#28 Prince Alfred, son of Victoria and Albert of England

Prince Alfred was born in Windsor Castle on August 6, 1844 at 7:50 am. His biographical data is here; a pleasant but unimpressive man. His son is #29, Prince Alfred of Edinburgh (Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert) and his daughter Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria, born on 29 October 1875, is #646 as Queen of Roumania.

His chart shows a preponderance of sextiles and an absence of planets in common signs, exemplifying a savoir faire that others found pleasing, but it was his determination by retrogradation in the southern hemisphere that helped attract socially better mates for his children.

Vetting Michelle L. R. Obama

Great legs, but most women who are six feet do because they never end.   Her daughter Malia is 6′ 1″ the same as her Dad.   from Vogue Magazine


Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was a very well loved first lady, so much so that many of her fans who heard her speak at the 2016 Democratic Convention want her to run in 2020.  She has said she will not, but politics is fickle and you do not county out anyone until as Yogi Berra would say “the fat lady sings”.

She was born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois.  There is no birth time for our former First Lady but we have rectified her time for 2:24 AM.  We sent this out to several people because of who she is for review, and  their response was overwhelming positive — they “love it”  We do too.

 born Michelle LaVaughn, Robinson, on the day of her birth, January 17, 1964, a rancorous debate in the nation’s capital centered on just what shape a new civil
rights act would take with The Voting Rights Act, which President Johnson signed
into law the following year, helped send her to the White House. Young Michelle did not look to Washington for her heroes—she found them right at home. Her only sibling, a brother named Craig who was twenty-one months her senior, provided an excellent example both inside and outside the classroom. Their hardworking parents, Fraser Robinson III, a city water plant worker, and Marian Shields Robinson, a homemaker, who pushed both children to excel.

Rejecting the easy option—to send their son and daughter to a convenient public high school—the Robinsons encouraged their athletic son to enroll in a parochial school with an outstanding basketball program.

For Michelle, they decided the newly opened Whitney M. Young Magnet School offered a quality education that more than compensated for the daily three-hour commute. Among racially mixed classmates who came from all over the city, she did well both academically and socially. She made the National Honor Society in her junior year and was elected treasurer of her senior class.

After graduation in 1981, Michelle followed her brother to Princeton, and like him, she majored in sociology. Although one of the oldest colleges in America, Princeton had only begun to accept women as undergraduates in 1969. African Americans, first admitted after World War II, still comprised only about 10 percent of the student body. Even the “little sister” of a basketball star could feel like an outsider, and Michelle saw herself as a “visitor on campus, as if I really  don’t belong.”¹

She found little on her background other than through her mother she is a direct descendant of a male slave owned by a plantation in Alabama.  Nothing on her father’s side so we imagine that they were free folks.  She went to Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey for her Bachelor of Arts and then onto Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts for her Juris Doctor degree.  She met her husband as his Senior Legal Advisor at Harvard University.    Later on, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright married them in his Trinity United Church of Christ church in Chicago; she was raised Methodist.
After her husband’s election, Michelle Obama made more headlines. A Harvard-educated lawyer and former hospital executive, she was accustomed to bringing home a paycheck that exceeded her husband’s Senate salary, but now she described herself as a stay-at-home “mom in chief.”
Unlike the only other attorney to become First Lady, Hillary Clinton, she felt no need to feign culinary interests by talking about cookie baking, and used her first public event at the White House to celebrate a new law extending workers’ rights.  It is this willingness to highlight one’s professional expertise that made the 2008 election an important turning point for women.  ²

                                                              the Map of Michelle Obama

Mrs. Obama is a Bucket with a Jupiter Handle in the Fifth House.  This gives her a solid interest in keeping fit and athletics and a great love of animals besides a passion for thinking creatively but it is her preponderance of planets in her Third House that is most striking:  she has five out ten planets located there.
The Third house rules relationships between the family and the exterior world,  and all types of intercommunication, as her speech shows, she is a gift speaker.  It also gives her a great love of travelling, which came in handy during her husband’s campaign and presidential tour, and a zest for learning and education — obviously all her studying did not bother her.
She has many conjunctions making her a good people person, but no oppositions making her blind to the big pictures (her husband President Obama OTOH is just the opposite and perhaps that is success of their marriage & careers.)  She has only the Line of Social Significance aka Line of Culture her chart, an aspect between Neptune and Uranus that suggests a generational and humanitarian approach dominates her life.

21 Scorpio, a squirrel eating pine nuts.


Her Part of Fortune is at 21 Libra, “Wolves entering a new territory” and suggests that this person’s advent arouse vigilance from all around because she naturally creates a bond with those around her, while she is circumspect regarding possible consequences probably best exemplified by her comment that “proud of my country for the first time.”³

Listening to her speech, those themes do appear, worries as she is about the effect her husband’s presidency will have on her two daughters, “Oh What have we done?” as well as her concern for the future of the nation as a whole and we believe it was that concern that did draw many people to her and the prospect of her candidacy,Her ascendant of 21 Scorpio suggests though that she “content” with her life now, and so we recommend waiting for the fat lady to know for sure.


Download Mrs. Obama’s chart here michelle robinson obama


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How do i love thee? #140 Elizabeth Barrett Browning


                              HOW DO I LOVE THEE?

(From Sonnets from the Portuguese)

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  •          HOW do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
  •          I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
  •          My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
  •          For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
  •          I love thee to the level of everyday’s
  •          Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
  •          I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
  •          I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
  •          I love thee with the passion put to use
  •          In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
  •          I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
  •          With my lost saints,- I love thee with the breath,
  •          Smiles, tears, of all my life!- and, if God choose,
  •          I shall but love thee better after death.



                A brief intro

Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett was born on Thursday, March 6, 1806, the eldest child of Edward Moulton-Barrett (1785–1857) and Mary Graham-Clarke (1781–1828), at Coxhoe Hall, County Durham, England.   Both come from families with extensive plantations in Jamaica, where Edward was born and lived until the age of seven.

EBB’s beloved brother Edward Moulton-Barrett (‘Bro’, 1807–40) is born 26 June 1807. The other siblings most important to EBB (there are twelve children altogether, eleven of whom survive infancy) are Henrietta (1809–60), born March 1809, Arabella (Arabel, 1813–68), born 4 July 1813, and George (1816–95) born 15 July 1816.

The Barretts left Coxhoe in the Autumn of 1808 and, after a period spent mainly in London and at Mickleham in Surrey, move at the end of 1809 to Hope End, near Ledbury, Herefordshire (purchased for £24 000).  This would be their home until August 1832. The original house is converted into stables and a new mansion in exotic Turkish style is constructed.

Her mother died from rheumatoid arthritis on July 7th, there has been a lot of conjecture that is what EBB had as it is a hereditary disease; here is one view.

                                                                                 The Neptunian Sprite

Mrs. Browning is not esteemed in literary circles to be a great poet,  except for Sonnets from the Portuguese which thankfully her husband Robert Browning encouraged to her publish. Prior to that most of her poems were sweet but lacked depth.  but her chart tells us that Neptune’s  discovery during her lifetime and she married four years later,  had a monumental effect on this lovely lady and its conjunction in her chart exactly to the then Galactic Center (24.14 in Sagittarius that fell in her Third House of short communications (unlike her husband she wrote no long poems) was just about to change everything.

So, if anyone epitomizes Neptune in the Arts and the Spirit of this planet, it is this delicate lady, who wrote extremely popular, well-paid and well-loved verse all from the confines of her couch.

That Neptune centered in the part of her bowl emphasizing Personal Expression is square her Sixth House that owns a flurry of planets working busily to make her, during her lifetime, the most Popular and Well-Paid Writer in Victorian Britain — and for a woman no less.

                                   Elizabeth and Emily

Often it is said that Emily Bronte, who shares much in common with Mrs. Browning is the Neptunian Definition, but the problem with that is that while well-loved this was all because of the movie on Wuthering Heights with Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier and not on its own merits.  Mrs. Browning, on the other hand, needs no movie, no Hollywood send-up, her Sonnets are one of the most well-loved, highly regarded and memorized set of poems in modern times.

barret browning.png

An invalid, Saturn in the Second House, may have had HPKK but it also resembles what was called then “neurasthenia” or what is now referred to a fibromyalgia — sensitive neural pathways that overreact to stress, exercise, and fatigue.  As the disease typically overwhelms the victims, it is hard for them to manage daily existence and as stress is a strong contributor, and her father’s overbearing manner (Saturn in the Second sextile the North Node exact to Jupiter in the Fourth House of the Home and father) did not help there.

She found great comfort (Jupiter in the Fourth House sextile the stellium in the Sixth) in her work.  Mercury and Mars show her vigour for writing and self-expression.  Pluto separates that pair — and was yet to be discovered for another 70 years — from the Sun conjunct Venus just sitting proud and regal on the Seventh House of Relationships cusp — they met through her work.

It was the relationship that fueled gossip rags, angered people and gave hope to the love lorn:  infirm and quite wealthy Elizabeth left all to be with her great love, the nascent poet Robert Browning, in Italy.  They hoped that the warm of the Mediterranean rays would help her health.  She lived another fifteen years, so who knows if it did, but it was Browning that disciplined her mind, broke her from her father and made her create great passionate verse that made Shakespeare’s sonnets look pale in comparison.

Her ascendant at 30 Virgo, Dr. Henry J. Gordon (he was a medical doctor who took up astrology after World War I) writes that this degree gives one an “eccentric nature” that is in tune with mysticism, and will tend towards mental work.  He cites that this is a tragic degree because they are too attuned to their own body.

For Mrs. Barrett, the Mercury trine to Saturn conjunct Uranus (the individual breaks out from structure and demands through sorrow) semi-sextile Neptune/the Galactic Center (extreme sensitivity to a new mode of expression) was just that extra push that she needed.  But let us not think that her father was her only impression; her mother’s death (Saturn inconjunct Venus and just missing a conjunction to the Moon) started her poetic career with Aurora Leigh, telling us how sorrow, love, and partings were all melded into one beautiful whole in her writings.

Her part of Fortune is at 25 Aries in the Seventh, suggesting that Marriage would allow the potential within to be unlocked….and we most definitely agree.  Go to Gutenberg.org and download the Sonnets, or go to Poemhunter read them.  Either way, you will not be denied.

You can read a little more about her from this essay here.

“First time he kissed me he but only kissed
The fingers of this hand wherewith I write,
And ever since, it grew more clean and white,
Slow to world-greetings, quick with its ‘Oh, list,’
When the angels speak. A ring of amethyst
I could not wear here, plainer to my sight,
Than that first kiss. The second passed in height
The first, and sought the forehead, and half-missed
Half falling on the hair. O beyond meed!
That was the chrism of love, which love’s own crown
With sanctifying sweetness, did precede.
The third upon my lips was folded down
In perfect, purple state; since when, indeed,
I have been proud and said, ‘My love, my own!’


Download the chart for Elizabeth Barrett Browning

#282 Queen’s Vic’s PM: Benjamin Disraeli

portrait of B. Disraeli from the Victoria & Albert Museum c.1850 by Mr. Chas. Lucy

Dr. Marc E. Jones rectified the PM’s horoscope for his 1954 book, The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation. 1 He obtained the birthdata from Alan Leo’s 1001 Nativities. 2  Jones used the Placidean House method; we use the more modern Koch.  The footnotes give you a site where the book can be bought inexpensively. It is also available online thanks to Dromenon over here on the Sabian Assembly site.



Benjamin Disraeli was a novelist and two-time prime minister under Queen Victoria.  He was also a major proponent of Imperialism – a rather discredited economic policy where stronger countries dominate weaker ones for their assets (mineral & mining raw products like wool or cotton, or labour either for work working the resources or overseas export to supplement their population).disraelis birthplace.png

It was a  popular philosophy throughout the 15-19th centuries and led to great economic expansion for Spain, France, Portugal and Great Britian as their broadened their commercial & territorial reach.

The political philosophy was challenged by the 17th Century British economist Adam Smith in his classic Wealth of Nations and  David Ricardo, both who argued that it had only short-term personal gains for agencies like the Dutch East Indies Co. but was long-term political loss for the Countries, Principalities etc.  involved because it creates an aristocratic elite that incites aggressive wars and encourages high taxation of the general — home — population to continue their power and lifestyle.

To avoid population “escape” these states (in the classic term of spheres government where as a state, territory or country) band together creating an ever widening net of power i.e. the European Union, the Soviet Union, China and to some unfortunate degree, the United States of America.

Karl Marx wrote against it in Labour Theory of Value .  The Soviet Vladimir  Lenin, and the German Jew Hannah Arendt both supported Marx’s ideology & broadened that idea so that all international capitalism i.e. foreign exchange and banking, is included.  We prefer the classical Smith-Ricardi definition.

Download the Earl of Beaconsfield chart here::PM Benjamin Disraeli

                    Jewish Background

Like economist David Ricardo (1772- 1823)  Disraeli was a Sephardic Jew whose ancestors emigrated to England from Italy via Holland. It seems that the family “converted to Anglicanism” but retained their Jewish cultural identity.  Disraeli married Mary Anne Viney-Evans in 1839; they had no children.  You can read many of Disraeli’s work free on Gutenberg.

                                The Disraeli Bowl Chart


Dr. Jones calls the Disraeli map a Bowl Temperament Type.  When creating his types, Jones does not use the Ascendant, Midheaven or Part of Fortune just the layout of nine planets;  Pluto though was not discovered in Disraeli’s  lifetime & so ignored.  Jones says that this personality type shows Disraeli’s power of “self-containment” and its tilt, heavily towards the Eastern or Resourceful side of the chart, indicates his power of recovery and the need for completion in his efforts.

Winstar Express, Matrix Astrology

This is supplemented by his hidden i.e. intercepted  “cutting planet”  Mars 19.06 Leo, “Zuni sun worshippers” highlighting the idea of fidelity to one’s group tradition.

As his cutting planet is conjunct his Moon, also intercepted, in the ninth house it suggests that Disrael’s life and actions were open to others and a matter of pulic attenion and record.  It also tells us, that as a scooping bowl, Disraeli is more of  a taker in life’s bounty and less of a giver.

                                                   An Ascendant Stellium

2017-02-15_16-57-40Disraeli’s Ascendant at 28.10 Scorpio  is the Hyperion Symbol of a “Carpenter’s Measuring Tape”  highlighting Disraeli’s conformity to standards, he was head of the Tory – Conservative party, ensuring that integrity was adhered.   It also picks up on our featured image, reproduced here, from a Punch comic at the time, where we see Disraeli measuring the British Lion, their emblem, out for their new Disraeli-designed attire.

Historically, according to Nicholas DeVore, the Galactic Center was placed at 0 Capricorn, making Disraeli’s ascendant a degree away, and perhaps encouraging him to see himself as the center of his universe. We speculate that based on the stellium all around that point:  Neptune 26.53  Scorpio is right next to Jupiter (26 Scorpio)  and his Ascendant, where we see that Disraeli’s loyalty was really towards his own ascension, making him rather a pandering toady (see the “Beckonsfield mispronunciation joke).  Success in public affairs was everything to Disraeli, and he pursued it with laser-like ferocity.


excerpted from Wilfrid Meynell’s biography of the Earl, 1903

So what’s the Line Prime Minister?

Disraeli’s  Line of Personality, sextiling of Saturn 15.05 Libra and Jupiter 25.24 Scorpio that shows his instinctive reflex in social situations while his Line of Culture, the only other planetary pair the PM has, is  also sextile, giving him a facility with words; hence his extensive oeuvre of published manuscripts.

As a last note, his Part of Fortune, in the fourth house is noticeable as here “home” becomes emblematic of patriotism and country, which is how he performed his public service.  E. C. Chambers in his Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac analyzed suggests that this is the ultimate ability to make success out of tatters.  He notes that George Washington’s Venus shares that degree.mary ann viney.png


The Hyperion Symbol for 29.28 Pisces is the Nobel Prize, recognition of exceptional politician and literary  work — he was a popular author.  Instead of a Nobel, not yet created, for Disraeli’s cordial relationship with the Queen he was awarded the title of  Earl of  Beaconsfield so he could continue to serve Her Majesty  in the House of Lords after his final defeat to Sir William Gladstone.

She did not confer a similar honor upon his successor.


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