Update on Charlottesville Driver

When the Charlottesville riot occured, our mundane astrologer, Eugene Johnson, wrote about it here. Finally there is a verdict in the case of Virginia vs James Alex Fields Jr. Charlottesville Attack Driver James Fields Sentenced to Life in Prison Prosecutors called 2017 attack an act of domestic terrorism James Alex Fields Jr. accelerated his car into a crowd of counter protesters in Charlottesville, Va., in … Continue reading Update on Charlottesville Driver

Humanity on fire: America thru the lens of Neptune

The city council¬† had narrowly voted to remove General Lee’s statue on the grounds that he was a traitor to the USA, though President Lincoln had said shortly before his assassination he did not want such rancor to occur. ¬†¬† But Lincoln could have never known the rallying points that Confederate statues and flags would becomes for various racists groups after his April 185 assassination. … Continue reading Humanity on fire: America thru the lens of Neptune