The Father of Liberalism, John Locke

John Locke was an English philosopher born to Puritan parents in Wrington, Somerset, England on August 29, 1632 about 11:30 in the morning. His ascendant 12 Scorpio, [SS] “is the “embassy hall,” or the social dramatization that brings self fulfillment. Implicitly, this is an emphasis on the practical values of life and the political organization of society as the consummation of these potentials. The keyword is Display, and the symbol works well for someone who is the father of the “Rights of Man.”

Educated at Oxford University, Oxford, England, principally in medicine and became the physician to the future 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury. After the latter’s fall from grace, fled to the Netherlands where he supported the Glorious Revolution, the overthrow the historic English monarchy (James II) and the installation of William of Orange (the colour of the Dutch) and his wife Mary. 

During this time he wrote his magnum opus, the “Essay Concerning Human Understanding” (1688) where he postulated “sensationalism”  the philosophical theory where the mind perceives physical qualities (size and shape and weight) but also other indefinite attributes that vary depending upon the observer (taste, smell and colour).  These properties could be combine things into further compound properties and ideas.  

(c) Government Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Locke disagreed with the Divine Right of Kings, instead writing that the King was responsible to Parliament and a ruler’s obligation was foremost to his subjects, to ensure the right to freedom, to thought, to speech and worship. This was all underpinned by the most important right of all — that of property.  This was a hypothetical “social contract,” and became the nucleus of the politics of Liberalism** and the foundation of the both the French and American Revolutions. While similar sounding to Natural Law, first posited by Aristotle, Locke’s Natural Rights are ex-deo — not God given.**

Dr. Locke died on October 28, 1704 at Essex England.

The Locke Chart

Dr. Locke has a preponderance in his 10th house of Virgo, so it unsurprisingly that he began his career as a medical man. This grouping would also encourage him to align himself with stronger or politically more adept men, are a sceptic and very introspective. He has few planets retrograde, so was not a staunch traditionist and with a Mars in the 11th house in Libra, near the 12th cusp, felt that revolution was a purgative for the public soul.

His line of motivation (Jupiter opposite Square) supports his Locomotive Temperament Type with his life broken into two separate periods —  the latter being an attempt to expunge his earlier moral weakness and state plainly his beliefs (Saturn in the 12th at 23 Scorpio 07).  This is probably his 2nd tome, where he displays an almost fanatical adherence to principle. Saturn here also suggests that he may have been too practical in the quest for an ideal partner and thus unmarried (we could find nothing to support that he married) or that his own lack of funds inhibited his search.

Locke’s Dynamic Aptitude, using Saturn but this time to the socially significant planet of Uranus, suggests that despite his rigid belief in liberalness, he was autocratic & arrogant. While these aspects may have been offputting in his lifetime, over time, they have not mattered, as his thoughts and philosophy, much as he hoped, the man himself.

Immanuel Kant and Emmanuel Swedenborg also had the dynamic square of these Saturn to Uranus, suggesting the importance of pointing a philosophical way for people or society to follow; Locke surely posited that in his writings. Though raised a Puritan (Saturn on the 1st house cusp), he later embraced Socinian Christology (a Polish form of Unitarianism that also denies the trinity but importantly argues for the separation of church and state, while stressing the importance of the moral life; George Sylvester Morris & John Dewey also agreed ***) shown via his Uranus- Saturn sextile.


1* The epithet “Liberalism” has changed in the past hundred years as each political party has claimed it as its own, but Liberalism as a political philosophy (not as a party) has always meant what Locke in The Second Treatise of Government wrote:  the defense of the individual’s rights and a representative government.
Locke believed that people have these rights were prior to the existence of government—often called  “natural rights” because they do not government to create them, and that people form a government to protect, not grant them. According to Locke,  when a government exceeds that role by creating superfluous rights to extend its power or abridge the natural rights, it justifies people in revolting. 
A representative government is the best way to ensure that it sticks to its proper purpose for “Government is not free to do as it pleases… The law of nature stands as an eternal rule to all men, legislators and others.”

2* For further discussion of Natural Law vs. Natural Rights, see this but simply stated: natural law is bestowed, while natural rights are demanded. They may or may not be the same.

3* Marc Jones thesis for his Ph.D. was on George Sylvester Morris, that he later published via the Sabian Publishing Society. He was also an attendee of Morris’s most renown student, John Dewey’, and his ill-fated Chicago Laboratory School.

Cokie Roberts, legendary Liberal commentator

Cokie Roberts, long the face of ABC’s national news, has reposed. She won countless awards, including three Emmys from the National Academy of Television throughout her decades-long career. Mrs. Roberts was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame and cited by the American Women in Radio and Television (now called Advancing Women in Media) as one of the 50 greatest women in the history of broadcasting. She was named a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress in 2008.

Born Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs on December 27 1943 in New Orleans. New York Times food critic and author, Craig Claiborne was a cousin. She is survived by her husband, fellow journalist Steven Roberts, her children, Lee and Rebecca and her six grandchildren.

Her father was (Thomas) Hale Boggs, the former Democratic House majority leader and representative from New Orleans and a member of the Warren commission that investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Hale Boggs died in a plane crash in Alaska in 1972, and his wife Lindy Boggs was elected to fill her late husband’s congressional seat. Later, Mrs. Boggs was later appointed to be the U.S. ambassador to the Holy See by President Bill Clinton in 1997.

I cannot take full credit for this one. David Monroe, author of Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, suggested the Libra rising, I pinned it down from there. Mr. Monroe liked the final product, so I decided to go with it. It does seem to work. The Mars in Gemini in the 8th seems to suggest breast cancer. Her ascendant at 19 Libra (HS) — Portrait of a septuagenarian — highlighting her role as a paragon in her field for her practical contributions — is conjunct her Part of Fortune and the high amount of air in her chart shows up often in “talking” heads.

Roberts’ siblings also took a liking to politics. Her older brother, Thomas Boggs Jr., was a lobbyist and her sister Barbara Boggs Sigmund was the former mayor of Princeton, New Jersey. Her younger brother, William, died as an infant, and her other two siblings have predeceased her.

Her death was due to complications from breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 and successfully treated, but it reoccurred, and her second fight was not as successful.

#903 Was Thelma Todd Murdered?

Thelma Todd was the daughter of a pair of immigrants: John Todd of Ireland and Alice Edwards of Canada. They met in Boston where John was working in the rug trade. It was a whirlwind courtship and they married on June 20, 1900 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, about 30 miles away in a Congregationalist ceremony.

On July 27, 1903 their first son, William was born, and then three years later, on July 29. 1906 was their daughter, Thelma, a popular name of the time. Marc Jones has no time listed though the back of the book supposes a 9:13 PM time.

Bloody childhood

Here Thelma has an interesting yod from Uranus in the 7th to Saturn in the 9th that ends around her Sun at 9 Leo. The Point Focus is about her South Node at 9 Leo — glass blowers distorting reality — in the 8th House. Thelma is a Locomotive Temperament Type with a Grand trine in Water highlighting how she tends to be easily swayed by her companions. The sextile midpoint to the Saturn – Water is Uranus making that her focal determinator that works because of her invention of female slapstick comedy — formerly just a male provenience.
The top chart is our rectification. The bottom is found in the Sabian Symbols but not noted in the noted. It gives her a stellium in the 5th and 4th houses. While a case could be made for the 5th, creative aspirations, the 4th is a stretch. Here though the ascendant is 28 Pisces — a fertile garden under a full moon.

Ice Cream, He Screamed

When Thelma was about 4 years old, her mother took her and brother William to Randolph, Vermont, where she had a family. Unfortunately, during the stay, one of the Randolph cousins brought William to the local creamery where he worked to show off the machinery. William fascinated by the work, escaped on the last day of the trip to go back to the creamery & get closer to peer at the works.

Alas Willie got too close,  and his clothes became entangled in the machine and was mangled with severe head and neck injuries. It took some time for him to die, a full month, but it must have been gruesome, with no penicillin to stem the infection or advanced surgery to save the boy; he was 8 years old.

Map of Randolph, Vermont c. 1948 from Vermont Vintage Maps.

John Todd became a town alderman, Thelma grew up and got some acting skills in high school drama, and upon graduation went to the Lawrence Normal school (now University of Massachusetts at Lawrence) for a degree in teaching. Still, the acting bug had taken hold of her and in 1925 she applied for Jesse Lasky’s Famous Players-Lasky acting school; there was no fit, and she returned home and her coursework.

Miss Massachusetts

Unperturbed by that response, Thelma decided that she would run for the Miss Massachusetts contest which she won amid great applause.. From there she was a shoe model for the Haverhill (Mass) Shoe Manufacturers’ and then with the urging of another friend, the two girls ran away to Long Island, New York and Lasky’s group for another try out at his school. This time worked out better: she had more grace and poise and she was a Paramount trainee. Alot of her allure was her mass of golden curls, ever-ready smile and willingness to learn. Three years later she got a contract with Paramount studios itself and she was off and running.

The road to success is never that even and straight, and for Thelma, it was marred by constant weight battles, her contract specified she had to stay around 122 pounds give or take a pound. Plus movies themselves were changing with Al Jolson and the Talkies and without much planning, Thelma found herself the Queen of Slapstick, or Screwball Comedy, and set the tone for future actresses as the Ice Cream Wise-Cracking Blonde, but Thelma felt pigeon-holed.

Marriage and Pat DiCicco

Thelma and Pat on their wedding day on Long Island

Like many a young modern woman, she played the field, with a new beau every week; the gossip mags loved her — she was photogenic and her beaux were equally good-looking men that helped drive circulation. Then she met and fell for Pat (Pasquale) De Cicco a mysterious polo player from Queens, New York. They married in July 1932 but rumours were that it was a “shotgun affair. ” A few months later she was in the hospital from a botched abortion and then an automobile crash 3 months after that, and still within the first 6 months their marriage, that Thelma broke 3 ribs. Being just 26 she rebounded well, and was back in pictures but her quickie marriage was showing a lot of strain from her frenetic movie schedule and by 1934 it was over — Pat was playing the field, and not just in Polo.

5:28 is the approximate time of death according to the LAPD coroner. Notice Mars is right on the 8th house cusp conjunct the South Node in Aquarius — 08 Aquarius Mars (beautifully gowned wax figures ) that show her reliance throughout her life on chance. Both are in Aquarius, the ruler with modern gases. The South Node here highlights her bad luck with men, Pat DeCicco was thought by many to be a gangster; Gloria Vanderbilt married him nonetheless.

Her stellium in the 1st house shows how much Thelma was willful and undisciplined in obtaining her goals — if she wanted it she worked hard to get it. She was rather obsessive about succeeding in her chosen career at all costs — see the trine to the Moon in Scorpio. Unfortunately this self-centeredness led to poor relationships because she cared more for her career than her personal / married life. Eventually the square to the Midheaven at 06 Aries – ideals crystallized in too true colours — showed her the ugly side of Hollywood — drugs, sex and gangsters that because of her lack of inner or relationship support led to unhappiness.

The South transiting conjunction shows her Saturn return, she was 29, and the stresses that caused her because she does not seem to have enough inner strength to face them or outer support to help her along. (the 4th quadrant is rather empty except for the plastic film fans.) Her PoF at death is 21 Leo, SS, chickens intoxicated,. showing her bondage to unnecessary external things.
Zasu Pitts, Thelma’s best friend and co-star on many of their 1930’s slapstick comedies.

Single again, Thelma had little time for men, her career was booming, she had travelled to England and worked for Stanley Lupino (Ida’s father) in a very successful film and now was only the Hollywood magazines for her film promotion. Then just as suddenly on the morning of Dec. 16, 1935, Todd’s maid found her employer’s body in the garage, slumped over the wheel of her Lincoln convertible.

The coroner ruled her death a suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning. But Thelma’s best friend, and fellow comedienne ZaSu Pitts, cried “murder, ” and LAPD ran a full investigation.


Between the alcohol and the many amphetamines to lose weight, Thelma was not the first — that ignominious status goes to beautiful Barbara LaMarr (next to Thelma below on the right and the “namesake for gorgeous Heddy)– nor would be the last, that the fast life style of Hollywood would spit out from stress, overwork & loneliness.

Like Marilyn Monroe 30 years later, who had a similar career path, controversy surrounds her demise. In both cases fans could not reconcile the suicide with the glamoured portraits they read each week in the fanzines — they were at odds at their mental instability, drug addiction, wild lifestyles and gangster connections (which definitely was not reported). In both cases, suicide is, unfortunately, the most likely cause of death. Other ice cream blondes, Jones must have adored them, are in his 1000 too — Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard, but both were lucky and died of natural causes.


  • All symbols were from Marc Jones Sabian Symbols Book, 1953 ed. from the Sabian Publishing Society.
  • Morgan, Michelle, Ice Cream Blonde: The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedienne Thelma Todd, Chicago: Chicago Review Press, 2016. {I read the Kindle edition}

A laugh a minute – Tim Conway

Comedian Tim Conway was born Toma Daniel Conway to Sophia Murgoi, a Romanian immigrant, and Daniel Conway, an Irish immigrant and a groomer for polo ponies in Willoughby, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, on December 13, 1933. He grew up in nearby Chagrin Falls.

His birth name Toma was the Romanian version of Thomas, but later it was anglicized to Thomas in his childhood — there is no record as to why. Later on, for professional reasons, probably the Screen Actor’s Guild as it does not allow two performers to have the same name, he changed it again to Tim to avoid confusion with actor Tom Conway (brother of George Sanders). Having grown up with horses, Conway was an avid race horse fan and owner as well.

Conway and Mary Anne and four of the six Conways at home. Kelly, is to the right of her mother.

He was married twice. The first time was to  Mary Anne Dalton from 1961 for 17 years and six children. The second time was to Charlene Fusco in 1984, who outlives him.

Seeking Tim Conway††

We have rectified Tim to 13 Libra instead of the standard 05 Libra. He is locomotive temperament type opened to the South highlighting his self-sacrificing nature and public acclaim for his work both professionally and privately.

We chose 13 Libra over 05 Libra for various reasons, and one was the aspect of asteroid Niobe conjunct his Sun — problems with children later in life. This unfortunately came to pass when his daughter Kelly sued for physical control of her father’s healthcare against her step-mother as Tim had developed dementia from normal pressure hydrocephalus, or an abnormal buildup of spinal fluid because of a head trauma, stroke, infection or brain tumor; there is no cure.

an older Tim with wife Charlene

Other aspects of his life also suggested “lighting the morning fire” or keeper of the flame was more apropos Conway than an “orrery slowing turning by a hermit’s hand, ” including Uranus at 24 Aries in the 7th house — as his comic wite played off others than typical stand-up. It was key to his genius that he used deadpan, mimicry and slapstick so well while improvising his routine based on his partner’s response — in McHale’s Navy, Parker and Binghamton (Joe Flynn) are a tour de force of comedy each playing off each and other trying to get the best laugh, best shown by his Pluto in the 10th opposite Mars and Lilith in the 4th (the two are our header photo). It would seem that these traits were something he had be learning for a while to get attention and had learned to transform it into comedic art.

Kelly and her father Tim Conway

Another asset Conway had that he used well was his facial control that made his features like silly putty, changing it from happy smiles to sudden misery or shock and dismay to happiness again. Jupiter in the first house at 18.58 Libra was helped by his fast mental chemistry here in anticipating responses and being able to demonstrate it ably.

His North Node is in the creative 5th house in Aquarius that signifies a close relationships with children. The NN here are good people watchers, spending their time pondering the possibilities of other’s action and reactions to situations. They tend to be ingenuous and not very practical with money or friends — they tend to follow their heart in both matters.

Tim Conway reposed on May 14 2019. Happily for us, we have re-runs.

The Asteroid Lilith Discovery & Lili Boulanger

Marc Jones wrote very little on the nodes, so last month we took a turn with several other authors and highlighted their work on the nodes. Naturally, we found some better than others like Martin Schulman, Georges Muchery and Bernice Grebner, but in all honesty we did not survey Dr. Mohan Koparkar, Haydn Paul and the Hubers, so this month, June,we are going to continue our with the nodes, highlighting them.

Each month we will be discussing another popular asteroid or transneptunian planet. This month we start the parade with Asteroid Lilith which discovered on February 11, 1927 at 11 pm Parisian Time  by Benjamin Jekhowsky, himself a Russian emigre born of noble parentage, at the French Observatoire De Paris, the national astronomical observatory of France. The observatory was founded by Louis XIV at the instigation of J.-B. Colbert, and construction at the site in Paris began in 1667. It was enlarged in 1730, 1810, 1834, 1850, and 1951 and now houses the headquarters of the International Time Bureau, where the standardization of time occurs for the world’s observatories.

Gian Domenico Cassini, the Italian born French astronomer, was the first of four generations of his family to hold the post of director of the observatory. He was born  Jun 08, 1625 · Perinaldo, Kingdom of Genoa, Italy and died Sep 14, 1712 in Paris, France. The NASA Cassini space probe was named in his honour. The list of all 75,000+ asteroids with their numerical designation can be found here.

Asteroid Lilith is conjunct the Midheaven at its initial debut and is trine Saturn in Sagittarius and just barely, the Aquarian Sun. Apropos to its namesake, it almost has a second grand trine, this time in water, but is missing something in Scorpio. Searching, we found Asteroid Diana, the Virgin huntress, at 18.50 Scorpio. In Greek Myth she is Artemis, the daughter of Selene (the Moon) and Zeus (Jupiter). The Asteroid Lilith is at Leo 7, “the constellations in the sky, ” a symbol that her discovery and subsequent naming was in tune with the infinite. The ascendant at 30 Libra supports that as it is at an anaretic (critical) degree.

There are 3 Liliths used in astrology. The Asteroid Lilith which takes 4 years to orbit the Sun; Black Moon Lilith popularized by Demetra George & Dark Moon Lilith also known as the Waldemath Moon or Sepharial’s Moon. We will survey the others in succeeding months. Only the asteroid is a real astronomical body, the others are like the transneptunians, hypothetical.

According to Martha Lang Westcott, the asteroid Lilith signifies, “important decisions regarding competition and / or playing to win.”

Calling Asteroid 1181

Asteroid 1181 Lilith was named after Lili Boulanger a French classical composer not as many believe the Gnostic dark shadow of Eve, Lilith — that is Dark Moon Lilith. Lili was the first female winner of the Prix de Rome composition prize. Her older sister was the famous composition teacher Nadia Boulanger. She rose to fame quite early, when it was discovered when she was two years old, that she had perfect pitch. Her parents, both of whom were musicians, encouraged their daughter’s musical education.

Her mother was Russian Princess Raissa Myshetskaya (Mischetzky), who married her Paris Conservatoire teacher, Ernest Boulanger (1815–1900). Boulanger himself had won the Prix de Rome in 1835 and was was 77 years old when she was born. His father, Frédéric Boulanger, was a noted cellist as was her grandmother Juliette, for whom she was named (Marie Juliette Olga Boulanger). Her father, Ernest, died when she was 7; her mother succeeded her and lived until 1935. Her famous younger sister, Nadia, died in 1979 at 92.

This piece was composed the year she died in memoriam.

Alas Lili was just 24 when she died March 15, 1918 of tuberculosis but in her short life made a great impression in the music world that noted composers wrote music for her that artists still perform. For her chart we picked a morning time that is not fully rectified because of our lack of biographical data.

Lili Boulanger was a Locomotive. The empty houses are highlighted in peridot, the gemstone of her birth month August. In her chart, the yet to be discovered Lilith namesake asteroid is at 7.18 Virgo conjunct her Mercury in a fast mental chemistry position. Asteroid Siwa for sound is at 2.43 Virgo and Asteroid Pandora (unexpected surprises) is partile her Mercury as is Asteroid Photographica. That is prescient — we have lots of photographs of Mademoiselle Boulanger but no recordings.

This hypothetical birth time gives her an ascendant of 23 Virgo or SS “animal trainer” that shows her adroitness and patience in subduing her passions to perfect her craft. It is also conjunct her Saturn, highlighting in her short life the importance of her father and then grandfather.

Interestingly, like Aubrey Beardsley, also born on August 21 in London, she was devoted to things black & white (in her case the piano keys, his drawing) and both died of tuberculosis. None of the asteroids are shown, but asteroid Diana, the Roman equivalent of the Moon goddess and virgin huntress, is conjunct her Sun at 28 Leo, Asteroid Memoria, for memories and memorials, is partile her ascendant sometimes these things are just uncanny.

#98 Countess Birkenhead, Sheila Berry Birkenhead

Countess Sheila Birkenhead was born on May 13, 1913 at 9:50 AM in Weybridge England. Marc Jones in his Sabian Symbols cites that data as does Mrs. Lois Rodden, probably from him. She was the daughter of the newspaper proprietor 1st Viscount Camrose, and married the 2nd Earl of Birkenhead in 1935. They had two children.

The Birkenheads were a distinguished literary couple: she was a key figure in the Royal Society of Literature and the Keats-Shelley Association as well as a biographer of 19th century literary and artistic life. She was a courtier, she was lady-in-waiting to Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.

Hay Wrightson did the photographic portrait above in 1931.

Countess Birkenhead’s ascendant is 10 Leo. Below is her chart with Percy Bysshe Shelley since she did so much work on his legacies behalf. There are several conjunctions in the 1st from his ascendant to her Venus and then from his Ascendant that is partile her literary Mercury. Then again in the 7th House where her Part of Fortune is opposite the previous aspects and conjunct his (Muse) Neptune.

bi-wheel between Shelley to Birkenhead

Her North Node is in Aries that Dr. Koparkar writes signifies that Countess Birkenhead’s previous incarnation was luxurious and that good things in her life were her main pursuit. Now in the 12th house, it is in the house of “moksha” or final liberation where she needs to devote herself to something greater than herself in a form of service to some ideal. Her south node in Libra in the sixth gives her great health and the ability to work hard but alaso a tendency of impatience with delays.

#14 King Albert II of Belgium

Albert II is the second son of King Leopold III, born on June 6, 1934 at 10:45 pm in Vienna Austria to King Leopold III and Princess Astrid of Sweden who died 2 years later at age 29 from a car accident. In 1940 he and his siblings fled to France and then Spain from the Germans invaded Belgium. His father, Leopold III, abdicated and his brother become King.

In 1959 he married Donna Paola Ruffo di Calabria  (Queen Paola) from an Italian princely family with whom he has four children: two boys and two girls. He served as President of the Belgian Red Cross and set up his own foundation. His brother died in 1993 and was crowned Albert II of the Belgians. He resigned from the monarchy in 2013 because of health problems and his son Philippe Léopold Louis Marie,  was crowned on 21 July of that year.

President Bush and Laura Bush: Courtesy Call with the King and Queen of Belgium and the Royal Palace. Brussels, Belgium.

Currently, the King Albert is under a scandal of having fathered a love child, 51-year-old Delphine Boel, and has been decreed by a Belgian court to a DNA paternity test.

King Albert’s ascendant is 13 Capricorn, Italian metaphysician Adriano Carelli says it is “an archer drawing an incendiary arrow,” based on Jones’s time — we have not rectified it further. The former King is locomotive open on the southeastern side showing how fate propelled him into a role he was not ready for and thrust public scrutiny upon him (obviously the Boel scandal). This is supported by the Ascendant opposition to Pluto with a T-Square to the Midheaven at 18 Virgo.

His North Node is in Aquarius writes Haydn Paul that he “needs to move away from self-preoccupation and as the center of the universe” and towards greater social interconnectedness. Paul writes that will King Albert may enjoy public recognition and attention, the mask of pride and dignity may fall because of constructive aspects to Mars, here in the 4th House suggesting a “double home life,” that jumping to the current transits are now being revealed (Sun shining his light on Mars).

Biwheel for the King. Current transits in gold. Inner for the King in pale purple.

Veep Joe Biden makes a run for the roses

Something about Biden

Joseph Robinette Biden, junior was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton Pennsylvania. Both his parents were native to the city. The topographical map below is from the USGS catalogue. His parents moved when he was young to New Castle Delaware where he currently resides. Biden received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Delaware in 1965 and a law degree from Syracuse University, Syracuse New York in 1968. He married (1966) his high school sweetheart Neilia Hunter, and the couple later had two boys and a girl.

After graduating from law school, Biden returned to Delaware to work as an attorney before quickly turning to politics, serving on the New Castle county council from 1970 to 1972. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972 at the age of 29, becoming the fifth youngest senator in history. About a month later his wife and infant daughter were killed in a car accident, and his two sons were seriously injured.

Although he contemplated suspending his political career, Biden was persuaded to join the Senate in 1973, and he went on to win reelection six times, becoming Delaware’s longest-serving senator.

Veep Biden, the young Ashley and Jill.

Second Marriage

In 1977 he married Jill Tracy Jacobs, an educator from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania who holds a doctorate in education. They have one daughter Ashley Blazer Biden in 1982 who wed to Philadelphia Otolaryngological surgeon Howard David Krein in 2012 in the White House in a dual Roman Catholic-Jewish ceremony. In addition to his role as U.S. senator, Biden also was an adjunct professor (1991–2008) at the Wilmington, Delaware, branch of the Widener University School of Law.

Biden is the 47th vice president of the United States (2009–17) serving under President Barack Hussein Obama. He announced in April 2019 his decision to run again for the Presidency in 2020 against incumbent Donald Trump.

Astrological Notes

  • The former Veep is a fixed locomotive temperament type. The Grand trine is from Moon in Taurus in the fifth, Pluto in Leo in the eighth (highlighting the deaths that he overcomes in his personal life), to Venus+Sun in Scorpio in the twelfth (his love of public service).
    • Like most politicians with this layout, Vice President Biden’s is open on the south east side showing how he cannot fully control his future as he is reliant upon electoral turnout and voting.
  • Biden’s North Node in the Ninth House according to Isabel Hickey that there too much emphasis on his thought and self-will and not enough emphasis on superconscious power. Greater faith and devotion to an ideal is needed because he is too his personal feelings and passion (Venus partile the Sun support this too). Relatives are the source of difficulties (Pluto in the eighth).
  • His Ascendant is 04 Sagittarius, shows he is fastidious, and optimistic. The HS symbol is the City of Ectaban at dawn; the same as Prince of Wales, Albert Victor.
etching of the ancient Persian city of Ectaban.

#724 Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, bacteriologist

Hideyo Noguchi was born Nov. 24, 1876 in Inawashiro, Fukushima, Japan. Marc Jones only has the date and Japan in his notes; Britannica & his biography by Teppei Morita, the curator of the Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall in Fukuskima Japan. A brilliant bacteriologist. Dr. Noguchi, made many discoveries, but it his isolating Treponema pallidum, the highly invasive pathogen a causative agent in all forms of syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease (STD), that placed his name among the great scientists and led ultimately to its cure.

Noguchi found the syphilis pathogen by examining the brain cell cultures expired afflicted persons. The only cure for this acquired disease is penicillin but it was not only another 50 years that Dr. Alexander Fleming (b. 1881) discovered that cure, so this was a disease in search of a cure and the great doctor wanted to do something of substantial importance to validate the faith and trust of his family and mentors.

Dr. Noguchi has a stellium in the 3rd house that highlights his concern about proving himself to others. This worry consumes the natives with this placement into taking larger and larger risks for their applause.

A peasant destined for greatness

The Noguchi family were poor peasants for generations and Seisaku (清作), his youth name was destined along that path when Fate intervened at when he was one and a half years old he fell into a fireplace and suffered a burn injury on his left hand. There was no doctor in the small village, but someone who had been trained in Japanese traditional medical arts examined the boy.

“The fingers of the left hand are mostly gone,” he said, “and the left arm and the left foot and the right hand are severely burned, but I know not how badly.”

unknown attendant
Mr. Sakae Kobayashi

And so Seisaku (清作) was not destined to be a peasant. Smart and hard working, his school teacher Sakae Kobayashi (小林栄), saw that the boy received a formal education by raising money from other teachers for Noguchi’s private education and then the modern medical treatment that allowed Noguchi to recover about 70 percent mobility and functionality.

Noguchi’s CV

Dr. Noguchi graduated in 1897 from a proprietary medical school in Tokyo and apprenticed himself to the surgeon, Dr. Watanbe, who had operated on him. In 1898 he changed his name to Hideyo after reading Shoyo Tsubouchi’s “Tosei Shosei Katagi” (Portraits of Contemporary Students where one student was Nonguchi Seisaku who the author protrayed as overcame many handicaps and showed great promise. Noguchi realized this was him and asked his mentor Mr. Kobayashi for advice of how to make this prophesy true. The esteemed teacher recommended the name, Hideyo “determination” as a talisman and so it was.

In 1900, he sailed from Yokohama port for Philadelphia Pennsylvania to work with the noted Dr. Simon Flexner who found the cure for spinal meningitis. While there, he apprenticed himself to Dr. Silas Mitchell for the study of snakes and their venom, where his work got him some amount of fame and a research grant to study under Dr. Thorvald Madsen in Copenhagen for advanced work in serology — the study of watery component (serum) of blood. After completing his studies, in 1904, he followed Flexner to the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York City, that would sponsor his work for next quarter of a century.

One of Noguchi’s most brilliant inventions was devising a method of how to cultivate microorganisms for chemical and microscopic study that previously could not be grown in the test tube (like syphilis). He and Flexner were able to reproduce in monkeys a nonfatal form of poliomyelitis and pass it from monkey to monkey, thus trapping the polio virus for laboratory study.

His final work was a vaccine for yellow fever, but while in the field in Accra Ghana Africa, he contracted the disease and died. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx New York. His wife Mary survived him by 20 years and reposes by his side.

Funeral stone for the Dr and Mrs. Noguchi, in a traditional Buddhist setting

The Chart of Dr. Noguchi

. Dr. Noguchi is a bucket with a Neptune, duty, handle in the 8th house supporting his 3rd house stellium of his obligation to others until the point of death, a highly regarded Japanese trait. We are ignoring Pluto in the 9th as it was not discovered in 1930 just before the doctor died but does highlight his determination in transforming his and those around him lives.

His Arabian part of Mother is conjunct his Pluto in the 9th house. His mother was a devout Buddhist, and Dr. Noguchi remained true to her conviction evinced by his funerary stone.

The bottom south eastern portion of Noguchi’s chart depicts his secondary role to Dr. Simon Flexner, the lead scientist that actually propelled his Part of Initiative (2nd house aspect bottom chart). This could explain his decision to go to Ghana for independent research; Flexner OTOH never left NYC and the Rockefeller Institute.

Jones has several Arabian Parts listed in his Mundane Perspectives book though, incongruously, he applies it only to his own his chart. Jones allows a generous five-degree orb. In Noguchi’s cases, his Part of Conviction is aligned to his Part of Fortune at 4 Gemini that Dr. Gordon says ” this highlights someone who has a systematic & methodical approach to their personal vision. He will met great opposition from superiors and either conquers them or perishes trying. And alas he did. The Sabian Symbol of 4 Gemini is “holly and mistletoe” a gift for fellow participation by suppressing his individuality for the greater good.

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#120 The voyage of Ernesto Bozanno

Ernesto Bozzano born January 9, 1862 in Genoa Italy. He did have a formal education but was home schooled and then self-taught. Like Marc Edmund Jones, he was impressed by the philosophical idea of Herbert Spencer and took an interest in psychic research writing more than than 60 books and 200 papers on the subject. He attributed paranormal phenomena to the survival of the human soul particularly in the deathbed phenomena i.e. life after death or out of body experiences.

Article on Signor Bozzano’s work from Carlos Alvardo who maps oob experiences.

Jones has his time for 4:08 am. We think that is a degree too fast, and pushed it back to Sagittarius 01.

Signor Bozanno’s chart at Sagittarius 01 January 9 1862, Genoa

Deciphering Bozanno

Signor Bozanno is a locomotive temperament type — while he almost fills the chart completely with his 10 planets, he has one two many conjunctions to be a splash. A splash temperament would be a good fit for the Signore as it is the most outward activated type in the Jones seven types, with the Bundle being the direct opposite but the splash can only have at the most, two conjunctions in its maps and Bozanno has three. The first is from Mercury to Sun in the first house, the second from the Moon to Pluto in the fifth and third, the deal breaker here, is in the tenth with the Line of Social Significance (Jupiter to Saturn); hence the Splash is out.

The other Grand Trine possibility is the Splay but they do have any oppositions in their chart — Bozanno has two — but instead are dominated by the obstructive square. By process of elimination, Bozanno is a locomotive with the Western side of his chart wide open making him the reluctant hero in his quest for spiritual enlightenment.

This leadership is highlighted by his South Node in the seventh house that Isabel Hickey writes, “shows there is too much emphasis on leaning on others and letting them run their life. He is pulled this way, and then that, but he must make his own decisions not only what to do, but how to respond and whether his search is right or wrong.”

As in Lady Bird Johnson’s chart, the remedy to his South Node crisis, lies in his North Node, that lies in the first house and where astrologer Martin Schuman writes ” that the native must let go of other’s demands and allow his Self to experience its own birth, and then like Columbus (also a Genoa native) discovering America will reach the awareness that he had been all the time searching.”

For his pioneering work, Signor Bozanno was named an honorary member of the American Society for Psychical Research (NYC) and the French Institut Métapsychique International (Paris).