#56 Alice Bailey: the New Age awaits

Alice Ann Bailey, often called AAB, was a woman ahead of her time. Born June 16, 1880 as Alice LaTrobe-Bateman in Manchester, England at what we have reckoned to be 9:50 pm. She first married fellow Christian evangelist British Walter Evans but this union ended in divorce as Bailey’s occult philosophy developed. Later, after relocating to New York, she married American Foster Bailey and had … Continue reading #56 Alice Bailey: the New Age awaits

da Vinci Medieval and Modern

Astrologically Leonardo We have adopted the traditional 10 of Sagittarius ascendant for a wandering mind, as the Maestro did not physically travel far. Its symbol is “a teacher giving new forms for old symbols, ” and hearkens to the higher faculties of human understanding with the keyword of “acuteness.” Life of da Vinci LEONARDO DA VINCI (1452-1519) is the great Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, … Continue reading da Vinci Medieval and Modern

#151 Astrologer John Burgess

John L. Burgess is listed by Marc Jones as having been born May 1, 1899 at 12:09 pm at Ozark, Missouri. Even the late Donna Cunningham’s Astrologer’s memorial has nothing on him and Rodden quotes Jones. With his ascendant is 19 Leo — (SS) a houseboat party, Burgess is a typical see-saw temperament type; Jansky calls this an hourglass btw. Both agree that this type … Continue reading #151 Astrologer John Burgess