Astrologer: Liz Greene

from A short unauthorized bio of Liz Greene

  • September, 1946, Elizabeth Leigh (her maiden name) is born in New Jersey.
  • September, 1951, Elizabeth Leigh turns five years old.
  • September, 1952, under New Jersey law at the time, Elizabeth Leigh is of kindergarten age.
  • Circa June, 1965, Elizabeth Leigh  graduates from high school, presumably in New Jersey.
  • Age 19: (i.e., September 1965 – August 1966, or thereabouts) Elizabeth Leigh was in Boston studying with Isabel Hickey.
  • 1969: From her own statement, Elizabeth Leigh, now known as Liz Greene, is in Los Angeles, where she and Debbi Kempton-Smith meet.
  • Liz Leigh had two marriages, the first to a Mr. Greene, the second to a Mr. Johnson.
  • 1971 or 1972: Liz Greene joins the staff of Shelter Records.
  • 1973: Visits London for Shelter Records, NYC.
  • 1974: Greene settles permanently in the UK.
    • Sources: Debbi Kempton-Smith, as well as Patrick Curry (Patrick Curry interview, The Mountain Astrologer / Mercury Direct, December 2004 / January 2005, pg. 13) both put her in London at this time.
Liz Greene's chart
  • She got a Ph.D. April 2010 the History Department of the University of Bristol, UK, granted her a doctorate degree for her thesis ‘The Kabbalah in British Occultism 1860-1940″
  • In this interview she discusses how she got into astrology with Isabel Hickey.  

#123 Claude Bragdon, Architect


Claude Fayette Bragdon (1866-1946) was an architect, artist, writer, philosopher, and stage designer. He was a dedicated Theosophist and occultist.  He is a Splash temperament type; notice that all but three houses have a planet contained — the eighth, the third and the sixth.  The eighth is odd because of the deaths of his two wives, but Bragdon via the occult kept in telepathic contact with them so perhaps this emptiness is best explained as not really pertinent to him as they were still in proximity but just another plane. ²

The time is unrectified but as stated in the Sabian Symbols by Marc Jones; he does not give his sources.

His  Leo 09 Sun gives us a picture of someone proud and unselfish and an inclination towards philosophical thought, as it is conjunct his Leo 05 ascendant so the predominance of the ninth house in sympathetic Pisces takes on extra significance with his Moon there conjunct the modern Piscean lord, Neptune (the historic lord is Jupiter and  is sextile the duo in the seventh house of administrative Capricorn).

His Part of Fortune is at Sagittarius 05, the natural lord of the ninth house, that is trine the duo and sextile its essential lord in the seventh highlighting his “Steadiness” and ability to “span time and space by a mighty bridge¹,” and in many ways as shown in his chart that was true.

Bragdon Drawing for a Theatrical Design

After a successful career as an architect in Rochester, NY, Bragdon entered the world of stage design in 1919, at the age of 53, after the death of his second wife  Eugenie Julier Macaulay who was said to have psychic and mystical powers died.. He had married Eugenie in 1912 shortly after his first first wife Charlotte died  giving birth to the couple’s second son.  Bragdon threw himself into his work and the absorbing task of raising two motherless boys.

The move propelled himself into a movement in American theatre called “the New stagecraft, ”  where the  actual texts and language of the plays speak for themselves.   This was implemented by rther than supplying a simple tableau like in Ancient Greece,  New Stagecraft filled the stage with symbolic colors, and innovative lighting, providing a coherent experience for its audience  — this is found in current opera theatre today still.


Bragdon through with his theosophical beliefs, took this concept a step further by designing productions he hoped would not only move his audience, but enlighten them.  His  writings are  at  You can read more of his biographical data and correspondence at the URochester’s online library.


  1. Hyperion Symbols by G. K. McClung, pg. 108 of the Quaternary Series.
  2.  One of Theosophy’s main tenets is the Astral Body that functions in the Astral World, the second lowest of their seven worlds and the one associated with emotions, desires and passion.  Like man’s five senses, the Astral Body,  is composed of matter, but is of a finer ethereal material,  and it penetrates and extends into and beyond the physical body but separates from the denser physical body in sleep, or under the influence of (psychedelic and psychotropic) drugs, but also during accidents where it takes away  the capacity for feeling pain, anxiety or displeasure.   When the event is over, the feelings return and can be very overwhelming.
    The Astral World itself is attainable to clairvoyants of even moderate powers, and they can call the appropriate body of person desired. Thought is not an abstraction in Theosophy,  but instead has a definite form  that depends upon its quality that appear as colours and shapes:  a nebulous appearance tells of an imperfect development while an ovoid (the preferred shape)  appearance suggests a more perfect development.  Colours represent thought so inferior ones beget loud colours:  anger is obviously red while religious thought is of a higher octave and blue.
    During physical life all these various things intermingle in the astral body but after physical death the elementary life of the astral body seeks self-preservation, and causes the matter to rearrange itself in a series of seven concentric sheaths, the densest being outside and the finest inside. This state is not eternal, and under the evolutionary process, the gross sheath of astral matter wears away, and then the person is clothed with the six sheaths and then five and so on, making these sheaths akin to purgatory until the last sheath fades and the person enters the Greater Astral Body called the Mental where all beings meld and communicate as One.
                    -“Astral World.” Encyclopaedia of the Occult, by Lewis Spence, Dodd, Mead and Co. , 1920, pp. 40–43.

Alan Leo’s optometrist

welsh opto.png

Alan Leo writes up this optometrist in his magazine, noting that the preponderance of  Aries, Taurus and Gemini planets highlight the head and throat area of person with Neptune the closest to the Midheaven noting accuracy &   Mars nearby highlight surgery.

His major opposition is  Mercury to the Moon and a translation of light to Saturn and trine to the Arian Venus, thus reinforcing the above.  Like Rev. King, he has Uranus in the Twelfth house,  again signifying confinement and detention but here opposite by the Moon suggesting a desired state because of like the Reverend, his vocation.   Often this setup says that the person instead of being detain therein, will hold an official position there i.e.  asylums, hospitals, prisons, work-houses, and perhaps even in remote places because once again, his calling.

  The Welsh Optometrist  chart is here.



#101 Dr. Alexis Carrel & the Dakin Solution

Before Dr. Alexander Fleming invented penicillin, Dr. Carrel developed the Dakin Solution, a type of hypochlorite solution made from bleach that is diluted and then treated to decrease skin irritation. Chlorine, the active ingredient in Dakin’s solution, is a potent antiseptic that kills most forms of bacteria and viruses. This simple solution saved many men in World War I and is still used when people are out in the wild, far from critical care centers and hospitals.

The inner chart is Dr. Carrel’s natal.  The outer is the Nobel Committee’s announcement — always December 10.  The ascendant of the announcement is in healthy Virgo opposite his Ascendant in Pisces of Universal concern.  The Nobel Midheaven is then opposite Mars in Sagittarius or the sign of battle. The Nobel Committee made a good pick.

Carrel though had already won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1912 for his experimental, and ultimately successful work, on vascular suturing & the grafting of blood vessels and organs.”  He is considered a forerunner of Dr. Christiaan Bernard’s cardiac transplant surgery because of his Nobel work.    His other honours are Legion d’Honneur, France; Nordhoff-Jung Prize for Cancer Research, 1930; the Newman Foundation Award, Univ. of Illinois, 1937 and the Rotary Club of New York Service Award, 1939 and honorary memberships of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR


                      The Fixed Quality

Dr. Carrel, as Marc Jones points out in the Essentials of Astrology, has a preponderance of fixed planets in his charts (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio &Aquarius). This preponderance is not a focal determinator¹,  but a characteristic within the chart that is striking.  It is not an exterior philosophy overlayed like Hellenic Lords.  For Carrel, this Fixed Quality demonstrates work method — careful application and precision – somewhat like an engineer applying himself to a problem ignoring no detail.  The following list  are the seven planets  in fixed signs.

  • 1. Pluto in Taurus
  • 2. Venus in Taurus
  • 3. Uranus in Leo
  • 4. Moon in Leo
  • 5. Jupiter in Leo
  • 6. Mars in Scorpio
  • 7. Saturn in Aquarius

Pluto, not discovered before Carrel’s great invention, but later in 1931, is on the Third House Cusp & suggests that Carrel was very concerned about ravages of War on his Brethren and his  Pisces Ascendant 14.37 in the Twelfth supports that universal attitude.   It also shows his post-Pluto career as a writer, for in 1935 he penned, L’Homme, cet inconnu (Man, The Unknown) that was a best seller despite its rambling manner.  In L’Homme, Carrel claimed that biology was a solution to problems of modern life and society.  French historian, André Pichot² said it was written by a “great humanist,” obviously sensing Carrel’s Splash Temperament type.

 Carrel pioneered in another Taurean field, thoracic surgery, Taurus rules the throat .  His Dragon’s tail is in the ninth house: Carrel died in Paris on November 5, 1944, from a heart attack — Mars in Scorpio trine Sun in Cancer, exalted in its own house and thus making him a bit more than naturally predisposed to that ailment. particularly as Cancer’s ruler, is in the fifth making it that the luminaries switched houses.

The Carrel’s had no children.   His wife, Anne-Marie-Laure Gourley de la Motte de Meyrie, whom he married in 1913, was his only survivor.

dr. alexis carrel.pdf


  1. Focal Determinator is Marc Jones term for this special interest planet.  It is always of special concern to the native because it is how they manage and cope with stress.
  2. Geroulanos, Stefanos, “An Atheism that is not Humanist Emerges in French Thought,” Stanford, CA, Stanford University Press, c. 2010

#752 Diva Adelina Patti

adelina patti
Neptune is missing here but falls between the Sun and Jupiter tells that she have several marriages.  Pluto is not depicted because it was discovered after she died.

In the second half of the 19th century Adelina Patti was probably the best operatic soprano of the day. She was peerless. Audiences flocked to see and hear her from St. Petersburg to San Francisco. Internationally famous authors eulogized her; critics renowned for their severity were unstinting in her praises. Even other prima donnas, a breed unknown for their generosity to rivals, acknowledged her supremacy.   She remains for many in the operatic world, the yardstick that all others are measured against.

                                                   A Golden Voice

Astrologically, Miss Patti is a rimless bucket with a Moon handle in the Eleventh House of Hopes and Dreams.  It is right on the cusp of its own house, Cancer, giving her that extra boost.

That handle is also trine her Sun in Aquarius sextile its ruler in Ninth House, Uranus.  This alone would give her a very unorthodox approach to self-expression, i.e. singing as opposed to speaking, but it is compounded by her Sun and Mercury are conjunct the Eighth House of psychology, making her a Diva of Coloratura, considered the highest of all sopranos as she is capable of seemingly superhuman feats with an agile voice range, firing out fast paced sections that ascend as high as the 3rd F above middle C (and in a few cases even higher).   Think of Australian Dame Joan Sutherland’s piece from the Mad scene from Lucia di Lammermoor.  Click here to hear that.

Her chart abounds in Aquarius, (Jupiter, Sun, Neptune & Mercury) Pisces (Uranus) but not the third leg of Taurus (which we have noted shows up with Tenors) —  a triptych we call the musical signs.  Both her parents were professional singers, her father a tenor and her mother a mezzo-soprano (the opera Carmen is for mezzos) of Italian descent.

There two more planets in Capricorn in the Sixth, the House of Labor, suggesting she worked with lots of women and older men (conductors and composers and some tenors) opposite that Moon that here is probably depicting the fans around the globe who loved her fiercely.

Venus in the Sixth is opposite the cusp of the Twelfth with the Moon is impressive but the  T-Square ending at Uranus in the Ninth tells us that travelling far and wide to appease her admirers was something she found enjoyable.


Her Second House at 00.29 Virgo is ruled by Venus a trine away from that opposition, suggesting that despite the wear and tear of performing and traveling,  she would gain wealth.  Another trine over takes us to her Moon, her worldwide fame that encompassed even the President and Mrs. Lincoln, but in the end, even Grand Diva’s give final performances.  She died at home in Wales with her third husband by her side.

Thankfully, we can hear her still here  and watch a BBC biograph there.

Marc Jones got the data for #752 from Alan Leo but it should be noted that the London Times has this data but I suspect it is incorrect as the BBC documentary gives Leo’s data.

ADELINA MARIA JOHANNA CLORINDA PATTI was born on the 19th February, 1843, and she has been engaged in operatic singing at Brussels, Ghent. Liege, Loraine, Amsterdam, the Hague, Utrecht, Paris, Vienna, London, and other towns in England, in the course of which she has earned very large sums of money.

Her singing engagements were entered into on her behalf by the defendants, who assumed to act as her guardians, directed and controlled all her movements, and received all the profits of her engagements, which amounted in one year to upward of £24,000, for which sum they have never accounted to Mme. PATTI.

RIP: Donna Cunningham

Astrologer Noel Tyl has announced on his eponymous website, that astrologer Donna Cunningham has reposed. He gave her details on July 5, 1942, at 7:40 in Onawa, Iowa, a town found on the outskirts of Decatur, Iowa north of Omaha, Nebraska.  Mr. Tyl’s  data is similar to that on AstroSage.

She Ms. Cunningham reposed in Portland Oregon on her 75th Birthday.  Our sympathies to her friends and family and many readers.  No online obituary could be found at this date.  A list of her books can found at; we recommend at least The Consulting Astrologer’s Handbook though we are partial to her 1983 book, Healing Pluto Problems.

In this latter book, she discusses Amelia Earheart,  Mohandas Gandhi, Sigmund Freud, Madame Marie Curie, the discoverer of plutonium, several abuse & incest cases and finally psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Her website is at Skywriter.


Donna Cunningham’s Natal Chart


Astrologically she is a Bowl Temperament Type that pours out to the West, demonstrating her need to express herself fully and leave an imprint on her environment.  She has no rim opposition, that suggests that she had a constant struggle between her home and professional life, where one suffered at the other’s expense.  In her book, Healing Pluto’s Problems she mentions that those natives with Pluto in the First House especially when they are close to the Ascendant, have a “difficult placement” and often have a provocative sexual manner that may overflow into weight problems or brooding expressions.

Their relationships are often one way with the native doing too much for others and when the native is ignored will shut down.  She finishes her essay saying that this placement is “a signature of the healer or psychotherapist, for these people see right into the heart of the problem and empower others to heal themselves.  These people may also be mediums, whether aware of their talent or not..”

For the record, Ms. Cunningham had a Masters in Social Work.

dc p.png
Her Progressed Chart to Portland at approximate time of death

Download the Donna C progressed chart here.