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Discovery of Jamaica May 1494

Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica on May 5, 1494. The ascendant of 06 Cancer for this 9 am find is a “dark archway with ten logs” highlighting what would become a history of great potential undermined by bondage and fear.

Venus opposes Neptune, out of quadrature no less, highlighting the beauty of the Caribbean island , the idyllic environment but a shady morality –hints of the Rum Triangle yet to come:

  1. New Englanders manufactured and shipped rum to the west coast of Africa in exchange for slaves.
  2. The slaves were taken on the ‘Middle Passage’ to the West Indies where they were sold for molasses and money.
  3. The molasses would be sent to New England to make rum and start the entire system of trade all over again.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts were two American colonies that were the greatest offenders,  as they produced the highest quality rum from the molasses and sugars that were imported from the West Indies. These distilleries made the triangular slave trade profitable. Later on, Virginia’s tobacco and hemp production helped supplement the  demon Rum business abetted by Carolina and Georgia cotton.


discovery of jamaica.png

Pluto is opposite Mars is right in the middle of a stellium of Sun and Mercury — a combative aspect in the eleventh.  Perhaps it hints at the enforced slave labour that made the coffee and sugar plantations so lucrative.

1st Natl Woman Suffrage Convention

Seneca Falls was established as the first convention in the 1890s by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, neither of whom had attended, but the true  first event used to anchor the movement was on October 23, 1850 in Worcester, Massachusetts.¹  The Seneca Falls dates of July 18-19th 1848,   was adopted to  acknowledge Nantucket born Lucretia Mott work, because she was the defacto leader of the new women’s right movement,  being such a prominent figure in the earlier abolition movement and a also woman.


Te Worcester, Massachusetts convention,, was the actual  first national woman suffrage convention, because that was when activists from different states united into a larger whole on the agenda.  It gathered men and women from all over the Northeastern United States, including Maine, New York, Ohio and Indiana.  The one major state that did not fully participate was Pennsylvania because Philadelphians felt that it took momentum away from the Abolition movement.

..the first national women’s rights convention was in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1850, because that is when local events became coordinated into a larger, national whole….&  delegates from women’s right groups around the Northeast and Midwest were fomenting.¹

The Worcester location probably worked because it was at a  confluence of many railroads as shown on the map below.  As horse and buggy would be both expensive and lengthy for such a trip, railroads were the nations life blood, criss crossing around the fruited plane.  Of course the attendees had to make connections and wait at stations, it was the fastest and cheapest method of travel.  The Worcester spot also benefitted from the proximity to the fire-brand abolition spot of Boston that was 50 miles  and as easy train ride away, (see the yellow circle for Boston and the Aqua for Worcester on the train map below) as well as being the homes  of  (#599) James Russell Lowell, William Lloyd Garrison, Bronson Alcott (father of #17 Louisa May) , Henry David Thoreau and #348 Stephen Foster (whose wife Jane was an organizer).

worcester 1870 railroad map.png

Lucretia’s passion though  was for  fighting slavery. Feeling that “the Slave” had the “first claim” on her time and energy, she urged Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other young reformers to take the platform at the annual, and sometimes semi-annual, wom- en’s right meetings.5 At these conventions, Mott and other activists analyzed the obstacles to women’s equal citizenship. With her long history of confronting reli- gious authorities, Mott contributed an incisive critique of the way church and state cooperated to limit women’s sphere… Yet as firmly as she believed in women’s rights, but the women’s movement did not inspire her with the same sense of urgency, righteousness, or moral intensity as abolition. Committed to a universal conception of liberty, Mott questioned the tactical conservatism and narrow vision of some early women’s rights activists also.²

We do not know at what time the Worcester Convention started, nor exactly where it was held,  just the span of days, but chose 8 am as most people in that point in US history were still early risers because of agriculture.  This start gives us Scorpio 18 and the Hyperion symbol of “bees at a sunflower.”  McClung writes that this symbol is evocative of the promised rewards outweigh the current tribulations.  McClung’s mentor and teacher, Marc Jones, actually picks up on the autumnal features of New England itself with the symbol of  “a woods rich in autumn colouring,”  suggesting nature’s high ministry of service, and the varying manifestations of reality support the fruitage by innumerable resources on hand.

                                                                                                                   The women

Top left is Lucretia Mott, below her is Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  The Round picture in the middle is Lucy Stoner.  The last picture is of Susan B. Anthony.


                                              The Event

worcester 1850.png

The layout is a see-saw or hourglass temperament type showing the split between the priority of slaves in bondage, a strong preponderance in the twelfth to eleventh house versus the creative desire of women for the vote.  This see-saw is united by the opposition in Uranus at 28 Aries to the Sun in  Libra 29 demonstrating their refusal to stand-down and be ignored.  It also shows the high nervous tension this aroused amongst women and men because of its perceived rivalry with abolition.  This aspect reared its head again in the 2008 Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with Chelsea Clinton’s anger over a “woman being ignored in favour of a man” because the two had similar politics.

A still from the lost 1910 tricentennial movie memorialising Princess Pocahontas of Virginia.

Transpluto, that oddity, is also in the fifth house highlighting the suffragette’s untiring energy for work and creative powers to introduce new ideas and raise consciousness.  The hypothetical planet (but not a TransNeptunian) is conjunct Saturn showing strong persistence and great managerial skill in bringing delegates from all over the northeast to converge in Worcester, It is also conjunct Uranus (materialization of new vibrant ideas) that happens to be partile Pluto (a burgeoning desire for acknowledgement), while Neptune, newly discovered, hovers right on the angular fourth house cusp, showing the growing importance of women’s duties and responsibilities in the home and family.

Again we see Chiron our “culture creatior breaker-maker” right on the first house cusp at 28 Cancer  “a modern Pocahontas,”  highlilghting the idea that various phases of human endeavour  provide new potentials of a genuine pioneer spirit.

draco 1850.png
The Draconic Chart for the event acknowledging Cassanda Butler’s lecture from SOTA and its importance in highlighting the spiritual dimension of an event.

Women’s rights activists inaugurated their national movement at a convention in Worcester, Massachusetts, on October 23 and 24, 1850. Previous conventions had been explicitly regional, garnering local participants and attention. In Worcester, 500–1,000 reformers attended from across the northeast, attracting the notice of newspapers in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Lucretia signed the call for the convention, which invited men and women to “harmonize in opinion and cooperate in effort, for the reason that they must unite in the ultimate achievement of the desired reformation.” This statement recalled her resolution on participation of male allies at the Seneca Falls Convention years before.

The goal that activists “harmonize in opinion” proved more elusive. Female and male delegates at the Worcester convention discussed the strategy to be adopted by the young movement, revealing early divisions over respectability and race that hardened after the Civil War.²

Women finally got the vote seventy years later on August 18 1920 when President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law.  Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony,  Lucy Stoner were all by then long dead.

download the chart for the Worcester Women’s Rights Conference 1850


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    1. Published via a grant from the Greensboro Women’s Fund of the Universtiy of the North Carolina Press.
  2.   Lucretia Mott’s Heresey, Abolition and Women’s Rights in the Nineteenth Century America by Carol Fulkner, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 c. 2011

1884 Colliery cave in Wilkes Barre


This news item came from the Wyoming Valley, Northeastern Pennsylvania history group on FB.  I put together a chart representing the event wanting to see what it would resemble; that is above.  The most noticeable thing about the cave in is that the moon bucket handle works like a vortex sucking all the other planets, spread like a bowl, into it, creating a vacuum.  It is a frightening chart with a 27.58 Libra ascendant that Dr. Gordon calls “instability” and Marc Jones says “a frantic effort to cross the black chasm of ignorance.”

We are using the Asteroid Minos for the underground labyrinth that the miners had to navigate.  It is in the ninth house of travel conjunct the accumulation of earth’s debris via Venus.  Minos is then squared Asteroid Achilles, the weak spot, in Libra at 17.55 or two men under arrest, that Jones says calls for new methods of ingenuity to beat the rap.  Achilles is then square the Moon in its detriment in the third house at 24.43 Capricorn that also is the sole determinator in this bleak house.  As such, the Moon’s fears, anxieties and worries dominate as those below are cut off from communications.

Mars in the tenth is sextile Saturn in the eighth suggests that there were several deaths though none mentioned in the article.  Perhaps this is the after effects that can be just as traumatic as the event itself.

There is a preponderance in the seventh house of relations and perhaps hinting that many lost some and another preponderance in Gemini crossing the seventh to eighth houses highlighting the dual nature of mine work — it brings food to the families but the cost is high.  The strong mutability of the chart shows that the affect on people was harsh and cruel particularly as 21 houses were sucked in too — how did those poor souls get by?  Chances are friends lent a helping hand, nonetheless belonging cost money to replace and one does not get ahead spending good money after that lost, so the economic effect on the area profound.

You can read more about Poke Hollow here and there for why its got its name.

Cave-in, Larksville PA 1922

The history of the event

We have highlighted another cave-in around the Northeastern Pennsylvania area that was a large mining district because of its hard firing, cleaning-burning coal:  the best coal ever discovered throughout the world.  This one, in 1922 in nearby Larksville, destroyed a high school on August 24, 1922.  There are no casualties mentioned and while school does start earlier in Pennsylvania than most states, before Labour Day, that is usually the last week of August, or a week after the accident.

larksville map.png

The T-Square from Uranus opposing Mercury show the suddenness of the event. but the houses are key here.  First we have a preponderance of planets in earthy Virgo, making the tenth house of “dreams and aspirations” they keystone of the chart.  Virgo is the ruler both the month of August and hidden earth works both of which work well here, as the even happened not only during the rulership of Virgo but in the month of August; the piers that collapsed were underground that supported the structure.  Another thing that could be implicated here are the “inspectors” that viewed the woodwork — they too are ruled by Virgo — thus with Virgo afflicted by Uranus in Pisces in the hidden northern hemisphere,  the idea  that the inspectors did shoddy work takes hold.


Mars typically in the first house suggests according to Martha Lang Westcott, a traumatic event that leaves scars; Alan Leo simply says that this position gives a scar to the face.  The point focus of Uranus opposing Mercury (chosen because it is the closest opposition, all others are translations of light) is at Mars 20.18 Sagittarius in the first house.  This aspect highlights that the cave-in will mark the land but not swallow it whole, leaving remnants or scars above.  Sagittarius rules schools  & traveling and is trine the underground god Neptune at Leo 16.16 that rules earthquakes and earth ruptures.  It is also semisextile Saturn, the ruler of caves and underground earthworks, in Libra highlighting that the piers were not sound.  Saturn is then sextile Neptune showing that it will earth not water that will be at the root.

larksville cave in

Here is the article on the accident from the Wilkes Barre Sunday Independent, August 27, 1922.  The paper is now defunct.


William Wallace, Scot Freedom Fighter

The header image is from History Unrevealed, August 2018 issue.  His memoriam date is August 23, Julian style, 1305.  Since we did Robert the Bruce we felt it was only right to do him as well, plus the magazine attributes to him a great quote.

wallace via lilly
Chart with Lilly orbs and modern planets

With modern planets, and a execution time of 12 noon, his lutonian handle gets the Hyperion symbol of a “Mouse sits up to reach a bit of food. ”  McClung, an acolyte of Marc Jones, writes that this is an “honest endeavour undertaken for a great result, as the cause is large and its effect is large.”  He attributes the keyword of “Striving.”    Despite that, we think that 6 am and sunrise is also possible.  We recommend you play around with those two times and make your decision.  Drop us a line with your findings.

Whatever the time, since Pluto very slow moving, it is is opposite the Sun and the point focus (of this T-Square) is at the North Node hidden in the twelfth house or in the third for 6am.  Was he betrayed by a jealous associate?  The Sun is sextile exactly to Uranus telling us he was a leader, not always tactful and identified with a Cause; nothing here to substantiate trickery.  At 12 noon the Sun conjunct the Midheaven tells us that the English felt that by making him an example they would snuffing out rebellion; obviously that did not work.   At 6 am the Sun is square the Midheaven and now suggests that they were using him to build a relationship.

william wallace

As Uranus is conjunct Neptune, Wallace had an aura of mysticism about him, Gibson in Braveheart picked up on that with Wallace channeling his departed wife’s image at important points in the film, her being an emotional force that was evocative beyond time.  This is supported with Uranus  teetering on the twelfth house cusp at 29 Libra 59, and an image of a “race car painted green”; the keyword is audacity.”  We have to wonder, whose.

personal — shot of dancers in Edinburgh, Scotland

Perhaps we need to create a nativity for our Hero and get a better picture of how this happened.  There is no known date for Wallace.  Most sites and books claim 1270, and that is good enough for us.  After a process of elimination, we went with March 21, 1270 at Paisley, Scotland, also a commonly cited birth place.  That combination  with a sunrise birth gives the following chart.

Inkedwilliam 2_LI.jpg
The big I is inconjunct.  Here we have Lilly planets both outer and inner.

His ascendant is 17.17 Sagittarius in the first house, a promising sign that if we are not on the mark, we are close, for the ascendant there tells us that he was forward looking.  the read lines give close aspects, that we leave for your enjoyment.

download the wallace charts

A bloke in Edinburgh.

The Inconjunct between the Moon and Mars in his death chart, now clearly spotted, tells that there were men around him who were jealous of his popularity and believed that they could fill his shoes.

Mars is square the Sun at 29 Leo, that we know is the fixed Star Regulus, pointing to a royal connection. Gibson in Braveheart believes that  Robert the Bruce got rid of a formidable challenger; this chart would say he’s right.

Prohibition Starts midnight 6-30-1919

prohibition with asteroids.png


Basically this chart is a bundle with an Uranian handle in the sixth house.  Uranus is also the only retrograde planet in the chart.  The asteroid chart is supplied above and has an interesting aspect between asteroid Li and Venus suggesting that the legislators were quite aware that this would not work.

The ascendant is 22 Virgo, that has the Hyperion Symbol of “a small bowl with a sacrificial food within” that supports that aspect because it has the meaning of a “great gift” of willing devotion that was not the case because it was squared the Midheaven of 21 Gemini or a “lost dog trying to find its way.”  Despite the great humanitarian wish of Uranus the Ascendant opposing it, meant it would never be anything but a “small offering” to the Great Temperance Movement.

#292 Vernon California, Boxing & Jack Doyle

The city of Vernon is best known today for its meatpacking plants and slaughterhouses, but nearly a century ago vied with Madison Square Garden for the title of “Boxing Capital of the World.” In his Vernon Arena, promoter Jack Doyle staged 20-round world championship fights and, between bouts, allowed the sporting set to refresh itself in a saloon with the “longest bar in the world” and the battleground for some of America’s greatest fighters, including Sam Langford, Joe Rivers, Joe Gans, Willie Richie, Benny Leonard, Bert Colima, Mickey Walker and Jack Dempsey.

willard ko
willard ko

But not everything was so rosy for on Aug. 22, 1913, future heavyweight champion Jess Willard knocked out Bull Young in the 11th round. Young died the next day. Two years later, in response to Young’s death, California legislators limited boxing matches to four rounds and forbade promoters to offer more than a $35 prize (usually a medal). This led fighters to ask “How much medal do I get?”

doyles arena

Prohibition pretty much spelled the end of Doyle’s watering hole, though it went out in a big way. The night before the national law went into effect, June 30, 1919, more than 60 bartenders patrolled the bar, doling out drinks to an estimated 1,000 customers in what was the ultimate “last call.”


A few years later, Doyle tore down the old arena and built a 10,000-seat indoor coliseum in just 35 days. He replaced the four-legged stool in the boxers’ corner with padded seats that swung out of sight between rounds, and the unsightly and unsanitary water buckets were replaced with modern plumbing carrying running water.

When Doyle replaced the wooden benches with orchestra seats, Arbuckle had a special one built for himself, about 50% wider than the average. Chaplin sat ringside. Fans watched him rise from his seat to duck, swing, shout and dodge blows, as if he were in the ring himself. He even refereed a match for one of his favorite boxers, Frankie Dolan.

In 1924, when the Los Angeles Olympic committee was seeking a venue for wrestling and boxing, it lent some financial help to Doyle, who built today’s Olympic Auditorium just south of downtown. A year later, Doyle spent thousands of dollars lobbying the Legislature to allow the return of 10-round bouts. In 1927, Doyle’s Vernon indoor coliseum, where amateurs rose to become world champions, burned when the adjacent baseball park caught fire.

jack doyle placidus
jack doyle in placidus and a see-saw.

When he died in 1944, lucky Jack Doyle was rich and long retired from his pugilistic empire. He’d struck gold in the ring, but not nearly as much as he found when he struck gold a second time–the black gold still being pumped from beneath Signal Hill.

from the L. A. Times obituary.

Attached is Marc’s data for Jack Doyle that was missing the birthplace, so it is in Placidus format to match his 1000 Notable Nativities. Retrosheet.org supplied the place but has different data, October 25, 1869. Kilgorin was then part of the United Kingdom – Ireland did not procure its freedom until Easter Sunday 1916 so the Retrosheet version is in the colours of the Union Jack,

jack 1869
jack 1869 a locomotive.  Our preferred chart and the Astro.com one.

We would if asked, go with the 1869 date as it shows his loyalty to his brother and a strong aspect to the Galactic Center. We supplied the KO for August 22 1913 as that chart is quite remarkable, post the opposition and yod point to the Midheaven with Pluto and Neptune in semi-sextile aspect.