#28 Prince Alfred, son of Victoria and Albert of England

Prince Alfred was born in Windsor Castle on August 6, 1844 at 7:50 am. His biographical data is here; a pleasant but unimpressive man. His son is #29, Prince Alfred of Edinburgh (Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert) and his daughter Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria, born on 29 October 1875, is #646 as Queen of Roumania.

His chart shows a preponderance of sextiles and an absence of planets in common signs, exemplifying a savoir faire that others found pleasing, but it was his determination by retrogradation in the southern hemisphere that helped attract socially better mates for his children.

The Trumpet & Bobby Guy

Bobby Guy was born in Lambertville, Hunterdon County, New Jersey on March 28, 1916 as William Robert Guy. There is not much known about him before he started playing trumpet with the the legendary Kay Kyser band in 1936 just as the metal horn shook off its military heritage and became a “modern” musical instrument (see Uranus in the 2nd house opposite Mars in the 8th) thanks to him and fellow impresario Louis Armstrong.

Modern day Lambertville from the Pennsy side.

Bobby joined the Kyser band on trumpet in the Spring of ’36. “A slightly imposing appearance betrayed a friendly personality. You could hear Bobby Guy’s laugh from across the room. He had a wonderful sense of humor.” Except for his stint in the service, Bobby stayed with the band until ’49. He freelanced after his KK band days, before joining NBC studios.

Georgia Carroll aka Mrs. Kay Kyser

  He met Rose Marie when she was performing at a New Jersey nightclub before the war where Guy was playing too. Rose Marie claimed that she three days after meeting Guy that she would marry him.

Mr. Guy is a 16 Sagittarius Rising “sea gulls watching a ship” an interesting symbol as Lambertville is on the Delaware River across from New Hope Pennsylvania, but while this works as a literal symbol for his birthplace, figuratively it suggests his gift for recognizing opportunities when they are at hand. He is a southern based bowl temperament type that is almost the inverse of his wife Rose Marie’s prism and a spinning top if we use the Part of Fortune/ Mid-heaven with the Fire Grand Trine (06 Libra — man’s goals abundantly crystallized).

The War steps in

After a hiatus to serve in World War II, he and Rose Marie married in Jersey on June 19, 1946 — the day coincidentally after Kay’s birthday. In the 50’s he got a spot for the NBC orchestra & the family moved to Van Nuys California and played under contract there until his death in 1964.

1930’s Lambertville

The Sun at the 4th house cusp is sextile Pluto at the 7th and then sextile Uranus music in the 2nd showing how much being a musician meant to him and how he latched onto the trumpet at the right time (see his ascendant for more on that). His eager Mental Chemistry would have helped there, spotting the trend perhaps in a news article or radio show and then perfecting his “sound”.

A sudden embolism

He died of a strange and sudden blood clot (Mars in the 8th conjunct the South Node in the 7th both in Leo and conjunct the dissolving effects of Neptune at 30 Cancer – a fatal degree) on May 28, 1964 a fortnight before his 18th wedding anniversary. Rose Marie never remarried and based on his Jupiter and Sun conjunct in the 4th House, we know that chances are his sudden death was hereditary and he filled up his home life with music and laughter. He left behind a daughter, Georgiana Marie also.

We leave you bits of the Big Band sound that made the 1930’s alive and happening despite the doom and gloom of the Great Depression.

From the New York Times obit on May 29 1964.

#62 Tallulah Bankhead

                “My father warned me about men and alcohol; he said nothing about women and cocaine.”  …………………. Tallulah Bankhead


There was always some suspicion about Ms. Bankhead’s sexual preference, but with her Ascendant of 21 Virgo opposite Pallas in Pisces on the seventh house cusp, we have do doubt that one of her most famous quotes, was dead to rites.  she was born in Huntsville, Alabama on January 31, 1902 — she often lied and said 1906 — and died in Chestertown, Maryland on December 12, 1968

The Washington News August 1919

Her grandfather was US Senator of Alabama, John Hollis Bankhead, and her father, William Brockman Bankhead, served as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Her uncle was US Senator John Hollis Bankhead II and her aunt Marie Bankhead Owen became Director of the Alabama State Achieves, the first women to head a department of Alabama state government.  Her mother died when she was young.

                             Astrological Notes

  1. Her Ascendant is 21 Virgo,  healing messages left for the future.
    1. It is opposite Pallas in Pisces, siren singers distract from one’s concentration.
    2. It is square, almost exactly, to her midheaven that in turn is opposite her Uranus in Sagittarius 20,  the ingenuity of faking it.
    3. Her Ascendant’s ruler, Mercury, is inconjunct it and in the midst of fiery Mars and sugary Venus:  she was a good businesswoman, and indeed left 2 million to charity after crying poverty for most of her life.

The Neon Tetra Fish

  1. Her midheaven is 20 Gemini,  A fishbown with many neon tetra fish.
    1. It’s ruler is also Mercury and trine it in the sixth house.  She knew where the money was and followed it.
    2. Pluto is conjunct her Midheaven.
    3. Her Part of Fortune is also conjunct her Midheaven at 27 Gemini, Sven blue birds changing their home to another tree, highlighting her ability to leave her beloved Broadway and go work for Hitchcock in Hollywood during WWII.
  1. Her Moon in Scorpio is a tad wide to be trine her Venus in Pisces but the translation of light from Mars, Scorpio’s ruler to Venus, makes it work.  This aspect shows her drug debauchery and that her nasally voice was probably like fellow addict, Peter Lorre, a result.
    1. Square Mars-Mercury-Venus also highlights her lifelong sibling rivalry with her sister, Evelyn Eugenia, whom she disinherited.
  2. Ceres in Libra in the first shows she could work both sides of the fence if needed, but she had her preferences.  She married fellow actor John Emery in 1937; they were divorced in 1941.  Neither remarried.
  3. She has a “gestalt” mental chemistry.
  4. Her Line of Vitality is sextile.
  5. Her Line of Culture is in opposition.
  6. Her line of efficiency is absent.
  7. She has a Grand Trine in Earth.
  8. Tallulah is a See-Saw Temperament type.


Mashing it up with Alan Alda

Alan Alda is Irish-Italian and the son of actor Robert Alda and Josephine Browne, who was the New York state beauty-pageant winner.  He was their only child born  Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo on January 28, 1936 in Brooklyn.   Robert and Josephine (Joan) were married 31 December 1932 and divorced in 1948 because of her unstable health.  His father was dubbed Alda as a portmanteau of his real name ALphonso and D’Abruzzo when he went to Hollywood.

Robert Alda remarried Italian actress Flora Martino whom had his second  son Antonio.   Alan Alda’s mother died in Los Angeles on September 28, 1984 and his father Robert May 3, 1986.  Flora Martino Alda died in 2008; their son  a year later at 52 from cirrhosis of the liver. 

three aldas

Alan Alda married Arlene Weiss on March 15, 1957 in New York City; they have been together for 61 years. They have three daughters, Eve (born on December 12, 1958), Elizabeth Alda (born on August 20, 1960) and Beatrice Alda (born on August 10, 1961). He is called Al at home as its fits both Alphonso and Alan.

When seven years old, Alda contracted polio and is parents administered the regimen developed by Sister Elizabeth Kenny, a self-taught Australian bush nurse, who developed a treatment of applying hot wool compresses to the affected limbs to reduce the spasms and then force the patient into physical rehabilitation by making the legs pretend walking. In his book “Never have your dog stuffed” Alda credits Sister Kenney with his complete recovery. Dinah shore, Rosalind Russell’s nephew and Martin Sheen also testify to its efficacy.

The Alda women

In 1956, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from  Fordham College of Fordham University in the Bronx, where he was a student staff member of its FM radio station, WFUV still on the air in NYC and on the Internet via the Tune-In app.

The Aldas still reside Leonia, New Jersey.

alda alda

Alda’s ascendant is 02 Capricorn and its ruler is Saturn that is in the second house in Pisces.  Saturn is opposite Neptune that gives a tendency to be hard on his fellow workers — it’s my way or the highway.   That though would not be true in his personal life, where he is far more agreeable and understanding, which is why he falls into a see-saw temperament:  the two parts of his life are quite separate except for his political views — the generational planets are on the experiential side of the chart.

The Saturn in his second house shows that he will accumulate lots of personal wealth not only through his work but also through his own thrift, and suggests that he was shrewd in using his father Robert’s Hollywood network in getting a foothold in the movie industry.

This is supported by Pluto in the sixth/seventh house cusp in Cancer that suggests he tends to manage his work relationship with his strong personality and his ability to manage people and situations.  This aspect also makes him attractive to film vehicles that have unusual or socially transformative  issues i.e. MASH with Burns and Houlihan, Same Time next year with Ellen Burstyn.

He has the Asteroid Siwa, sound, conjunct his Aquarian Ascendant, makes him love puns, and irony.  Alda’s North Node makes him successful using twelfth house environments, the military, the war and the film industry, to his advantage.

  1. His Line of Vitality is sextile.
    1. While life encourages his talents to be exploited to the fullest, on the downside it does not lead to self-discovery.
  2. No Line of Efficiency
  3. Line of Motivation trine.
    1. Alda has the ability to be free and easy with his fungoing self-expressive and he participate in whatever his environment throws at him , but OTOH this makes him a bit of a chameleon (he is often thought of as Jewish though he is not; his wife and children are) where his true beliefs are lost.
  4. No Line of Social Significance.


#520 Stalin Prize Winner: Rockwell Kent

Rockwell Kent was born in Tarrytown, Westchester County, New York the same year as  fellow artist, Edward Hopper.  The Tappan Zee Bridge now separates the two counties, back then it was a ferry service.  Their art, unsurprisingly, is quite similar, desolate landscapes with few people and the two took similar methods, if only by their opposite, is obscuring their life:  Kent moved all the up to Plattsburgh, at the end of the Adirondack Mountains & five miles from the Canadian border, while Hopper went into the heart of Manhattan and was lost in the crowd.

The yellow arrow is the Old Zee and the blue points to its replacement looking at Rockland on the west shore of the Hudson River.

                                       Multi-faceted Kent

rockwell kent.png

There is not much information on Kent the man or artist but there are lots of articles about his political activism and how in 1966 he was elected to the Academy of Arts of the U.S.S.R. and donated a large portion of his art works to the Soviet people.  Jones and the introduction to his N&E woodcut work, state that he was born at 4 am, though we are skeptical of that time and Gemini ascendant and Sun.

Like James Russell Lowell, Rockwell Kent is a bundle, but instead of being all in the southern hemisphere and extroverted, his is on the south-eastern portion and self-reliant and insular.  Another difference between the two is where Lowell covered all four departments; Kent only has two –the Lines  of Vitality & Motivation — so much for bundles being just the same.

Rockwell Kent

Jones writes that Kent is a “restless soul who practiced architecture before turning to painting” which is partially true. Kent attended the Horace Mann School, while it was still in the Village next to New York University,  where he excelled at mechanical drawing.  His family’s financial circumstances prevented him from pursuing career in the fine arts, so after graduating in 1900, he applied to Columbia University, uptown at Morningside Heights,  to study architecture.  A thorough biography of Kent’s artist career is on the National Gallery of Art’s site including discussion of this three marriages, five children and turn to paint.¹  They have many of his works of art as well on display.

He died on March 13, 1971 in Plattsburgh from a heart attack. His third wife, Sally, was at his side.

4 am demise.png

Kent started as an illustrator for an architecture firm, but found that illustration for the mag trade like Vanity Fair in the 1910’s was more lucrative and more to his style.  He and the Art Nouveau movement fit together like hand and glove, much like another illustrative artist, Aubrey Beardsley, who was born in Great Britain, eleven years earlier.

As for our choice, we prefer 4 pm and not 4 am. that gives him the ascendant of 18 Scorpio with its essential ruler square it in the ninth house.  We feel that is important because because it depicts his independence from convention both in his schooling and his politics and as it square his ascendant the personal cost.  We think that he is not as self-reliant as the 4 am chart shows but more experiential and Pluto’s discovery in 1932 considered with Mr. Kent’s crossover from an illustrative artist to fine artist with his art book Sea & Sky.

Jupiter in the seventh house works better for a man married several times and the Moon in the tenth is perfect for someone who worked in metal lithography and engraving — both art forms that highlight sun and shadow over color and the Moon is sextile the metallic Mars in the first is an added bonus.  Kent’s ascendant is directly opposite Neptune giving a particular importance to water-travels in both his life and art.

Saturn is next to Neptune in the sixth, showing the influence his father had on his work and sense of duty.s  Trine Saturn’s essential tenth house that gives Mr. Kent great form and precision in his work and while the midheaven is exact the fixed star Regulus, it is also square Pluto reminding us that his poor choices in the opportunities at hand undermined his talent — this most likely is his support for Stalin and Communism during the Cold War.  Even a recent retrospective in the Adirondacks mentioned that now that “hostilities were over”  Rockwell Kent’s work could be shown “again.”

Right now if you are vacationing in the Lake George area, we recommend stopping in at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls near the Queensbury Factory Malls.  It is an exquisite museum and showing some of his art work…until alas July 22nd.


  1. The National Gallery of Art on,“Rockwell Kent,” NGA Online Editions, https://purl.org/nga/collection/constituent/4494 (accessed June 26, 2018).

Comey “marries up” with Failor

The header picture is of the couple and their five children; Mrs. Comey is in the middle of the girls donning a yellow jacket.  Standing is James Comey on one side and on the other is his son, Brien Comey.

We did an astrological analysis last year, when he was “axed”  by President Trump, see over here for that writeup.   The argument between the two men is continuing in the press today because of Mr. Comey’s new book release where he compares Trump to a “Mafia don” a rather racist and prejudicial remark.

Concerning  Trump’s now famous comment to Comey at a  White House dinner in January 2017, “I need loyalty”, Comey writes:

“To my mind, the demand was like Sammy the Bull’s Cosa Nostra induction ceremony – with Trump in the role of the family boss, asking me if I have what it takes to be a ‘made man’.”

It also highlights his only notable work as District Attorney in New York City uncovering the Gambino crime ring.  He admits that his whole family was pro-Hillary, while he did not vote and based on his Line of Vitality, that had to factor into him dealing and working with the Trump White House.

The Guardian has a review of the book on their site.


                                                           The Comparison details

In comparing Mr & Mrs Comey’s chart, we set both birth times for sunrise at 6:30 am and are not rectified.  Jim Comey was born in Yonkers, Westchester Co., New York while his wife, Patrice, was accouched in Muscatine, Iowa, thirteen months earlier.

James Comey.png

patrice failor.png

A rather interesting thing is in her second house is Saturn, while in his is Venus, but he has Mars in his seventh house showing a real attraction to a strong minded partner.  Based that because Mrs. Comey did not like NYC, his hometown, and they moved to Northern Virginia where she grew up, and Mr. Comey converted from Roman Catholicism to her Methodism, there could be some credence to that aspect.

“I had never seen anything like it in the Oval Office. As I found myself thrust into the Trump orbit, I once again was having flashbacks to my earlier career as a prosecutor against the Mob,” Comey writes in A Higher Loyalty.

“The silent circle of assent. The boss in complete control. The loyalty oaths. The us-versus-them worldview. The lying about all things, large and small, in service to some code of loyalty that put the organization above morality and above the truth.”

His Line of Vitality – the Moon to Sun aspect – is sextile telling us that he has great health and a happy family life.  Her Line is trine and basically agrees. Concerning the Line of Efficiency, the aspect of Mars to Venus, he does not have that aspect and neither does she, so they are not very organized on day-to-day basis, perhaps why he suddenly cancelled a date with her, that still irks her, for meeting with the President.

The Line of Motivation is the aspect of Jupiter to Saturn.  Mrs. Comey does not have that aspect, and is probably happy at home raising their children.  Mr. Comey though has a conjunction there, with the faster planet, Jupiter, in the lead, demonstrating his great enthusiasm for his work and a strong work ethic.

The last set of pairs is the Line of Social Significance, that occurs between Uranus and Neptune.  The aspect for both Comeys is a bit off the mark, indicating that they are both representative of their formative culture, and do not desire to adopt to changes in the greater politico-economics of the country at large.  Instead, both Comey’s build their personal reputations on their past accomplishments and loyalties, and not on being change agents or leaders to break new ground.  In Mrs. Comey this is evinced by her letters on bacterial testing for newborns because of the loss of their second son Collin.

One major difference in their charts though is Mr. Comey has a preponderance by retrograde, something we have already mentioned this week.  This time though the preponderance is on the Western side of the chart, giving a far different emphasis that what we discovered in Anne Sexton’s map.

An heir to the Gambino crime family, Giovanni Gambino has spoken out, slamming former FBI Director James Comey for using  the comment ‘the same lies and corrupted methods’ that he says landed his father behind bars against President Donald Trump.  ‘Comey comparing Trump to a Mob boss is a compliment,’ said Giovanni Gambino in an email to the UK DailyMail.com, blasting Comey’s new memoir, A Higher Loyalty.. ‘I don’t reject the FBI, but there is  corruption within, and they are the very same people Trump is getting rid of.’

Instead of making Comey rebellious and self-centered, in his chart, it makes him always looking over his shoulder like the proverbial Monday quarterback, replaying his actions and testing alternatives to see whether he chose the right course or not.  Paired with his lack of Social Significance this could mean fighting old battles instead of letting them go and moving on to brighter fields ahead.  His next book is about the death of his newborn son, Collin.

#399 Blue Max: Hermann W. Goering

Goering c. 1917

Göring was an ace flyer in Germany’s First World War.  He was fast acting,  reactive fighter pilot  (Venus and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius – Capricorn) with good stamina and physical courage.


He was  born Hermann Wilhelm Goering on January 12, 1893 at 3:13 AM ¹ in Rosenheim, the Kingdom of Bavaria, the German Empire. to Heinrich Ernst and his wife Franziska {Fanny} Tiefanbrunn.

He was the second  of their four children — Karl, was the eldest from this marriage and Albert Gunther (who saved many Jews from extermination and was rumoured to be the son of a Fanny and Hermann Epenstein liason) followed him on 9 March 1895.

His father was a former, cavalry officer, and Governor General of German protectorate in South West Africa (Namibia) and then Haiti.  Heinrich also had two girls, Olga Therese Sophia and Paula Elisabeth Rosa Göring, from his first marriage and was blood related to Count von Zeppelin, Hermann Grimm, Carl Burkhardt and the Merck family.

Hermann’s godfather was  Dr. Hermann Epenstein Ritter von Mauternburg a wealthy physician friend of his father and Christian of Jewish descent, after whom the boy was named.  The wealthy doctor was so overjoyed that he announced that the family could stay in his Burg Veldenstein − an imposing, medieval bastion in Franconia − and summer at Burg Mauterndorf, a fairytale castle in the Tauern mountains of Austria near Salzburg.  It was an idyllic childhood.

berg veldenstein.jpg
Burg Veldenstein — the Goering winter home

                         The Göring MAP


Goering Natal Chart

Göring is a bucket with a Neptunian handle — Pluto was not discovered until 1930, that lays in his Seventh House of Personal Relationship and how others view him.  It’s hard to think of Göring as a larper, but OTOH, he did wear lots of outlandish costumes and have mock medieval events at his own burg — that was probably confiscated in the same manner as ISIS does today with their enemies.

His ascendant at 20 Scorpio is opposite Vesta in Taurus in the Sixth House suggesting that he was an all-or-nothing leader who encouraged his Luftwaffe to perform more as individual stylized heroes (Chiron is the point focus of  that T-Square in the Ninth House of Long Journeys) of the First World War, than a cohesive team as many military strategists have noted.

His Mercury in the First House of self-identity is squared his Mars in the Fifth, telling us that Goring suffered from chronic anxiety and perhaps contributed to his morphine addiction (Neptune in the 7th house opposite the First) as needing always to appear calm and in control.  Conjunct his Venus this would have made him a an over-preening egotist, a little too vain.

The real issue in the Reichsmarshall’s chart though is that his  Lord of the Chart (the final dispositor of all other rulers) is Mars in the Fifth House at 10 Aries.  It has the symbol  “A man teachings new skills for old ways,” but since it is so heavily squared it gets the warning of him having a “twisted perspective” in his affairs.

The final dispositor is viewed as because it is the only planet that is in its own sign, naturally auspicious, but also  it is the only planet that has complete autonomy, being ruled by no other planet. Also, all the other planets have their lord ruled by the final dispositor, or have signs that are ruled by planets which are themselves ruled by the final dispositor,  thus making all the planets in the chart as being under the sway of the final dispositor.

In Goring’s case this would have made him a bully, incredibly aggressive and hard for other men to get along with, though his first wife Carin also seems to have problems.  He would have been a hard man to work for, always yelling and pummelling his pilots for more and better and never letting up.  In a military arena this was probably expected and thus accepted, but it would have also meant, that only a very few, the very best would actually be loyal.

                                                                  The Lines of Goring

The Line of Vitality, also called the Line of Self-Determination, is that aspect between the two luminaries themselves:  the Sun and Moon.  In Göring’s chart they are sextile which suggests that he was self-indulgent and trusted toadies — he did not want anyone around him that was either unlike himself or equally aggressive.  Perhaps his second wife, an actress, knew how to play that to her advantage as they were happily married.

The next major aspect is the Line of Motivation, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, always historically mated in astrology.  Here Göring has the two opposite each other suggesting as intimated previously, the need to dramatize his existence into mythic proportions.  This was probably exacerbated by his childhood memories of living in castles and travelling around the Empire.

The third aspect we look at is the Line of  Efficiency, which is the aspect between harmonic Venus and warrior Mars.  He has no major aspect here, just a biseptile (a difference between planets of 102º 51′ 26″)  that suggests he has a compulsive aspect between the two planets showing up as bravado and again supporting his desire to show off his spoils of war.

The final and fourth aspect is the Line of Significance, also called Culture, that is between Uranus and Neptune.  Again Göring does not have a major aspect here, just an inconjunct (150º distance between the two planets), an aspect that highlight irrational fears, psychosomatic illnesses as well as creative artistic tension.  With Uranus in the Twelfth and Neptune in the Seventh, it would seem that role playing was his artistic outlet.

The Castle the Gorings has use of through their association with  Dr. Hermann Epenstein in Austria.

Göring was found guilty as war criminal byt he International Military Tribunal at Nurnberg,  (Nuermberg)  Germany.  He was due to be hanged on the conviction of war crimes and crimes against humanity from the Nuremberg Trials after his request to die like a soldier and be shot was denied.  Instead he took his own life with a  potassium cyanide capsule hid in his skin care cream.

Download the Goering natal chart

Download the Goering Suicide Progressed chart


  1. Marc Jones cites 3:13 AM for  Göring ‘s birth while other sites, like Michel Gauquelin, mention 4 AM.  We are going with Marc’s data as we find that rectification works well.
  2. Göring with the umlaut over the o is the proper way to write the Reichsmarshall’s (Field Mashall) name, but Kepler does not allow umlauts, so instead according to German language Instructor, C. A. Weingaertner, adding an “e’ in is an acceptable approximation.


Choosing Labor Day : McGuire vs. Debs

             P. J. McGuire and Labor Day

Peter J. McGuire, the general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and cofounder of the American Federation of Labor, was the first person to suggest that special day to honor those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold.” He recommended that this special national day be sometime between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.  He felt that would break up the long period and allow workers to enjoy the beauty of the Creator and rest.

Others contend that it really was a peace offering from President Grover Cleveland to Eugene Debs for the killing of a dozen or more of the striking railway workers in Pullman, Illinois.  We decided to look at the two arguments and see what the Natal Chart of the holiday suggests

            Bowling Green

The first Labor Day was in New York City on September 5, 1882 according to the United States Department of Labor.  The whole day was announced by the mayor to be in its honor, so we chose midnight for its birth. The event’s  temperament type is a bowl 1 i.e.: all ten planets fall cleanly with the parameters of a tilted hemispheric rim angling from the 5th House of play & sport to the 11th house of the public. 

Bowl temperament types are rather self-contained and this one, primarily Northern based, has most of the planets shining upwards towards the southern or visible hemisphere, showing that the original Labor Day was indeed the familiar one of parties, barbecues and beaches.

The rim makes sense for the original Labor Day as Mr. McGuire intended. Later though, the more widely accepted Labour Day, takes on a different angle and becomes more political, but it also has a different nativity. Pluto while shown on the map was not discovered for another fifty years by Dr. Clyde Tombaugh.

The 06 Cancer Ascendant (Hyperion Symbol) of a “boxer skipping  rope” i.e. resting up by taking on some idle exercise to be in better shape agrees;   it is conjunct Jupiter and via a translation of light, the Moon. This is an excellent combination as Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and encourages good-naturedness and enthusiastic enjoyment of things undertaken. Also, this conjunction in the 1st house  denotes indulgence and patronage on the mudane level an important reminder as McGuire felt it should be a paid one bestowed by the employer, otherwise how can someone really luxuriate in the day?

Labor Day 1882, shown in whole house format

                              What’s the line?

The Line of Vitality, that aspect between the Sun and the Moon is sextile suggesting an effortless time where everyone decides to put off today their chores for tomorrow and just enjoy the bounty that they have sown.

The Line of Motivation, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, is missing.  While semi-sextile, that is not  major aspect according to Marc Jones’s  planetary rules and  so suggests the spirit of the day is undisciplined and unregulated. Probably true too then as it is now, as it is has become a major end-of-summer shopping spree dictated more by the sales than by need.

The third line is Social Significance (previously the Line of Culture) and appears  in a harmonious trine. We see that as everyone is in agreement, whether it be in parades or barbecues.

The fourth line of Self Determination is between Neptune and Uranus. This aspect is also in trine, indicate according to Marc Jones “man’s opportunity for significance in his world.” This is also prominent in the chart of John L. Lewis, the great UMW leader.

One rather striking thing is that Lilith is partile (exact in degree) to Neptune highlighting that from the onset there were many who disputed McGuire’s notion of a respite. We can look to the second and national holiday to see how that turns out.

If you would like to download this chart click here First Labour Day 1882.

The Second Labor Day

The next Labor Day is when President Grover Cleveland signed a bill making it national six days after the Pullman Railroader’s strike declaring it to be the first Monday in September after a full weekend. In 1894 that would be September 3, so we have another chart for that date.

Another bowl but this one lipped, making Uranus in the 4th the scoop.

We have another bowl with the national Labor Day but this one has a Uranian lip, keyword independence, in the 4th house of Virgo, keyword assimilation, that works as a focal determinator, or focus point, for the chart. Thus here the Uranus scoop highlights that the holiday had changed in meaning — where as before it was a happy family holiday — now it was a strident call for fierce independence and recognition by the nation of that call.

The Asteroid Lilith, this was revised in June 2019 when we are discussing her, is now in the 5th House, and now an unaspected point, so while she hovers over in Sagittarius, keyword administration, she is making a little bucket of her own. Jones did not recognize anything but the four traditional asteroids, Juno, Pallas, Ceres and Vesta and never counted them in his planetary pictures, but we do particularly when they are pointing to something in the chart that needs recognition.

We feel that Lilith as the bucket handle to the new chart crystallizes the inherent “competing interests” that the original McGuire chart saw: political parades, candidates politicking for office vs. the unofficial end of summer, shopping and cook-outs.

This chart has an ascendant of 08 Leo (in the whole house system everything starts at the beginning so the ascendant is not on the first cusp but somewhere in the first house depending upon its degree. Read more about this and the competing types here. Leo 8, (HS) “Zeus’s thunder-bolt” is the human instinct to focus on the important points and ignore the rest.

No lines, so now what?

The line of motivation is now absent, while the line of vitality is semi-sextile and Jones does not recognize that. There is only one conjunction in the map and that of Mental Chemistry, the aspect between Mercury and the Sun. Here the aspect is less than 1 degree that shows the blind rush to pushing through the legislature.

The line of social significance is inconjunct and culture is missing, so overall there are no important planetary lines but there is one opposition, from Saturn to the Midheaven giving the latter at 26 Aries (HS bread baking) some added weight over the ascendant, making the bucket type culminate in a personal shrewdness that is best utilized by the individual.

In the end, the difference is the recognition that America was becoming a more political sophisticated country, but because of the dual nature of the bowl vs bucket typing, it was also bucking against that and wanting to retain its idyllic purity. And so for the most part since then over the intervening years, American politics have argued that very point.

We constantly review and vet our posts for accuracy and thoroughness. This one was revised on June 14, 2019.

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