#66 Actress Wendy Barrie was a relation

She was born Margeurite Wendy Jenkins in Hong Kong on April 18, 1912 to an Irish barrister and his wife, Sophia, who had been actress in Yiddish vaudeville. When she decided to follow her mother footsteps on the British stage, she adopted the name Wendy Barrie in homage of her godfather, J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. Despite the connection, she is not considered the role model for Wendy Darling, primarily because she was born 8 years after the play debuted on the London stage. Perhaps though her middle name was in the character’s honour by her parents for the Scottish bachelor Barrie who was a great friend of her father.

young Wendy probably studio promo

Several writers have stated that Barrie was the first to use the name Wendy in a published work, and that the source of the name was Barrie’s childhood friend, Margaret Henley, 4-year-old daughter of poet William Ernest Henley (author of the poem Invictus), who pronounced the word “friend” as “Fwendy.” This mispronunciation was adapted by Barrie as “Wendy” when writing the play. There is some evidence that the name Wendy may be related to the Welsh name Gwendolyn, but prior to its use in the Peter Pan stories, the name was not used as an independent first name; afterwards is another story.

Neverpedia.com , the Barrie place.

Here is Miss Barrie in 1939 American flick The Witness Vanishes, a poor pun off of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 classic, The Lady Vanishes. Barrie is the woman in the opening scene as Joan Marplay.

Wikipedia is wrong in stating that her husband was the British actor David Meyer; he was the Jewish-American industrialist David Meyer and not born in 1947. They divorced sometime in the mid 50’s according to the New York Times obit.

Wendy’s Map

Astrodata cites she was born in London at 15:15 , while Marc Jones and Wikipedia, say British Hong Kong same time: we agree with Jones on Hong Kong but disagree with the time — we are pegging her at 3:39 and 16 Virgo instead of 11 or an “orangutan” perhaps joking about her strawberry blonde hair? vs. a “girl moulded in his mother’s aspirations for her.”

Despite the joke, we think orangutan works better for Miss Barrie because it highlights her ability to “use the latest trends for her own advantage.” Its keyword is Dexterity and how she can rise to any occasion. Alas as her Ascendant is squared her focal determinator Jupiter in Sagittarius, gives her a tendency towards self-justifying her actions (perhaps hinting at her dating the married gangster Bugsy Siegel) to further her career which ended only with the advent of Virginia Hill in his last few years (and wasn’t she lucky?) Miss Barrie also had another affair with Marlon Brando, 12 years her junior, but it was not as long lasting or notorious.

Barrie’s Lilith is at 23 Aquarius and sextile her Mercury and Sun suggesting that she always felt overshadowed by the real Wendy and Peter Pan play. It is also sextile her North Node in Aries (previously discussed) this time in the 8th House. Dr. Koparkar writes this signifies not only unusual financial activities in their life but also the ability to use others fame, resources and possessions for their own gain. Astrologer Haydn Paul adds that the South Node in the 2nd house, drives the natives need for a “high profile career or relationship” and help release their poor self-image.

Miss Barrie had no children. She died on Ground Hog’s Day, 1978 in Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey and was buried in Kensico Cemetery at Valhalla, Rockland Co. New York. She is sharing a gravestone with fellow actress though never on film, Fay Templeton Patterson who was born Christmas day 1865 in Little Rock, Arkansas and died October 3, 1939 in San Francisco.

France’s Secret Bluebeard: Henri Landru

This update on #545 — The tale of a modern Bluebeard — and is from the UK Spectator, December 8, 2018 edition.

The book review by Zoe Apostides “Vanished without a Trace” comments that the Landru trial was France’s response to the English Jack the Ripper, except the London police never apprehended Jack.  Richard Tomlinson the author of Landru’s Secret, documents Landru’s journey from penning love letters  to his future victims to proposing and then eventually luring them from gay Paris to the rural Gambais, his killing field for the magical day.

Tomlinson states that Landru’s victims were not the rich ladies that the Parisian police had posited and what we found in newspaper archives, but middle aged lonely women.  That would explain why finding Landru was hard — his victims  had no family and few friends to report their disappearance.  Sounds like a good book, so we’re putting it on our Christmas wish list.

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Bicycling Julius “Nicky” Arnstein

He was born Julius Wilford Arndstein in Norway on July 1, 1879, the son of a German Jew named Moses Arndstein and his Dutch wife, Thekla Van Shaw¹.   They came to the United States when he was an infant and received a good education and worked as a contractor for a time. But Nick was like French Charlie; he quickly became bored. Only certain women called him “Jules,” an Anglicization that he much preferred to “Julius.”   Friends, acquaintances, and “business” partners,  called him, Nick, a diminutive of “Nickel-plate,” the nickname he had gotten in his teens because the wheels of his bicycle had nickel-plated spokes.

Bicycle racing was a major sport in the 1898, its “professionalism” stemming, mostly, from the gambling that then ran every sport from boxing to horse racing. Throwing bike races drew Nick into a permanent alliance with professional gamblers, confidence men, and various parts of the sports underworld. He was at home in their world, and the Gondorf brothers quickly saw how this well-educated, polished young man could be valuable in many operations.   — Herbert Goldman, Fanny Brice the Original Funny Girl.

Nicky Arnstein and the Gondorf specialized in fleecing the rich in elegant settings particularly trans-atlantic liners that cris-crossed from New York harbor to Europe in the days before airlines.  From there Arnstein followed his pigeons to the big casinos, sweet talking them with his rich baritone voice only to get arrested because his six foot six inch height made his easy to spot.


In 1912 he met his partner Arnold Rothstein (1882-1928), the famous gangster  best known for throwing the 1919 White Sox world series and Nicky admitted

                                “I knew him not only as the king  of the gamblers, but as the whitest [most honorable]  of them all! . . .”He was interested in everything involving chance, to the point of a passion. Racing thrilled him . . . He never gave one a wrong tip in his life.”

He remained true to those words all his life.

                                              Nicky marries

Nicky tied the knot the first time to Carrie Greenthal, a Jersey City, New Jersey girl in May 1906, but a few years later abandoned her having gotten bored.   Fanny Brice  met him in 1912 and immediately fell head over heels for the handsome, tall man with a mustache, elegant manners and rich clothing  — he embroidered his shirts with his initials J.W.A.  Despite his Jewish father and name, his parents raised him and his brother Louis and sister Gesina Episcopalian and he attended those schools and clubs.

When Fanny Brice met Nicky, he mentioned his one incarceration in the States, none of those aboard and not his marriage.  She found out though and it took six years for Arnstein to get a divorce and marry her.

Derek Lin’s Hurdlers

Jail Time

In 1915, the US States government convicted Arnstein of swindling. He went to Sing Sing Federal penitentiary in Ossining New York to serve out his term. Fanny Brice visited him weekly and then Carrie Greenthal Arnstein’s wife sued Brice for alienation of affection. Money was exchanged and a divorce decreed, as for  Carrie Arnstein, she disappeared into the  swamps of  Jersey.

As for Arnstein and Brice, they married later that same day.  Two months later daughter Frances (1919-1992)  was born.  Son William, named for Arnstein and Rothstein’s lawyer, William Fallon,  (1921-2008) followed.

Then on May 16, 1926, Arnstein again ran foul of the Feds. This time on conspiracy charge for stealing  $5M worth of  Edward M. Fuller  and William F. McKee bonds, bucket shot operators.   The story broke in William Randolph Hearst’s newspapers as Hearst had made a name exposing the bucket-shop operations trying to force them out of business.

                                                                                     The Bucket Shop Operation

Bucket ships were a small time legal brokerage firm.  Many were honest but there were just as many that were corrupt.  Today they often operate on the Penny Stock pages or Pink Sheets.  Arnold Rothstein acted as a fence for the illegal buckets, taking valuable securities off their hands they had gotten from their clients and exchanging them with clean money.  When they needed legal advice, Rothstein supplied that too, via his friend Fallon.

In the Fuller and McKee bond business,  there had been several robberies in the security firms in the past few years.  The scenario was that they would dispatch a messenger with an envelope containing thousands of dollars in securities.  On his way to the brokerage house or bank, the messenger would be held up, beaten up, attacked and robbed. The houses provided no guards for the messengers even after the thefts became pandemic.  Obviously, everyone was cut in on this deal, and the police said the person who engineered it was a “Mastermind,” and they put out bounties to capture him.

Originally Arnold Rothstein was thought to be the Mastermind but after the police arrested several men who held up the messengers they discovered that it was Arnstein.²  Convicted, Arnstein served three years in Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth Kansas  and was once again the prison librarian.  While in prison, his best friend Arnold Rothstein was murdered.  To add salt to the wound, soon after his release, Fanny divorced him.

      Nicky’s wheel

nicky arnstein chart.png

Arnstein is a locomotive temperament type.  His open area is at the bottom third of the map suggesting that he was an extroverted person and motivated by self-interests.  His empty fourth house suggests that he had little personal/family life that plagued him.

Nicky’s ascendant at 21  Leo ‘Hurdlers stretching before a race” highlight his ability to focus on future gains by foregoing present enjoyment.     It is noticeable that he has  no major oppositions in his chart much like FDR.  This aspect suggests he was a strong individual who shaped his life more according to his dreams than his circumstances, which like being a prison librarian, he adapted to gracefully.

                                           the Later Years

After his divorce from Fanny, Nicky  married Isabelle McCullough.  They remained married until her death, twenty years later, in Palm Springs, California on New Year’s day.  After her death Nick tried to reconnect with Fanny and the children but that proved unsuccessful.

QUEBEC, Jan. 6 (AP).–Jules W. Arnold, widely known under the name of Nicky Arnstein, was married to Mrs. Isabelle McCullough, divorced wife of Charles McCullough, millionaire resident of Chicago, on Oct., 18, 1929, records here show.

Arnstein died October 1, 1965 in Los Angeles, having live long enough to see himself portrayed in his son-in-law’s film adaptation as Omar Sharif, the card gambler.


  1.  The latest research says Arnstein was not born in Norway as he claimed but in Berlin, Germany.
  2. Katcher, Leo.  The big Bankroll, the life and times of Arnold Rothstein. c. 1958, Pickle Publishing.

Child Murderer Albert Vincent Dyer, did he do it?

This is the data from Elbert Zain’s book. He felt strongly that Dyer did it. Maybe but we felt that the time was off and rectified it to 8:30 that morning and got this. Dyer has a fixed trine in his chart and mutable cosmic cross. If you look at the aspectarian below you will notice he has few squares making this a weak chart.

dyer murders.png

So the question is does that indict him? His great niece, a former lawyer, believes he did not.  Based on the chart do you think he strangled Madeline Everett, 7, her sister Melba aged 9, and their playmate, Jeanette Stephens on June 26 1937.  It should be noted that an alternate year (1905) is being posited for Dyer as well.

albert dyer.png

Lizzie Borden took an Axe

Netflix has a series on Lizzie Borden starring Christina Ricci, best known for playing Wednesday in the television show, the Addams Family.


The Netflix show deals with the the infamous Lizzie and the gruesome murder of her father & stepmother in Summer of 1892 that inspired the famous ditty:

  •                     Lizzie borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks
  •                      when she saw what she had done
  •                     She gave her father 41.


We have rectified Lizzie’s chart an hour earlier than the popular 9:46 AM — EST did not come into effect until World War I.  We then rectified the chart of her step mother’s murder to 9:07 AM on August 4, 1892 that does fit into the window of reported testimony i.e. her father was out of the house since early morning and did not return until 10 am.

                                The Murders


At the time of the murder, Lizzie has an Air Grand Trine in her chart, from the Ascendant at Libra 03.18 to Mars in the fifth at 12.11 in Aquarius and then Neptune in Gemini 10.53 in the ninth.  The rest of her planets are rather split evenly amongst the various elements but her quadratures show a strong mutable basis suggesting that she was influenced more by the people in her environment than anything else and had a problem working with them particularly when it concerned dealing with her father.

Saturn the ruler of her tenth house is square it and then conjunct her ascendant, but we are not using it in the Grand Trine because it would make it out of quadrature.  If we did, we would then more visibly see that there was a lot of thinking, planning and idle rumination about her  relationship to her father and a worry of how would effect her status after his death.

Instead using the Grand Air Trine, gives her a certain momentous imperative to her thoughts, making her feel that she had to do something to protect her self-interest i.e. the Ascendant sextile her Sun.

lizzie nn

Her strongest square is from Mercury to Pluto and then from Mercury  to Neptune & Saturn , that latter which is associated with a strong imagination concerning perceived sleights and insults & shows up in violent outbursts  against established (in this case patriarchal) control.  Lizzie’s square from Venus to Saturn, though with quite a wide orb,  tends to encourage her love towards her sister Emma, and desire to protect her as an aspect of herself, against their father.

                            Did Lizzie do it?

The chart above is transit of the first murder (rectified) to Lizzie’s birth chart (also rectified).  Transiting Saturn is exact to Lizzie’s  part of fortune, or the inner motives of her nativity of 26.42 Virgo that has the symbol of fishes swimming in a deep blue sea that suggests performance art.  According to McClung this is when the “execution of a deed” long thought and rehearsed is finally performed.  Saturn is also square her transiting Moon,  that feeds into the previously discussed squares giving her emotional conviction.

And so yes, it is our astrological opinion, Lizzie did the evil deeds.  If you have questions or other opinions, please let us know.  Here is a site that has a lot of forensic information about the crime.



Larry Gerard Nassar, Osteopath


This is has been rectified to 09 Libra.  Interestingly, his chart does not make the “power zone” criteria that Michel Gauquelin set forth for medical doctors and scientists but does for politicians as his Moon is right at the Midheaven at the Culminating Degree.

Dr. Nassar received his osteopathic medicine degree from Michigan State University in 1993 and completed his family practice residency at St. Lawrence Hospital, Lansing, Michigan in 1996.  Nassar then had a primary care sports medicine fellowship at his Alma mater in 1997.

He was  Team Physician for the M.S.U. Women’s Gymnastics and Women’s Crew Teams and Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology, Division of Sports Medicine.  Dr. Nassar also taught sports medicine and gave physical exam skills to the first and second year medical students in the College of Osteopathic Medicine at M.S.U. Over 80% of his patients were gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders.


The daring do of the Robber from Zutphen

bank robber DutchThis chart comes from Alan Leo in his November 1909 magazine. He notes that Saturn is at 01 Cancer right near the Ascendant at 08 on the cusp of the second house of resources. Since it is in its fall, we wonder does that mean that appropriating others resources will be their calling and not working hard at making their own? Perhaps, particularly as it is opposite Pallas in Capricorn, suggesting that this is a poor use of his talents.

The T-Square has a rather comedic outlet at Jupiter in Libra 04, again right on the cusp of the creative fifth house — it would seem that our Robber enjoyed his work. So what brought him down? No doubt he did not pay attention to wanting to expand his limits by travelling would be a bad move – for while Jupiter is sextile the Moon in Sagittarius and encourages that choice, it is opposite his first house and square his midheaven and 07 Pisces telling us, but it should have been him, that leaving his cozy home environment would be a mistake as he would literally be a fish out of water.

Leo reports he was caught on a caper in Spain.

The header image is a map of Zutphen from 1649.  You can download the chart for the  zutphen robber here.

No Name Maddox ala Charles Manson

Charles Manson, one of the most notorious murderers of the 20th century, who was very likely the most culturally persistent and perhaps also the most inscrutable, died on Sunday in a hospital in Kern County, Calif., north of Los Angeles. He was 83 and had been behind bars for most of his life.

manson charles

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced his death in a news release. In accordance with federal and state privacy regulations, no cause was given; he had been hospitalized in January for intestinal bleeding but was ruled too frail to undergo surgery.

Mr. Manson was a semiliterate habitual criminal and failed musician before he came to irrevocable attention in the late 1960s as the wild-eyed leader of the Manson family, a murderous band of young drifters in California. Convicted of nine murders in all, he was known in particular for the seven brutal killings collectively called the Tate-LaBianca murders, committed by his followers on two consecutive August nights in 1969.

Sharon Tate being carried out of the house

No Name Maddox, as Mr. Manson was officially first known, was born on Nov. 12, 1934, to a 16-year-old unwed mother in Cincinnati. (Many accounts give the date erroneously as Nov. 11.) His mother, Kathleen Maddox, was often described as having been a prostitute. What is certain, according to Mr. Bugliosi’s book and other accounts, is that she was a heavy drinker who lived on the margins of society with a series of men.

Mr. Manson apparently never knew his biological father. His mother briefly married another man, William Manson, and gave her young son the name Charles Milles Manson.

Kathleen often disappeared for long periods — when Charles was 5, for instance, she was sent to prison for robbing a gas station — leaving him to bounce among relatives in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. She was paroled when Charles was 8 and took him back, but kept him for only a few years.

                                                         The Killing Spree

Shortly after midnight on Aug. 9, Ms. Atkins, Ms. Krenwinkel and Mr. Watson entered the house while Ms. Kasabian waited outside. Through a frenzied combination of shooting, stabbing, beating and hanging, they murdered Ms. Tate and four others in the house and on the grounds: Jay Sebring, a Hollywood hairdresser; Abigail Folger, an heiress to the Folger coffee fortune; Voytek (also spelled Wojciech) Frykowski, Ms. Folger’s boyfriend; and Steven Parent, an 18-year-old visitor. Ms. Tate’s husband, Mr. Polanski, was in London at the time.

Before leaving, Ms. Atkins scrawled the word “pig” in blood on the front door of the house; in Mr. Manson’s peculiar logic, the killings were supposed to look like the work of black militants.

The next night, Aug. 10, Mr. Manson and a half-dozen followers drove to a Los Angeles house he appeared to have selected at random. Inside, Mr. Manson tied up the residents — a wealthy grocer named Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary — before leaving. After he was gone, several family members stabbed the couple to death. The phrases “Death to Pigs” and “Healter Skelter,” misspelled, were scrawled in blood at the scene.

The seven murders went unsolved for months. Then, in the autumn of 1969, the police closed in on the Manson family after Ms. Atkins, in jail on an unrelated murder charge, bragged to cellmates about the killings.


Charles Manson being taken to jail months after the brutal killings of seven people in Los Angeles in 1969. CreditBettmann

On June 15, 1970, Mr. Manson, Ms. Atkins, Ms. Krenwinkel and a fourth family member, Leslie Van Houten, went on trial for murder. Ms. Kasabian, who had been present on both nights but said she had not participated in the killings, became the prosecution’s star witness and was given immunity. Mr. Watson, who had fled to Texas, was tried and convicted separately.

During the trial, the bizarre became routine. On one occasion, Mr. Manson lunged at the judge with a pencil. On another, he punched his lawyer in open court. At one point, Mr. Manson appeared in court with an “X” carved into his forehead; his co-defendants quickly followed suit. (Mr. Manson later carved the X into a swastika, which remained flagrantly visible ever after.)

Outside the courthouse, a small flock of chanting family members kept vigil. One of them, Lynette Fromme, nicknamed Squeaky, would make headlines herself in 1975 when she tried to assassinate President Gerald R. Ford.

On Jan. 25, 1971, after nine days’ deliberation, the jury found Mr. Manson, Ms. Atkins and Ms. Krenwinkel guilty of seven counts of murder each. Ms. Van Houten, who had been present only at the LaBianca murders, was found guilty of two counts. All four were also convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.


Mr. Manson at a parole hearing in 2008. He was turned down for parole a dozen times, most recently in 2012. CreditAssociated Press

On March 29, the jury voted to give all four defendants the death penalty. In 1972, after capital punishment was temporarily outlawed in California, their sentences were reduced to life in prison.

On Jan. 25, 1971, the jury found Mr. Manson, Patricia Krenwinkel, left, and Susan Atkins, center, guilty of seven counts of murder each. Leslie Van Houten, right, was found guilty of two counts

Mr. Manson was convicted separately of two other murders: those of Gary Hinman, a musician killed by Manson family members in late July 1969, and Donald Shea, a Barker Ranch stuntman killed late that August. Altogether, Mr. Manson and seven family members were eventually convicted of one to nine murders apiece.

Incarcerated in a series of prisons over the years, Mr. Manson passed the time by playing the guitar, doing menial chores and making scorpions and spiders out of thread from his socks. His notoriety made him a target: In 1984, he was treated for second- and third-degree burns after being doused with paint thinner by a fellow inmate and set ablaze.

Mr. Manson was turned down for parole a dozen times, most recently in 2012. Most of the other convicted family members remain in prison. Ms. Atkins died in prison in 2009, at 61, of natural causes

                                                        Manson denies it all

To the end of his life, Mr. Manson denied having ordered the Tate-LaBianca murders. Nor, as he replied to a question he was often asked, did he feel remorse, in any case.

He said as much in 1986 in a prison interview with the television journalist Charlie Rose.

“So you didn’t care?” Mr. Rose asked, invoking Ms. Tate and her unborn child.

“Care?” Mr. Manson replied.

He added, “What the hell does that mean, ‘care’?”

On the Thames: Rotherhithe Murder

rotherhithe murder noteInkedrotherhithe england_LI.jpg

On a modern note, Black Moon Lilith is in the Eighth House of sexual adventure for the accident chart and opposite Neptune in the second house.  It would seem that money interchange was the issue for the murderer and he was outraged that he would have to pay for these services.

The Part of Fortune, Leo 28, gets an the symbol of “friends shaking hands” from Carelli where he notes that this is a transaction sans money or any type of commerce.  The murderer would agree there — he obviously felt his transaction with the streetwalker was of mutual benefit; she obviously disagreed.


Angry and petulant,  he struck out against her insinuations – Neptune is sextile the stellium in the fourth house (her walking her beat) and the fifth house ending with violent Mars semi-sextile the Part of Fortune in the sixth House at 28 Leo conjunct Fixed Square Al-Talhah (here portending violence) & also square Neptune 12 Gemini (ruling seaman)  and Pluto (erratic or crazy behaviour).

Interesting is how Alan Leo’s Astrologer’s Magazine noted how the death was met by the house and planets separation.

P.S.  While Pluto is depicted on the chart, because the incident occurred in 1893 we are ignoring its impact; it is not on the download chart.

Rotherhithe Murder

DC shooter: James Hodgkinson from Belleville

Who is he?

The DC shooter, Jim Hodgkinson, like Reality Winner who also came into the news this week, is a Bernie Sanders Supporter  upset over the Trump triumph in November.  He was also a member  a group called “Terminate the Republican Party,”  and his  social media pages reveal intense hatred for President Trump and Republicans.  It has since been taken down by FaceBook.

Hodgkinson wounded four, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), before succumbing to injuries sustained in police gunfire exchanges.  The  Congressman was practising with other GOP candidates in Alexandria, Virginia for the yearly Congressional Charity Baseball Game when the fiasco occurred.

The Belleville News-Democrat, a newspaper in Hodgkinson’s former hometown of Belleville, Illinois, reports:

The shooter who was killed during gunfire at practice for a congressional baseball game Wednesday morning was from Belleville. The shooter was James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, who belonged to a number of anti-Republican groups, including one called “Terminate the Republican Party.”


hodgkinson.png                                              Astrologically

Hodgkinson is a splash temperament type suggesting that he has a humanist bent — he is more people oriented than most Cardinal quadratured natives. While he has two conjunctions, one from the Sun to Venus and the other from Mars to the Moon that is the maximum such a type is allowed.

His ascendant is 19 Aries that gives him the Sabian Symbol of “A magic carpet,” that is all about the expansion of man’s freedom of spirit through his wide interest of philosophical potentials that become dramatized through his own vicarious imagination.

The Ascendant is opposed to Neptune Libra 21.13   with the image of a “boy giving birds a drink from the fountain” and suggests transient popularity from his fellows.  That opposition, creates a T-Square at Capricorn 10.40 to his Midheaven conjunct his Mercury and the Sun giving him a willful purpose to be someone. With Mercury in the Ninth House of long travels (at 29 Capricorn) that suggests that travelling to make his goal realized would not be a consideration.

steve scalise.jpg
Rep. Steve Scalise of the Bayou State

That Mercury itself has an interesting symbol of a “man reading tea leaves,” for that is about what his vision of destroying the GOP would amount to — his progranication of a world without opposition.  In reality had that happened, outrage would have occured and RINOs would have flooded from the woodwork.

Perhaps Hodgkinson was a upland hunter as well; he aim was too good to be a novice and Rep. Rand said tha tthey only thing that saved them was the “chained link fence…and the DC police”   Five individuals total were shot by the assailant: Scalise, two police officers, a lobbyist and a congressional staffer. Representative Scalise, the Majority Whip, who is married and has two children.

Medstar Washington where he is recuperating from the attempt on his life issued this statement about him

                                        “[Rep Scalise]…. sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet travelled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding. He was transported in shock to MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a Level I Trauma Center. He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations. We will provide periodic updates.”…from MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

The map we put up for this week’s highlights is  over here,.  Both him and Winner are born in December though twenty-one years apart.  Seeing how their charts compare is interesting.James Hopkinson