Oh my! It’s Betty Boop

Max Fleischer was her father, Sun in the ninth house in Leo.  Hollywood her mother, opposite the Sun in the third house of Aquarius; it would seem that the parents were match made in heaven.  We picked 12 noon for a matinée, but we do not really know the time of her first showing.  No … Continue reading Oh my! It’s Betty Boop

The Hillary 2016 Convention

A blast from the past.  I have been meaning to put this up forever and finally I found the gumption to do so.  So here are my notes on the Philly convention.   I was a Bernie supporter so that the chart was divided did not surprise me but the 27 Libra Ascendant,An Airplane Sails … Continue reading The Hillary 2016 Convention

#944 The new deal, GMOs & Henry Agard Wallace.

Farmers are socialists by nature. It takes a community of like minded people to make a successful farm, as historically they tend to share tools, tips and hard times and Henry Agard Wallace came from a long line of farming stock. His father, Henry Cantwell Wallace, successfully create a hybrid species of corn that is … Continue reading #944 The new deal, GMOs & Henry Agard Wallace.