The magic of Bernard Malamud

Bernard Malamud was a terrific writer of short stories but somehow never made it to the full length novel. As we close down the 500 nativities, I began to wonder why, so I did his chart. He won two National Book Awards and the Pulitzer Prize all like his famous “The Natural” that had some element of magic within.

Malamud himself said he was writer of ”simple people struggling to make their lives better in a world of bad luck.” And that does seem to wrap up why he could not go the long form distance — he was more of a workman than an artist (Neptune conjunct Mars in the sixth).

The Natural and Corvallis Oregon State Beaver’s.

On the basis of ”The Assistant” and ”The Fixer,” critics began to think of Mr. Malamud as a ”Jewish writer” along with Saul Bellow and Philip Roth. Mr. Malamud, said that he found the label of ”Jewish writer” inadequate & the three writers shared more differences than similarities for in his case, Jewishness was more a spiritual than a cultural or a religious quality.

‘I was concerned with what Jews stood for,” he said, ”with their getting down to the bare bones of things. I was concerned with their ethicity – how Jews felt they had to live to go on living.”

New York Times obit for Mr. Malamud
A strong gathering in the 12th house supports Malamud’s assertion on the spirituality of his writing, often infused with Kabbalistic touches throughout. He was a fanhandle and a Brooklyn Dodger fan.

Geometrician Rene Descartes

René Descartes was a philosopher whose work, La Géométrie, which proves Pythagorean mathematics for without proof, it’s all theory.

Descartes’s brilliance was proving via algebra that geometry was a valid branch of mathematics. He was the first son, and third child to Joachim Descartes (1563-1640) and Jeanne Brochard (1566-1597). Joachim, the son of the medical doctor Pierre Descartes (1515-1566), who studied law and was a counselor in the Parliament of Brittany at Rennes. Jeanne was the daughter of the military man René Brochard (for whom her son was named) who was part of the garrison stationed at Poitiers. To read more about the man, go here; better yet, read the book.


  • Bell, Eric Temple Ph.D Men of Mathematics, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1937, 529 pp.
    • This is an excellent review of 34 of the greatest mathematicians from the ancient Greece to the end of the 19th century complete with biographies and a discussion of their work.  Highly recommended.

#44 British Actor George Arliss

George Arliss, original name Augustus George Andrews, (born April 10, 1868, London, Eng.—died Feb. 5, 1946, London from chronic bronchitis age 77). He portrayed many historic personages in motion pictures.

He began his acting career in 1887 but found success when he appeared with Mrs. Patrick Campbell in London during the 1900–01 season. In 1902 he played in The Second Mrs. Tanqueray in New York City, and in 1911 he had the title role in Disraeli that he would reprise later in film for an Oscar.

Arliss, George; Arliss, Florence
George and his wife  Florence.Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. They often acted together. They were married on September 16 1899 in London.

Arliss was an established leading actor when he turned to films in 1920. His pictures include The Green Goddess (1930), Old English (1930), Alexander Hamilton (1931), The House of Rothschild (1934), and Cardinal Richelieu (1935). He won an Oscar for best actor of 1929–30 for his role in the film version of the British PM Benjamin Disraeli. He also wrote several plays and two autobiographical works: Up the Years from Bloomsbury (1927) and My Ten Years in the Studios (1940).

George’s Charts

While the Moon’s speed is about average, Arliss’s mercury is far ahead of his son for Fast Mental Chemistry. His Line of Vitality, which is not a proxy for the hyleg, is absent.

We have rectified Mr. Arliss for 17 Leo and 12:30 PM instead of the 12:06 AM and the 20 Sagittarius that Marc Jones cites. Interestingly, both give Arliss a fire ascendant. Our rectification places Pluto in his 10th house that is pertinent because it was not until 1930 that he won an Academy Award — Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in February of that year. Dr. Jones’s would put Pluto roughly in the 12th House.

The chart, a fanhandle <sup> 1 </sup>, shows how much his career was owed to his popularity no different from a politician but with the preponderance in the 8th House for those celebrities long dead.

The chart above shows his marriage to Florence Kate Montgomery Smith. While obviously they were both thespians and attracted to each other’s abilities (the dual preponderance in the 5th house) it also shows their great loyalty and love for one another (see the Part of Fortune conjunct his Sun and Neptune). The Mars in the fourth house here depicts not squabbling but a great passion.

The final chart is for Arliss’s death on February 5, 1946 at home in London using Converse Solar Arc Directions, because this is a concrete (physical) event. Venus, that viral contagion, is in the 8th House conjunct Mercury and the lungs. With penicillin discovered but not publicly available, Arliss’s bout with bronchitis was to end fatally.


  1. Marc Edmund Jones does not mention the fanhandle in his Essentials of Astrology, that temperament type was defined by astrologer Robert Jansky in his privately published pamphlet, Planetary Patterns. We agree with Jansky’s rationale and have seen its significance in many patterns and so have adopted it. This is one of the many ways we have broken with Dr. Jones.

Dem Sen Birch E Bayh of Title IX

Sen Birch Bayh was the legislative shepherd of the 25th Amendment, passed by Congress in 1965 and ratified in 1967, that provided for filling a vacancy in the office of vice president and, crucially, for the declaration by Cabinet officials and Congress of a sitting president’s incapacity to discharge his duties. Two presidents have temporarily assigned their duties to their vice presidents while undergoing surgery, per Bayh’s amendment.

Bayh was the lead Senate sponsor of Title IX, the 1972 anti-discrimination statute that paved the way for wider women’s participation in college sports. And Bayh pushed for the 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age for all elections, state and federal, to 18. It moved through Congress and the states in just over three months during 1971.

Bayh and LBJ

Birch Evans Bayh Jr. was born Jan. 22, 1928, in Terre Haute, Ind., close to Shirkieville, where forebears had farmed for generations. His father was an athletic director who in 1935 moved the family to Montgomery County, Md., when he became director of physical education for the D.C. public school system. His mother died shortly afterward and Bayh returned to Indiana and his grandparents’ Shirkieville farm. There he grew tomatoes and won a state ribbon encouraging him to enroll in the agriculture program at Purdue University. After a two-year hiatus for what was then mandatory Army service, he graduated in 1951.

His senior classmates elected him president. He excelled in boxing and baseball. A strong debater, he represented Indiana at the American Farm Bureau’s national debate competition in Chicago. His opponent was Marvella Hern from Oklahoma and they married in 1952, and the newlyweds ran his family’s farm until he decided to run in 1954, for the Indiana House of Representatives. Then he went to the senate for three terms.

Mrs. Bayh died from breast cancer on April 24 1979; the Senator remarried two years later Miss Katherine “Kitty” Halpin on Christmas Eve, 1981 in St. Alban’s Episcopal Chapel at the National Cathedral in Washington, D. C. who outlives him as does a son from each marriage: Evan with Marvella and Christopher with Kitty.


Senator Bayh died in Easton, Maryland on March 14, 2019 where he and Mrs. Bayh made their home. The birth time is based on his memory. His charts shows his wife’s and father’s strong influence (see the tenth house). A fan handle temperament type typical of popular politicos. His ascendant is 16 Aquarius, the Golden Gate Bridge, highlighting his ability to span both town, DC and country, Shirkieville.

Picushikin, 48 and counting

map of Picushikin

Charles E. O. Carter the great British astrologer, says that the key in working with murder charts is understanding where they put the bodies, and why they chose them, so we know how to find them. He worked with the London police and did, much to his credit, apprehend several criminals; Carter had a rare talent.

For Picushkin , we set the chart to sunrise in Mytischi, a suburb of Moscow, Russia. To rectify it would require more information than we have and so would be akin to cheating. In reality we would not even have the murderer’s chart all, just the day of the homicides — unfortunately the magazine article (see below) does not supply that so cannot fully devolve the murder but only understand the murderer — we have not read the article, just the headlines.

The crazy cross in Red

Starting with the crazy cross in red, the Sun is opposite Uranus, suggesting a morbid and perverse character. As the Sun at 19 Aries is conjunct the ascendant at 17 Aries the two oppositions are related via a translation of light: so Uranus is also opposite both the Ascendant and the Sun. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, and has an affinity for metal, fear and stealth.

Uranus is also conjunct the eighth house cusp where Mars is exalted, so we must believe that either the victims are buried in an unusual place or killed with a shovel or knife. However they are murdered, the bodies are not found but hidden; Pluto in the seventh encourages that idea sextile Neptune tells us water is involved. For whatever reason, Edgar Allan Poe’s macabre story Pit and the Pendulum comes to mind.

The Moon in Scorpio is just sextile to the Part of Fortune at 19 Virgo — (HS) vacant rooms in an old hotel — in the sixth house, the place of servants and small animals i.e. dogs and cats.Perhaps he asks them to go with him to see the dog? Or help him get the dog out of the pound giving them a hard luck story? As the part of fortune is also semisextile Uranus it seems important but we cannot figure out how.

Mercury on the first house cusp at 27 Pisces tells us he wants to be caught, it is his overwhelming desire, because he cannot stop, killing is his mission, his job, his life. But how would we find him? I tend to think at bars or pubs places that involve gambling and drink, but I get the feeling that this also could be Moscow as a whole and cannot pinpoint anything further, other games of skill versus chance. Maybe that last bit is something.

Venus is also in Pisces in the twelfth. Perhaps he went to a day school or was raised in an orphanage. There is something communal about his childhood but also fearful. Maybe he was bullied.

Since we feel he frequents bars or places where people gather, talk a lot of nonsense and drink maybe if we zone in on his appearance we may have something. Our killer is of middle height, blue eyes, thin hair, sharp nose, prematurely balding so maybe he went for the buzz cut look — he likes metal so perhaps he dresses with it or in shades of it. His job could be trucker, a mechanic, a welder. Nothing there helps much, but I do think that the appearance is something and if we piece all these somethings together maybe we could have found him though it would have been hard work.

He seems rather indistinguishable except he is a braggart. Maybe he brags to the other men about “having” these women and they do not realize what he means, maybe he brags about that “old dog,” but its not an old dog but an older man, on his mother’s side, who was good to him that is morphed into a dog. How that would help we have not a clue and while we have a lot of little things we have nothing that would bring in him. Pity we have no murder dates.

Well, this is our best shot. Perhaps you could do better.

PS. After posting this I decided to go and look at the asteroids for more help; Carter did not use them but he had the murder dates.

  1. He has the Welsh god of the Underworld partile his Uranus does not give us much except for supporting this is a murderer’s chart.
  2. The next asteroid, Hebe, should help with the other “somethings” we found” : Hebe, the goddess of drink, is found at 10 Leo trine 10 Neptune in Sagittarius — drinking is involved and they “drunkenly” travel to where he kills them.
  3. Eros is partile Jupiter at 7 Pisces suggests his gives him a sexual high so this is the reason he does it — he gets off on it. Why he started? Mars conjunct Saturn suggest the first was because of his hair-trigger temper but through that first murder, he found the Eros-Jupiter connection to perpetuate the killing.

#835 Cyrl Meir Scott, Theosophical Composer

Cyril Meir Scott, (born Sept. 27, 1879, Oxton, Cheshire, Eng.—died Dec. 31, 1970, Eastbourne), English composer and poet known especially for his piano and orchestral music. In the early 20th century Scott established a musical reputation in continental Europe with his Piano Quartet in E Minor (1901) and Second Symphony (1903).  He music was so elusive and dreamy he was dubbed the “English Debussy.”

In addition to his musical output, Scott produced several volumes of poems and also published translations of literary works by French poet and critic Charles Baudelaire. — from Britannica.  He was a Christian Scientist.

He was  called the “Father of modern British music” by Eugene Goossens, and appreciated by Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, his close friend Percy Grainger, Richard Strauss and Igor Stravinsky.

Scott became interested in the occult and wrote on that subject as well as music, health and medicine, a wide variety of subjects after meeting in  1902 the pianist Evelyn Suart ((30 April 1881 – 26 October 1950). In 1910, Evelyn Suart married Gerald Gould, and Scott dedicated his Scherzo, Op. 25 to their daughter Diana Gould a noted ballerina and the second wife of Yehudi Menuhin from 1947 until his death in 1999 from the complications of bronchitis in Berlin.

This site is dedicated to to his works.


Mr Scott is a fanhandle temperament type — with Jupiter and the Moon in close alignment giving him the ability to parlay his strong emotions into his various works and in turn have others, whether readers or listeners, identify with them.  His bowl is a sea-saw where half lies in the northern hemisphere and the other in upper southern.

This demonstrating the back and forth between his two outputs and corresponds with the two planets that compose the “fan” portion of the map.   For his music the Moon corresponds with the upper half in the southern hemisphere hence the strong emotive quality of his music and Jupiter for his written works.  But through the translation of light,  Moon uses the strength of Jupiter to creates lots of various works like Chamber, Orchestral, Sonatas etc.  Jupiter in turn uses the Moon, and so his written works take on a theosophical bent while taking on varied forms.

#251 Marion Davies sans Hearst

Marion Davies was born Marion Cecilia Douras on January 3, 1897, in what had recently become the borough of Brooklyn in New York City.; it was previously its own city.  She reposed  on September 22, 1961 in Los Angeles, California of cancer. She was an American actress that was better known for her 34-year relationship with publishing giant William Randolph Hearst  (grandfather of the kidnap victim, Patty Hearst) and to a lesser extent,  her talent on-screen. She was actually a good actress, but that got marred by the over 7 million dollars Hearst spent promoting Davies’s career.

Her father, Bernard J. Douras, was a lawyer and later a New York City magistrate from 1918 to 1930. She had three older sisters—Reine, Ethel, and Rose who also became actors. At age 13, Davies made her Broadway debut as a chorus girl in The Blue Bird, and she continued to appear in shows until 1917.  Then when was twenty,  the 54-year-old publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst noticed her in the chorus line of The Ziegfeld Follies and her career changed. Despite being a married man, Hearst and Davies began a relationship that lasted until his death in 1951 when finally Davies married Horace G. Brown, a friend of hers who was a retired sea captain.


marion davies.png

                          Mapping Marion

Marc Jones has her listed in his Jones 1000, but without a birth time.  We rectified her chart for an 8:20 AM birth time giving her a 28 Capricorn Ascendant.  That has the Hyperion symbol of an “explorer coming from the South” highlighting a new adventure that can happen if one keeps true to their original intent.  That begs the question of what is her intent, and her chart, unsurprisingly reveals that it was being an independent woman unfettered by legal agreements.

Miss Davies is a fan handle temperament type, a rather unique layout that looks like a multi-handled bucket.  The geometry of the fan handle is like the bucket — everything is in one hemisphere, with the bucket being alone in alone.  The difference, and it is the key, that instead of a singleton, typically we have a mini stellium of planets congregated together.  For Miss Davies that is in the fourth house with the planets, Pluto, Mars and Neptune.  The handle works like a bundle and the aspect between the leading planet, here Pluto to the next planet, Venus, gives the dominating force of her life.

In this chart, Venus is square Pluto and Mars, though the former planet not discovered until 1932, but as they are partile and co-rulers of Scorpio, they are equivalent in her chart.   This gives her a strong Mars, who relies on her personal magnetism and sex appeal to get ahead.  It also highlights her Line of Efficiency, Venus’s aspect to Mars, showing that Davies had an antagonist personality baiting others into confrontations to understand their motives.  This aspect probably was the real reason for her Hollywood failure –her acid wit did not jell well with the Hollywood bosses who prefer more pliable actresses.

Marc Jones notes a few others with that Venus-Mars aspect:    Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain & Swami Vivekananda –both known for their combative tongues.

                                                        The Freedom Aspect

Other aspects in her chart support her Line of Efficiency like her Saturn & Uranus in the tenth house near the mid-heaven showing her great luck and financial prowess in real estate, thanks, of course, to the Hearst bounty.   But more tellingly her tenth house shows her love of personal freedom from both Hollywood bosses and marital ties (she tried to divorce Captain Brown twice but failed) and since Uranus the pioneer is in the mix, tells of her desire for a bohemian lifestyle.

Jupiter in the seventh house shows her many paramours , including Dick Powell, ten years her junior, during her Hearst years — he too wanted to marry her but Ms. Davies would not give her free lifestyle up, so he rebounded to Joan Blondell.  The Jovian placement also highlights her good fortune in relationships giving her favorable opportunities, particularly as it is in an angular house and trine her sun.

Young Hearst, notice that his daughter inherited his long oval face and aquiline nose.

The Sun and Moon both in the eleventh house, depict her popularity and her ability to attract relationships that allow her to flourish.  Her life may have not been everyone’s cup of tea, but for Marion Davies, it was exactly what she wanted.

                                              Looking at Captain Brown

Captain Brown, Miss Davies, Patricia Lake and husband Arthur aka Dogwood Bumstead c. 1953

Rectifying Captain Brown is trickier: so little is known about him, that we took the safe approach and put Neptune in his seventh house of opportunities and Jupiter in the sixth for the many ships he must have captained.   This gives him an Ascendant of 15 Sagittarius and the Hyperion symbol of an “occult figure gazing thoughtfully” showing his ability to capitalize on the unseen potential that is ahead.  That seems to fit both his marriage to Ms. Davies, whom he outlived, and his  seafaring career.

Below his chart is the synastry between him and Ms. Davies that accurately shows the tension in their marital life, as he must have clamped down on her peccadilloes and as the sixth house shows meet with her ire.

horace g brown.pnghorace and marion.png

                                             And finally Patricia

In 1985, when  Patricia Van Cleve Lake, a woman who thought to have been Davies’s niece through her sister Rose, Lake’s family revealed, by her deathbed request, that Patricia was in fact the only child of Davies and Hearst.  Mrs. Lake died at Rancho Mirage, the Hearst mansion.  She was born in Paris, France on June 18, 1923 and we rectified her to 16 Libra giving her father, Saturn, a placement in the hidden twelfth house but also depicting her association with large manufacturing i.e. publishing and real estate.

Mrs. Lake is a bucket with an Uranian handle in her fifth house of speculation and entertainment next to her Dragon’s tail that shows how much of that life was eclipsed by its circumstances.

2018-04-05 (6).png

Her ascendant is Libra 15, the Hyperion symbol of “Complex numbers in a formula” telling us while there was a difference in her life because of her birth, she was someone who was well loved and that was the missing equation.  Uranus in her fifth house does show that her unusual birth affected her suitors and how people treated her.  It is also her focal determinator hearkening back to her mother who has it in her tenth house, and here shows that Miss Lake wanted to find things meaningful in life, hence her devout Christian faith (a strong preponderance of planets in the ninth house).

2018-04-05 (5).png

Director Stanley Kubrick

When Astrotheme has questions about a person’s birthtime  they give everyone the standard 12 o’clock high. For Kubrick that works out well, as he was born at 11:55 according to our rectification. Again, like Errol Flynn,  it was a movie that prompted this —   this time Room 237 the movie about a movie film, one of those cerebral talkies that are a akin to a literary discussion. For those who are not aficiandoes of the Shining, Room 237 is the mysterious room in the movie that the child Danny is told to avoid — at all costs.  For movie addicts, Room 237 is almost the Holy Grail — lots of inside baseball discussions about scenes, props etc.

Sand painting

I read the book last year and was amazed at how much was not there. I then checked some old book reviews and they panned it too — the book is just awful. What Kubrick does in that movie was what the book should have been. Nevertheless, Room 237 does give some good hidden meanings to the film like equating the American Indian slaughter to the Holocaust by pointing out all the Holocaust and Native American motifs throughout the film. It’s definitely a film goers film.  (Here’s one hint — all the luggage piled up helter skelter in the lobby like the baggage that was thrown off the trains by the Jews arriving at the death camps.  Another is the Navajo sand paintings that decorate the lobby.)


Other popular movies by him are Spartacus with Kirk Douglas,  Dr. Strangelove,  2001:  A Space Odyssey, Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacke, Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise.

                                                                              The Kubrick Chart

As or Kubrick’s chart, Uranus in the Sixth is rather apropos for him as he was unique and idiocyncratic.  Saturn in the second house makes sense as he wasthe scion of a wealthy family in the Bronx – unlike Ralph Lauren’s family also in the borough, but  who had less money. Next in the Tenth House is Venus + the Sun a propitious aspect for a director; actors and actresses tend to have just Venus. the Sun there gives Kubrick a stronger  willful attitude towards the industry — sort of like Orson Wellles — the enfant terrible of the 1940’s. Jupiter in the Seventh House shows a lot of marriages — he had four.

the shining art.jpg

As for his temperament type, Kubrick yearns to be a Splash but he only has two out of the requisite three oppositions.  Next up is the Fanhandle, that does have the required midpoint at the top of the chart and really does resemble a bucket but really Kubrick’s Southern bowl is more of a bundle — everything is closely tied up together full of energy and inversion.  So choosing the Fan pattern for Kubric, we see that the two distinct p;oints in the second house vy for notice against the other eight.  The handle is forever focusing Kubrick’s energies, telling us with the Moon right on the first hosue cusp the pressure he felt of having to be better and quicker and more symbolic than anyone else in the industry while Saturn on the near the third, his desire to make his father proud with his accomplishments as well as getting peers accolade.

Well if he was worried about the latter, Room 237 would solve that problem but then with Neptune conjunct Regulus in the eleventh house of publicity, he knew that.

If you are a Kubrick fan or just love the movie,  watch Room 237 here.

Here’s a highlight of the movie for those who just are wondering.

Forever Diana, Princess of Wales

The header shot is of Princess Diana and her two sons, William and Henry.  Below are her wedding shoes and her and Prince Charles on her wedding day, July 29, 1981.  She was twenty years old.

She was born on July 1st, 1961 at 7:45 GMT at Sandringham Castle.  Her Ascendant at 18 Sagittarius is  a common fire sign ruled by Jupiter, making her a frank, friendly woman who wins friends easily and rather androgynous in appearance. The description of “hail fellow well met” describes the archetypal Sagittarian.


                                  Like mother like daughter

Her North Node conjunct Regulus at Leo 28¹ suggesting that she had a noble bearing throughout her life.  Her Sun and Mercury are nearly conjunct in Cancer giving her warm personable appeal that really shone when she was with her sons but it is inconjunct her Moon in Aquarius with another sextile to her Ascendant.  This is her first yod and the more personal of the two creating an apex at the Seventh – Eighth house cusp that is obviously her marriage to Prince Charles and her liaison with Dodi Fayed.

This yod poses problems for Diana though. On one hand she was a woman of immense privilege and wealth with servants all around her waiting to be called. On the other, there are many stories of Diana refusing nannies for her boys and wanting to do the domestic chores of a regular Mum, but being a royal consort with outside responsibilities made that difficult.   As Jupiter, her Sun’s ruler, is conjunct Saturn in the first house and at  one of the feet of her yod, Diana felt oppressed by her older husband & the constant pressure of paparazzi so that she was unable to cut loose and have fun.

Frances Shand-Kydd

This aspect hints at the karmic problems between her own mother and father, Frances and John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer’s marriage that fell into the same trap. Unhappy after having five children (Diana, Charles, Sarah, Jane and John), Born Frances Ruth Burke Roche the same day that King George V died, January 20th, 1936, (see her chart below)  left her husband for  Peter Shand Kydd, the heir to a British wallpaper fortune in 1967.  Diana, her eldest,  was six years old.

frances shand kydd.png

The Kydds were married in 1969, but Frances did not receive custody of her children because she had abandoned them. This made the relationship between mother & daughter frosty, though as Diana matured, the two women got closer.

                                         The people’s Princess

Princess Diana has another yod  from her  Neptune in Tenth to her Saturn in the First creating an apex this time an apex in the Sixth House of work and labour.  Indeed Diana was the first royal bride to have been employed before her engagement at the Young England School as a kindergarten teacher — perfect for her Aquarian Moon trine her Cancerian Sun; her daughter in law, Catherine Middleton, was the first with a university degree. This second yod though creates the image of a “people’s princess”  — an approachable and down to earth person within the British Royalty that was publicly accessibly  (Eleventh House and her Ascendant) and people all over the globe responded with adoration.

Diana and her Mum

Princess Diana’s temperament type is similar to another woman who married a wealthy, older prestigious man, Melania Trump, a See-Saw that becomes a Fan Handle² because it has a Grand Trine with a Kite configuration..  It is that Kite that was what made Diana so charismatic and memorable as it is created out of her Fixed Grand Cross, another aspect that adds depth, and sorrow to her chart.

The Diana Dodi memorial at Harrods erected by his father.

Princess Diana died in an automobile accident fleeing from paparazzi in a tunnel Paris, France  on 31 August 1997 with her companion Dodi Fayed; she was 36.


  1. Regulus at 29 Leo (Diana’s North Node)  is sextile her Mercury in the sixth depicting how much her working life was being a spokeswoman for the Royal Family. It creates a yod at 29 Capricorn that is reinforced by being the same apex between her and her mothers chart.
  2. The Hyperion symbol is of “clouds above a mountain top, ” and was indicative of Diana’s legacy as she showed the world her belief in the mystical meeting of heaven (royalty) and their higher purpose on earth.   Alas as it is also a critical degree, as E. C. Matthews notes that it gives a melancholic note to the native’s life.
  3. Marc Jones discusses the fanhandle obliquely in his texts, it was Robert Jansky in his book, Planetary Patterns, that delineated it as a recognizable pattern and we have adopted it. Jansky btw, was not an Assembly member but wrote his books with such input.

Melania Trump, Mrs. Donald Trump, Sr.

Melania’s wedding gown
We have been asked for Melania Trump’s birthday after publishing Michelle Obama’s.  It has been rectified so we are making her Ascendant 03 Scorpio with a Midheaven of Leo that gives her a career in entertainment; previously to marrying Pres. Trump she was a fashion model.  Her chart is a See-Saw temperament type with many planets groups in a handle in the Seventh House and the other set splashed out.  Jansky called this a Fan-handle, feeling that the handle supports the greater bucket on the other side.


It is an interesting theory where he posits that this Fan Handle supports the Kite Configuration, and while dispersed, these configuration is not disparate like a see-saw but wholistic i.e. the chart as a whole is working together for one grand vision.

  melania.png In Jansky’s vision, JFK is a Fan Handle as well.  For him the key is the core opposition is that planet opposite the handle — which is almost exclusively Taurean —  here in Mrs. Trump’s chart that would be Neptune in the First House.  Sepharial writes that is perfect for marriage as it makes her turn a blind eye to her husband’s peccadilloes.

Our header image is the First Lady’s official portrait.