Astrologer: Liz Greene

from A short unauthorized bio of Liz Greene September, 1946, Elizabeth Leigh (her maiden name) is born in New Jersey. September, 1951, Elizabeth Leigh turns five years old. September, 1952, under New Jersey law at the time, Elizabeth Leigh is of kindergarten age. Circa June, 1965, Elizabeth Leigh  graduates from high school, presumably in New … Continue reading Astrologer: Liz Greene


Oh my! It’s Betty Boop

Max Fleischer was her father, Sun in the ninth house in Leo.  Hollywood her mother, opposite the Sun in the third house of Aquarius; it would seem that the parents were match made in heaven.  We picked 12 noon for a matinée, but we do not really know the time of her first showing.  No … Continue reading Oh my! It’s Betty Boop

The Hillary 2016 Convention

A blast from the past.  I have been meaning to put this up forever and finally I found the gumption to do so.  So here are my notes on the Philly convention.   I was a Bernie supporter so that the chart was divided did not surprise me but the 27 Libra Ascendant,An Airplane Sails … Continue reading The Hillary 2016 Convention

#944 The new deal, GMOs & Henry Agard Wallace.

Farmers are socialists by nature. It takes a community of like minded people to make a successful farm, as historically they tend to share tools, tips and hard times and Henry Agard Wallace came from a long line of farming stock. His father, Henry Cantwell Wallace, successfully create a hybrid species of corn that is … Continue reading #944 The new deal, GMOs & Henry Agard Wallace.