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#44 British Actor George Arliss

George Arliss, original name Augustus George Andrews, (born April 10, 1868, London, Eng.—died Feb. 5, 1946, London from chronic bronchitis age 77). He portrayed many historic personages in motion pictures.

He began his acting career in 1887 but found success when he appeared with Mrs. Patrick Campbell in London during the 1900–01 season. In 1902 he played in The Second Mrs. Tanqueray in New York City, and in 1911 he had the title role in Disraeli that he would reprise later in film for an Oscar.

Arliss, George; Arliss, Florence
George and his wife  Florence.Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. They often acted together. They were married on September 16 1899 in London.

Arliss was an established leading actor when he turned to films in 1920. His pictures include The Green Goddess (1930), Old English (1930), Alexander Hamilton (1931), The House of Rothschild (1934), and Cardinal Richelieu (1935). He won an Oscar for best actor of 1929–30 for his role in the film version of the British PM Benjamin Disraeli. He also wrote several plays and two autobiographical works: Up the Years from Bloomsbury (1927) and My Ten Years in the Studios (1940).

George’s Charts

While the Moon’s speed is about average, Arliss’s mercury is far ahead of his son for Fast Mental Chemistry. His Line of Vitality, which is not a proxy for the hyleg, is absent.

We have rectified Mr. Arliss for 17 Leo and 12:30 PM instead of the 12:06 AM and the 20 Sagittarius that Marc Jones cites. Interestingly, both give Arliss a fire ascendant. Our rectification places Pluto in his 10th house that is pertinent because it was not until 1930 that he won an Academy Award — Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in February of that year. Dr. Jones’s would put Pluto roughly in the 12th House.

The chart, a fanhandle <sup> 1 </sup>, shows how much his career was owed to his popularity no different from a politician but with the preponderance in the 8th House for those celebrities long dead.

The chart above shows his marriage to Florence Kate Montgomery Smith. While obviously they were both thespians and attracted to each other’s abilities (the dual preponderance in the 5th house) it also shows their great loyalty and love for one another (see the Part of Fortune conjunct his Sun and Neptune). The Mars in the fourth house here depicts not squabbling but a great passion.

The final chart is for Arliss’s death on February 5, 1946 at home in London using Converse Solar Arc Directions, because this is a concrete (physical) event. Venus, that viral contagion, is in the 8th House conjunct Mercury and the lungs. With penicillin discovered but not publicly available, Arliss’s bout with bronchitis was to end fatally.


  1. Marc Edmund Jones does not mention the fanhandle in his Essentials of Astrology, that temperament type was defined by astrologer Robert Jansky in his privately published pamphlet, Planetary Patterns. We agree with Jansky’s rationale and have seen its significance in many patterns and so have adopted it. This is one of the many ways we have broken with Dr. Jones.

Oh my! It’s Betty Boop

Max Fleischer was her father, Sun in the ninth house in Leo.  Hollywood her mother, opposite the Sun in the third house of Aquarius; it would seem that the parents were match made in heaven.  We picked 12 noon for a matinée, but we do not really know the time of her first showing.  No matter, at noon she gets an exalted Ascendant of 12 Scorpio — exalted because its ruler, Mars, is right there on the eighth house cusp.  A semisextile away in ever-flowing Cancer lies abundant effervescent Jupiter.   If it is not her time, it’s definitely her day.

Her mid-heaven, 16 Leo is partile to her fatherly Sun and so it would seem that this is everything that Max wanted.  It is also conjunct the asteroid Ceres, giving her, as though she needs it, sexual intensity.

Mercury at 10 Virgo is in the tenth house but squeezed in, between Neptune (water) and Vesta (fire), for Betty never thinks her way out of anything, she just sorta oozes and schmoozes her way around the screen and somehow into success.  If ever there was a addle-brained bimbo complete with Venusian curls, she was it and opposite a empty fourth house she was everywhere but home.

Venus in Virgo 29.46 just nipping at beautiful Libra,  showing her friends and devoted public and how everyone wants her, but who really got Betty?  She remained like the Venus of myth, unattainable, fixed in plastic celluloid and virgin.  While we age, die and move on, Betty, is just a  permanent fixture and always seems to find fans where ever she goes, and with a filled ninth house, Miss Boop goes everywhere, transcending time, place and culture (Pluto at 19.53 in Cancer right on that ninth house cusp).


But there is a stumbling block — Betty’s, she was never Miss Boop — Venus is square Pluto suggesting the need to remake her — she was originally drawn just for adults very lasciviously in the “pre-code” days of Hollywood. That did not last and Betty was toned down,  several notches, as Venus went into Libra, and she got re-balanced and remade into a more wholesome image for families.  Blame it on that opposition to Juno.  Eventually she went underground (South Node in the twelfth house)  and then totally digital recreated years later (So. Node opposite Uranus in the fifth at 16 Aries finally got a transit that put it into motion).

betty as flag.png

The header image is from Fine Art America and available for purchase.  We love it, finding it perfect that she illustrated  as a maid in a foreign capital, as that is one of the occupations for a Scorpio ascendant and probably fine for our little traveller.    Thomas Kolendra of  Long Island, New York, the artist, knows our Betty and for $22.35 plus fees, and image of Betty, because that’s all any of us gets, she’s  yours.

And a boop boop-boppy-do


#51 First woman director-producer on Broadway – Margaret Anglin

She was born Mary Warren Anglin on april 3rd, 1876 in Ottawa, Ontario, & was the youngest of nine children of newspaper editor and politician Timothy Warren Anglin (1822–1896) by his second wife, Ellen MacTavish. She remembers being held by Oscar Wilde, a guest of her father, when she was six years old,  probably during Wilde’s first visit to America via the SS Arizona in 1882, when he conducted a 140 Lecture Tour across North America (US and Canada).

Margaret Cameron’s famous portrait of Margaret Anglin

Miss Anglin was educated at Loretto Abbey, Toronto, and then theConvent of the Sacred Heart, Montreal. She graduated from the Empire School of Dramatic Acting, New York, in 1894, where she studied under Nelson Wheatcroft. Her acting skills brought the attention of theatre impresario Charles Frohman who provided her with the opportunity to make her professional stage debut, as Margaret Anglin because it took up more billboard space, and while she had been on Broadway learning the trade since she was 17 it was not until 1894 that she starred n the Bronson Howard production of “Shenandoah,” a Civil War play.

                                                                                 The Anglin-Hull Marriage

howard hullThrough her acting career met future husband, Howard Hull of Kentucky, and they were married on May 9, 1911 in New York City at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and she thereby became an American citizen. Most of Broadway attended the gala affair as did some nascent movie stars.  Hull was the older brother of Shelly (husband of Josephine Hull of Arsenic and Old Lace & Harvey) and Henry, a John Ford character actor and while he is listed as an actor, but little could be found on his career as such.

Hull became her manager, and Anglin hard working and talented produced, directed & starried in many Broadway plays that were typically large affairs with huge casts, elaborate sets and great reviews.   Then in 1927 not satisfied Margaret began making demands that her husband, Howard, also be given parts in her plays. Her request was incredulously denied and impervious to the entreaties she walked out of two major productions that was starring in. Broadway got its revenger and for eight years she accordingly did not get any future work until about 8 years later,  Ivor Novello (born David Ivor Davies) cast her in 1936 in his Fresh Fields plays  where she received great critical acclaim. Lillian Hellman followed suit and put Anglin in  Watch on the Rhine at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto.

Margaret M anglin.PNG
One of the many magazine articles on Miss Anglin

                         Mapping Margaret M. Anglin

Download the Margaret Mary Anglin chartInkedmm anglin_LI.jpg

Rectification to Slave Girl demanding her Rights

We rectified Miss Anglin’s birth time to 8:05 in Toronto and that seems to fit her career and life well and gives her the Ascendant of 11 Gemini or a slave girl demanding her rights.  This symbol fits well her career, as she was not only the actor on stage but often the producer and director — probably the first woman to do all these roles simultaneously and quite successfully (Mary Pickford followed suit in film).

Anglin is a bucket with a Jupiter handle in her seventh house of opportunities and partnership & a  mutable T-square from the first house stellium to the seventh with a point focus at Saturn in Pisces 04 and a mutable grand cross when using the TransNeptunian Poseidon at 04 Virgo.  Her chart is heavily weighted towards the mutable signs that works well for a woman who worked on the stage in many roles and with lots of people.

Her Sun is trine her Moon in the fourth  house demonstrating how she used her knowledge of the stage and the public to fuel her inner creativity and as the Moon is sextile her Ascendant in the first house it gives her the ability to play different roles as she needs to fulfill her dreams.  Anglin’s Line of Motivation, Jupiter to Saturn, allows her to develop her best potential in partnerships, like she did with her husband Howard.

After her husband  died, Miss Anglin returned to Canadian Theatre where she reposed on January 7, 1858. Despite her friendship with Mary Pickford, she did not make any moving pictures.

The Part of Spirit and Karen Carpenter

The Part of Spirit is calculated from the natal ascendant, plus the sun, minus the moon.  According to ancient Greek astrologers, the Part of Spirit (Greek: daimon) literally means that which distributes, or that which is distributed. Daimones were the ancestral spirits who watched over their descendants, the UNIX Operating System took that idea for long-running background processes  that answers  service requests and called them daemons.

karen carpenter.png

When the Arabs conquered Ancient Greece, they renamed the “faces” to decans and daemons to genii, keeping the idea of the guardian spirits who are sparks of divinity present in all intelligent beings, whether good or ill.

Using the chart of singer-songwriter, Karen Carpenter, we see that her Part of Spirit, is 24 Capricorn in the Eighth House and suggests that despite that ethereal voice, Venus in Aquarius, she was too earth-bound and concerned with her self-image to get out of the anorexic web she had weaved and semi-sextile Jupiter and Mercury, the more acclaim she received the stronger this demon grew.

It was a great loss when she died of anorexia nervosa  (an eating disorder) on February 4, 1983.  Here is a fan site devoted to the brother-sister act.

#32 The prettier half – May Allison

May Allison 1920.png
Miss Allison 1920

Marc Jones in his list of nativities, places Miss May Allison #32.  The data he gives is Riding Farm, Georgia  June 14, 1897 at 11.29 am.  Checking that we discovered that the real data should be Rising Fawn, Georgia June 14, 1890.  She died March 27, 1989 at Bratenahl, Ohio — her second husband’s hometown —  but she had retired from pictures long before then.

She and Harold Lockwood were the first Hollywood duet, a theme that caught on with the public so strongly that after Mr. Lockwood’s death, from the Spanish flu in 1918, they found other pairs to continue the trend:  Cagney and Lacey, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy,  Kristen Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg, Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks, Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey, Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp, & of course Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart.  In Miss Allison’s case, after Lockwood’s death, her career was over because as a solo act, there was no interest.

                                          What makes a Volcano tick?

Usually we do a person’s life and see how the chart supports that, but in Allison’s case that does not really work, as her career was short and then she vanished, so we decided upon a different tack:  was there anything in her map to let us know that she was the lesser half of a pair?  We found that her map, adding in TransNeptunians, gave us the answer.

Miss Allison has 17 Virgo as her Ascendant, a symbol of a “vast display of cosmic forces erupting from a volcano,” and suggests the creative force bursting forth from within because of something external giving it momentum.a   A volcano according to the USGS (United States Geological Survey)  is any place on a planet where some material from the inside of the planet makes its way through to the planet’s surface because of plate tectonics: i.e. the friction of two strong geological forms hitting against one another.


For Miss Allison that was her acting, that sprang forth of its reaction to Harold Lockwood — a major heart throb at the time.  But  unlike Bogart and Bacall they did not marry but were just working associates like Ryan and Hanks.May Allison

                                                       Watching  the Volcano

The first piece of Allison’s career happens in the tenth house with the North Node square Admetus, the TransNeptunian planet, that suggests that her success in life (NN) will be contingent upon a stronger personality (Admetus).  Kronos, also a TransNeptunian, in the seventh house of partnerships and opportunities is squared Zeus in the tenth house where we find that it is the strong dynamic of another that will create her opportunities, but it also suggests that this will make her dependent upon him for continued success.  Finally, the South Node square Saturn in the twelfth house hints that there could be concomitant financial loss from this breakup unless, she uses her fame by finding a well-heeled fan.

Miss Allison first married James Quirk in 1926, who was publisher of the fanzine Photoplay Magazine, a leading publication in its field, but died in August 1932. In a separate note, it was Quirk who introduced Joe Kennedy to Hollywood and Gloria Swanson.

Then in 1934, broke and penniless, Carl Norton Osborne (born 13 April 1885 Wooster, Ohio to May 4, 1982) sped up his divorce and in March 1934 eloped with May to Elkton, Maryland.  May by then was about forty-four, her beau almost 50, but he was totally enamored of her and made her the belle of Cleveland society where he was king because of his factory.  Once again Miss Allison was the prettier half of a dynamic duo.¹



  1. Quirk, Lawrence J. , The Kennedys in Hollywood, New York:  Cooper Square Press c. 2004, 2nd edition.



Planetary Influences by Gauquelin

Michel Gauquelin (November 13, 1928 – May 20, 1991) was a French psychologist and statistician who, along with his first wife Françoise Schneider-Gauquelin (born June 19, 1929), conducted very important statistical research on astrology, from the beginning of the 1950s.  After their divorce they each continued their work separately.

Gauquelin said he had a lifelong interest in astrology, but was critical of the idea that it was “art” as Marc Edmund Jones proposed, but felt it was more akin to science, with facts and repeatable lessons.   He studied psychology and statistics at the Sorbonne, Paris France and felt he was foremost a mathematician and not an astrologer.

He set himself the task of analyzing astrology statistically by studying various correlations using very large samples of birth data but found that doing this alone was difficult and soon enlisted his wofe’s help. In 1967 is what he called the “test of opposed destinies” which entailed astrologers being asked to separate the birth charts of twenty well-known criminals from twenty non-criminals. They did no better than chance. (The Cosmic Clocks, 1967) and with this published work applied for a grant from the Universite de Sorbonne, which he received.

That led to his major work, Planetary Influences, which is summed up here and his dissection of the zodiac into 36 sectors, similar to the ancient view of “faces” or “decans.”

Planetary Influences by Michel Gauquelin

This work by Michel Gauquelin (1973, 1976, 1988) offers scientific evidence of a planetary influence in the timing of human births. He found that people who achieved pre-eminence in their field of endeavour were far more likely to be born shortly after the rising or culmination of:

  1. the Moon (writers & politicians).
  2. Venus (writers)
  3. Mars (sports people, military leaders, doctors, top executives & business people).
  4. Jupiter (actors, play writes, politicians, military leaders, top executives & journalists).
  5. Saturn (scientists & doctors).

Achievers differed significantly from the control groups, as the latter group had no distinctive planetary influence. These planetary factors could also be correlated with different personality types.

  • If one or both parents had the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn after rising or culminating, their children were more likely to have the same planet similarly sited in the heavens at the time of birth.
  • If a child was born on the day of a geophysical disturbance, such as a solar flare, the parental correlation was boosted substantially.
  • Children born via medical intervention, this planetary effect disappeared.

Gauquelin’s work only supported planetary diurnal cycles in the timing of human births, personality type and particular career success because he researched numerous astrological factors, and found only planetary diurnal cycles to be significant and repeatable.

The planetary influence most marked in a chart was after a heavenly body had crossed the central meridian – from east to west – and the horizontal plane – from north to south. These diurnal cycles were important in the timing of human births. The peak effect does not coincide exactly with the node point, but rather after the heavenly body has crossed the node point.

neo astrology

“Subsequent results only confirmed and amplified my initial discovery about the physicians. overall, it emerged that there was an increasingly solid statistical link between the time of birth of great men and their occupational success. … Having collected over 20,000 dates of birth of professional celebrities from various European countries and from the United States, I had to draw the unavoidable conclusion that the position of the planets at birth is linked to one’s destiny. What a challenge to the rational mind!” (Neo-Astrology, 1991)

Monsieur Gauquelin committed suicide shortly after writing this..  The reason cited was his deep depression after a hospitalized nervous breakdown.  He was 60.

                                                        the Legend of Gauquelin



The houses in yellow have no major planets within.  There are several asteroids noted on the chart, their legend is attached.  A noticeable aspect in Gauquelin’s chart is Pluto conjunct Askalphus in the twelfth house, conjunct Mars and Circe that suggests that his nervous break was a cry for help because of his loneliness — it would seem his second marriage was not working — particularly since Niobe in the third house conjunct Juno tells us how tied his life’s work (square the Sphinx in the sixth house)  was to his first wife Francoise (Juno conjunct Mercury).  One gets the feeling that he felt inadequate without her.

In the ninth we see this dynamic played out again with the nurturing of Ceres conjunct the asteroid of House, suggesting on his own he was lost and that he was probably separated from his second wife as the time of his total collapse.  Despite his strong intellectual presence of mind, from this small glimpse, we see that Gauquelin was a tender and sensitive man — much like a hothouse orchid that had been removed from its arboreateum.

Asteroid Legend

Reeling in the Years, Walter Becker

His death was announced on his official website,  with a memorial by his daughter. He lived in Maui, Hawaii.  With such few personal details, we rectified his chart to Sagittarius 18 rising as he traveled far from home both in his career and his final move to the islands of Hawaii.  Becker’s temperament type is a Splash with the main grouping being in the Second House of personal resources highlighting his musical gifts.

While Mr. Becker left little literary memorabilia behind, he left his music to posterity, which was far ahead of its time melding pop and jazz into a fusion style that 40 years later bore fruit in the music industry.  Steely Dan wrote catchy tunes to harmonious melodies out of place of the hard rock of the 1970’s but they caught on and became hits.  Rolling Stone Magazine did a nice write up of their ten best songs, click here — chances are you know many of them.


lobby of fairmont maui.jpg
Lobby of th Fairmount Hotel, Maui


                                      The Making of Steely Dan

Walter Becker was born in Forest Hills, Queens, on Feb. 20, 1950, to an American father and a British mother.  She left when he was about three and returned home and so he was raised by his father and grandfather.  His mother re-emerged after he became famous and sued for 17 million dollars and he countersued for abandonment; both suits were dropped.

He studied saxophone and guitar in his teens. He met Mr. Fagen in 1967 when they were students at Bard College, a place they would recalled in the group’s  “My Old School.”

As Steely Dan, Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen changed the vocabulary of pop in the 1970s with songs like “Do It Again,” “Reelin’ in the Years,” “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number” and “Peg.” Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen were close collaborators on every element of a song: words, music, arrangement. “We think very much the same. I can start songs and Walter can finish them,” Mr. Fagen said in a 1977 interview.


                                          What is a Steely Dan?

Steely Dan — named after a dildo in the William Burroughs novel “Naked Lunch” — dissolved after its 1980 album, “Gaucho,” though Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen stayed in contact..

The island of Haleakala


Becker moved to the Hawaiian island of Maui next Haleakala, the world’s largest dormant volcano.    He originally went to Maui to detox and become an avocado farmer. He met his wife Elinor, who is a yoga teacher, there and they had two children.  He had a recording studio over to one side of the island, on some land owned by his wife in the middle of a cattle ranch, looking out across the ocean working long hours but  he found himself walking back over to the house ‘to make sure my family hadn’t moved out’, obviously his mother’s abandonment (4th House 21 Aries a symbol of instability) always in the back of his mind.


Rolling Stone reports that Fagen is suing his bandmates estate for fullcontrol of the Steely Dan repetoire based on a 1972 agreement.