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#504 The many voices of Maria Jerritza

Marc Edmund Jones in his Jones 1000, has Miss Jerritza listed at 7 am that gives her the following chart and 22 Libra rising, “a child giving birds a drink at the fountain.”

marcs maria.png
Jones 1000 time

I do not fully agree with this chart and so rectified her birth time to 10:46 AM and got now a 4 Sagittarius rising (“a small child learning to walk”) for the Czech Soprano.  This degree is about the encouragement of human potential and the universal fellowship it engenders.   Her ascendant is now opposite Pluto at 05 Gemini in the sixth house conjunct Neptune and the Moon highlighting the vocal range of Miss Jerritza’s voice.

The flamboyant soprano was born in Moravia, made her early career primarily in Vienna, where her exceptional beauty, silvery spinto-weight voice and flair for dramatic (not to say sensational) stage action made her a star of the first magnitude. Baptized Mimi Jedlitzková and later calling herself Marie Jedlitzka, she sang a wide repertory and participated in the premieres of several important operas. Her glamorous presence was as welcome at the Metropolitan Opera as it was in Europe and she became a leading artist there in the 1920s………New York times archives

maria jeritza.png
our rectified version with Transpluto and the 4 major asteroids

The chart above, with her rectified timeand TransNeptunian planets, gives her a lot of SemiOctiles (SmiO) that point to a long life and good health.  Her element dispersion is spread out amount all of the four elements but her quadratures or modality as Jones referred to it, is  fixed, showing and the two types give her a goal centered and ambitious outlook.  Chiron is in musical Cancer supporting all the voice planets in the sixth house and showing the affect her musical prowess and style had on transofrming the soprano into the modern theatrical diva.

Her genius for marrying vocal range with presentation is supported by the asteroid (none are shown) of Pandora at 4 Virgo  square Pluto at 4 Gemini and her Ascendant at 04 Sagittarius.  This setup unleashes all the exciting qualities of Pandora’s box, as well as its unfortunate ones, as Miss Jerritza discovered that all her success lead her far from her home and family (as does the asteroids Tantalus promising success just around the corner trine Odysseus, Leo & Sagittarius 29 respectively) but also poor alliances (Chiron sextile at 03 Cancer) for she was married four times and had no children.

Of course the partile between Neptune and the Moon in Gemini is striking at 30 Taurus (a peacock parading on a verdant lawn) suggesting not only perfect pitch, but a kind warm-hearted woman who could portray the composer’s characters with sensitivity and sympathy.  Alas it also shows that she was fickle and tempestuous with a flighty behaviour that has been always been attributed to the operatic diva.


                                                     Moravia the Bohemian Heartland

Jerritza came from Moravia, the traditional region in central Europe that was the center of a major medieval kingdom, Greater Moravia. It has many mythic denotations because it is sheltered from strong winds, hurricanes and wild weather and was a major agricultural center, and was considered for centuries Europe’s heartland.  In the 11th Century it was incorporated into the kingdom of Bohemia, that added to the latter’s cache.  In the 20th century Moravia became part of the modern state of Czechoslovakia and in the 1990’s the Czech Republic. Zooming in thru Google Maps, I could find nothing in her hometown honouring the woman’s achievements.

from Google Maps

                                        Harmonically speaking

I am supplying this chart as well for those wishing to delve into the 90 degree dial aspects of her chart as this one, more than any other shows her professional success and how as a woman she broke many cultural barriers in doing so.

jeritza 16.png
The 16th Harmonic equates with the 90 degree dial


William Wallace, Scot Freedom Fighter

The header image is from History Unrevealed, August 2018 issue.  His memoriam date is August 23, Julian style, 1305.  Since we did Robert the Bruce we felt it was only right to do him as well, plus the magazine attributes to him a great quote.

wallace via lilly
Chart with Lilly orbs and modern planets

With modern planets, and a execution time of 12 noon, his lutonian handle gets the Hyperion symbol of a “Mouse sits up to reach a bit of food. ”  McClung, an acolyte of Marc Jones, writes that this is an “honest endeavour undertaken for a great result, as the cause is large and its effect is large.”  He attributes the keyword of “Striving.”    Despite that, we think that 6 am and sunrise is also possible.  We recommend you play around with those two times and make your decision.  Drop us a line with your findings.

Whatever the time, since Pluto very slow moving, it is is opposite the Sun and the point focus (of this T-Square) is at the North Node hidden in the twelfth house or in the third for 6am.  Was he betrayed by a jealous associate?  The Sun is sextile exactly to Uranus telling us he was a leader, not always tactful and identified with a Cause; nothing here to substantiate trickery.  At 12 noon the Sun conjunct the Midheaven tells us that the English felt that by making him an example they would snuffing out rebellion; obviously that did not work.   At 6 am the Sun is square the Midheaven and now suggests that they were using him to build a relationship.

william wallace

As Uranus is conjunct Neptune, Wallace had an aura of mysticism about him, Gibson in Braveheart picked up on that with Wallace channeling his departed wife’s image at important points in the film, her being an emotional force that was evocative beyond time.  This is supported with Uranus  teetering on the twelfth house cusp at 29 Libra 59, and an image of a “race car painted green”; the keyword is audacity.”  We have to wonder, whose.

personal — shot of dancers in Edinburgh, Scotland

Perhaps we need to create a nativity for our Hero and get a better picture of how this happened.  There is no known date for Wallace.  Most sites and books claim 1270, and that is good enough for us.  After a process of elimination, we went with March 21, 1270 at Paisley, Scotland, also a commonly cited birth place.  That combination  with a sunrise birth gives the following chart.

Inkedwilliam 2_LI.jpg
The big I is inconjunct.  Here we have Lilly planets both outer and inner.

His ascendant is 17.17 Sagittarius in the first house, a promising sign that if we are not on the mark, we are close, for the ascendant there tells us that he was forward looking.  the read lines give close aspects, that we leave for your enjoyment.

download the wallace charts

A bloke in Edinburgh.

The Inconjunct between the Moon and Mars in his death chart, now clearly spotted, tells that there were men around him who were jealous of his popularity and believed that they could fill his shoes.

Mars is square the Sun at 29 Leo, that we know is the fixed Star Regulus, pointing to a royal connection. Gibson in Braveheart believes that  Robert the Bruce got rid of a formidable challenger; this chart would say he’s right.

#758 Eugene Gladstone O’Neill playwright

The Prelude:

Eugene O’Neill was a famous American playwright and father in law to Charlie Chaplin via the latter’s last wife Oona O’Neill. His father was a famous stage actor, James O’Neill, who met his mother, Mary Ellen (Ella) Quinlan, while travelling on tour through Ohio, though they had resettled there from New London, Connecticut where Ella had been born. The parents objected but Ella ran away with James, who was ten years older and hailed from Kilkenny Ireland.  She married him nonetheless after her father died of tuberculosis.  They had three children, James jr., Edmund who died of measles and then Eugene.  He and James were ten years apart in age.

                                                          The Stage

He is a bucket with the moon in the seventh house of opportunities and relationships but is missing a core opposition¹. The Moon does create a t-square with the rim planets of Jupiter in the fourth against Pluto or Neptune in the tenth &  (Pluto was undiscovered at his birth) brings a grave bearing on his life, giving O’Neill almost an addictive fascination with fantasizing his home life usually in bleaker than accurate strokes.  His repudiation of reality (thanks to the T=-Square in Moon and lack of earth planets ) was unknown to the writer  himself — he could not see the difference between what he wrote, what he experienced, and what he intuited were other’s motives — they were of a piece.

Saturn sextile to Neptune encouraged that delusion, as the Neptunian artist developed saw or more likely wished for conflicts in his house on epic levels.  His play, shown below, a Long Day’s Journey into Night, captures this melodrama in stark Attic terms.

Saturn in the twelfth conjunct the ascendant of 28 Leo enjoyed this majestic tableau, and O’Neill discovered that it fed into his art making everyone else the enemy.  In return, his family were appalled to be painted in such harsh strokes and be seen by the public as his personal Eumenides.  But Mars conjunct the Galactic Center (not shown) gave him a pen mightier than their complaints, as critical accolades piled up, he found that he had created a personal monster worse than anything  Mary Shelley had feared.

O’Neill’s 2nd wife,Agnes Boulton O’Neill, son Shane and him c. 1922.  Oona their other child was not yet born until 1925.

                                                              The main scene

Their complaints meaningless, O’Neill continued his personal imagery of him as St. George fighting the dragon.  But the toll of such constant and excitable fears took a personal toll –their demands added to his already heavy cross to bear against a tyrannical father (the Leo ascendant at Regulus) & alcohol ate at his psyche spawning new demons for him to fight.  The tuberculosis did not help and when his parents and older brother Jamie all died within 3 years of each other their ghosts haunted him.

He was the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1936, a few years after Pluto was discovered. His two sons committed suicide, that Mars in the fourth house took its toll,  and his last wife, Carlotta, became an opiate addict, like his mother who had become addicted to morphine after a difficult delivery with Eugene.  He died as he was born:  in a hotel room.

Marc Jones lists O’Neill with the correct day and place but no time; astrodatabank supplied that.


  • A core opposition is a Cosmic Cross found at the angle a planet in house 1 is opposite a planet in 7 and a planet in house 4 opposes a planet in house 10.  Jones believed that this one was of the hardest angles to have in a chart as the native find themselves in perpetual motion gravitating to one crisis after another.

#03 Georgie Freedom Abrams


George Abrams was born on Freedom Day — 11-11-18 — in Roanoke, Virginia at 11 am to an orthodox Jewish family. He nearly became the middleweight champion of the world but lost to Tony Zale. They inducted him into the Boxing Hall of Fame at Canastota, New York (it’s outside of Syracuse) in 2005, a trip we heartily recommend for even non-boxing enthusiasts.

We  profiled the other George Abrams, the baseball player over here.

According to Jones, Abrams was born at 11 am and while poetic, we propose a 1 pm birth time instead. With the 11 am natal time, Abrams loses to Zale, because Zale out punched him — Jupiter in the outer chart conjunct Abram’s Dragon’s Tail. That does not fit with the reports of the fight.

The first two charts depict the 11 am time.  Zale vs. Abrams
georgie abrams
George Abrams at 11 am

With a 1 pm birth time (see the green singular one), we have Mars on the 11th house cusp in Capricorn landing a solid punch. His fire signs are also a bit higher showing that he had a bad temper and came to boxing through his natural inclination to take it on the chin and physically fight back. This would be more common to growing up in a poor area and being the torment of older boys or even prejudice. What stays the same is his high water preponderance depicting his stubbornness and ability to take hits.

Jupiter in the fifth house, just conjunct the Pluto that was discovered at his birth, shows that Abrams had an orthodox boxing style. It is also in the water element of Cancer. Pluto, discovered in 1932, is opposite Mars but has no short leg to the opposition, so Abrams did not have a lot of variety to his repertoire. Missing a 8th or 2nd house offshoot, Abrams becomes a plain boxer with no hidden counter-punch i.e. a repertoire of tactics to help in the later rounds.

The rectified 1 pm chart. The Lord of his chart, Uranus, is conjunct his Ascendant, alas the Moon steps in between.

The second Zale-Abrams chart is more telling of his weaknesses. While again, Zale out punched him, and Abrams is still an orthodox boxer, here he had some hidden power in his skill set. Another interesting thing is that Abrams has Transpluto in the fifth, so he gambled on his strengths, while Zale has it in the 6th gambled that Abrams would follow his typical method — he studied Abrams in the ring and learnt his opponents weaknesses, so Zale felt that a one punch battering style was all the other boxer had.

Zale OTOH with Transpluto in the outer right exact to Vesta in Zale’s chart was economical in fighting and did not come barreling out for a slugfest, but paced himself. All of this, makes Zale the better boxer and deserved to win the Middleweight Champeenship, as my late grandmother would say.

After this bout, Abrams best days were behind him — Fred Apostoli, Tony Raadik and Sugar Ray Leonard all beat him. He retired after the Raadik bout, tried his hand at illustration,  but was unsuccessful.    He worked as an auto dealer, liquor salesman, , owner of a nightclub, a typical gambit of ex-fighters . After living for a while in Florida in the late 1950s where he parked cars in Miami Beach, he eventually settled down in Las Vegas where he worked as a security guard at the Tropicana.   He reposed June 30, 1994 there.

georgie death.png
Georgie Abrams last chart. Jun e 30 1994. It would seem that known heart problems felled him in the end.

This essay and its attendant charts were updated and reviewed on 30 October 2019. If you find an error, let us know.

Scott Cunningham, Earthless Wiccan

Scott Cunningham the Wiccan writer who died of AIDS over twenty years ago (March 28 1993) , is a great example of how a missing element dominates a chart.  Cunningham has no planets in earth, and has an air trine that dominates his Splash temperament type, but his closest square to the trine planets is a midheaven in Taurus — demonstrating that his inner hopes were for making himself a writer on the Earth’s bounty.  Instead he did, with his books on Crystals and Gemstones, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Incense & Oils, Household Spells and Rituals and Earth Power, the magic of utilizing the earth for one’s health and happiness.


The air trine shows his strong writing ability, he went to San Diego State University and majored in creativity writing, and dominates his chart (see the houses in blue).  Pluto right on the first house next to the ascendant encourages this aspect, as Neptune is strong in artist’s charts highlight the link of their belief in the power of fantasy to recreate a better place through the promise of creative redemption.  For Cunningham, this aspect between the ascendant and Pluto was self-reflexive as his studies validated his belief in the earth’s healing energies and encouraged him to pursue it further.

Unfortunately Pluto in the first house also is connected with diseases that are connected to accidents and diseases that fall upon the person “accidentally” like Cunningham’s own case of AIDS that renders them dependent upon others.  Partile to Jupiter, a  co-ruler of Pisces, shows that Cunningham had a longing to extend himself beyond the material confines of his existence and transcend time and space through his craft.  His Jupiter is then sextile to to the other co-ruler Neptune in the third house of  communication, education and speech as well the means for coping with life’s vicissitudes.  With Neptune here, Cunningham had the unique ability to think in “pictures” and visualise what he wanted to say and write.

Jupiter in the first house bestows a religious inclination and makes the native full of faith and belief that through their devotion they will find a way to heal their bodies and souls.  For Cunningham that was partly the case as he contracted AIDS in 1983 and died ten years ago, that was 20% longer than the average at the time.  Through medical advances, the average lifespan post AIDS contraction is now double that.

Here is a video of Cunningham discussing Herb Magic, one of his many books.

On the air with Dan Ingram at WABC

“You talk for 10 seconds, the music plays, you’ve got nothing to do.”

Here’s an unrectified chart for Dan Ingram, a popular deejay in New York City.  The obit is from the New York Times but I must admit for a deejay a lot of planets in the twelfth does make sense.  Also, transpluto on the eleventh house cusp — his career dependent on his fan’s is also a good fit for Dan. The topper is his Moon is conjunct Regulus.  This may not be it, but to be honest, its a close fit.

Uranus on the seventh-eighth house works as his first wife died suddenly in an automobile crash.  It is sextile Saturn showing the harsh effect it had on him — perhaps idolizing her over his future wives.  Jupiter in the first is also a good catch — he was jovial, and made good natured jokes, nothing nasty like Howard Stern.  Dan had class and that fits his Bucket with a Saturn handle.  I had a friend, now deceased, Eileen Jazwa, who loved Dan and listened to him faithfully  — interestingly her birthday was Saturday.

At the height of his fame, he had a 25 percent listening share.   Now in 2018,  ten percent is considered huge.

dan ingram.png

Just the highlights:

Dan Ingram, a popular disc jockey whose wisecracks and double entendres rippled through the air at rock ’n’ roll stations in New York City from the early 1960s to the early 21st century, died on Sunday, June 24th,  at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He was 83.

His son Christopher said he died after choking on a piece of steak. He had received a diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndrome in 2014.

Once, giving the weather report, he said: “I love brief showers. They’re fun. Watch those briefs coming down!”

Mr. Ingram preceded the era of shock jocks, but he was a quick-thinking, somewhat bawdy jester who mocked songs, singers, sponsors and the weather at WABC-AM, a powerful Top 40 station that grew in the ’60s with the popularity of the Beatles, the Motown stable of artists and others.

Later, at WCBS-FM, the groundbreaking oldies station, he continued his drollery while exhuming the music he had played decades earlier.

“I like to have fun with my listeners,” Mr. Ingram told The New York Times in 1993 when he was at WCBS-FM. “I like them to use their minds. I like them to say, ‘I don’t believe he said that.’ But I don’t like to do sleaze.”

Oh my! It’s Betty Boop

Max Fleischer was her father, Sun in the ninth house in Leo.  Hollywood her mother, opposite the Sun in the third house of Aquarius; it would seem that the parents were match made in heaven.  We picked 12 noon for a matinée, but we do not really know the time of her first showing.  No matter, at noon she gets an exalted Ascendant of 12 Scorpio — exalted because its ruler, Mars, is right there on the eighth house cusp.  A semisextile away in ever-flowing Cancer lies abundant effervescent Jupiter.   If it is not her time, it’s definitely her day.

Her mid-heaven, 16 Leo is partile to her fatherly Sun and so it would seem that this is everything that Max wanted.  It is also conjunct the asteroid Ceres, giving her, as though she needs it, sexual intensity.

Mercury at 10 Virgo is in the tenth house but squeezed in, between Neptune (water) and Vesta (fire), for Betty never thinks her way out of anything, she just sorta oozes and schmoozes her way around the screen and somehow into success.  If ever there was a addle-brained bimbo complete with Venusian curls, she was it and opposite a empty fourth house she was everywhere but home.

Venus in Virgo 29.46 just nipping at beautiful Libra,  showing her friends and devoted public and how everyone wants her, but who really got Betty?  She remained like the Venus of myth, unattainable, fixed in plastic celluloid and virgin.  While we age, die and move on, Betty, is just a  permanent fixture and always seems to find fans where ever she goes, and with a filled ninth house, Miss Boop goes everywhere, transcending time, place and culture (Pluto at 19.53 in Cancer right on that ninth house cusp).


But there is a stumbling block — Betty’s, she was never Miss Boop — Venus is square Pluto suggesting the need to remake her — she was originally drawn just for adults very lasciviously in the “pre-code” days of Hollywood. That did not last and Betty was toned down,  several notches, as Venus went into Libra, and she got re-balanced and remade into a more wholesome image for families.  Blame it on that opposition to Juno.  Eventually she went underground (South Node in the twelfth house)  and then totally digital recreated years later (So. Node opposite Uranus in the fifth at 16 Aries finally got a transit that put it into motion).

betty as flag.png

The header image is from Fine Art America and available for purchase.  We love it, finding it perfect that she illustrated  as a maid in a foreign capital, as that is one of the occupations for a Scorpio ascendant and probably fine for our little traveller.    Thomas Kolendra of  Long Island, New York, the artist, knows our Betty and for $22.35 plus fees, and image of Betty, because that’s all any of us gets, she’s  yours.

And a boop boop-boppy-do