Myra Kingsley on Astrology

This blurb comes from a newspaper in 1978 that excerpted Kingsley's quote on astrology.  It says, that astrology is a "learned superstition, which up to moderns times has exercised over Europe and Asia, a wider dominion than any religion has ever achieved."  I found that to be an odd quote from a woman who made … Continue reading Myra Kingsley on Astrology


#524 Myra Kingsley the No. 1 Astrologer

American astrologer described as "the No. 1 astrologer of the U.S." in an article in LIFE magazine ("Hollywood Likes Myra Kingsley's Horoscopes," 7 August 1939), it appears in full below. She wrote "Outrageous Fortune: How I Practice Astrology" (Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1951). Miss Kingsley died on November 20, 1996 aged 99.   Myra was … Continue reading #524 Myra Kingsley the No. 1 Astrologer