Marc Jones speaks in Frisco

from the San Francisco Examiner, 9171932 pg 11.

Marc Edmund Jones on September 17, 1932 gave a talk to the Metaphysical Library . We are picking 9 AM since we know that neither Jones nor the other metaphysicians went to services that day. The bi-wheel below is Marc’s natal chart and the lecture time.

Apropos to the topic, the lecture gets a humanistic splash temperament type. The Part of Fortune, (see here for discussion of point 2 the PoF in Jones’s 16 points) at 4 Gemini (SS Holly and Mistletoe a symbol of “maximum encouragement of human personality on the subjective side of life’s continual stimulus to the richness of personal sharing) for the talk is opposite his Jupiter found in its own Lord in the 10th House.

Overall it would seem that Jones was quite successful in reaching out and getting new members for his fledging Sabian Assembly.

#504 The many voices of Maria Jerritza

Marc Edmund Jones in his Jones 1000, has Miss Jerritza listed at 7 am that gives her the following chart and 22 Libra rising, “a child giving birds a drink at the fountain.”

marcs maria.png
Jones 1000 time

I do not fully agree with this chart and so rectified her birth time to 10:46 AM and got now a 4 Sagittarius rising (“a small child learning to walk”) for the Czech Soprano.  This degree is about the encouragement of human potential and the universal fellowship it engenders.   Her ascendant is now opposite Pluto at 05 Gemini in the sixth house conjunct Neptune and the Moon highlighting the vocal range of Miss Jerritza’s voice.

The flamboyant soprano was born in Moravia, made her early career primarily in Vienna, where her exceptional beauty, silvery spinto-weight voice and flair for dramatic (not to say sensational) stage action made her a star of the first magnitude. Baptized Mimi Jedlitzková and later calling herself Marie Jedlitzka, she sang a wide repertory and participated in the premieres of several important operas. Her glamorous presence was as welcome at the Metropolitan Opera as it was in Europe and she became a leading artist there in the 1920s………New York times archives

maria jeritza.png
our rectified version with Transpluto and the 4 major asteroids

The chart above, with her rectified timeand TransNeptunian planets, gives her a lot of SemiOctiles (SmiO) that point to a long life and good health.  Her element dispersion is spread out amount all of the four elements but her quadratures or modality as Jones referred to it, is  fixed, showing and the two types give her a goal centered and ambitious outlook.  Chiron is in musical Cancer supporting all the voice planets in the sixth house and showing the affect her musical prowess and style had on transofrming the soprano into the modern theatrical diva.

Her genius for marrying vocal range with presentation is supported by the asteroid (none are shown) of Pandora at 4 Virgo  square Pluto at 4 Gemini and her Ascendant at 04 Sagittarius.  This setup unleashes all the exciting qualities of Pandora’s box, as well as its unfortunate ones, as Miss Jerritza discovered that all her success lead her far from her home and family (as does the asteroids Tantalus promising success just around the corner trine Odysseus, Leo & Sagittarius 29 respectively) but also poor alliances (Chiron sextile at 03 Cancer) for she was married four times and had no children.

Of course the partile between Neptune and the Moon in Gemini is striking at 30 Taurus (a peacock parading on a verdant lawn) suggesting not only perfect pitch, but a kind warm-hearted woman who could portray the composer’s characters with sensitivity and sympathy.  Alas it also shows that she was fickle and tempestuous with a flighty behaviour that has been always been attributed to the operatic diva.


                                                     Moravia the Bohemian Heartland

Jerritza came from Moravia, the traditional region in central Europe that was the center of a major medieval kingdom, Greater Moravia. It has many mythic denotations because it is sheltered from strong winds, hurricanes and wild weather and was a major agricultural center, and was considered for centuries Europe’s heartland.  In the 11th Century it was incorporated into the kingdom of Bohemia, that added to the latter’s cache.  In the 20th century Moravia became part of the modern state of Czechoslovakia and in the 1990’s the Czech Republic. Zooming in thru Google Maps, I could find nothing in her hometown honouring the woman’s achievements.

from Google Maps

                                        Harmonically speaking

I am supplying this chart as well for those wishing to delve into the 90 degree dial aspects of her chart as this one, more than any other shows her professional success and how as a woman she broke many cultural barriers in doing so.

jeritza 16.png
The 16th Harmonic equates with the 90 degree dial


#32 The prettier half – May Allison

May Allison 1920.png
Miss Allison 1920

Marc Jones in his list of nativities, places Miss May Allison #32.  The data he gives is Riding Farm, Georgia  June 14, 1897 at 11.29 am.  Checking that we discovered that the real data should be Rising Fawn, Georgia June 14, 1890.  She died March 27, 1989 at Bratenahl, Ohio — her second husband’s hometown —  but she had retired from pictures long before then.

She and Harold Lockwood were the first Hollywood duet, a theme that caught on with the public so strongly that after Mr. Lockwood’s death, from the Spanish flu in 1918, they found other pairs to continue the trend:  Cagney and Lacey, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy,  Kristen Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg, Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks, Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey, Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp, & of course Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart.  In Miss Allison’s case, after Lockwood’s death, her career was over because as a solo act, there was no interest.

                                          What makes a Volcano tick?

Usually we do a person’s life and see how the chart supports that, but in Allison’s case that does not really work, as her career was short and then she vanished, so we decided upon a different tack:  was there anything in her map to let us know that she was the lesser half of a pair?  We found that her map, adding in TransNeptunians, gave us the answer.

Miss Allison has 17 Virgo as her Ascendant, a symbol of a “vast display of cosmic forces erupting from a volcano,” and suggests the creative force bursting forth from within because of something external giving it momentum.a   A volcano according to the USGS (United States Geological Survey)  is any place on a planet where some material from the inside of the planet makes its way through to the planet’s surface because of plate tectonics: i.e. the friction of two strong geological forms hitting against one another.


For Miss Allison that was her acting, that sprang forth of its reaction to Harold Lockwood — a major heart throb at the time.  But  unlike Bogart and Bacall they did not marry but were just working associates like Ryan and Hanks.May Allison

                                                       Watching  the Volcano

The first piece of Allison’s career happens in the tenth house with the North Node square Admetus, the TransNeptunian planet, that suggests that her success in life (NN) will be contingent upon a stronger personality (Admetus).  Kronos, also a TransNeptunian, in the seventh house of partnerships and opportunities is squared Zeus in the tenth house where we find that it is the strong dynamic of another that will create her opportunities, but it also suggests that this will make her dependent upon him for continued success.  Finally, the South Node square Saturn in the twelfth house hints that there could be concomitant financial loss from this breakup unless, she uses her fame by finding a well-heeled fan.

Miss Allison first married James Quirk in 1926, who was publisher of the fanzine Photoplay Magazine, a leading publication in its field, but died in August 1932. In a separate note, it was Quirk who introduced Joe Kennedy to Hollywood and Gloria Swanson.

Then in 1934, broke and penniless, Carl Norton Osborne (born 13 April 1885 Wooster, Ohio to May 4, 1982) sped up his divorce and in March 1934 eloped with May to Elkton, Maryland.  May by then was about forty-four, her beau almost 50, but he was totally enamored of her and made her the belle of Cleveland society where he was king because of his factory.  Once again Miss Allison was the prettier half of a dynamic duo.¹



  1. Quirk, Lawrence J. , The Kennedys in Hollywood, New York:  Cooper Square Press c. 2004, 2nd edition.



#413 King Gustavus V of Sweden

gustav king of sweden
The Alan Leo time

Gustavus V of Sweden has two outstanding birth times.  The popular one is from Marc Jones (noted as #461 in his Jones 1000) and has a 10 am birth time; Alan Leo has 10:30 am.  The difference is that the 10 am gives him a Regulus Ascendant while the 10:30 am gives him a more prosaic Virgo 4 ascendant.  There is not much difference on the bearing of the horoscope itself – both have a preponderance of planets in the intercepted Gemini Tenth house.  Interceptions are supposed to shown hidden undercurrents in the horoscope.  Another change is the position of his moon from the First house (10 am) to the Twelfth (10:30).

The King & Queen of Sweden

Britannica version 11 (c. 1911) writes that GUSTAVUS V, or Oscar Gustaf Adolf, (1858- 1950), king of Sweden, was the eldest son of Oscar II., king of Sweden and Norway, and Queen Sophia Wilhelmina of Nassau, & was like his father, a great traveler. As crown prince he held the title of duke of Warmland. He married in 1881 Victoria (b. 1862), daughter of Frederick William Louis, grand duke of Baden, and through this marriage the crown prince effected a union between the Bernadotte dynasty and the ancient Swedish royal house of Vasa.

gustav at 10 am
the Marc Jones and Astrotheme time.

During the absence or illness of his father, Gustavus repeatedly acted as regent, and was therefore already thoroughly versed in public affairs when he succeeded to the Swedish throne on the 8th of December 1907, the crown of Norway having been separated from that of Sweden in 1905. He took as his motto ” With the people for the Fatherland.”


A very dapper Royal Family c. 1895

His eldest son was Oscar Frederick William Gustavus Adolphus, (b. November 11, 1882) who followed him as Gustav VI.  He married in 1905 Princess Margaret of Connaught (b. 1882), niece of King Edward VII.  Gustav V’s other two sons were Prince Vilhelm of Sodermanland, a voluminous writer, and Prince Erik of Vastmanland of died from the Spanish Flu of 1917.

King Gustavus was a major supporter of a constitutional monarchy after World War I because of the government and the franchise reforms in 1917 and 1918 which fits his Bucket with a Mars handle in the Third house of brotherhood.

The King was the first Swedish monarch not to wear a crown and forego a coronation, thus we think that Virgo 4 and the symbol of “Telephones (i.e. modernity) ringing” works well.  Virgo 4 also has the inherent symbolism of travelling, networking and communication.  But in the end of course, the choice is yours.  Both times are presented for your enjoyment.

Gustav 5 King of Sweden




Divining Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

Our header picture is Congresswoman Frederica Wilson with President Barack Obama.  She represents Florida’s 24th Congressional District since 2009.  Recently she has been in the news over flak between her Republican Donald J. Trump over his phone calls to the families of  fallen American soldiers from a Nigerian skirmish.  There is no time for Mrs. Wilson but we are advocating this chart based on the known facts of her life.

download the chart of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

chart frederica wilson

  • Saturn in the Seventh House.
  • Uranus in the Seventh House
    • Her husband Paul Wilson was an investment banker who left her $2 million dollars.  He died from pancreatic cancer and left her with 3 children in 1988 after 25 years of marriage.
  • Moon + Neptune in the Eleventh House.
    • She was integral in setting up Dade County Electronic Outreach Program — the first of its kind in Florida.  Neptune is also trine Uranus in the Seventh gives her an aspect of Self-Determination, not to just accept the current affairs but change them as she sees fit and mould them to her vision.


  • Mars in the Twelfth House.
    • She has quite a martial spirit in Congress willing to take on the President on what she believe is right.
  • Venus in the Twelfth House.
    • She presents herself as a strong woman in Congress.  With Venus and Mars conjunct, this gives her an Aspect of Self Determination that is as sudden as it is quixotic — where will she turn up next?  First Trayvon Martin & now the widow Myeshia Johnson’s home.  Where is next?
  • Ascendant is 9 Scorpio.
    • This degree often shows some sorrow in the native’s life.
  • Her midheaven at 16 Leo.

The Astrological Opposition & Pres. Barack H. Obama

barack obama.png

Phenomenal people have outstanding charts that are worthwhile an astrological student’s time.  President Barack Hussein Obama, the USA’s 44th President and the first Black American President, a spectacular feat since it was a mere fifty years since all the Jim Crow laws were abolished by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

 The Opposition of Awareness

Dr. Marc E. Jones termed the astrological opposition as an aspect of “awareness” because each planet or point was opposite the other and so could view it.  The person with an opposition was cognizant of that facet of his personality and it spurred him to achieve great heights.  We chose President Obama’s chart for this essay because he has several oppositions, marked out below each in a different color.

Astrologer Dal Lee in his helpful Dictionary of Astrology³ writes that “oppositions sound worse than they are for they mainly challenge the owner of the horoscope.  Many men whose birth charts show afflictions have risen to the top of their professions (Henry Ford outlined here has a Grand Cross) but all that means is that they have to work hard to get there.  But as Mr. Lee adds, ”  strong or motivated character can meet any chart affliction and conquer it.”


             Cancer  vs. Capricorn

Oppositions occur when an angle of 180º is made and the two planets face each other across the zodiacal map, i.e.:   Aries is opposite Libra, Taurus is opposite Scorpio, Gemini is opposite Sagittarius, Cancer is opposite Capricorn, Leo is opposite Aquarius and
Virgo is opposite Pisces.  This aspect signifies tension  betweeni the two houses involved.  For Barack Obama,  he has several oppositions between Cancer and Capricorn, suggesting that while he wanted to work for civil rights — sixth house service and duty– at the same time, he questioned whether that was the right path for him — 12th house desires of a larger podium.  There was already Rev. Martin Luther King,  Julian Bond, Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Justice Thurgood Marshall and  Jesse Jackson, that had made several great strides in the civil rights movement, and he must have wondered, what more could he do the cause?

The answer came to him via his Cosmic Cross, and the point focus at Neptune in the ninth house at Scorpio 08, “the moon shining across a lake.”  This symbol channel the obligation of Neptune into his house of higher calling and suggested that his was the ability, to “release outer compuslions upon the world and achieve a more enduring focus” by reaching a “rapport”  with his imagination and the country at large.

Still with his Ascendant in the Twelfth House (Morinus System) reminding him the importance of economics and human welfare, never left him, and it was that symbol of Aquarius 19 “Concern” that allowed him to refocus his original desires and reformulate them into somethning universal epitomized in the  symbol of a “Forest Fire quenched.” It is also directly opposite what we have rectified for the ascendant of his successor Pres. Trump at 20 Leo .

The symbol of 19 Aquarius is a regenerative talent that the native has by giving wholly of himself towards a particular goal.  This dynamic and Olympic expenditure of self for Obama made him realize that he could soar higher than he thought and reach the pinnacle as he dreamed.  In his autobiography, “Dreams of my Father” writes that just putting pen to paper about the dreams his father shared, made him aware of his legacy  not surprising as Mars in Virgo gives a person the ability of vivid expression and re-creation.

                           Moon to Part of Fortune Opposition

Another opposition, President Obama has is the Moon in the Fourth House in Gemini, the native house of Cancer, opposite his Part of Fortune (by orb) against the Midheaven at 28.54 Scorpio, that btw is square it’s own ruler of Mars in Virgo.  The variable Moon, the representative of his mother, Stanley Ann Durham, Ph.D., gives him the ability to gather and arrange facts while the Sagittarian Midheaven allows him to place them into perspective and draw conclusions.

While Pres. Obama admitted he wrote “Dreams” while his mother was dying and barely mentions her, his chart, on the other hand, shows that her life of social anthropology impressed him for she  was

the dominant figure in my formative years … The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics.                                                                   —President Obama, Chicago Tribune c. 2007 Campaign Trail

                                                        But wait there’s more!

Yes Pres. Obama has two more oppositions in his chart, making him aware and attracted to controversial opinions as he, according to Karen Hamaker-Zondag writes “look at matters from every angle and give judgment on it, so that the two extremes of their personality are now working in tandem.”¹

One of the more interesting oppositions is of Mercury to Jupiter in the Twelfth to Saturn by a translation of light.  This one strikes me because much was made of his use of a teleprompter and inability to talk off the cuff — this opposition would make him sparing of speech, a taciturn man, while the Mercury trine to the Midheaven — 29 Scorpio  an Indian squaw pleading for the lives of her children with the Keyword of Effectiveness —  would make him a fluid and excellent writer as noted above as well.

Dr. Hamaker-Zondag continues that at “the same time the view the reverse side of the problem for proportion, they also view the other side to demolish their opponents opposition.”  With three oppositions in work and health care, it is obvious that to Pres. Obama, health care (sixth house) and sexuality (the twelfth house) were to him always going to be the cornerstone of his life’s work just as economics (sixth house) had been his mother’s legacy (eighth house).


She echoes the writing of Marc E. Jones wrote wrote thirty years earlier that  an opposition ” is a state of affairs in which two planets, brought to points like east and west, or north and south,  stand contrary to each other. Their “contrariety” is not that they cancel each other in any way, since this would violate the principle of nothing from something but rather that they challenge each other to an activity of a broader sort.

“Where there was once a tendency to do nothing, now that is transformed into a great necessity to do something… The opposition aspect strengthens the native’s awareness of a need to act, working together with sensitivity to the difficulties involved in deciding where and when to act.”²

While so many oppositions make him a lightning rod on his chosen endeavors (the Affordable Healthcare Act is forever known as Obamacare even on the government website), conversely, he enjoys that attention and does not consider it a cross to bear.

Download the Barack HO map.


  1. Hamaker-Zondag, Karen M. “Aspects and Personality.” Aspects and Personality, York, Maine: S. Weiser, 1990, pp. 10–11.
    1. Originally published in Dutch in 1982, W. N. Schors, Inc.
  2. Jones, Marc Edmund.  “How to Learn Astrology”, Stanwood, Washington: Sabian Publishing Society, 1953.
  3. Lee, Dal.  “Dictionary of Astrology,” New York, New York:  A Paperback Library, 1969 p. 58.

Child Murderess: Myra Hindley

Well, what do you know, Gaugquelin did have Brady’s accomplice.  From the website, which explains the costume she wore.

Brady convinced Hindley that there was no God, and she stopped going to church. She absorbed his philosophies, adopted his interests, and altered her appearance to suit him, bleaching her hair and wearing Germanic clothes. She had no qualms about allowing him to take pornographic pictures of her and of the two of them having sex. They intended to crack the pornographic market but failed. Brady nicknamed her “Myra Hess”.

Also, I found how to get the asteroids and such on a Kepler chart.  Seek and ye shall find, well at least some of the time.

Download Myra hindley’s map.

Available for downloading is Myra’s bi-wheel, the inner circle is her natal chart and the other when she died at the Suffolk prison in England.  One striking thing about the bi-wheel is that the transiting Pluto is opposite her Saturn and creating a T-Cross going to her Midheaven between the two charts.  I read that her supporters claimed that away from Brady she returned to her Anglican faith and had, unlike him, renounced her crimes.  This setup suggests that they were right about that much.THE-MOORS-MURDERERS-Myra-Hindley-and-Ian-Brady

Miss Hindley was a Bowl Temperament type, unlike her counterpart Brady, she is very introspective but also a narcissist with four planetary pairs in her chart.   It would seem that they two really understood each other and got along well.

Her Juno is in her Fifth House of play and children and is aspected to everything in her chart but Uranus, like Brady in the Twelfth House at Gemini 03.36, Venus (29.44 Gemini) and the Moon  (23.45 Scorpio); none of these planets are in aspect to each other as well.  She has a tight Bowl and so has no oppositions.

Hindley has few notable Arabian points.  The most prominent are Love and Marriage conjunct Uranus, her Mother exact to Juno, Widowhood, Love & Family exact to Venus; nothing much.  But at her Midheaven is her Part of Undoing explaining to some degree, her entanglement with Brady and her perhaps her self-hatred into which he tapped.

myra's viewable chartHer North Node at 04.46 is “the ready soldier” willing to help a friend and her ascendant, no where as afflicted as Brady’s  is “a flying arrow” seeking attention is squared to a heavily afflicted Mars in the Fourth House (24.09 Leo) reminding me of the adage “ignorance is no excuse” as it has the keyword of Simplicity conjunct that North Node.

All of these aspects suggest that she knew what he was doing, did not object nor care as she found the rapes enjoyable and highly erotic.  His need kill the girls afterward, is not something correspondingly found in her chart, but nonetheless, she would understand the need not to be dubbed in, her Moon in the Sixth house — 23.14 Scorpio — sextile Pluto —  Leo 05.11 — in the Third and be reported to the coppers.

Titanic – Where’s the Captain? Venus in Aries


The Titanic, a ship that needs no explanation, struck an iceberg at 10:25 PM on April 14, 1912.  It sent out a CQD message via the Marconi wireless at that time.  Why a CQD?  Because in 1904, the Marconi company suggested the use of “CQD” for a distress signal & established it on February 1 of that year when Marconi Company issued Circular No. 57.  A strict interpretation would be “All stations, Distress.”

Harold S. Bride in his Marconi uniform.

There were U.S. Senate hearings following the Titanic disaster, everyone eager to learn from this debacle.

“Is CQD in itself composed of the first letter of three words, or merely a code, ”  Senator William Smith asked Mr. Harold Bride, the surviving wireless operator.

 Mr. Harold Sydney Bride responded, “Merely a code call sir.”

Mr. Guglielmo Marconi himself then testified about the code stating  “[CQD] is a conventional signal introduced originally by my company to express a state of danger or peril of the ship that sends it.”


The now prevalent, SOS — Save our Ship — came about the Titanic as the US Senatorial Committee found Marconi guilty for delay.

First Event:  Titanic Hits Icebergtitanic + iceberg.png

As our featured image states, the Titanic issued a CQD at 10:25 on April 14th about 300 miles off the coast of Newfoundland; we are using Saint John’s for the location, though of course, that is technically wrong.   But it does give us the Ascendant of 06 Sagittarius, A Game of Cricket, that Dr. Jones writes is about man’s insatiable desire to refine and strengthen every last potentiality and his need to gain understanding.

                                         Wining and Dining

As an Ascendant 05.49 Sagittarius “A Game of Cricket” may seem wildly amiss for this particularly moment in time, but stopping to ponder the symbol for a bit, that may be more apropos than first realized.  Firstly, Sagittarius as a sign needs to understand the whole picture before acting, if it is playing the Cricket, the players may like being interrupted to deal with what they consider nonessentials.

So it seems to us viewing the chart and checking the relevant historical data.  Some naval historians have felt that the first CQD call made at 10:26 was late in the game, because of these comments from Bride far earlier.

At 7.30pm a fourth Iceberg  message was received.  Bride said he delivered it to the bridge. This message was from the Leyland liner Californian (call sign MWL) to the Antillian (MJL; Captain Japha) of the same line. It read:

“To Captain, Antillian, 6.30pm apparent ship’s time; lat. 42° 3’ N., long. 49° 9’ W. Three large bergs five miles to southward of us. Regards — Lord.”

Bride does not remember to what officer he delivered this message. A final ice warning was received at 9.40pm from the Mesaba of the Atlantic Transport Line (call sign MMV, Captain Clark):

“From Mesaba to Titanic and all east-bound ships. Ice report in lat. 42° N to 41° 25’ N., long. 49° to long. 50° 30’ W. Saw much heavy pack ice and great number large icebergs. Also field ice. Weather good, clear.”

Who knows what happened.  The Moon had been in the 3rd Quarter on April 9th; the new Moon was not to rise for another five days, so at 10 pm the sky was dark and Captain Smith apparently could not see what they hit,.  Perhaps he postponed issuing a call while he tended to his ship.  Maybe he thought while they may have hit an Iceberg, that it knocked about and cause some engine problem or just disbelieved that anything to could happen to her.

We think that the last possibility is what doomed the ship as the messages came in around the dinner hour & the Captain was holding sway at the “Captains Table,” socializing.  We say this  because Chiron at 9.33 in the Third House with intercepted Pisces is square the Part of Fortune at 12.36 Scorpio in the Eleventh House — that’s a lot of networking and kibbitzing.  We also think that perhaps this was his typical behaviour at the dinner hour, because the Titanic was on automatic pilot and did not need a helmsman and so like the guests on the ship, he was having a good time.


The Ascendant in a mutable house is not helped by the opposing Pluto at  28 Gemini, A man declared bankrupt.  Here we plainly see that a lot of time, dithering about how this could have happened instead of preparing for the worst was squandered.

It has been remarked that most of the Titanic’s lifeboats were unused as many felt that the ship would “be right,” and they would hold steady because the Captain did not present a clear enough picture of the seriousness or urgency of the matter at hand.  With those thoughts, and considering the RMS Carpathia helmed by Captain Arthur Henry Rostron came to the rescue just an hour after the Titanic sunk, time was of the essence.christmasbells2.jpg

The two oppositions find their outlet in a T-Square ending at Venus in Aries 04.  The symbol here is Holly and Mistletoe, but Venus is in its detriment & gets the unfortunate meaning of a “complete obsession with superficialities. ”

Venus typically is a cohesive force in the zodiac; where ever it is found it tends to like hoard and acquire more of those affairs, but in its detriment, it loses focus and goes into a panic mode tending towards denial, procrastination, and disordered thinking.

In the Titanic chart that detriment was lethal found in the fourth house — end of life issues.  Conjunct the Moon in the third house at 26 Pisces the combination T-Square Venus-Moon conjunction led to panic and large-scale fear.

A Translation of Fire

Mars, the traditional ruler of Aries, plays into this scenario in a translation of light, receiving back from enthusiastic, but disorganized, Jupiter via its conjunction to opportunistic Pluto in the Seventh public house.

It hints here at parlaying and bartering for equipment — life jackets which there were too few and seats on life boats which the crew forgot.  Found in watery Cancer one can see the emotional terror come to a realization as the finality of Death enters the scene.  Panic, frenzy, and disorder run amuck in this locomotive temperament type.


Chiron & Respect for Personality

Our featured image is by Giovanni Dal Lago, Italy,  of the asteroid Chiron; from the NASA archives.


Recently I read Barbara hand-Clow’s book on Chiron.  It has many interesting ideas but it ultimately fails as she takes too much from Ceres and gives it Chiron, thus hurting both.  I did like her emphasis on the environment and natural issues, which did seem to culminate in the 1970’s shortly before Chiron was discovered with Earth Day, but how do I apply that to a horoscope?  How do I make that work?

Ms Hand-Clow does not really give me much direction there, other than embracing my inner-Unicorn, so in the separate of allowing the asteroid to speak for itself, I decided to see what Chiron itself unfolds by looking at its natal, similar to what we did for Ceres, click to read that now.



Chiron’s Chart

Chiron was discovered at Palomar Observatory, on October 18, 1977 at 3:47 PDT. A new moon was about to appear the next day, so the skies were still dark enough that odd things could be detected.

We got the longitudinal coordinates for Palomar from NASA and used that instead of the general location of San Diego.  That gave us the Ascendant of 15 Virgo, an Ornamental Handkerchief which Dr. Jones writes “preserves meanings and helps perfect action.”

Looking at the Chart, that a YOD, a favorite configuration, would be perfect here and drew one from Chiron at 04 Taurus to Jupiter in the 10th at 07 Cancer.  The Apex ends at about Juno at 04 Sagittarius.  Dr. Jones in his book, Number Significance, says the keyword for Juno  is Politics or being Polite based on how Juno herself usually turned a deaf ear to her husband Jupiter’s philandering.

Both the husband and spouse are part of this configuration interestingly enough but it is the midpoint that shoots perpendicularly from Juno to to Gemini 04 that is the key to Chiron’s meaning.  Incredibly enough “Holly and Mistletoe” the symbol of maximum encouragement of the difference in human personality by allowing continual stimulation to every resource of imagination and spiritual appreciation.  Reversed, Dr. Jones writes about Miss Wheeler’s symbol, “obsession with superficialities”.

Dr. Jones summed this up with his maxim of “respect for personality,” or the necessary abilities of not judging a book or person by its cover but allowing it to speak for itself and not prejudicially pigeonhole by your preconceptions, fears, or misunderstandings.

Chiron Applied Case 1:  Adolf Hilter


Herr Hitler did not live while Chiron was found, but he is a good subject for the asteroid nonetheless.  In his case, Chiron is found at 07 Cancer, intercepted, in the ninth house of religion and journalism.  It has the symbol of “two faeries on a moonlit night” that Dr. Jones suggests encourages a transforming sensitivity or a healing imaginative force in once’s light.  Negatively, a senseless retreat to phantasy.

For the Herr, Chiron is directly opposite the Moon that is conjunct Jupiter, or an ability to stir up monsters and demons on command.  Pity his father did not let him become a painter as he wanted…but that’s another post.  The main point is that Chiron tells us that Herr Hitler was totally intolerant of any type of religion other than his own Superman creation where he became the Head Prophet in a Cult of Personality.

Chiron Applied Case 2:  Marc Edmund Jones

Our next case, Marc Edmund Jones, a Presbyterian minister and the Dean of American Astrology, also has Chiron in the Ninth House and in Cancer.  This time Dr. Jones’ Chiron is at 12 Cancer.  Unlike Herr Hitler, Dr. Jones did live to see Chiron discovered, having died in 1980.


In Dr. Jones’s case, Chiron is not badly aspected but very well dignified by a sextile with both Neptune at Gemini 03 and Juno at 08 Virgo.   His Chiron receives the symbol  “A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message,” Cancer 12.  He writes that this symbol is emblematic of the gift for bringing universal resources or superior powers to a point of true community service.  When negative, it suggests that the native has unreasonable demands for recognition.

Dr. Jones spent a whole life devoted to his faith and belief in that Astrology was the hand of God guiding us along, in particular elucidating this message in his book “Astrology, How and Why it works, ” and appropriately enough, also demonstrating in his life and chart, A Respect for Personality.

You can download Chiron’s chart here.