on the silvery screen particularly as it is opposite Uranus in the fourth, the ruler of the tenth house, suggesting that colour may not be his forte as much as black and white.  This is supported by Saturn in the seventh house, also suggesting that he may play older or harsh characters.  It is rather ironic that Mercury in Libra is in the first house, as he made his name in the Mercury Theatre.sloane suicide.png

His suicide is tied up with his sixth house of work and labour where Mars at 29 Pisces near the cusp on the seventh house, and semi sextile Capricorn, how important his work was to him.

download the Everett Sloane chart here.

The only asteroid-planet that points to his problem with eyesight is Apollon at 25 Leo in the eleventh that is inconjunct Saturn in Aries, suggesting that ageing will would be difficult for him, especially as Apollon is sextile Mercury at 28 Libra in the first.



#250 Playing Tennis with Sheila Birkenhead

sheila birkenhead.png

Marc Jones states that she was a tennis player in the Sabian Symbols.  His time is generally accepted, so our chart here agrees.  She was the daughter of William Ewart Berry, 1st Viscount Camrose and Mary Agnes, Viscountess Camrose and married Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith, 2nd Earl of Birkenhead.


She is a southern hemisphere bowl type that spans from Jupiter in Neptune in the first that hints at her own secretive literary career of biographies — Neptune showing up how she dug up information to learn about otherfamous people to obviously understand her own very public life and opposite Jupiter here does not suggest multiple marriages as much as multiple “imaginary lives” that she lived and created through her work as the point focus is Mercury, Aries 17 in the tenth house.  Also there in the tenth is Luna telling us she led a public life and was well respected, but that squared Jove in the seventh, it put strains on her marriage.

Typically Venus in Aries denotes someone who married young, but here Venus at 30º is right at the end of that sign, and so is tempered; Lady Birkenhead was 23 at her nupitals. Another misstatement about someone with a preponderenace of Arian planets like Lady Birkenhead is red hair or a big nose. But instead, that prepondereance should be seen as a signature of the person, for

“In astrology the signatures are of first importance. Aries as a sign of the zodiac is not a constellation that by some vague indefinable radiation of influence is apt to create a child with red hair and a big nose but is an occult’ signature of being marked in the heavens by the stars at the time of charting clustered in the thirty degrees immediately following the vernal equinox in the ecliptic.

All things everywhere are significant.

In occult philosophy every classification of phenomena and every tabulation of knowledge is based upon signatures. Form and fact provide the patterns and perspectives through which signatures are recognized.”

Marc Edmund Jones, “Occult Philosophy”

Some of her books can be found on archive.org. Marc Jones’ Occult Philosophy can be found here for purchase.

Marc Jones – Point 7 & 8, The Moon & Marriage

No. 7  – Relationships with Others, the Moon

From the mental chemistry of a person, my next point is the  the emotional life and marriage, or the moon, and the planet or planets that indicate marriage, respectively. The moon is while important is almost midway in the list because it is reflective and so we need the other planets to fully understand its colour.

teddy roosevelt's moon.png

Our emotions are intimate and specific.  It is our capacity for intimate experiences and sharing experiences.  For T.R. his Moon is in the sixth house which I have assigned the keyword of “Duty” in the thirteenth degree of Cancer, its essential lord.  Teddy was often  often accused of  excessive self-love (egotism)  but that be constructive when properly applied as it was here, for the individual has a real  sense of social responsibility.   Of course this makes his Moon rather impersonal but as it was the sign of growth (Cancer) and in the house of duty with a degree of determination it worked well.

The symbol (Cancer 13) reads: “A hand held out is remarkable for the suggestion in its prominent thumb.” This dramatizes an essentially practical approach to life, a freedom from all impeding illusions and notions. The thumb is what gets in the way of things, or in Teddy’s case, his strong self, but also makes think of the “hitch-hikers.” For Roosevelt this meant that he never lost an opportunity to put his thumb up, riding every possible vehicle of life in fulfilling his duty.


                                                             Point 8 – The Man’s Marriage


teddy roosevelt's moon.png

In a man’s chart the moon is the marriage significator, and marriage is indicated by the planets that the moon applies before it leaves the sign in which it is found at birth.

In T.R.’s chart the moon is in opposition to to Mars in Capricorn 17 in the Twelfth House showing the marriage to the first Mrs. Roosevelt, the mother of Alice. Alice seems to have fulfilled many of her father’s great desires (twelfth house)  for outstanding initiative.


Anne hathaway Lee Roosevelt.jpg
Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, Teddy’s first wife.
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt.jpg
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, the First Lady











The next application is to Neptune a trine away from the Moon in the same triplicity but in the second house.  This planet is an impersonal one, and usually represents a career marriage or business deal rather than a love for the woman herself suggesting  that the second marriage to Edith Carow, a friend of his sister’s,  was entirely subordinated to duty.

The next application of the Moon via a trine is to Neptune, an impersonal sign.  This planet usually represents a career rather than a woman.  Neptune is also in the second house, suggesting that this marriage was entirely subordinated to the career and born from duty to his daughter and family name (the first Mrs. Roosevelt having died early in their marrage when Alice was four.)

Point 1 of Marc Jones’s 15 Points of Reading a horoscope

The Fifteen Most Important Points in a Horoscope Delineation or How to Proceed After Getting an Overview of the Chart¹ – Point 1.


The fifteen-point method of interpretation is dependable when we have an exact birth hour. Every sign of a horoscope, must give its own clear testimony if there is any truth to astrology at all. Otherwise one thing would depend upon another, and that upon another, and so on, without end.

Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric, Baron Cuvier, once remarked: “Show me a bone and I will identify the animal.” I used to laugh at that statement until I took a class in comparative anatomy. The professor greeted me with a grudging cordiality; “What are you, a philosophy major, doing over here on the science side?”

“Well,” I said, “philosophers have to talk about science sometimes and I want to know what I am talking about.” He turned to address the group of us, all but myself on the way to become doctors.

“You’ll have to work hard if you want to get A’s here,” he remarked, and then explained how we could get in the laboratory at night and on Sundays, as well as in working hours.

He said: “Why don’t you hurry through the bones, which will be of little use to you, and put in the extra time on the brain of the shark, ahead of the class?” I followed his suggestion, the net result of which was that I was the first one that year to take the bone examination. This was given individually.

We sat down before the bone box, with the idea I recognize anything he handed me. He began with the longest bone I ever saw. “If it wasn’t so big,” I said, “I’d identify it as the femur of a bird . . .. I suppose it’s a crazy kind of a hybrid.”

He laughed: “Why don’t you stick to your guns? Did you ever hear of an ostrich?”

Astrology duplicates this preposition every day. If you have skill enough, you can take any fragment of a chart and read the life from it. It is far more wonderful than Sherlock Holmes. We used to try our hands at it, taking a torn quarter of a chart, and finding how much we could gather from just that. It all comes down to a question of technique.

Everyone must train himself, in some and orderly fashion, to recognize the full significance of every detail. There are only two efficient ways to read the details in a chart. One is to work from the houses, and the other from the planets. You can also work from the signs but that is neither easy nor sure a method. Beginners always take the houses, and go around the chart completely, bringing out everything about personality first, then money, and so on.

A more effective method is to take the planets in order because then you are reading more dynamically. The heavens create the houses at the exact time of birth. If you read just from the houses, you are distributing your horizon, which is a static thing.  The houses then are a distribution of your horizon, but it is still a static proposition.

The planets thought are the dynamic bodies that distribute the forces of actual living and experience, setting up the strains and stresses of life and creating the basic complex in which you have your existence.  They articulate the forces of the universe and represent your distribution of this energy.

By working from the planets outward, you create a key to an individual’s livingness. To show this I will use the chart of President Theodore Roosevelt whom George MacCormack, a founder of the Guild, got the data rather directly from the Roosevelt family, and has done a lot of work upon it, so we can be rather sure of the data.


                                                                         Point # 1.

I begin with Mars because it has most to do with simple activity. Mars is the planet closest to the earth.  It represents the place in life where you throw off energy, fly off the handle and move the hardest to get things done.

Mars is in the first house in Teddy Roosevelt’s chart, therefore it calls for unusual energy, which certainly describes the native. Now let’s get a technique down for this proposition of reading from the planets. First look at each planet by what sign they are in, then by house and finally symbolic degree.

The justification for a use of these symbolical degrees is that they work. Here is something that baffles people. I remember the story in the Bible of the boy who was cured of blindness. The learned people came to him and said it was impossible. It just didn’t happen. The “medical books” said it couldn’t be done that way. This, of course, is my own version of the story! The young man in the Bible narrative, who was a simple sort of fellow, remarked: “What you say is very interesting. You are learned gentlemen. I am convinced you are very clever and know much more than I do. However, all I know is that once I was blind, and now I see.”

And so, like that boy, we won’t go into a discussion of the symbolical degrees, but content ourselves with the fact that they are something that works.

Mars is in Capricorn, or in the sign of critical discrimination. With my Mercury in Scorpio, I will be giving you many nicknames tonight, and I would suggest that you make your own when mine do not click. I have made them for myself to save time and effort and I find them a great help. To me Capricorn is the sign of “critical discrimination,” well illustrated by Teddy’s campaign against the “nature fakers.”

Mars is also in the house of personality, on a degree that is symbolized rather curiously as a degree of splendor. The Sabian degree that is Capricorn 18 reads:

“From the proud new warship of Britannia, a token of her maritime power, flies the Union Jack in calm dignity. “

T.R. made the United States a first-class power, and he did it with the Navy. The symbol puts the case forward exactly. But what is  the idea of a warship? A warship represents compact strength. A warship is a weapon for combat not defense. It has dignity and is often representative of the country that builds and floats it and so too this man, with his personality and critical discrimination —  the ability to distinguish two or more things from each other —  was a man who, in everything he did, said: “We have to find a way to make this stand out, & make this dignified.”

howtolearn_x100It was no different for himself.  He went out West and became a cowboy, and a good one. Not the kind they have on dude ranches – pretty boys that prance around and do nothing, but a real working cowboy who roped and broke horses.  When he was a sickly, scrawny youngster with squinty eyes, he was determined to be well, and he made himself over in the image of male virility and health by becoming a real “rough rider.” All this is shown by this first house and the sign and the degree of Mars.

 Thus, you have the first salient point in a horoscope:  Mars.


  1. This is taken from a Marc Jones’s talk for the Guild in 1942.  You can read all 15 points here. Marc’s talk
  2. You can download TR’s horoscope here in Placidius format.TR
  3. You can read it online at Sabian.org

#278 Eau de Dietrich

Our featured photo is of her and Cesare Romano in “The Devil is a Woman” directed by Josef von Sternberg. It was her favorite film because it made her look “beautiful.”  You can watch it here and see if you agree.

Marlene Dietrich, a German femme fatale, is also a mutable hourglass. Like Joseph Haydn, she has a Virgo Ascendant, but her hourglass runs totally contrary to his.  While he has a singleton in the third quadrant of spirituality; she has nothing.  She was a professed atheist though born and raised Roman Catholic.  Where Haydn has plenty of planets in the first quadrant of intellectual endeavour, Ms. Dietrich is empty.

The bottom of her hourglass ends right on the the cusp of her Seventh House of Aquarius, with Venus standing tall.  Perhaps this gives added weight to her comment, supported by her daughter,  that she was bisexual.   This would not be notable except its part of the cutting pair (hourglasses are like scissors with two blades) and the only planet in the third quadrant.  The bottom part of the blade is Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, in the fourth house of home affairs.

maria elisabeth
Maria Elisabeth Sieber Riva, Dietrich’s daughter
  • “As a child I thought my name was ‘Maria The-Daughter-Of’.”
  • I think I wanted to be a teacher, or something important. My mother didn’t force me into anything.
  • Most of my dear friends came from my mother’s lovers. I had a lot of strange fathers; some of them were women, some of them were men.

She married director Rudolf Sieber in 1923 and they had an open relationship, allowing each other lovers. With him, she had her one and only child  Maria Elisabeth who was also born in Berlin on December 13, 1924.  Miss Sieber was known professionally as Maria Riva.

Download her chart here: Marlena Dietrich,

Her planetary emphasis runs towards creativity and self-expression that she nurtured incessantly, almost narcissistically, reading her daughter’s accounts.  As a singer and actress, she went on USO tours during World War II and raised War Bonds.  In 1992 when she was 92 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for those efforts.

Pluto on the cusp of Gemini and Taurus bestowed her a smoky  voice and a curvaceous figure. Her Neptune (29.56 in mutable Gemini)  suggests she took great pains in protecting her assets and for her traveling was just a matter of course (those many planets in Sagittarius).

marlene_dietrich c 1938
marlene_dietrich c 1943

Her Line of Personality is conjunct (Saturn Jupiter  in Capricorn) making her someone who was very much part of her times (1930s-1940s Hollywood) and a wise investor — she was known to be penurious and left her daughter a fortune.  Her Line of Vitality also conjunct,  bestowed a long life.  She has no major aspect to either to her Lines of Efficiency, definitely not her thing as Marc Jones writes “that these people are not concerned with daily details”, which is probably true as she had people for that;  nor does she have a Line of Culture, that Jones later re-termed Social Significance because they are outer planets.  For this lack, he writes, this is a person not particularly concerned with the socioeconomic troubles of their fellow man.


Marlene Dietrich’s natal chart progressed to her date of death.


The Times Obit…

“Marlene Dietrich is a professional,” Alfred Hitchcock once said. “She’s a professional actress, a professional wardrober, a professional lighting technician. . . .” Hitchcock knew his subject well, having directed her in “Stage Fright” (1950), in which she introduced one of her favorite cabaret songs, “The Laziest Girl in Town.” Dietrich was a professional just-about-everything because of her many planets from the sixth to the eighth house in the area of work, opportunities and legacy, she wanted to make sure evveryone was doing their best to ensure hers.



According to one of her associates, at least part of the reason for her dazzling figure was a tip-to-toe flesh-colored body-stocking with the tensile strength of steel. Artifice was her fine art shown by transpluto in the sixth ; she took no chances.




Photos: Dietrich in “The Devil Is a Woman” (1935) — The keeper of her own flame. (Photographs by Movie Still Archives); Dietrich in Paris during the 1940’s.

PS.  At her time of death, her progressed Saturn, Father Time, was trine her natal Midheaven.  Her progressed Ceres was conjunct it and the Nodes were activated to the Ascendant.