#138 Funny Girl Fanny Brice

Marc Jones has no time listed for Fanny (born Fania Borach) Brice and gives October 30 1891 for her birth date.   Astrotheme differs with Marc Jones entirely and says she was born the day before    Herbert M. Goldman’s biography, Fanny Brice the Original Funny Girl support the Astrotheme date but  Astrotheme’s  time of 11 am with a 01 Capricorn rising, makes no sense, so … Continue reading #138 Funny Girl Fanny Brice

Ten words of Power by Jones & McClung

This is a compilation of Marc Jones thoughts from his Occult Philosophy beautifully arranged and illustrated by Elizabeth McClung — her husband, Kent McClung, is a well known astrologer in his own right and the inspired writer behind the Hyperion Symbols, his update to the Sabian Symbols, that you can order directly from him signed. Dip your toes into the Ten Words and become introduced … Continue reading Ten words of Power by Jones & McClung

#156 Arabian Nites: Ruffian Dick

Sir Richard Francis Burton is renown for the being the first European to penetrate Arabian culture in the 19th century so thoroughly that he was able to write sixteen volumes of their stories and folktales in The Arabian Nights. His books are here on Gutenberg.org. Click here to download sir-Richard-burton’s chart Dr. Marc Edmund Jones was also enthralled by Burton’s writings and condensed them for his … Continue reading #156 Arabian Nites: Ruffian Dick

#16 Albert Victor, King Edward’s heir apparent

We start off our grand parade with Prince Albert Edward Victor (Eddy), the eldest son of the eldest son of Queen Victoria, and thus the Prince of Wales heir apparent. He, as the heading shows, is #16 in the Jones 1000 that can be found in toto at the end of Marc Edmund Jones’s book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. During Eddy’s life, there were … Continue reading #16 Albert Victor, King Edward’s heir apparent