Earthquake 1853 Cumana Venezula

Today we remember the Cumana quake of July 15, 1853, one of the worst quakes in Venezuelan history.   Totally all Venezuelan quakes from 1610 to 2018, but excluding this one, they get an average score of 5.85, roughly right in the middle, of a 12 point scale.  This one though, was astounding, 50% stronger than that, at an incredible 9, and it is not surprising that 1,000 people died in its wake.

There are few pictures of the Cumana quake, most searches turn up only the later Caracas quakes of the 20th century.  A notable highlight of the chart is that Pluto and Uranus are in the twelfth house suggesting that something below is causing the quake. That was true as the quake occurred 14KM or 8.7 miles below the earth’s surface and is a “deep geologic event.”

The two generational planets oppose the Moon in Scorpio and the point focus of this cosmic cross is Leo 9, Venus in Leo in the third house, giving the image of unstable ground both from the attacking flanks of the opposition and the inherent nature of the third house under fire that has the negative connotations of shakiness as rivers, neighborhoods toll up the losses and wiping away the settlers gains.

Mercury is in a wide orb to Venus is in its essential ruler while Venus is being attacked by Pluto and Uranus in its.  Venus really gets no relief, except for Mars in the first house itself is in opposition with Jupiter in his essential ruler. That point focus is Venezuela’s ruler is Pisces where Venus is exalted but inconjunct to its natal position and mayhem rules.

We do not know when the actual first violent tremors were felt, but we chose a time  after the dawn when the Sun begins to pick up speed based on other earthquake times. In this chart, the Sun is in Cancer, not a strong place for it and in the second house where stuck in water it is slow and plodding — almost immovable as it lingers on hot summer’s day (Venezuela is north of the equator, but only just) with little impetus to move along.  It’s symbol 23 Cancer “a literary society meeting” gets the keyword of “criticism” as everyone probably pointed fingers as to who caused what, while  ignoring the Grand Trine in Water, and an indolent Sun in Cancer, weakened but still strong enough, to help churn air and water albeit languidly for he is all dressed up, Venus in Leo, but has nowhere to go (Mercury sextile the Ascendant opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius in the eighth).

Kilauea, Hawaii

Our header image is of Kilauea’s latest eruption in May 2018 that has mainly only affected homes and land, but in 1790 scores of people were killed by an explosive eruption.  Research suggests that most of the 1790  fatalities were caused by hot, rapidly moving surges of volcanic debris and steam that engulfed the victims. Deposits of such surges occur on the surface on the west summit area and cover an ash bed indented with human footprints,  made by warriors and their families, appear along a major trail in use at the time. Today, the area is one of the most visited parts of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The current May 2018 chart.  A bucket with a moon handle in the sixth house.

The 1790 eruption of Kilauea was produced a flow of lava that was explosive & hazardous; the 1790 fatalities bear witness to this fact.They are also terrifying while nonexplosive lava flows are not hazardous to life but instead are destructive to property. Kilauea has both types of eruptions, but never simultaneously.

There was another small explosion in 1924 and, another six years ago.  The latter was trivial.  – November 10, 2014 Science Daily

                    Some Astrological highlights

Neptune is in the first house showing that this is the inherent makeup of the volcano:  to erupt.  It is sextile Pluto in the eleventh making a yod to the Moon handle in the sixth underlying the fear to property and livelihood.

The Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has been setting off small earthquakes, creating gas-emitting fissures and releasing flows of lava this month that have destroyed dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of at least 2,000 people. — New York Times, May 2018.

Jupiter in the second indicates that there is has a natural abundance of molten earth at its disposal probably because volcanoes exhume the magma from the upper levels outwards removing the earthen support above..  Here at Capricorn 01  Jupiter tells us that Kilauea is also far from dormant and will continue eating away at the ground around it because of the square to the Moon in the sixth.   The chart itself is a rimless bowl that supports that it is both active and untrammeled.

The yod has its head in the twelfth house of Virgo points to the underground, hidden, activity of Kilauea.  As of last week, Kilauea has entered its eighth week of eruption.

January 2017 – L’Aquila Quake

Amatrice, the Lazio town where 236 of the August deaths were recorded, is close to the epicenter of the new quakes.  The tremors came after some 36 hours of steady snowfall in mountainous areas around Amatrice and Norcia.  The Italian Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology said it had recorded “some 200” tremors above magnitude 2 on Wednesday in Abruzzo and Lazio.

The first big quake struck at 10:25 (09:25 GMT) with a magnitude of around 5.3, followed at 11:14 with one of 5.4, followed some 11 minutes later by another of 5.3, the institute reported.  In comparison the great San Francisco Quake of 1906 scored a 5.6 on the earthquake scale.italian quake.pngAt 14:33, a fourth quake measuring 5.1 occurred, the institute says.  The first three were around 9km (5.6 miles) in depth, meaning they were dangerously close to the surface, while the fourth was even shallower, at 6.9km deep, according to the US Geological Survey.

There are no fixed planets in the chart and mainly cardinal.  Mars typically is in a cardinal sign when major quakes occur, but since it is in a mutable, that supports that there were no major casualties.  Rome did feel tremors, but held steady.

Dust Storm in Uttar Pradesh/Rajasthan India

The time is from the BBC news site where you can watch this video to get an idea of the devastation of the dust storm. It is mesmerizing to watch such havoc.

The Chart above looks colourful but understanding the key makes it coherent. Start with the Opposition from the fourth house to the winds and fears of the ninth and Sagittarius. This storm happened quickly, coming upon the populace while they were sleeping and dreaming, perhaps though fitfully. Without warning Mars in the tenth at Capricorn ushers in a series of hard hitting planets, first gaining force from Pluto right next down who picks up the skeletons of the earth (sands) and tosses them to Vesta who stokes up the fires and makes the 100 degree heat become oppressive like an inferno.

Sands pelts and now those dreams become nightmares. Those who can run, do, but Pallas next to Venus near the fourth house cusp, makes for confusion of where is safety. From that blue circle hitch a ride to the turquoise sextile one on the right and notice that another intensifier of Ceres (11 Leo) is also  sextile Jupiter (via the brown line) that gives effusive madness and yet a dilatory langour as all the air is sucked out of the area. On one side Jupiter is swirling and spreading sand, sextile the preponderance of Cardinal Capricorn letting rip, and on the other, Jupiter is on the eighth-ninth house cusp creating death with  old Jove opposite the Sun in Taurus in the third house creates another t-cross of pandemonium.

Follow the colours — shades of blue are in agreement as are tones of gold, but they don’t get along with one another. As there are a lot of slow moving planets involved and a lazy Sun, in this resourceful Eastern-based bowl that works upon the populace (eleventh house mayhem opposite Ceres who favours dirt) like a two-edged sword.  Perhaps this is her prelude to her traditional  Ambarvalia later this month?

rajasthan dust storm.pdf

news sites:

  1. India Express
  2. New York times


Szeged Hungary Quake 1879

Uranus and the Trans Neptunian Planet Admetos are conjunct in the Twelfth House of Virgo

Urania astrology magazine in an 1880 issue, reported that October 25, 1879 there was a quake in Szegeb, Hungary.  We do not know if it was related to the building of dam in the area or not but there were a lot of rains with subsequent destruction mentioned for that time period.  It is possible that the earthquake was similar to the St. Francis Dam catatrosphe in California forty years later but we cannot be sure for lack of information.


There are many planets in fixed signs i.e Taurus and Scorpio and if we included the trans neptunians to the equation, then all three signs of the fixed quadrature have planets, giving it a strong emphasis.  Earthquakes tend to happen with a planetary preponderance of fixed signs, particularly when the polar opposites of Taurus and Scorpio are in play.

Below is the 90º dial version of the same chart.  Dials are what the Hamburg School of Astrology prefer.  This dial was created by Kepler software.  I know little about the dial so I let Kepler take the defaults.  Szilvia said that it highlights right at the spot, the earthquake with the hard aspect of Admetos to Uranus.

1879 earthquake
Uranian Astrology calls conjuncts “hard aspects”.  The dial points to  hard aspect between Admetos and Uranus.

Admetos is the sixth of eight trans neptunian planets.  Its glyph is a material cross within the glyph of Mercury.  It is a very slow moving, so it is thought to build up power over time.

Glyph for Admetos






Anaheim Earthquake January 2018

There was an earthquake southeast of Anaheim of 4.0 magnitude, really not even worth noting in Trabuco Canyon.  Again, the planets are basically in cardinal Capricorn and Fixed Aquarius — not major earthquake signs.  Two years ago in the same area,  there was 5.2 magnitude quake so this is definitely a quake prone area.

The chart does show this by the opposition of Sedna in Taurus to Jupiter with a resultant T-Square at the Part of Fortune:  yes there was a quake, but we get quakes.  Anything else Mr. Reporter?  and this quake was definitely nothing special.

But atthe  same time as the Anaheim was the Ust’-Kamchatsk Staryy, Kamtsjatka Russia quake. This area has some incredible stats, but we have no chart as this point.  Perhaps later.

  • 5 earthquakes in the past 24 hours
  • 5 earthquakes in the past 7 days
  • 7 earthquakes in the past 30 days
  • 58 earthquakes in the past 365 days


Kamchatka, Russia lies at similar latitudes to Scotland but instead of the temperate trade winds, Kamchatka gets cold arctic winds from Siberia combined with Oyashio sea currents that keep the peninsula covered in snow from October to late May.

Under the Köppen climate classification, Kamchatka generally has a subarctic climate and is wetter and milder than eastern Siberia. It is essentially a transitional area from the hypercontinental climate of Siberia and northeast China to the rain-drenched subpolar oceanic climate of the Aleutian Islands.aleutians.png

Looking at the map above, the pink circle is where the Alaskan quake happened while the gold star is where the Russian quake, of much lesser magnitude happened, basically following the Aleutian Trench to where it hit land.  Again, no casualties, just interesting geographically.


Kodiak Earthquake Jan 2018

“In Kodiak, they’ve activated their sirens,” said Jeremy Zidek, of the Alaska Div. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “The harbor master reported a wave did come in, but it was not a significant wave.”

At least nine communities have evacuation orders in place. Zidek said that while the initial reports don’t show shake damage just yet in Alaska, he implores people to follow community-issued evacuation warnings.

The initial quake was initially estimated to be somewhere in the range of magnitude 8.0 and to have taken place about 12 miles below sea level in the Gulf of Alaska. The severity has dropped to M7.9 following U.S. Geological Survey review.  The tsunami warning has been lifted.

You can download the Chart with full Asteroids and Trans Neptunians Kodiak  January 23 2018

The gold star marks the spot of the earthquake.

                           The Map of the Quake

ORIGINAL STORY, 12:52 a.m. – A powerful earthquake, with an initial estimated magnitude of 8.2, struck southeast of Alaska shores shortly after 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.  We orginally posted 2:30 which was incorrect but Mr. Ivey Henderson notified us of the discrepancy.  We are quite thankful.

kodiak 2018.png

There is a preponderance of planets in Capricorn in the Third house of short messages flowing into the Fourth House of home and death, but cardinal Capricorn is not as strong an “earthquake” sign as fixed Taurus is and so this chart suggests that it would not affect loss of life.

The January Full Moon – Eclipse is but a week away, questioning the New York Times rebuttal of that phenomenon, and this  earthquake takes place in the crescent phase of the Moon: the Full Moon is next.  The last major earthquake in Alaska was highlighted in the aforementioned Times article and happened on March 27, 1964, the chart for that one is in the NYT rebuttal essay above.

The Ascendant is trine Neptune, the Roman version of the Greek Poseidon, and the god of earthquakes in the Fifth house suggesting that this earthquake may not take the standard approach and be creative in its next attack.  Pluto is opposite the Mid-heaven suggesting that it was slower in buildup that should also be minor but remember these are general guidelines, not certainty — it is better to be like the Boy Scouts and  “Always be prepared ” particularly if you are in Ring of Fire and below Alaska.  


The New York Times debunks Full Moons & Earthquakes

By SHANNON HALL JAN. 18, 2018 of the New York Times

CreditFelipe Gamboa/Agence France-Presse / Getty

On Dec. 26, 2004, a magnitude 9.1 earthquake ruptured the ocean floor off the west coast of Sumatra. The resulting tsunami killed nearly 230,000 people in 14 countries, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in history. It occurred during a full moon.

The earthquake that devastated Chile in 2010 and the Great Alaskan Earthquake in 1964 also happened on full moons. But a new study published in Seismological Research Letters finds that the connection is nothing but folklore.Photo

A crevasse in the middle of a street in Anchorage, Alaska, on March 27 1964, following the Great Alaskan Earthquake; this  also took place during a full moon.

To analyze the supposed link, Susan Hough, a seismologist at the United States Geological Survey, scrutinized 204 earthquakes of magnitude 8 or greater over the past four centuries. She then matched those earthquakes to the lunar calendar and found that no more occurred during a full or new moon than on any other day of the lunar cycle.

“It’s not some wild crazy idea,” Dr. Hough said, but the gravitational effect is vanishingly small and only occurs under narrow circumstances, so it would never translate into a pronounced force — certainly not one that can be seen in a calendar or used to make predictions.

In a study by Satoshi Ide, a seismologist at the University of Tokyo, and his colleagues made headlines when it suggested that the number of high-magnitude earthquakes (like the one that occurred in Sumatra) also increases slightly as tidal stresses rise.
Dr. Hough’s study though “debunks the prevalent superstition some people have that the moon tells us something about the danger,” said John Vidale, a seismologist at the University of Southern California who directs the Southern California Earthquake Center….until of course the next study another time.

Sumatra Quake.pdf

earthquake 2010 santiago.pdf

Anchorage 1964 Quake.pdf

Saturn in Capricorn: the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755

The Great Lisbon Earthquake:

November 1, 1755 was to be a sunny autumn day in the , one of the most important and richest seaports of Europe at the time. The locals were profoundly religious and the city was preparing to celebrate the obligatory holy day of the Feast of All Saints.

At 9:30 in the morning the inhabitants were alarmed by weak tremors. Christian Staqueler, consul of the German city of Hamburg, remembers in a later report: “First we heard a rumble, like the noise of a carriage, it became louder and louder, until it was as loud as the loudest noise of a gun, immediately after that we felt the first tremble.

At 9:40 all the bells of the city began to ring simultaneously and only seconds later the first buildings collapsed. Three major shakes followed in the next 10 minutes, most people were killed by the collapse of the churches, full of believers attending the second mass of the day.

People fled in the direction of the seaport where the large squares of the royal palace promised shelter from the debris of the collapsing buildings. It was there that they witnessed a strange phenomenon: The sea had vanished and the riverbed of the Rio Tejo,, was dry. That is striking, because it flows from the north and into the Atlantic. It is a shallow estuary but the longest river, about 645 miles, on the Iberian peninsula. It was named by the Romans centuries ago, and was a major reason for the establishment of Lisbon as a Roman port town.

At 10:10 a 12 meter high tsunami-wave reached the city and destroyed the entire harbor, thousands of people standing along the shores were swept away and killed. After the earthquake and following tsunami, a fire broke out raging for five days destroying whatever was dry enough to burn.

                            The Map of the strike

It’s a wild chart. First there is Saturn in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer, the latter ill-dignified because Mars is exalted in Capricorn a place that appreciates its martial efforts, unlike homey Cancer that does not want any strike. So the Lord of Capricorn, Saturn, is opposite its exalted ruler, Mars making for an unstable environment. The two get a T-square from over-active Jupiter in the Tenth House that is square it’s exaltation in Cancer. The planets all seem to be in the wrong places and unhappy about it.

Neptune the earthquake planet, is in Leo in the Eighth House receiving too much exuberance from Jupiter in the Tenth. Venus and the Sun are literally fighting for space in Scorpio in the Eleventh, who ruler the soon to be discovered Uranus, is in the hiding in the Third House just waiting to pounce into action. Everything was ready for the time to be ripe, and when the Ascendant became fire-brand  09 Sagittarius*, Jupiter went over the top and started a wild bumper ride hitting and bouncing against it’s various neighbors crying havoc and letting slip the dogs of war.

In the end, countless were dead. Estimate ranged from 10,000 to 100,000 and even cynical Voltaire shed a tear.

Lisbon earthquake 1755.pdf



1.  Adriano Carelli in his text, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, says that 09 Sagittarius is the degree of fire and devastation.  It may “be literal”  or it may be “figurative” but it is a degree that “portends work connect with fire or an accident that brings about the same.”

Fiji Quake Sept 26 2017

The  pattern of extreme weather shows no signs of relenting as two quakes struck Fiji. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says there is little threat of a tsunami after the initial 6.5 magnitude earthquake.  They occurred  at 2.20pm FJST (Fiji Summer Time).

The quake, at a depth of 104 km (64 miles), was south of the Fijian islands in the South Pacific, the Hawaii-based PTWC said. The second, and smaller, quake registered 289km north of Ndoi island and around 579km deep.

Papua New Guinea was also struck by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday morning, no times recorded as of now. When I get it, I will create a chart for that quake. All three are on in the Southern Hemisphere, but there were no lives lost, at least from what the latest reports, and they are also in the Ring of Fire– so is California.

–according to William Lilly, astrologer par excellence, earthquakes are quite common after an eclipse. Reading them and understanding them though is still mystifying, so I’ll be putting up information on the quakes and their astrological charts, but not always, at this point, saying much. Think of this as an ongoing study.



fiji quake data.pdf