#53 Wilhelm Backhaus, pianist

Wilhelm Backhaus, (born March 26, 1884, Leipzig, Ger.—died July 5, 1969, Villach, Austria), German pianist was best known for his interpretation of the works of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Backhaus studied piano in Leipzig and in Frankfurt am Main. His rst concert appearance took place when he was eight years of age, and in 1905 he won the Rubinstein prize in Paris. He held teaching appointments at the Royal Manchester College of Music (1905), at Sondershausen (1907), and at the Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia (1925).

After World War II, he settled in Lugano, Switzerland., but continued to tour and make recordings. His style was described as severe and articulate, with scrupulous regard for the score.

Marc Jones only has March 26, 1994 in Leipzig. We have rectified him to Cancer 01. His charts, natal, progressed and the transits at his demise, are below. There is a nice t-square that has point focus at his part of fortune Gemini 19 showing his very persistent nature to use and mature his natural talents. He is a bucket with a Saturn handle on the fifth house cusp of entertainment and creative arts.

Studio Canal + Patrick DeWaere

This chart shows French actor, Patrick Dewaere’s natal chart inside and his suicide chart on the out. What is stunning is that they both have fixed cosmic crosses, or grand squares that met on July 16th and went boom. I happened to catch him in A Bad Son that should have been titled Gloom Doom and Family as there are no jokes but one (“As I was French they put me to work in kitchen” he tells his father when they meet after 5 years separation, “but that did not work so then I was in laundry.”) Did Thomas Keller see this and name his famous restaurant (French Laundry) after it? We’ll never know but the pun was good. Alas it was the only.

Dewaere was without a doubt a very sensitive soul, He has dreamy features indicative of Pisces in he first house — the heavy lids, the softened features and curly hair. He is a splash temperament type, a sort more than the rest that influences by their environment. That makes Dewaere more than most susceptible to the Method school of acting invented by Igor Stravinsky ( a bundle btw) but codified by Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg that because with the Method the actor is supposed to channel parts of themselves, or relationships that they have had, to use for the role. The Method has been de rigeur in Hollywood since the 1950’s, but it has spread throughout the industry.

In this case, Dewaere had a string of neurotic sad roles of unhappy men who just cannot connect. His chart shows that that fixity in his professional life was emulating his personal life too much and that he never had any escape from his troubles. fellow and that one troubled him so he killed himself when it was over.

2018 06 28 1 26 01
2018 06 28 1 26 01

The yod is not very heartening either: Neptune, a co-ruler of Pisces is conjunct Saturn in the seventh making relationships turn south and sextile to Pluto in the fifth, his desire to do avante-garde work was too “realistic” for him to bear. All of that comes together at the yod foot, the Moon, that makes Patrick quixotic but unrealistic as all that emotion feeds upon itself and into the Grand Cross,(in grey) for a deadly elixir.

Pluto at 12.21 Leo gives him talent; Neptune at 10.45 Libra makes him want to apply that talent in an enlightened and cutting-edge manner but the Ascendant in the yod brings “misfortune.”

All the shots are from Claude Sautet’s A Bad Son, a la Studio Canal.

True Grit: Singer-Actor Glen Campbell

Born in 1936 in Arkansas, the place seems to differ from bio to obit and it seems like other singers of the period, it was really between the two on a backcountry farm,  Glen Campbell started as many singers did, apprenticing as a songwriter for the top stars of the 1960s. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005, and earned a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. Following a public battle with Alzheimer’s disease, the country music legend died on August 8, 2017, at the age of 81.

He was the seventh of twelve children and at fourteen left home starting out as an itinerant musician, wending his way to his Uncle Dick and the Sandia Mountain Boys.  Eight years later, Glen formed his own group, the Western Wranglers.  From there he went to Los Angeles and joined the American Music Group and was backup singer for many notables including Dean Martin, Edye Gorme and Steve Lawrence, Frank Sinatra  and Elvis Presley.

More success and then in 1969 he landed the role of Texas Ranger La Bouef (the Beef or Meat) in John Wayne’s classic True Grit and wrote & sang the title song.  By the time Glen died, he had four wives and eight children and was worth approximately 50 million dollars.


glen bowl.png

                             The Glen Campbell Map


Glen’s chart is a bucket with a Jupiter (black box) handle.  The black vertical line divides the east-west hemisphere in half and while Neptune shimmies over to the Fourth House on the Western Side, eight of ten planets are safely ensconced on the resourceful eastern side of the chart.

He also has an unusual emphasis, a jam packed twelfth house with Aries indicating that he was tireless in trying to establish himself into the larger sphere of music and entertainment.  He followed his dreams relentlessly even if it meant heartbreak to those whom he married and his family, capitalizing on every opportunity that came his way.

The break of Neptune at 15 Virgo on the Western side supports oddly enough, his married to his Fourth wife, and the duty he realized to his family and his formal acceptance of Jesus as his personal saviour in 1981 when he went home after many years away, to get baptized.  This was no doubt a major turning point for him particularly as his handle planet,  Jupiter is square Neptune, making him swallow his pride and forcing him to admit his past errors (Jupiter opposite the Ascendant with a T-Square to the Midheaven) in his monkey grab to the top (Saturn is in the Tenth, typically a sign of career success).

                                       And the Wichita Lineman…….is still on the Line

Glen has no Line of Vitality, Sun to Moon, suggesting that he wasted a lot of talent and time pursuing drugs and women in a reverie of what he believed was success.

Jupiter Square Saturn create the Line of Motivation, that supports the Line of Vitality’s wastrel ways and led for many years bad publicity and a poor family life.

But what he lost in those two areas, he more than made up with the exact conjunction of Mars to Venus in the Twelfth House of self-undoing, large corporations and hidden problems for the Line of Efficiency.    This conjunction suggests that Glen had the ability to just pick himself up, adapt to the new issue at hand and move on.  He could do that in his music, his work and then eventually in his life.  This aspect gives him an rejuvenative ability to restart his life when it seemed bleakest, highlighted of course by his touring around the country in his seventies with Alzheimer’s.

Finally,  Glen has no Line of Social Significance, the aspect Uranus to Neptune, suggesting that Glen was never much interested in the world at large or his place within it but in reality his tour with Alzheimer’s was another Neptunian obligation he owed his fans and heightened awareness of the benefits of music in dementia.

RIP Glen, I still like your La Bouef best.

Download Glen Campbell’s chart.

#545 The tale of Henri Landru, a modern day Bluebeard


The Fairy Tale:

“Bluebeard” (French: Barbe Bleue) is a French folktale, it’s origin is unknown. The most famous version of Bluebeard was written by Charles Perrault and first published by Barbin Press of n 1697 in “Histoires ou contes du temps passé.” You can read the 1895 version  here on Gutenberg. The French fairy tales preced the German Grimm Brothers stories by several centuries.

The story tells of a wealthy and ugly man who sets up bizarre conditions for his wives around one particular room in his chateau (castle). He tells her that she can open any door in the house with them, which each contain his riches, except for an underground chamber that he strictly forbids her to enter lest she suffers his wrath.

               He then goes away and leaves the house and the keys in her hands. She invites her sister, Anne, and her friends and cousins over for a party. However, she is eventually overcome with the desire to see what the forbidden room holds; and she sneaks away from the party and ventures into the room.

            She immediately discovers the room is filled with blood and the murdered corpses of Bluebeard’s former wives hung on hooks from the walls. Horrified, she drops the key into a pool of blood, picks it up squeamishly and flees. Back in her rooms, she tries to wash the blood from the key, but the key is magical and the blood cannot be removed. Her husband will know that she knows his secret and end up like the rest but forewarned is forearmed and she plans her defense…

                                     Bluebeard and the Black Widow

Whenever there is a man who has a long list of wives that all died suddenly and he inherits it all, he is called a Bluebeard. If it is a woman, she is called The Black Widow, because female spiders kill and then eats her mate during sex the majority of the time.

Landru’s two chateaux are about 5 1/2 hours away by horse and carriage.  Paris is at the lower right in Royal Purple.

                            ENTRE LANDRU


Henri Landru got this epithet of Bluebeard because he had ten fiancees that all mysteriously disappeared. Three were later found After sifting all of the cinders and the rubbish at his villas at Gamboise and Vernouillet, that are near each other (see the map above).  Examining the bones  doctors were able to piece together fragments and teeth which show that at least three human bodies burned wherein,  were these women.

Unlike the original Bluebeard, Landru chose his victims by several criteria. First, they would not be easily missed. And two, and this was the key point, they had very large insurance policies, that in his charm and savoir-faire he got to sign over to him or one of his accomplices; they then split the money. Once that feat was accomplished, Monsieur Landru invited them one day to luncheon at one of his villas and gave them a dish of morels from his garden, followed by a lovely cocktail carefully mixed with a culture of typhoid germs. In four cases, he succeeded in drawing for himself or his accomplice’s exceedingly large sums of francs. The insurance company got suspicious.

In 1912, Monsieur Landru’ s friend, Duroux insured himself for 20,000 francs in Landru’ s favor.  This was far too tantalizing for Landru and shortly thereafter Landru invited his best friend Duroux to a mushroom dinner and knockout cocktail. Amazingly Duroux was impervious to the drink and lived!  Unrebuffed, Landru invited him back for another repast – this one did the trick, but the attending physician was now suspicious. He could not figure out the culprit, though he knew he was poisoned and was forced to let the issue go. Years later, the doctor testified against Landru.


Vincent de Moro Giafferi
Obit of Landru’s attorney from Nov 1956,  mentioning the famous case.


Nine years later they apprehended Landru they found his journal full of Invited X for morels, and a whole library filled with the studies of mushrooms, the published manuscripts of Louis Pasteur & medical books. Oh, and yes, tubes of typhoid bacilli.

Bluebeard Landru’s Maplandru map

Monsieur Landru is a bucket with a Saturn handle that just coincidentally falls in the eighth house of death and legacies, at 16+ in Sagittarius with the symbol of “seagulls watching a ship,” implying his ability to exploit another’s largesse. See the chart above that shows this layout.

Saturn’s own house happens to be the tenth where his midheaven falls at 15.50 Capricorn suggesting “boys and girls in gym suits” depicting Landru’s ability to unite many disparate people into his cause. That midheaven is sextile to a massive fire stellium in the twelfth house which is intercepted.

landrus midpoints
Both yod’s have midpoints at Asteroid points.  The red is at Zeus suggesting Landru’s ability to research thoroughly for his work; and the one in blue at Apollon, this time telling us that his need to perfect and test his craft was insatiable:  hence his murder of his friend Doroux.

Intercepted signs are found between the cups of two house but most importantly, not on either of them. On Landru’s chart, Pisces is the sign of the twelfth house and Taurus is the sign of the first, but Aries is not shown on the cusps at all. On the chart shown, instead Aries is shown on the lines going from Pisces to Taurus, implying that it is intercepted.

Planets in intercepted signs have more importance than usual upon the affairs of the house in which they are found, so this stellium trine his Saturn handle, conjunct his ascendant, square his Uranus in Cancer and inconjunct his Mars in Leo, literally influences every aspect of Landru’s map. But interceptions make the sign hidden, so their influence while pervasive, is subtle, and it’s that elusive quality that causes so much trouble because it wants to get out of the shadows and shine.

1Bluebeard-.pngFor Landru, this is particularly rough, as within the insidious Arian group lies a Sun and Moon conjunction that is imprisoned, so his Line of Vitality is strangled. The group though searches for a way to manifest itself and show its creativity (trine Mars 16.02 Leo fifth house) and it is only through the Line of Personality in a trine aspect between the enthusiastic idealism of Jupiter & the cruel tenaciousness of Saturn in the eighth that it strikes out.

His Line of Efficiency is another venue to the outer chart. This time with hidden Venus to the manifestation of a creative and forced force inconjunct the Midheaven. Mars thus, has really nothing in the chart to inhibit or mollify it, and so its square to the Saturn handle has incredible power, and here in Leo, unleashes it animalistic impulses freely.

                                              In the end

Monsieur Landru was tried and found guilty of his crimes. He did have one lady friend who stood in his defense and said he was the nicest and kindest of men, but alas she was poor, and so ignored. He was guillotined on 25 February 1922.C’est la Vie

You can read the full obituary for Monsieur Landru here.98990039