de Givenchy succumbs to the 3rd Saturn return

  Hubert de Givenchy, the French couturier of  romantic elegance  for more than four decades, died on Saturday at his home outside Paris. He was 91. Philippe Venet, his longtime companion and a former couture designer, confirmed the death. de Givenchy had been the designer of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and memorably Audrey Hepburn, in a little black dress,  for the moviezation of Truman … Continue reading de Givenchy succumbs to the 3rd Saturn return

The Great Ellen Terry

Dame Terry has been rectified to a 26 Leo Ascendant, the same as the incredible Charlie Chaplin, Irish-American playwright Eugene O’Neill & the Midheaven of Comic Marshall P. Wilder, which we did previously. Quite remarkable company. She is a Moon Bucket giving her the ability to convey her characterisations to the audience as living persons. Her Jupiter in the Tenth shows her love of the … Continue reading The Great Ellen Terry

The Astrological Opposition & Pres. Barack H. Obama

Phenomenal people have outstanding charts that are worthwhile an astrological student’s time.  President Barack Hussein Obama, the USA’s 44th President and the first Black American President, a spectacular feat since it was a mere fifty years since all the Jim Crow laws were abolished by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  The Opposition of Awareness Dr. Marc E. Jones termed the astrological opposition as an aspect of … Continue reading The Astrological Opposition & Pres. Barack H. Obama

Karma, FreeWill and a Reminder

BTW, my featured image is the 1864 Copper Nickel as it was called then, or “penny.” No reason other than I use coins for the I-Ching; for this exercise I used the Sabian Dice. Natal Degrees in Triplicate Lynda Hill, makes a triplicate of prior-focus-following symbols in her  monthly lunar forecasts.  She says that the prior degree symbol is  also a karmic one, so I … Continue reading Karma, FreeWill and a Reminder