#51 Duc d’Amale, Henri Eugene Philippe Louis d’Orleans

The duc d’Aumale – Henri Eugène Philippe Louis d’Orléans was born 16 janvier 1822 in Paris France.  When he was eight he inherited the Domaine de Chantilly in 1830, from his godfather  Louis-Henri-Joseph de Bourbon, the last Prince of Conde, thus becoming one of the most significant landowners in France.

Henri (left) with his brother Antoine and his mother Queen Marie Amélie.
But after the Revolution of 1848 and the monarchy was abolished, the Duke and his wife, Marie Caroline de Bourbon, were forced to flee to Twickenham, near London, where he collected art, paitings and books waiting for his return to France.  Alas the wait was longer than he expected and his wife, and two sons had both died before he returned to the Grand Chateau
Henri d’Orléans, Duc D’Aumale  date unknown
The domaine  is situated in the valley of Nonette some 40 kilometres north of Paris, Chantilly records a history that stretches back over six centuries. Its past is riddled with illustrious names including Orgemont, Montmorency, the Grand Condé, and of course the duc d’Aumale.   The mansion has sprawling manicured gardens, grand stables, majestic chateau, and its unparalleled collection of art, manuscripts and furnishings and it is considered a jewel of French heritage.


  In 1884, widowed and having lost both his sons, the duc d’Aumale bequeathed Chantilly to the Institut de France with the condition that his art collection and library be made accessible to the public, and that their presentation remain intact at Chantilly, never to be sold nor loaned out.  This gesture allowed him to return permanently to France and the chateau, but he died in Zucco, Sicily, while writing letters to the families of the victims from the great fire of the Bazar de la Charite. He was buried in the chapel of the Orleans.
duc d'amale.PNG
Marc Jones gives no time for the Duc but the ascendant of 29 Leo seems to fit the known record of his life.  This makes him a bucket with a Mars handle with a cardinal-mutable natural disposition, reflected in his collection of art, books and decorative ware, as well as his generosity in bequeathing the whole thing to the people of France — moon at 13 Scorpio on the fourth house cusp or the “Magi searching for the Star”  in his poetical gift of understanding humanity through its belles artes and lettres and wanting to openly place all of it before the eyes of humankind.

Speculative Chart for Andrew Yang

Sarah Blakely is a big fan of Andrew Yang’s and as a member of our Real Political Astrological group on Facebook asked us to rectify his chart and see his potential in the upcoming 2020 election.  It’s good she asked; we had not heard of him.

All you need is self-driving cars to destabilize society,” Mr. Yang, 43, said over lunch at a Thai restaurant in Manhattan last month, in his first interview about his campaign. “In just a few years” , he continued, “we’re going to have a million truck drivers out of work who are 94 percent male, and have an average level of education of high school or one year of college… That one innovation,” he continued, “will be enough to create riots in the street. And we’re about to do the same thing to retail workers, call center workers, fast-food workers, insurance companies, accounting firms.”

Andrew Yang to the New York Times.

With the limited information out on the Net for the multi-millionaire, Presidential contender, Andrew Yang, we are calling his chart “speculative” because we cannot find enough information to verify it. Nonetheless, we have rectified his chart  for 28 Libra rising (Hyperion Symbol) “The Statue of Liberty.”    McClung writes this implies “the best of attack for true freedom is complete rejection of its opposite, as bondage is not reality but an illusion.”  Its keyword is Revolution, and shows how his Universal Basic Income and his concerns of the upcoming financial crisis (is this the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 2020?) is rocking the boat. Yang also dissents against Bernie Sanders and AOC’s Green plank because of its economic mandates.

Nuclear energy is a relatively low-impact option for generating electricity. While the mining and enrichment of uranium has environmental impacts, and the storing of nuclear waste isn’t easy, it is overall an efficient way to generate energy. With modern safety standards, it’s also a safe way to generate electricity.

Andrew Yang…On the Issues

Making the millions

Prior to running for office, Yang founded a nonprofit organization Venture for America, that trains college graduates for working in startups — where the greatest win-loss ratio exists, as Andrew himself knows. He started his career in a healthcare startup, where with his Columbia University (NY, NY) law degree he was their corporate attorney. He has never run for office previously.


Charting Yang

His southern bucket is rather eclipsed so his Saturn aspect to the Sun-Moon line of Vitality accentuates his natural disposition making him cardinal-mutable — he is very action oriented when working working with people, teams or projects.  All of his eight squares, his chart like Maestro Arturo Toscanini is dominated by them, are separating except for the one between Pluto to Saturn, that is applying, showing that Mr. Yang invites challenges where he can learn new things and grow.

This preponderance of squares, puts a lot of emphasis on the Saturn handle of his northern bucket. It makes it [HS 15 Cancer] “the reality that never changes”, highlighting the practical aspects of his vision.  As Saturn is in its detriment in Cancer, but exalted in the tenth house, for Mr. Yang there is a constant push pull in his life of being a hard worker who gets financial remuneration for his efforts but emotionally is unrewarded.  Perhaps this Presidential bid will help alleviate some of those problems for him.

We continually vet our essays for accuracy; this one was reviewed on September 11, 2019

Lagerfeld of Chanel reposes

                                         The Legend

Our header picture is of the young Karl Lagerfeld at Chloe. Lagerfeld was creative director of Chanel, the French house founded by Gabrielle Chanel, for 36 years. In 1983, Alain Wertheimer, the co-owner of Chanel, asked Lagerfeld to breathe new life into the iconic French house, which had been in sleepy decline since Coco Chanel’s death at the age of 87 in 1971.

Lagerfeld obliged in spectacular fashion and reinterpreting the house founder’s iconic tweed skirtsuits, little black dresses, and quilted handbags.  “What I love best in life is new starts,” Lagerfeld once said.  In addition to his duties for Chanel, Lagerfeld was the creative director of fur and ready-to-wear at Fendi, a position he assumed in 1965.


He cut an indelible figure with his omnipresent sunglasses, black leather gloves, Chrome Hearts rings, and powdered white ponytail. In the early 2000s, he shed nearly 100 pounds in order to wear the narrow-cut suits designed by Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme, and wrote a book about the process with his doctor called The Karl Lagerfeld Diet.

Recently, he’s used his name to speak out on politics and social commentary, skewering the German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her immigration policies and the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in the wake of his sexual misconduct scandal.

                                                                  The Man

Karl Lagerfeld claimed he was born in 1938.  Chanel said 1933 while the Hambourg Geneaology Society pegged him on September 10, 1935, in Hamburg, Germany, to Otto Lagerfeld and Elisabeth Bahlmann.  We tried them all and felt that the HGS was right.

In 1954, at barely 21, Lagerfeld won the International Wool Secretariat in the coat category, sharing the stage with  Yves Saint Laurent, who won for his dress design. The recognition landed Lagerfeld a job with the couturier Pierre Balmain, where he designed for films and dressed stars including Sophia Loren, after which he became head designer at Jean Patou.

In 1963, he began freelancing for Gaby Aghion at Chloé, considered to be France’s first ready-to-wear label, and took a full-time spot there in 1974, but not before he assumed the creative director job at the Roman furrier label Fendi, a post that he held until his death.

He owned 300 iPods, each one programmed with different music. The only collection he never de-acquisitioned was his “zillions” of books. His home in Biarritz was said to hold “three miles” of them. So passionate a bibliophile was Lagerfeld that in 1999 he opened a small bookshop in Paris’s seventh district, 7L, and the following year launched an imprint with the German publisher Steidl.

                              The Chart


We have rectified Herr Lagerfeld’s chart to 01 Libra, “Cyclists racing a high banked track” in the Hyperion Symbols highlighting the accelerated energies that he needed to control for deft application in competitive world market of high fashion.

Libra is ruled by Venus that is conjunct the eleventh-twelfth house of spanning large organizations, secret enemies, and the public. It is also a planet of acquistiveness, and Lagerfeld with his miles of books, hundreds of iPods, and other sundries squirrelled away hidden in his house, was nothing but acquisitive.  His Pluto also is on the tenth-eleventh house cusp showing that his ability to transform his career and the House of Chanel into something popular and well-regarded was of of his many feats.

Pluto in Cancer is sextile the Moon that was key to him understanding and directing women’s fashion sense. Pluto is also sextile his Ascendant, and his chart shows that Lagerfeld loves the dynamic business of fashion particularly as Mercury in Libra is conjunct the Ascendant and by a translation of light sextile Pluto.

Like his couture, Lagerfeld’s chart is well integrated thanks to the Grand Trine in Water that unites the whole. He does have an opposition –Saturn to Venus — so he is not a Splay, but more of a locomotive, driving one the Western half of the chart from his own ambitions and talented resources on the right.

lagerfeld dies.png

Thus his natural disposition, what unites the left and right, is his desire to please women and also established and monied men in business, for whom he toiled. His seventh house is empty, so collaboration was not his strong suit.

Uranus in Taurus is square the Moon in Aquarius showing how his mother’s cold approval was a driving force for his career and the reversal of the two planets exaltations, that is in turn squared by Mars in its ruler of Scorpio shows how making Mommy look good was something he learned early on and capitalized later upon.

 Venus rules the kidneys and pancreas, it is no surprise that he suffered at great age from those afflictions. The speculative death chart, shows how the cancer had probably lingered for 2.5 years before it was fully acknowledged in Lagerfeld’s last attempt in outmanuevering the fates.  He died in Paris, on February 19 2019. 

#576 God Bless America & John L. Lewis


John Llewellyn Lewis was a coal miner and son of coal miners who became an American labour leader & president of the United Mine Workers of America (1920–60). He was also the chief founder and first president of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO; 1936–40), now part of the AFL-CIO.

He left school in the seventh grade and went to work in the mines at age 15. In Panama, Illinois, he became head of a United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) local, and by 1911 an organizer for the parent union, the American Federation of Labor (AFL) . in a meterotic climb to the top, by 1917 he as vice president of the UMWA in 1917, acting president in 1919, and president in 1920, by which time the UMWA had become the largest trade union in the United States.

Lewis remained UMWA’s leader for the next 40 year, leading a successful national coal strike in 1919, but during the 1920s the UMWA’s membership shrank from 500,000 (half a million) to fewer than 100,000 as nonunionized mines in the southern Appalachians grew in favour and northern Unioned mines were increasingly ignored.

Mapping John L

John L has a natural disposition of Saturn in the common sign of Virgo, and one that is also associated with digging and tireless working, in the tenth house where Saturn rules. That makes both the sign and the house earth based, which was true as his career was totally dedicated to the UMW and Miner’s welfare. But he also has a focal determinator of Saturn being alone in the Southern hemisphere that both dispositions should how much his physical strength, his endless work and sheer tenacity kept him well-loved by his members.

His North Node, in the second house and retrograde, is coincidentally in the earth sign of Capricorn and trine his reminding us that is where his strength comes from: if we spin this as a mundane chart his strength is from using the the nation’s resources, if we return to the natal level it is his own great personal understanding of the process of using the resources at hand, whether it is in his own life or the men whom his Union represent.

His Venus, beautiful and acquisitive, is also nearby in the second, is partile to that North Node, and shows how he was constantly on the alert of finding new and safer ways to extract that precious coal from the earth. Venus is then trine again to Neptune in the sixth where a person toils creating a Grand Earth Trine that kept him focused.

The sixth house shows a persons toil, not what they necessary make their fortune or name from, but where they work for others fulfilling their duty. Here in Lewis’s chart we find the underground Pluto holding court in the black pits of the earth below, while Neptune with his trident extracts or explodes the iron (Mars) for other peoples use, and thus fulfilling perfecting the promise above.

Finally, Lewis’s ascendant is Mars 16 that is ruled by Scorpio in the twelfth, or what is often considered the dark house of the chart. It is opposite its own Lord in the sixth making the midheaven the point focus. As Uranus is close enough to work into the midheaven via a translation of light, one more time we see how Lewis’ worked the old man of the stars to his advantage.

The New Deal and Labour

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal presented organized labour with opportunities that Lewis used well. The formation of the National Recovery Administration through the National Industrial Recovery Act (1933) guaranteed labour the right to bargain collectively and Lewis launched new organizing campaigns in the coalfields of Appalachia and elsewhere, tripling the UMWA’s membership within a few years.

Unions continued to grow with the 1935 passage of the Wagner Act (officially, the National Labor Relations Act) and Lewis and other AFL union leaders formed the Committee for Industrial Organization (CIO) with the intention of organizing unskilled workers in mass-production industries. This was apostasy by traditional unions who did not anyone but the skilled craft workers in their unions — reminiscent of the medieval apprentice system in Europe.  Lewis’s arguments had the day and steel, tire, rubber, concrete pourers,lift operators, bus&  truck drivers all became  unionized in what many considered Lewis’s greatest coup.

With his midheaven exact the Fixed Star Regulus, when John L. spoke, the earth shook and miner’s walked out. In the Great Takeover when FDR tried to nationalize the Mines in 1935, and Lewis, a lifelong Republican, led his men into a strike despite having endorsed FDR in 1932.

 Stymied, Roosevelt passed the first federal anti-strike bill giving the President power to penalize strikers or draft them into government service. It took another 50 years, but Roosevelt got his wish and all of the Coal Companies closed, and their Union Men lost their jobs as steel and coal went overseas.  

Today we see the Democrats echoing FDR’s complaints against coal this time in the guise of clean energy, but anthracite from Pennsylvania is the cleanest burning fuel ever — and there are some other spots, notable West Virginia, that share that distinction, but there was a time when one man could stand up the state and force their hand and so we join the old miner’s toast, God Bless America and John L. Lewis.



The original chart we had on the site was dead wrong, citing an October 22, 1905 birthdate. You can view that here john L. lewis .