#347 Sigmund Freud & the Piano Keys

We mentioned previously that Elbert Hubbard was the first horoscope in How to Learn Astrology with a full complement of astrological symbology.  Sigmund Freud is part of the earlier lessons where Marc Jones uses his "piano key" to highlight what the student should focus on.  In a B&W publishing word, the piano keys were a … Continue reading #347 Sigmund Freud & the Piano Keys


Marc Jones: How to learn Astrology

Marc E. Jones in his initial outing, How to Learn Astrology, writes in the preface,      ASTROLOGY, as here presented, is the form of practice on which the majority of astrologers and their students agree, both in America and Europe. Its essence is the use of a horoscope made for the precise place, the exact … Continue reading Marc Jones: How to learn Astrology