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#758 Eugene Gladstone O’Neill playwright

The Prelude:

Eugene O’Neill was a famous American playwright and father in law to Charlie Chaplin via the latter’s last wife Oona O’Neill. His father was a famous stage actor, James O’Neill, who met his mother, Mary Ellen (Ella) Quinlan, while travelling on tour through Ohio, though they had resettled there from New London, Connecticut where Ella had been born. The parents objected but Ella ran away with James, who was ten years older and hailed from Kilkenny Ireland.  She married him nonetheless after her father died of tuberculosis.  They had three children, James jr., Edmund who died of measles and then Eugene.  He and James were ten years apart in age.

                                                          The Stage

He is a bucket with the moon in the seventh house of opportunities and relationships but is missing a core opposition¹. The Moon does create a t-square with the rim planets of Jupiter in the fourth against Pluto or Neptune in the tenth &  (Pluto was undiscovered at his birth) brings a grave bearing on his life, giving O’Neill almost an addictive fascination with fantasizing his home life usually in bleaker than accurate strokes.  His repudiation of reality (thanks to the T=-Square in Moon and lack of earth planets ) was unknown to the writer  himself — he could not see the difference between what he wrote, what he experienced, and what he intuited were other’s motives — they were of a piece.

Saturn sextile to Neptune encouraged that delusion, as the Neptunian artist developed saw or more likely wished for conflicts in his house on epic levels.  His play, shown below, a Long Day’s Journey into Night, captures this melodrama in stark Attic terms.

Saturn in the twelfth conjunct the ascendant of 28 Leo enjoyed this majestic tableau, and O’Neill discovered that it fed into his art making everyone else the enemy.  In return, his family were appalled to be painted in such harsh strokes and be seen by the public as his personal Eumenides.  But Mars conjunct the Galactic Center (not shown) gave him a pen mightier than their complaints, as critical accolades piled up, he found that he had created a personal monster worse than anything  Mary Shelley had feared.

O’Neill’s 2nd wife,Agnes Boulton O’Neill, son Shane and him c. 1922.  Oona their other child was not yet born until 1925.

                                                              The main scene

Their complaints meaningless, O’Neill continued his personal imagery of him as St. George fighting the dragon.  But the toll of such constant and excitable fears took a personal toll –their demands added to his already heavy cross to bear against a tyrannical father (the Leo ascendant at Regulus) & alcohol ate at his psyche spawning new demons for him to fight.  The tuberculosis did not help and when his parents and older brother Jamie all died within 3 years of each other their ghosts haunted him.

He was the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1936, a few years after Pluto was discovered. His two sons committed suicide, that Mars in the fourth house took its toll,  and his last wife, Carlotta, became an opiate addict, like his mother who had become addicted to morphine after a difficult delivery with Eugene.  He died as he was born:  in a hotel room.

Marc Jones lists O’Neill with the correct day and place but no time; astrodatabank supplied that.


  • A core opposition is a Cosmic Cross found at the angle a planet in house 1 is opposite a planet in 7 and a planet in house 4 opposes a planet in house 10.  Jones believed that this one was of the hardest angles to have in a chart as the native find themselves in perpetual motion gravitating to one crisis after another.

On the air with Dan Ingram at WABC

“You talk for 10 seconds, the music plays, you’ve got nothing to do.”

Here’s an unrectified chart for Dan Ingram, a popular deejay in New York City.  The obit is from the New York Times but I must admit for a deejay a lot of planets in the twelfth does make sense.  Also, transpluto on the eleventh house cusp — his career dependent on his fan’s is also a good fit for Dan. The topper is his Moon is conjunct Regulus.  This may not be it, but to be honest, its a close fit.

Uranus on the seventh-eighth house works as his first wife died suddenly in an automobile crash.  It is sextile Saturn showing the harsh effect it had on him — perhaps idolizing her over his future wives.  Jupiter in the first is also a good catch — he was jovial, and made good natured jokes, nothing nasty like Howard Stern.  Dan had class and that fits his Bucket with a Saturn handle.  I had a friend, now deceased, Eileen Jazwa, who loved Dan and listened to him faithfully  — interestingly her birthday was Saturday.

At the height of his fame, he had a 25 percent listening share.   Now in 2018,  ten percent is considered huge.

dan ingram.png

Just the highlights:

Dan Ingram, a popular disc jockey whose wisecracks and double entendres rippled through the air at rock ’n’ roll stations in New York City from the early 1960s to the early 21st century, died on Sunday, June 24th,  at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He was 83.

His son Christopher said he died after choking on a piece of steak. He had received a diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndrome in 2014.

Once, giving the weather report, he said: “I love brief showers. They’re fun. Watch those briefs coming down!”

Mr. Ingram preceded the era of shock jocks, but he was a quick-thinking, somewhat bawdy jester who mocked songs, singers, sponsors and the weather at WABC-AM, a powerful Top 40 station that grew in the ’60s with the popularity of the Beatles, the Motown stable of artists and others.

Later, at WCBS-FM, the groundbreaking oldies station, he continued his drollery while exhuming the music he had played decades earlier.

“I like to have fun with my listeners,” Mr. Ingram told The New York Times in 1993 when he was at WCBS-FM. “I like them to use their minds. I like them to say, ‘I don’t believe he said that.’ But I don’t like to do sleaze.”

Fashionable Grace Mugabe

incgrace mugabe chart

Mrs. Mugabe has a lot of fire and earth in chart, making her hot tempered and appearance conscious, but as they are all in her twelfth house, that may not be such a good thing when her 93 year old husband, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, reposes, particularly as Pluto is opposite Saturn in the sixth.  Reading a back issue of the New York Review of Book, April 8th issue, this is not a wild statement:

The former president and his wife [after the military coup that deposed him]  had just departed for Southeast Asia, and the heavy security surrounding the estate had been drawn down. Under the terms of his resignation, Mugabe had been guaranteed a life of comfort: a $10 million “golden handshake,” his Mercedes Pullman Guard limo, immunity from prosecution, and a  promise that no attempt would be made to seize his assets. But it would soon become clear that Mugabe was not willing to go quietly.

Few people I talked to believed that Mugabe himself was in danger, but none could offer the same assurances about Grace. Given the animosity that the family had stirred up during decades of theft, violence, and misrule, many Zimbabweans predicted that upon the death of her husband, she would waste no time to flee into a life in exile whether she was president or no. “She’s not safe here,” said Shaw. “She would be stoned if she set foot in town.”  NYBooks,  Joshua Hammer.


Both that T-Square and her Yod point to the Jupiter in the ninth house of travel, education and higher calling, making that point very important in her chart.

Diamond Jim Brady known for his gourmand eating style as well as his nappy dressing.

For her Yod, 21 Gemini is a sign of indulgence in foods, drink and sex.  Diamond JimBrady also had this degree though for his sun and like Mrs. Mugabe the railroad tycoon was not well loved.    For Mrs. Mugabe it suggests that her love of travel is her method of receiving a higher education (she went to China for a degree in Leadership and was cited last year as smuggling ivory there for repayment) and how she overcomes the provincialism of her homeland.

She is not much of a team player and needs to develop a more inclusive personality that allows her expansive mind to stretch out and grow even further.  This would also be a good vehicle for her to teach others about her political philosophy beyond shopping.  It would also help her gain respect for people as individuals, that right now she is struggles with accepting.  But rehabilitating herself would be one thing, the greater question is whether Grace could rehabilitate her and her family’s image.

                                         Fixed Star Bellatrix & Grace

Gemini 21 is also the point of Bellatrix, an unfortunate fixed star. President Theodore Roosevelt also had his Jupiter aspect the star  albeit in a different house, look at this point for more,  but Bellatrix has a greater effect on women than it does men being a female star.  Astrologer Thomas Hood (c. 1590) claimed that “women born under this star shall have mighty tongues”, and that seems to fit Mrs. Mugabe well as she goes around Zimbabwe campaigning for the presidency in the next election against the incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa — her husband is of course not running.  Bellatrix is also close to the m.c. (midheaven)  fueling her aspirations for the top post, but not in aspect and despite her husband’s 2014 appointment to the  head of the ZANU–PF ( Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front ) women’s wing we do not see her going any higher.

Zimbabwean parliament celebrating President Mugabe’s resignation, Harare, November 21, 2017

Instead Bellatrix is  opposite the Asteroid Lie, that could be hinting more at how Grace got herself into this mess, and her crocidile tears after Mugabe’s forced resignation, than the reports on the election.¹

Lie has another unfortunate aspect, this time a square to the Asteroid Niobe (or Rachel for those of a Biblical inclination¹)  while her Ascendant at 23.53 Virgo is conjunct the Asteroid Africa and square the Asteroid Germania, perhaps for all the South Africans of German descent that reside in her native country that she most likely resented.

asteroid grace.png

Her Locomotive Temperament Type, does not like to lose, so despite her latest foray with the police about beating up twenty-year-old Gabriella Engels while  visiting the Mugabes’ sons Robert and Chatunga at a hotel in S. Africa, we doubt this will sideline her for long.

South African model, Gabriella Engels, after the electrical cord whipping.

                  What’s Grace’s line?

Her Line of Vitality (moon aspecting sun) is quintile.  For her creative expression is outwardly driven, shown by array of beautiful dresses.  She derives great strength from her apparel and they truly mimic her inward demeanor.  This is supported by the Fixed Star Regulus conjunct her Venus on the twelfth house cusp.

Her Line of Social Significance (jupiter aspecting saturn)  is missing telling us that she is not very emotional disciplined and has great problems with public restraint.  The current episode with Miss Engels demonstrates this as do other attacks against the papparazzi she has made previously.

Her Line of Efficiency, (Mars to Venus) is semisquare, telling us that she tends to bully people into getting what she wants.

And finally her Line of Self-Determination is missing, telling us that she has to rely on others to get where she wants to go and what she wants to attain.  Considering her Line of Efficiency, that could be problematic.

The Zimbabwe General Election must be held in the winter sign of Leo, from 23rd of July to 21st of August.  Results are reported from the capital of Harare.  How that will turn out for her seems based on the latter date does not seem to be providential — nothing seems in the chart below to be in her favour —  but we will check back and see for certain.election harare.png




  1. “A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.” the Gospel of Matthew, iixx.
    1. The mythology of Niobe, the daughter of the Tantalus,  is from Homer’s Iliad. She had six sons and six daughters and boasted of her progenitive superiority to the Titan Leto, who had only two children.  Alas Leto’s children were the twin deities Apollo and Artemis and as  punishment for her pride against their defamed mother, Apollo killed all Niobe’s sons, and Artemis killed all her daughters. Niobe returned to her Phrygian home, where she was turned into a rock on Mount Sipylus ( now called Yamanlar Dağı in northeast of Izmir, Turkey formerly Anatolia, Greece that was the motherland of Phyrgians), that “weeps” when the snow melts.  The picture of the rock above is quite evocative.

      Better days
    2. Grace Mugabe was married to Stanley Goreraza when she had her daughter, Bona. It was publicly acknowledged that this was Mugabe’s daughter despite that he also was married to a woman that Zimbabweans adored and called the “the First Mother.”   Her next child, was named Robert Mugabe jr and she was still married to Goreraza.  Then Mrs. Mugabe died of kidney failure and the Goreraza’s divorced.  Grace and Robert sr. had a lavish wedding three months after the first Mother’s repose and then shortly afterward their third child,Chatunga Bellamine was born.  Mugabe’s only child previous to the Grace liaison died as a child.


#32 The prettier half – May Allison

May Allison 1920.png
Miss Allison 1920

Marc Jones in his list of nativities, places Miss May Allison #32.  The data he gives is Riding Farm, Georgia  June 14, 1897 at 11.29 am.  Checking that we discovered that the real data should be Rising Fawn, Georgia June 14, 1890.  She died March 27, 1989 at Bratenahl, Ohio — her second husband’s hometown —  but she had retired from pictures long before then.

She and Harold Lockwood were the first Hollywood duet, a theme that caught on with the public so strongly that after Mr. Lockwood’s death, from the Spanish flu in 1918, they found other pairs to continue the trend:  Cagney and Lacey, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy,  Kristen Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg, Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks, Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey, Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp, & of course Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart.  In Miss Allison’s case, after Lockwood’s death, her career was over because as a solo act, there was no interest.

                                          What makes a Volcano tick?

Usually we do a person’s life and see how the chart supports that, but in Allison’s case that does not really work, as her career was short and then she vanished, so we decided upon a different tack:  was there anything in her map to let us know that she was the lesser half of a pair?  We found that her map, adding in TransNeptunians, gave us the answer.

Miss Allison has 17 Virgo as her Ascendant, a symbol of a “vast display of cosmic forces erupting from a volcano,” and suggests the creative force bursting forth from within because of something external giving it momentum.a   A volcano according to the USGS (United States Geological Survey)  is any place on a planet where some material from the inside of the planet makes its way through to the planet’s surface because of plate tectonics: i.e. the friction of two strong geological forms hitting against one another.


For Miss Allison that was her acting, that sprang forth of its reaction to Harold Lockwood — a major heart throb at the time.  But  unlike Bogart and Bacall they did not marry but were just working associates like Ryan and Hanks.May Allison

                                                       Watching  the Volcano

The first piece of Allison’s career happens in the tenth house with the North Node square Admetus, the TransNeptunian planet, that suggests that her success in life (NN) will be contingent upon a stronger personality (Admetus).  Kronos, also a TransNeptunian, in the seventh house of partnerships and opportunities is squared Zeus in the tenth house where we find that it is the strong dynamic of another that will create her opportunities, but it also suggests that this will make her dependent upon him for continued success.  Finally, the South Node square Saturn in the twelfth house hints that there could be concomitant financial loss from this breakup unless, she uses her fame by finding a well-heeled fan.

Miss Allison first married James Quirk in 1926, who was publisher of the fanzine Photoplay Magazine, a leading publication in its field, but died in August 1932. In a separate note, it was Quirk who introduced Joe Kennedy to Hollywood and Gloria Swanson.

Then in 1934, broke and penniless, Carl Norton Osborne (born 13 April 1885 Wooster, Ohio to May 4, 1982) sped up his divorce and in March 1934 eloped with May to Elkton, Maryland.  May by then was about forty-four, her beau almost 50, but he was totally enamored of her and made her the belle of Cleveland society where he was king because of his factory.  Once again Miss Allison was the prettier half of a dynamic duo.¹



  1. Quirk, Lawrence J. , The Kennedys in Hollywood, New York:  Cooper Square Press c. 2004, 2nd edition.



Viktor Frankl the last great philosopher psychiatrist

Dr. Viktor E. Frankl of Vienna, Psychiatrist of the Search for Meaning, Dies at 92

Published: September 4, 1997

Viktor E. Frankl, sed his experiences as a prisoner in German concentration camps in World War II to write ”Man’s Search for Meaning,” died at 92.  He was considered to be one of the last of the great Viennese psychiatrists.

The standard chart of Dr. Frankl  – it cries out for rectification.

He died of heart failure, the International Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy said yesterday. Viktor Frankl’s mother, father, brother and pregnant wife were all killed in the camps. He lost everything, he said, that could be taken from a prisoner, except one thing:

”the last of the human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

”Every day in the camps, he said, prisoners had moral choices to make about whether to submit internally to those in power who threatened to rob them of their inner self and their freedom. It was the way a prisoner resolved those choices, he said, that made the difference.”


Our rectified one.  The houses in gold are emtpy of major planets so you can clearly see the temperament type.

In ”Man’s Search for Meaning,” Dr. Frankl related that even at Auschwitz some prisoners were able to discover meaning in their lives — if only in helping one another through the day — and that those discoveries were what gave them the will and strength to endure.  Dr. Herbert E. Sacks, president of the American Psychiatric Association, said Dr. Frankl’s contributions shifted the direction of the field, especially in existential psychiatry, adding: ”His interest in theory galvanized a generation of young psychiatrists.”

"Der Mensch hat Sinn": 105. Geburtstag von Wiens Ehrenb¸rger Viktor E. Frankl

Decades later after its initial publication in 1946, psychiatrists across various schools of therapy were still recommending the book to their patients, especially those who complained about emptiness or the meaninglessness of their lives. It also is used by teachers of ethics and philosophy. In a 1991 survey by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club, people who regarded themselves as lifetime general-interest readers called ”Man’s Search for Meaning” one of the 10 most influential books they had ever read.

Dr. Frankl’s writings, lectures and teaching, along with the work of Rollo May, Carl Rogers and others, were an important force in reterming older concepts  of a repressed sexual identity and inability to exert oneself in society at large to  a conscious need to find meaning and purpose.

                         Frankl & Freud

After graduating from the University of Vienna Medical School in 1930, Dr. Frankl evolved the theory, while he was serving as chief of the university’s neurology and psychiatric clinic, that the search for value and meaning in the circumstances of one’s life was the key to psychological well-being. He devoted much of his life in the years before the war to developing this theory and writing a book about it.But the three years he spent in Auschwitz and Dachau, from 1942 to 1945, reinforced his thinking, he said, more dramatically than he could have imagined.

viktor frankel
We are calling this a “Stalled Locomotive” Temperament type.


                      Viktor Emil Frankl was born in Vienna on March 26, 1905. His father held a government job administering children’s aid. As a teenager he did brilliantly in his studies, which included a course in Freudian theory that prompted him to write the master himself.

A correspondence ensued, and in one letter he included a two-page paper he had written. Freud loved it, sent it promptly to the editor of his International Journal of Psychoanalysis and wrote the boy, ”I hope you don’t object.””Can you imagine?”

Frankl recalled in an interview before his death. ”Would a 16-year-old mind if Sigmund Freud asked to have a paper he wrote published?”

                                                                                                          The War Years

In December 1941 he and Tilly Grosser were among the last couples allowed to be wed at the National Office for Jewish Marriages, a bureau set up for a time by the Nazis. The next month his entire family, except for a sister who had left the country, was arrested in a general roundup of Jews.

Dr. Frankl’s wife sewed the manuscript of the book he was writing on his developing theories of psychotherapy into the lining of his coat.After their arrival at Auschwitz, they and 1,500 others were put into a shed built for 200 and made to squat on bare ground, each given one four-ounce piece of bread to last them four days. On his first day, Dr. Frankl was separated from his family; later he and a friend marched in line, and he was directed to the right and his friend was directed to he left — to a crematory.

He took an older prisoner into his confidence and told him about the hidden manuscript: ”Look, this is a scientific book. I must keep it at all costs.’ The prisoner cursed him for his naivete.


They were stripped and sent to showers, and then a work detail. Their own clothes were replaced with prison clothes, and the manuscript was never returned. There was a link, he found, between the other prisoner’s loss of faith and giving up.  He  began to  that the only meaning in his prison life for him was to try to help his fellow prisoners restore their psychological health.

”We had to learn ourselves, and furthermore we had to teach the despairing men, that it did not matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us,” he wrote. ”We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life but instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life, daily and hourly and prevent among themselves, at least, suicide.

The Germans allowed  prisoners to commit suicide and they were punished if they interfered.  A good example, Frankl gives in his book is that No one could cut down a man attempting to hang himself. Instead, Frankl believed that the  goal was to try to prevent the act. The healthy prisoners would remind the despondent that life expected something from them: a child waiting outside prison, work that remained to be completed, a legacy that should not be ignored.  When they could not find anything, he would “talk” (the Greek word logos) and explore something that meant a lot to them before the war that rekindled their love of life.



                                              Post WAR years

After the war, he earned his doctorate in psychiatry, in 1948, and remarried after the Red Cross was able to verify that his first wife was dead. He and his second wife, Eleanore, had a daughter, Dr Gabriele Vesely both who survive him as well as two grandchildren.

download the viktor frankel chart


Director Stanley Kubrick

When Astrotheme has questions about a person’s birthtime  they give everyone the standard 12 o’clock high. For Kubrick that works out well, as he was born at 11:55 according to our rectification. Again, like Errol Flynn,  it was a movie that prompted this —   this time Room 237 the movie about a movie film, one of those cerebral talkies that are a akin to a literary discussion. For those who are not aficiandoes of the Shining, Room 237 is the mysterious room in the movie that the child Danny is told to avoid — at all costs.  For movie addicts, Room 237 is almost the Holy Grail — lots of inside baseball discussions about scenes, props etc.

Sand painting

I read the book last year and was amazed at how much was not there. I then checked some old book reviews and they panned it too — the book is just awful. What Kubrick does in that movie was what the book should have been. Nevertheless, Room 237 does give some good hidden meanings to the film like equating the American Indian slaughter to the Holocaust by pointing out all the Holocaust and Native American motifs throughout the film. It’s definitely a film goers film.  (Here’s one hint — all the luggage piled up helter skelter in the lobby like the baggage that was thrown off the trains by the Jews arriving at the death camps.  Another is the Navajo sand paintings that decorate the lobby.)


Other popular movies by him are Spartacus with Kirk Douglas,  Dr. Strangelove,  2001:  A Space Odyssey, Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacke, Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise.

                                                                              The Kubrick Chart

As or Kubrick’s chart, Uranus in the Sixth is rather apropos for him as he was unique and idiocyncratic.  Saturn in the second house makes sense as he wasthe scion of a wealthy family in the Bronx – unlike Ralph Lauren’s family also in the borough, but  who had less money. Next in the Tenth House is Venus + the Sun a propitious aspect for a director; actors and actresses tend to have just Venus. the Sun there gives Kubrick a stronger  willful attitude towards the industry — sort of like Orson Wellles — the enfant terrible of the 1940’s. Jupiter in the Seventh House shows a lot of marriages — he had four.

the shining art.jpg

As for his temperament type, Kubrick yearns to be a Splash but he only has two out of the requisite three oppositions.  Next up is the Fanhandle, that does have the required midpoint at the top of the chart and really does resemble a bucket but really Kubrick’s Southern bowl is more of a bundle — everything is closely tied up together full of energy and inversion.  So choosing the Fan pattern for Kubric, we see that the two distinct p;oints in the second house vy for notice against the other eight.  The handle is forever focusing Kubrick’s energies, telling us with the Moon right on the first hosue cusp the pressure he felt of having to be better and quicker and more symbolic than anyone else in the industry while Saturn on the near the third, his desire to make his father proud with his accomplishments as well as getting peers accolade.

Well if he was worried about the latter, Room 237 would solve that problem but then with Neptune conjunct Regulus in the eleventh house of publicity, he knew that.

If you are a Kubrick fan or just love the movie,  watch Room 237 here.

Here’s a highlight of the movie for those who just are wondering. https://graphics8.nytimes.com/video/players/offsite/index.html?videoId=100000003370038

#347 Henry Ford, making America great

Biography of an Industrialist

Britannica vers. 11 is typically first-rate, giving more incisive information than the online watered down version, but sometimes, as in the industrialist Henry Ford, they leave you wanting, wondering how they ignored him as he was reaching his height when they started the edition in 1908. Instead for a brief biography, we turned elsewhere using the New York Times, book review for this abbreviated biography

Ford built his first car, the “Quadricycle Runabout” in the Summer of 1896. It had a four horsepower engine and could reach 20 mph. He sold the car for $200.00 to finance the production of his second car in 1898. He incorporated Ford Motor Company on June 16th, 1903 capitalizing the manufacturing with $100,000 from 12 stockholders. With that money, Ford produced 1708 cars the first year. In 1908 he brought out the Model T. A car for anybody and everybody. In 1914 he announced a plan for profit-sharing, and then an unheard of $5.00-a-day minimum wage so they could afford what they made.

When the United States entered the war in 1917, his plants switched to war production.

Efficient production line methods enabled him to cut costs of his products during simultaneously increasing wages so that his employees were the highest paid in the industry. In 1926 with the popularity of the Model T waning and almost 15,000,000 units sold Ford’s son Edsel, now President of Ford pushed the company to design and build a new car.

What evolved was the “Model A.” First shown in Dec. 1927 to the general public.   The Ford Motor Co. produced about 4,500,000 Model A’s before adding the V8 engine in 1932 and calling it the “Model B.” When the United States entered World War II, Edsel converted all his plants to war production as his father had done previously for World War I.

Edsel Ford was president of Ford Motor Company until his death on May 26th, 1943 at the age of 49 when his father at the age of 80, took over the presidency of the company until  September 21st, 1945 when Henry Ford II, Edsel’s eldest son, took over the position. Henry Ford, the undisputed father of the automobile, died in Dearborn Michigan shortly after that on April 7th, 1947. He was 83 years old.

Henry Ford, the undisputed father of the automobile, died in Dearborn Michigan, near where he had been born, 83 years earlier on April 7th, 1947.

Henry Ford via Jones 1000
Henry Ford via Crowley’s List


We have two different times and thus two different charts for Mr. Ford.  The first is from Aleister Crowley in his Complete Astrological Writings that cites a 2:30 in the afternoon birth in Deerfield.  The second is from Marc E. Jones in his Sabian Symbols and their use in Astrology that cites 7 am.  They are both marked and colour coded .  Download the Jones Henry Ford Chart here.

The major difference is, of course, the Ascendants.  Crowley puts Ford at 28.31 Scorpio making his Midheaven 15 Virgo.  Jones puts Ford’s ascendant at 1 Virgo and the Midheaven at  25 Taurus and Uranus in the Tenth House while Crowley puts Saturn and Venus in the House of Honour.  After thoroughly viewing both times and charts, we have decided to go with Aleister Crowley’s chart (the map in green).

                           Henry Ford a life force

A lot of our decision is based on Mr. Ford’s Temperament Type, a locomotive, that with Crowley’s time of 2:30 PM puts his ascendant at 29 Scorpio and exact to the Fixed Star of Toliman in Alpha Centauri, that happens to be the bright star on the Centaur’s foreleg and suggests endurance and speed.  The imagery of the Father of the Automobile heavenly aligned with the Centaur intrigues us as it did Crowley; the imagery is hard to pass up.

This puts his 28.08 Mars, conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus, in the Ninth House of Long Journeys,  transportation, and speculation.  As Sagittarius, a Centaur is the natural Lord of the Ninth House, this makes his Mars square his Ascendant giving him a steely backbone that would not back down from the automotive cartel that tried to stop his nascent cartel or the unions that tried to destroy him in the 1930’s. Eventually, in the latter case, he forced into submission by  FDR’s government, but not after a long and bitter strike.

CC BY-NC-ND Bruno Monginoux of the Tuileries

His Part of Fortune is at 02.23 Gemini in the Seventh House emphasizing the importance of getting along with partners and others, which has the symbolism of the Garden of the Tuileries (Paris France) of self-confidence and authority that brings men social position and wealth.  The keyword for this degree is Luxury.

Saturn in the Tenth House is opposite Neptune in the Fourth suggesting that Ford’s desire to make a name for himself also created a service that was able to help his fellow-man by helping them create Luxury for themselves by uniting hard reality (Saturn) with idyllic dreams of faraway places (Neptune).  Saturn though is Lord naturally of the Tenth House, and often here, like the Robert Hulseman chart of Solo Cup, we find that Ford worked all aspects of the automotive manufacturing business, learning the trade from the ground floor up and improving it as he saw fit.   This made him realize the importance of giving his employees better pay than other manufacturers to first buy their own goods, and two because he understood that a laborer ill-paid resents their toil and the spirit of the car, if not the actual assembly, is impoverished.

On an off-note, Dr. Mitchell Gibson in his book Astrological Signs of Mental Illness, mentions that Ford’s Uranus degree would have made him dyslexic. Anyways, a happy belated birthday to the Father of the Automobile, Henry Ford.