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Mother of COBOL, Grace Murray Hopper

Rear Admiral Hopper was born on December 9, 1906 around midnight in New York, New York. She gave many contributions to computer programming, software development, and the design and implementation of programming languages including the invention of an English-language computer language called COBOL, the largest and most robust back end language ever implemented.

Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbol for 28th degree of Virgo
A bald-headed man interrupts the discussion at a political meeting and forcefully introduces a totally different way of framing the problem.

This degree means: Injecting new ideas into public discourse (argumentative); convincing others that one’s own way of framing the situation is the correct one; derailing a false line of thought or a misguided policy; thought-provoking opinions and probing questions that get people to a deeper level; orchestrating the affairs of a group-whether of a family, a rock band, or a business; wrangling agreement from others by using soft or hard sells (employ heavy sarcasm to stifle opposition; harshly critical); finding a consensus vs. redoubling one’s efforts when the balance of public opinion turns against one; assessing the validity of one’s point of view by the results it produces vs. refusing to reexamine one’s basic assumptions (dominate others intellectually, emotionally or physically).

Read her biography at her alma mater Yale University.

#802 American Folk Hero Will Rogers

America’s Cowboy


William Penn Adair Rogers was born November 4th, 1879 on a ranch between Claremore and Oologah, Oklahoma. We have rectified his chart to 16 Sagittarius, [SS] Sea gulls watching a ship, a symbol demonstrating the spirit’s demand for its full share in the privileges and rewards of all of human society. This gives him the birth time 9:25 AM.

Betty and Will Rogers

Both his parents had a small amount of Cherokee Indian blood and he quipped about his forefathers being there “to meet Columbus.”. Rogers has a Grand Trine in Water and no air in chart, highlighting how his comments were born more of personal experience than great thought. This is probably why he is a considered a modern “folk hero.” The small stellium in the 5th house is interesting as Pluto was discovered just about when he died; Neptune is the other part of the sandwich with Mars — his sharp tongue — in between. This stellium highlights the problems he had of keeping his wild eyed naivete of the American West all the while it was disappearing.

And Neptune, the alchemical dissolver, highlights as his strongest opposition to his very personal Sun, via the push pull call of the plains (Taurus) vs his personal need to recreate a mythos for public consumption. This dichotomy literally collapsed, when Pluto was discovered and the horrors of the 1930’s Dust Bowl ravaged Oklahoma and the attendant Midwest as thousands of families took flight, chronicled by John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, to the sunny fields of Bakersfield, California.

Early Years

Kemper Military Academy c. 2010

Rogers attended Kemper Military Academy in Boonville, Missouri (the school closed after the 2002 graduation)  for two years (“One in the guardhouse and one in the 4th grade,” he said later.) He left school in 1889, and became a cowboy in the Texas Panhandle. Then he drifted off to Argentina and turned up in South Africa a few years later as a member of Texas Jack’s Wild West Circus.

Texas Jack Mile Marker

Will Rogers made his first stage appearance in New York City in 1905 where he met many vaudevillians like George M. Cohan, Eddie Cantor and Fanny Brice. He first reached real fame in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1916. In 1918, he started his motion picture career; in ’34 he made it to the Broadway stage.

NYTimes , August 17 1935

Rogers married Betty Blake, an Arkansas schoolteacher, in 1908. They had four children. He was killed in a plane crash near Point Barrow, Alaska, while on a flight to the Orient with the famed speed aviator #772 & fellow Oklahoman Wiley Post aboard the Winnie Mae of Oklahoma . The nation doubly mourned; Congress halted and led everyone in prayers.

John Davidson, a 30 Bob man

The poet

Recently I have been reading A History of Modern Poetry by David Perkins, Harvard University Press, and rediscovered many a familiar poet that I haven’t read in ages. John Davidson was one though I probably could not have told you more than he was “poet with Eliot connections” but that was about all.

The painting The Anger of Achilles (from the Iliad) c. 1819 now at the Kimble Art Institute in Dallas by French Neoclassicist Jacques Louis David. Thought by many to be a comment on Emperor Napoleon’s dismissal of Josephine.

Luckily Prof. Perkins filled in the details and gave a stanza from one of Davidson’s better poems, 30 Bob a Week. Of course doing a lot of poets, like a lot of anything is tedious, but some of the minors peppered with the greats should prove interesting fare.

Davidson is a PRISM. Notice he has no air in chart. His North Node is conjunct his Part of Fortune at 29 Pisces 57 that is in turn conjunct Neptune 21 Pisces 17 that starts off the bundle parade. Neptune is trine his Moon that is trine his Saturn giving him a Grand Trine in Water. Since the Moon is at the bottom of the chart in the Northern hemisphere this makes Davidson use every emotion that he encounters as fodder for his poetry / writing life.
Alas with the prism being in the third house of Scorpio and the essential house of airy Gemini, makes his writing too emotive and dark with a reductionist tinge. The North Node in the eighth house in Aries is sextile the essential lord’s Martian ruler, making him embrace the practical side of life to the extent that the spiritual questions of life and death are ignored.
The Dragon’s tail is in the first decan of Libra and in the second house, often hints at a career choice that leads to poverty that he stubbornly chooses because of his refusal to accept advice. see Susannah McCorkle for a similar outlook.

Davidson and eliot

John Davidson was the son of a Presbyterian minister and born in Barhead, Scotland. He wrote for several newspapers but in the 1890’s devoted himself to verse. He was married with 2 children. He had a rather strange compulsion about “getting cancer” and when he did, he left his wife and his family and went to Cornwall to commit suicide. He was buried at sea with another strange request: his poems could not be anthologized until the copyright ran out. Needless to say, this left his wife and children penniless.

Thomas Stearns Eliot, the Great American poet, liked Davidson because the Scot was one of the first “Moderns” to write in slang. This is highlighted by Davidson’s moon in the 3rd house at 15 Scorpio 38 — making his writing more attuned to sound than prose — as a good poet should be but the kicker is it is opposite via a translation of light (from Mars) to Uranus in Taurus making that sound not high and literary but common and offbeat i.e. slang. The Midheaven at 26 Taurus 05 is conjunct and Venus partile, suggesting as he traveled he squirreled away bits and bobs of language for future use.

Still that stellium in the 9th house is troubling even with Jupiter there with his strong belief in nothing, that the ethereal netherworld of thought, philosophy and poesy that he did embrace left him empty. The fixed signs near the 10th, help fasten him some but with only the Moon opposite and that with Mars only supported his very bleak nihilistic view (sextile Saturn in the 11th).

Merlin and Kassandra

Merlin and Vivien from Gustave Dore

His Yod from Mars to Saturn holds out little promise, pointing as it does to 07 Sagittarius and the Asteroid Kassandra from Homer’s great poem the Iliad as she portends the Trojans falls if they allow the gift from Greeks within their walls.

That is supported by another wizard of fortune, the fabled English Merlin , a fictitious character from the Bard Geoffrey’s Historia Regum Britanniae. Merlin is well known for his many prophecies of the One and Future King of England, Arthur and the Holy Grail, and in Davidson’s chart is right next to his ascendant. Fatalistic to the core, Davidson like astrologer Jerome Cardan had always feared the hand of cancer as it foretold death and when he received a diagnosis of the curse, fled to Cornwall to make it so.

For the record, Cardano did not die from cancer, but because he had prophesied his death on a certain day, and to prove himself right, did.

Margo the singing home engineer

Margo wanted to be part of the party. With a voice like a canary, shown by the grand trine in water, the stellium in the 10th makes her wants her never to be backstage or second best — to ensure that she has foregone her vast talents and been a singing home engineer. This is also where we find also the opposition — 29 Sagittarius 12 to 25 Gemini 16 between Jupiter and the Sun, showing she tends to bite off more than she can chew, is a bit of the prima donna in her personal life and while saying she does not want to be in the spotlight, on the other hand…she craves attention and personal significance.

Bending with an Oppo

This may lead her to bend the truth, or argue too strenuously and alienate those around her, all in her attempt to gain importance, but it never works out as she plans, but instead often ricochets back at her with that square to the North Node/ Ascendant that makes her even more alienated and upset. Perhaps instead, she needs to avoid these unhealthy habits & clean up her act, working more on her honesty and communication skills and less on her fear of exhibiting weakness.

Neptune in the 2nd house often comes up with rich kids; in the worst case like Loire’s chart, it is part of her Dynamic Aptitude and makes it careless with that inheritance. For Margo, it makes her disregard and shun it–Neptune 06 Scorpio 37. Interesting both are Virgo Ascendants, though Loire is at the end near Libra and Margo smack in the middle. Another rich friend, has an ascendant right at the beginning of Virgo, perhaps it is why Eugene Johnson argued for Trump being Virgo 01? Whatever…

The sign Virgo is a crystallization of all that comes before it and why so many have diabetes (crystallization of sugar) & kidney (stone) problems, for Margo with her North Node partile her ascendant there, there is a possibility that her constant demands, careless handling of truth, can tip right over into deceit and infidelity.

Unconsciously, this perfidy may become just another game — filled with trite excuses or another Virgoan foible she may indulge in the gossip that she so disdains — either ways she can bring the moral and physical suffering of the Gotterdammerung upon herself as she fears being found out (Moon 28 Pisces 22 conjunct SN). Marc Jones who felt that the ascendant was overrated, would give the Moon sway here, and say that the fear of being found out was a strong enough deterrent that it does not happen; let’s keep a good a thought and agree.

#905 Maestro Arturo Toscanini

We excerpted his bio from the times book review. Click on title to read it in its entirety.

It all began in Rio

On the night of June 30, 1886, Arturo Toscanini — recently turned 19 — arrived, barely on time, at the imperial opera house in Rio de Janeiro, was to perform “Aida.” Pandemonium. The unpopular lead conductor had resigned in a huff; the audience shouted his unpopular replacement off the podium. Toscanini, the principal cellist & assistant choral master, was thrust forward by his colleagues. 

“Everyone knew about my memory,” he would recall, “because the singers had all had lessons with me, and I had played the piano without ever looking at the music.”   For the remaining six weeks of the tour, Harvey Sachs tells us in his biography “Toscanini: Musician of Conscience,” the maestro led the orchestra in 26 performances of 12 operas, all from memory. No one offered him a raise, and it didn’t occur to him to ask for one.

Almost 68 years later, in April 1954, that he conducted his final concert, an all-Wagner program, at Carnegie Hall. He had established himself as the world’s most famous conductor — the world’s most famous musician; a “genius,” in fact, his name is alongside such names as Einstein, Picasso and, with a backward glance, Thomas Alva Edison. Back in the conservatory in Parma, his hometown, “Arturo’s fellow students teased him by calling him Gèni, the dialect word for ‘genius; ’” they were prescient.

Many Charts

Astrotheme says the time is 1 am, 21 Sagittarius, a “barn dance.” It has a stellium in the 3rd house that suggests the Maestro obsessed about what others thought. We do not recommend this one.

In the Jones 1000 name listing, Toscanini has 2 am as his birth time on March 25, 1867 in Parma, giving a Capricorn 04 Ascendant, “a party entering a large canoe”. In the chart section this becomes 2:08 for 06 Capricorn., a dark archway and ten logs at the bottom. Of the three, we think the 06 Capricorn chart is better but still not convincing.

We decided on 29 Capricorn with the keyword :Signature: a symbol of a woman reading tea leaves, representing Toscanini’s persistent desire to establish relationships with all of reality by bringing his particular genius to his music and the larger issues of life.

Grand Trine in Water using the So. Node or Asteroid Chiron, though we prefer Asteroid Fantasia**, the goddess of ethereal music. This makes him a locomotive with the Western quadrant open. Venus in the 12th in Aquarius gives him the proclivity of lots of secret love affairs; Asteroid Tantalus conjunct Venus makes sure there are always more than his lust can satisfy (the full Times book review has more on that.)

He has a preponderance of square aspects in his chart and is the example given in Essentials of Astrology by Marc Jones where he states that the “operatic and symphonic conductor Toscanini is uncompromising in his artistry and tendency to drive himself and musicians towards perfection” Jones says this s an “act-of-self” weighing his chart towards his dynamic individuality despite critics complaints and showing his “particular mark” of genius.

For Toscanini, that genius is the Mercury conjunct musical Neptune (both in the second of native gifts) square Uranus in the 5th

Musical training in Parma

Music happened to him by accident. His good-natured if rather feckless father, Claudio — whose heart lay in campaigning with Garibaldi’s army of the Risorgimento, and made a somewhat precarious living through tailoring — and his cold and distant mother, Paola, were “musical,” but nothing exceptional. It was an elementary-school teacher who spotted little Arturo’s strong response to music and advised his parents to send him to Parma’s music conservatory, where he could be a live-in student with all his expenses taken care of; they agreed if for nothing it was one less mouth to feed.

 In Milan he had worked with — and disciplined — the young Enrico Caruso and  Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin Toscanini forced audiences to accept darkened auditoriums, & instituted a bitterly opposed policy of no encores, and had the orchestra play in a pit rather than at stage level as he felt it obscured the opera.

Marriage to Carlotta

young Carlotta De Martini Toscanini

Arturo met Carlotta De Martini in 1895: he was 28 and she was 18, a pretty, vivacious girl whom he pursued with all his intensity and tenacity. They married in 1897, and he enjoyed telling people that their son Walter was born exactly nine months after the wedding: “in tempo, like a good conductor.”

Wanda Toscanini and her husband Vladimir Horowitz

Two girls and another boy would follow.  it was a successful marriage but not a happy one. Arturo and Carla would stay together until her death in 1951, both of them loyal to family but increasingly distanced from each other emotionally primarily because of incessant paramours.

Her disorderly household and general messiness maddened him   ( “For 41 years I’ve suffered from this disorder of hers!!!”), and his serial philandering wounded her and probably caused her to put up barricades (NN in Scorpio in the 7th house).


circa 1953: NBC Symphony conductor Arturo Toscanini (1867 – 1957) (centre), with his son Walter (left) and grandson Walfredo, as he embarks on a coast-to-coast tour. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Isaiah Berlin, historian

To Isaiah Berlin, he was “the most morally dignified and inspiring hero of our time.” His son Walter, who for many years took care of his father is quoted in the book by Sachthat although he knew his father’s personal failings intimately, the “human side” of his character was even “greater than his musicianship.” 

Enrico Caruso anticipated them all when in 1909 he said, “Experience has taught me that I don’t know if I know a role until I sing it with the Grande Omino [great little man]!” 

Caruso sings under the Maestro.


  • Asteroid Fantasia is named for the 1940 musical animation Fantasia and conducted by Leopold Stokowski, who had a rivalrous relationship with Toscanini.
  • Mr Stokowski’s second wife was the heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, mother of Anderson Cooper.

the Many Charts of Toscanini follow

#903 Was Thelma Todd Murdered?

Thelma Todd was the daughter of a pair of immigrants: John Todd of Ireland and Alice Edwards of Canada. They met in Boston where John was working in the rug trade. It was a whirlwind courtship and they married on June 20, 1900 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, about 30 miles away in a Congregationalist ceremony.

On July 27, 1903 their first son, William was born, and then three years later, on July 29. 1906 was their daughter, Thelma, a popular name of the time. Marc Jones has no time listed though the back of the book supposes a 9:13 PM time.

Bloody childhood

Here Thelma has an interesting yod from Uranus in the 7th to Saturn in the 9th that ends around her Sun at 9 Leo. The Point Focus is about her South Node at 9 Leo — glass blowers distorting reality — in the 8th House. Thelma is a Locomotive Temperament Type with a Grand trine in Water highlighting how she tends to be easily swayed by her companions. The sextile midpoint to the Saturn – Water is Uranus making that her focal determinator that works because of her invention of female slapstick comedy — formerly just a male provenience.
The top chart is our rectification. The bottom is found in the Sabian Symbols but not noted in the noted. It gives her a stellium in the 5th and 4th houses. While a case could be made for the 5th, creative aspirations, the 4th is a stretch. Here though the ascendant is 28 Pisces — a fertile garden under a full moon.

Ice Cream, He Screamed

When Thelma was about 4 years old, her mother took her and brother William to Randolph, Vermont, where she had a family. Unfortunately, during the stay, one of the Randolph cousins brought William to the local creamery where he worked to show off the machinery. William fascinated by the work, escaped on the last day of the trip to go back to the creamery & get closer to peer at the works.

Alas Willie got too close,  and his clothes became entangled in the machine and was mangled with severe head and neck injuries. It took some time for him to die, a full month, but it must have been gruesome, with no penicillin to stem the infection or advanced surgery to save the boy; he was 8 years old.

Map of Randolph, Vermont c. 1948 from Vermont Vintage Maps.

John Todd became a town alderman, Thelma grew up and got some acting skills in high school drama, and upon graduation went to the Lawrence Normal school (now University of Massachusetts at Lawrence) for a degree in teaching. Still, the acting bug had taken hold of her and in 1925 she applied for Jesse Lasky’s Famous Players-Lasky acting school; there was no fit, and she returned home and her coursework.

Miss Massachusetts

Unperturbed by that response, Thelma decided that she would run for the Miss Massachusetts contest which she won amid great applause.. From there she was a shoe model for the Haverhill (Mass) Shoe Manufacturers’ and then with the urging of another friend, the two girls ran away to Long Island, New York and Lasky’s group for another try out at his school. This time worked out better: she had more grace and poise and she was a Paramount trainee. Alot of her allure was her mass of golden curls, ever-ready smile and willingness to learn. Three years later she got a contract with Paramount studios itself and she was off and running.

The road to success is never that even and straight, and for Thelma, it was marred by constant weight battles, her contract specified she had to stay around 122 pounds give or take a pound. Plus movies themselves were changing with Al Jolson and the Talkies and without much planning, Thelma found herself the Queen of Slapstick, or Screwball Comedy, and set the tone for future actresses as the Ice Cream Wise-Cracking Blonde, but Thelma felt pigeon-holed.

Marriage and Pat DiCicco

Thelma and Pat on their wedding day on Long Island

Like many a young modern woman, she played the field, with a new beau every week; the gossip mags loved her — she was photogenic and her beaux were equally good-looking men that helped drive circulation. Then she met and fell for Pat (Pasquale) De Cicco a mysterious polo player from Queens, New York. They married in July 1932 but rumours were that it was a “shotgun affair. ” A few months later she was in the hospital from a botched abortion and then an automobile crash 3 months after that, and still within the first 6 months their marriage, that Thelma broke 3 ribs. Being just 26 she rebounded well, and was back in pictures but her quickie marriage was showing a lot of strain from her frenetic movie schedule and by 1934 it was over — Pat was playing the field, and not just in Polo.

5:28 is the approximate time of death according to the LAPD coroner. Notice Mars is right on the 8th house cusp conjunct the South Node in Aquarius — 08 Aquarius Mars (beautifully gowned wax figures ) that show her reliance throughout her life on chance. Both are in Aquarius, the ruler with modern gases. The South Node here highlights her bad luck with men, Pat DeCicco was thought by many to be a gangster; Gloria Vanderbilt married him nonetheless.

Her stellium in the 1st house shows how much Thelma was willful and undisciplined in obtaining her goals — if she wanted it she worked hard to get it. She was rather obsessive about succeeding in her chosen career at all costs — see the trine to the Moon in Scorpio. Unfortunately this self-centeredness led to poor relationships because she cared more for her career than her personal / married life. Eventually the square to the Midheaven at 06 Aries – ideals crystallized in too true colours — showed her the ugly side of Hollywood — drugs, sex and gangsters that because of her lack of inner or relationship support led to unhappiness.

The South transiting conjunction shows her Saturn return, she was 29, and the stresses that caused her because she does not seem to have enough inner strength to face them or outer support to help her along. (the 4th quadrant is rather empty except for the plastic film fans.) Her PoF at death is 21 Leo, SS, chickens intoxicated,. showing her bondage to unnecessary external things.
Zasu Pitts, Thelma’s best friend and co-star on many of their 1930’s slapstick comedies.

Single again, Thelma had little time for men, her career was booming, she had travelled to England and worked for Stanley Lupino (Ida’s father) in a very successful film and now was only the Hollywood magazines for her film promotion. Then just as suddenly on the morning of Dec. 16, 1935, Todd’s maid found her employer’s body in the garage, slumped over the wheel of her Lincoln convertible.

The coroner ruled her death a suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning. But Thelma’s best friend, and fellow comedienne ZaSu Pitts, cried “murder, ” and LAPD ran a full investigation.


Between the alcohol and the many amphetamines to lose weight, Thelma was not the first — that ignominious status goes to beautiful Barbara LaMarr (next to Thelma below on the right and the “namesake for gorgeous Heddy)– nor would be the last, that the fast life style of Hollywood would spit out from stress, overwork & loneliness.

Like Marilyn Monroe 30 years later, who had a similar career path, controversy surrounds her demise. In both cases fans could not reconcile the suicide with the glamoured portraits they read each week in the fanzines — they were at odds at their mental instability, drug addiction, wild lifestyles and gangster connections (which definitely was not reported). In both cases, suicide is, unfortunately, the most likely cause of death. Other ice cream blondes, Jones must have adored them, are in his 1000 too — Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard, but both were lucky and died of natural causes.


  • All symbols were from Marc Jones Sabian Symbols Book, 1953 ed. from the Sabian Publishing Society.
  • Morgan, Michelle, Ice Cream Blonde: The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedienne Thelma Todd, Chicago: Chicago Review Press, 2016. {I read the Kindle edition}

#901 Actress Gene Tierney is Laura

In “Women Crime Writers: Eight Suspense Novels of the 1940s and 50s,” edited by Sarah Weinman and published by the Library of America, Megan Abbott, a woman crime writer of the 2000s, points out that “women are the primary readers of crime fiction.” She notes a popular theory that opines “women savor the victim role,” for they “are masochists, unable to rise above the roles assigned them by the patriarchy.”

New Yorker Magazine, The Secrets of Vera Caspary, the Woman Who Wrote “Laura” by Michelle Dean, 9/15/2015

Otto Preminger’s movie “Laura” written by Vera Caspary, throws that notion on its head, just like most of the movies that Gene Tierney starred in did; she was never the hapless heroine, but always ready to role up her sleeves and get to work. Laura Hunt was such a plum role, that Marlene Dietrich auditioned for it and when Tierney landed it instead, Caspary thought hertoo “gorgeous” to give her role weight; the author was dead wrong.

The original time cited.

Tierney’s chart

The birth details stated in the Sabian Symbols is November 20 1920 in Brooklyn, New York for 5:15 pm is incorrect. The real date according to her daughter Christina Cassini is November 19 1920 .

Her own autobiography surprisingly never mentions the date though it does discuss lots of others events in her life including her parents Howard and Belle Tierney, a former gymnast. She was the second of three children, a brother Howard called Butch was older and a sister Patricia was younger. This new information from Ms. Cassini rectifies Gene’s (named for her mother’s brother) chart to Taurus 21 “a high wind at sea” reminding of us her role in the Ghost and Mrs. Muir though its mesmerizing and lethalness could be the tagline for “Laura” and its heroine as well. The symbol’s keyword is “”Change,” suggesting her versatility in acting and breaking away from her domineering stage-father Howard Sr.

Tierney’s midheaven us 01 Aquarius, a “Mouse sits up to reach a bit of food” and is conjunct her Mars in the 9th house showing how much she craved that extra attention and fame. She has a Grand trine in Water in her chart from the Moon in the 11th House to Pluto in the 3rd and culminating, though trines never finish, Saturn in the 5th.

Corrected chart

Gene married twice. the first time to designer Oleg Cassini, a Russian Count, with whom she had two daughters, Antionette Daria and Christina. The many stresses of her marriage to Cassini are documented well in her autobiography including how she contracted measles during her pregnancy with Daria. Her second marriage was to oil tycoon W. Howard Lee, previously married to Hedy Lamar. She died on November 6 1991 from emphysema, ten years after Lee himself had reposed.


  1. Tierney, Gene, Self-Portrait, Wyden Books, c. 1979 — the better of the two bios.
  2. Vogel, Michelle & Cassini, Christina, “Gene Tierney: A Biography,” McFarland Publishing, c. 2005.