The liberal voice, John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill was the most influential English language philosopher of the nineteenth century. He was logician, naturalist and an exponent of Utilitarianism. He was the foremost liberal who advocated for the delegate model of electoral rights and thus the consequences of John Locke’s empiricist (knowledge comes from experience) outlook.

Mill combined eighteenth-century Enlightenment thinking with newly emerging currents of nineteenth-century Romantic and historical philosophy. He wrote System of Logic (1843), On Liberty (1859), Utilitarianism (1861) and An Examination of Sir William Hamilton’s (best known as the discoverer of Uranus) Philosophy (1865).

 “Nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure…  Actions then should be judged according to how much happiness they produce. 

Jeremy Bentham, Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation,.

Early days in Pentonville

Born 20 May 1806 at in Pentonville then a northern suburb of London, at about 8 o’clock in the morning. His father James Mill a Scotsman, was educated at Edinburgh University and taught by Scottish polytmath Dugald Stewart. James moved to London in 1802, where he was introduced to Jeremy Bentham, the English legal reformer via his Scottish connections, and married Harriet Barrow. John was their eldest son and Bentham’s godson.

James Mill gave his son (Uranus partile Saturn in the 4th) a vigorous education. His mother 25 Gemini 45 is said to have little effect on him, but we question that because Mill’s true love was also named Harriet whom he met at a dinner party in 1830, and was married to a pharmacis, John Taylor. The three agreed Mill would visit Harriet at the Taylors’ country retreat when her husband John was not present, and at their London residence while he was at his Club. This arrangement persisted for years, an was entirely platonic much like a son to a mothers.

Marriage to Harriet Taylor

When John Taylor died in 1849, with Harriet and Mill married in 1851 and Mill became outraged at the judgmental norms of propriety of his philosophical friends and wrote On Liberty (Uranus in the 4th sextile the 1st house and square his Neptune or what he felt their “enlightened” reaction should be) is the cornerstone of Liberal Political thought. It is here that Mill states very clearly that

“The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant…. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” 

On Liberty

Mill idolized his wife (Venus at the 10th house sextile his Moon in the 12th) and credited her with everything he wrote. Harriet died, we could find no reason why,  in 1858 while the couple was in Avignon, France. Mill purchased a house close by the cemetery, and lived there for the rest of his life. He did not remarry Uranus at 22 Libra 14 Rx sextile the 8th house Aquarian house with Saturn opposite Venus and a T Square to Jupiter 07 Capricorn 20 on the 7th house cusp).

Delegation par-dessus tout 

In 1865, Mill was elected as the Member of Parliament for Britain’s Liberal Party. Since he believed that the trustee ideal of representation was false (this is where the representative is elected on behalf of similar minded people) and instead advocated the liberal model of delegation (where one is elected because of their own principles and ideals whether or not they coincided with the electorates) he neither canvassed for the seat nor attended Westminster afterwards, but stayed at home, in Avignon. This argument of representation has historically been the difference between Western parliamentary parties (Tory v. Labor; Democrat v. Republican).

Librivox has many of his works available for listening including Utilitarianism, On Liberty and the Principles of Political Economy, Speech on Capital Punishment and Consideration on Representative Govt.

Key astrological points:

  • His ascendant is 01 Leo 51 (Leo 02) , an epidemic of Mumps, is a momentary appeal of ideas are kept alive by his immediate needs making his life a continual excursion into current affairs.
  • His Midheaven at 07 Aries 51 is conjunct Venus 12 Aries 44 showing the importance not only of his wife Harriet, but also how he acquired ideas that changed structurally how society worked.
  • Jupiter (07 Capricorn 20 — birds chirping happily) square the Midheaven (07 Aries 51 — a large hat with streamers flying east) highlights his drive of working towards a Utopian economy that was utilitarian and feasible.
  • His North Node is in Sagittarius in the 6th highlights his inner circle’s impact on his life’s work while the South Node in the 12th shows equally how his friends let him down in his marriage by their lack of support. Also shown here is his need to be a service to others often at his own loss making him uncompassionate and cold.
  • His Moon is conjunct his South Node in the 12th. This aspect can give someone a martyr complex, dedicating himself to another — the Moon as a proxy for his wife and seeking seclusion from outsiders and thus dedicating himself more to his (their) work. This Nodal setup as it works into his Midheaven/Nadir shows that Mill saw himself an economic doctor/surgeon to Britain’s ills.
  • He is a see-saw temperament type.
  • His mental chemistry is very aggressive but upon deliberate in application.
  • His dynamic aptitude is the Sun opposite Neptune, a born social reformer because the individual’s need for group validation for his social research. This aspect keys Mill energy and will towards the idealism of a better future and the social reform needed.
  • Mill died in Avignon on 7 May 1873, time unknown so the progression below is something to ponder, if only in comparison in broad terms to his life’s work — the Moons are trine showing happiness in his dedication to his wife and his own life’s work; two two Mars are sextile one in philosophy and the other for the public thus Mill was satisfied that he had brought a peaceful revolution i.e. reform to the political and intellectual arena, etc.

#22 Queen Alexandra of England, Princess of Denmark

Alexandra was made of sterner stuff

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and the son and heir of Queen Victoria was a notorious rake. His parents recognized this when he was very young and arranged a marriage hoping to keep him from getting into further trouble. The wife chosen for him was the eldest daughter of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and her mother was Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel.  Other siblings were George (George I of Greece), Dagmar (later Empress of all the Russias via her marriage to Czar Alexander III, Thyra (Crown Princess of Hanover) and Prince Valdemar of Denmark.

Alexandra Caroline Mary Charlotte Louisa Julia of Denmark was born in Copenhagen on December 1, 1844 at 6:15 in the morning. Her rising symbol made her a good choice “fasting pilgrims outside the castle of the king” at 18 Scorpio 57 as she and Edward spent much of their lives apart — her in Sandringham and he in London.

On March 10, 1863 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Edward and Alexandra were married, her wearing a magnificent gown by Worth of Paris. They had six children including Prince Albert Victor.

While Queen Victoria chose the day, a month after her own to Albert, calendar wise, the chart was perfect for the bride. Notice the red arrow where her new Ascendant of 28 Cancer 44 is conjunct her natal Part of Fortune in the 8th house:P as her maidenhood ends, a new life as queen begins. Her Nodes surprisingly stay the same at Gemini 11 [HS a baptism the process of beginning something momentous, a sacred induction]. Her NMC is now opposite her TSun supporting again the major rite of passage she was undertaking as her TPart of Fortune is conjunct her natal Uranus in the 4th — her wishes have become true but alas (though oob) with a wrinkle — her husband will never be true (Mars as the T-Cross leg on the 7th house cusp). But Alexandra knew that.

Edwards peccadilloes

From the top left are Daisy Greville, Lilly Langtry, and Jennie Jerome. The bottom two portraits are of Agnes Keyser, and Alice Keppel.

Throughout their marriage, Edward had several well known mistresses —  the actress Daisy Greville, herself the descendant of two of England’s King’s paramours and for whom it is thought Daisy of The Great Gatsby was named ; Lily Langtry the actress, Agnes Keyser, the only unmarried woman during their affair, American Jennie Jerome the future mother of Winston Churchill and whom Alexandra was the most fond; and most famous of all Alice Keppel, the great grandmother of the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles. Despite her well known possessiveness, Queen Alexandra allowed Mrs. Keppel to visit King Edward VII on his deathbed.

The Queen was a bucket with a moon handle at 17 Leo 28, a castle-dweller, one who needs to be alone and undisturbed.

She had a scar (Saturn 03 Aquarius 17 in the 2nd, Taurus rules the neck) and wore high necked gowns or jeweled necklaces similar to her portrait above. On Edward’s coronation day she wore the gorgeous Dagmar necklace, especially made for the occasion (see the closeup below). She died at Sandringham House on November 20, 1925 from a heart attack and was buried in Windsor next to Edward, having outlived him by 15 years.

Speculative Chart for Andrew Yang

Sarah Blakely is a big fan of Andrew Yang’s and as a member of our Real Political Astrological group on Facebook asked us to rectify his chart and see his potential in the upcoming 2020 election.  It’s good she asked; we had not heard of him.

All you need is self-driving cars to destabilize society,” Mr. Yang, 43, said over lunch at a Thai restaurant in Manhattan last month, in his first interview about his campaign. “In just a few years” , he continued, “we’re going to have a million truck drivers out of work who are 94 percent male, and have an average level of education of high school or one year of college… That one innovation,” he continued, “will be enough to create riots in the street. And we’re about to do the same thing to retail workers, call center workers, fast-food workers, insurance companies, accounting firms.”

Andrew Yang to the New York Times.

With the limited information out on the Net for the multi-millionaire, Presidential contender, Andrew Yang, we are calling his chart “speculative” because we cannot find enough information to verify it. Nonetheless, we have rectified his chart  for 28 Libra rising (Hyperion Symbol) “The Statue of Liberty.”    McClung writes this implies “the best of attack for true freedom is complete rejection of its opposite, as bondage is not reality but an illusion.”  Its keyword is Revolution, and shows how his Universal Basic Income and his concerns of the upcoming financial crisis (is this the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 2020?) is rocking the boat. Yang also dissents against Bernie Sanders and AOC’s Green plank because of its economic mandates.

Nuclear energy is a relatively low-impact option for generating electricity. While the mining and enrichment of uranium has environmental impacts, and the storing of nuclear waste isn’t easy, it is overall an efficient way to generate energy. With modern safety standards, it’s also a safe way to generate electricity.

Andrew Yang…On the Issues

Making the millions

Prior to running for office, Yang founded a nonprofit organization Venture for America, that trains college graduates for working in startups — where the greatest win-loss ratio exists, as Andrew himself knows. He started his career in a healthcare startup, where with his Columbia University (NY, NY) law degree he was their corporate attorney. He has never run for office previously.


Charting Yang

His southern bucket is rather eclipsed so his Saturn aspect to the Sun-Moon line of Vitality accentuates his natural disposition making him cardinal-mutable — he is very action oriented when working working with people, teams or projects.  All of his eight squares, his chart like Maestro Arturo Toscanini is dominated by them, are separating except for the one between Pluto to Saturn, that is applying, showing that Mr. Yang invites challenges where he can learn new things and grow.

This preponderance of squares, puts a lot of emphasis on the Saturn handle of his northern bucket. It makes it [HS 15 Cancer] “the reality that never changes”, highlighting the practical aspects of his vision.  As Saturn is in its detriment in Cancer, but exalted in the tenth house, for Mr. Yang there is a constant push pull in his life of being a hard worker who gets financial remuneration for his efforts but emotionally is unrewarded.  Perhaps this Presidential bid will help alleviate some of those problems for him.

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#03 Georgie Freedom Abrams


George Abrams was born on Freedom Day — 11-11-18 — in Roanoke, Virginia at 11 am to an orthodox Jewish family. He nearly became the middleweight champion of the world but lost to Tony Zale. They inducted him into the Boxing Hall of Fame at Canastota, New York (it’s outside of Syracuse) in 2005, a trip we heartily recommend for even non-boxing enthusiasts.

We  profiled the other George Abrams, the baseball player over here.

According to Jones, Abrams was born at 11 am and while poetic, we propose a 1 pm birth time instead. With the 11 am natal time, Abrams loses to Zale, because Zale out punched him — Jupiter in the outer chart conjunct Abram’s Dragon’s Tail. That does not fit with the reports of the fight.

The first two charts depict the 11 am time.  Zale vs. Abrams
georgie abrams
George Abrams at 11 am

With a 1 pm birth time (see the green singular one), we have Mars on the 11th house cusp in Capricorn landing a solid punch. His fire signs are also a bit higher showing that he had a bad temper and came to boxing through his natural inclination to take it on the chin and physically fight back. This would be more common to growing up in a poor area and being the torment of older boys or even prejudice. What stays the same is his high water preponderance depicting his stubbornness and ability to take hits.

Jupiter in the fifth house, just conjunct the Pluto that was discovered at his birth, shows that Abrams had an orthodox boxing style. It is also in the water element of Cancer. Pluto, discovered in 1932, is opposite Mars but has no short leg to the opposition, so Abrams did not have a lot of variety to his repertoire. Missing a 8th or 2nd house offshoot, Abrams becomes a plain boxer with no hidden counter-punch i.e. a repertoire of tactics to help in the later rounds.

The rectified 1 pm chart. The Lord of his chart, Uranus, is conjunct his Ascendant, alas the Moon steps in between.

The second Zale-Abrams chart is more telling of his weaknesses. While again, Zale out punched him, and Abrams is still an orthodox boxer, here he had some hidden power in his skill set. Another interesting thing is that Abrams has Transpluto in the fifth, so he gambled on his strengths, while Zale has it in the 6th gambled that Abrams would follow his typical method — he studied Abrams in the ring and learnt his opponents weaknesses, so Zale felt that a one punch battering style was all the other boxer had.

Zale OTOH with Transpluto in the outer right exact to Vesta in Zale’s chart was economical in fighting and did not come barreling out for a slugfest, but paced himself. All of this, makes Zale the better boxer and deserved to win the Middleweight Champeenship, as my late grandmother would say.

After this bout, Abrams best days were behind him — Fred Apostoli, Tony Raadik and Sugar Ray Leonard all beat him. He retired after the Raadik bout, tried his hand at illustration,  but was unsuccessful.    He worked as an auto dealer, liquor salesman, , owner of a nightclub, a typical gambit of ex-fighters . After living for a while in Florida in the late 1950s where he parked cars in Miami Beach, he eventually settled down in Las Vegas where he worked as a security guard at the Tropicana.   He reposed June 30, 1994 there.

georgie death.png
Georgie Abrams last chart. Jun e 30 1994. It would seem that known heart problems felled him in the end.

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Gillian Rolton, Australian Equestrian Olympian

Gillian Rolton, an Australian equestrian, died  Nov. 18, 2017 at hospice in her native Adelaide, South Australia; she was 61. The Australian Olympic Committee said the cause was endometrial cancer, a type of cancer that begins in the uterine lining. This is unfortunately suggested by Uranus in the 5th house, or the dissolving of the womb.

A Dinky Die Ozzie

Rolton had won an Olympic gold medal four years earlier at the Summer Games in Barcelona aboard Peppermint Grove (better known as Fred or Freddy) — the first Australian horsewoman to do so. She returned with the horse to Atlanta for a three-day competition featuring dressage, cross-country and show jumping event.

The national sport colours of Australia are green and gold.

In cross-country, an endurance test for both horse & rider, Rolton was confident of her early progress. But at the five-minute mark, Freddy’s hind legs slipped on gravel as he made a turn, and he rolled over her.

“That’s where I broke my collarbone and ribs, he went sliding and I went splat.”

Rolton told The Horse magazine in 2010.

A spectator grabbed Freddy, and someone else helped Rolton back astride. They galloped up a hill hoping to make up for lost time, but as they came to a water jump, Rolton realized that her left arm, which had become difficult to move because of her broken collarbone, lacked the strength to control Freddy, and she fell into the water; she remounted once again.

Rolton said instinct had compelled her to continue despite her falls and injuries, but there was also a practical reason to keep going: as the third of four cross-country riders for Australia, she needed to post a score in case something kept the rider who followed her, Andrew Hoy, from completing his ride. Ironically she was not needed, her fellow riders had no problems and secured the gold medal. The United States took silver.

Andrew Hoy

She was one of eight Australian Olympic champions to carry their country’s flag in Atlanta’s Olympic opening ceremony, because she did not qualify. In 2000, she was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

A true blue Ozzie

Gillian has a lot of Noel Tyl’s Quindeciles which he says is an unrelenting aspect. See hers between the Sun and Saturn — unrelenting will against falls, broken bones and great odds, and again with the Sun and Neptune highlighting her unrelenting desire for horses and then being exceptional with them.

Gillian England was born in Adelaide, South Australia, on May 3, 1956. Her father, Lloyd, was a builder, and her mother, the former Esme Fraser, a bookkeeper. There is no time around for Gillian, so we have rectified her to 10 Pisces and the Sabian symbol of “a rider in the clouds,” illustrating her desire to “transcend normal limitations by creating new realities of self”. She is a see-saw temperament type, half on the land and half above.

As a girl, Gillian excelled at swimming, a common trait for Pisces rising, but wanted a horse, an animal ruled by Pisces’s Lord Neptune and found on her 8th-9th cusp at 29 Libra. Her the emblem is “humanity seeking to span its knowledge,” showing horse riding was something dangerous but fulfilled her desire to expand her horizons and break away from stereotypes.

“Mum and Dad didn’t have any background with horses, apart from what they bet on at the horse track.”

“Free Rein” (2001) her autobiography.
Rolton completing her cross-country course with a broken collarbone after falling off her horse at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. CreditEquestrian Australia

After retiring from competitive riding, she was active in equestrian sport coaching young equestrians, and a juror at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. She is survived by her husband, Greg, and half brother, John.

You may download her chart here: Gillian.pdf if you would like to add to our essay please do so in the comments. Thanks for your support.

Batting Average 1.00 – George Allen Abrams

It is hard to get a stellar batting average of 1.00, but not if you are George Allen Abrams. He did with a single in his only at-bat left and realizing it was all downhill from there, promptly retired… or at least that’s how we view it. A great stunt if you can afford the job change, and George Abrams chart is all about job changes and timing.

The Cincinnati Reds picked him up for their pitching staff & he had 3 games with them in the 1923 season. He came over from the 1922 Enid Oklahoma Harvesters where he had a 18-5 win record. Our featured image is of the Cincinnati Reds after their 1919 World Series win, Abrams was not on the team.

                            The Abrams Chart

George was born in Seattle, Washington right before the turn of the 20th century on November 9, 1899 at 7:33 Pm. He has two incredible stelliums in his chart.  The first is in the Twelfth House where fixed Scorpio lies,  and the other in mutable of Sagittarius. This makes the planets span from the Twelfth into the First House and start with the willful Sun and close out with persevering Saturn. 

He was born a Bundle with a Neptune handle in the first house, always his own man, but by 1930 when he was between careers, Pluto happened and things changed making him a Prism Temperament Type. His dynamic aptitude is part of the prism structure, and in case Saturn (obviously the Great Depression though possibly a close family death or a vagrancy charge) opposite Neptune made him realize that his happy-go-lucky ways were at end—he had to buckle down and get a career.

Many of his planets are in the Southern hemisphere they are mainly in the fixed quadrature — objects and things not people but Neptune had given him a good eye for remembering trends and nuances, those tell-tale signs that gave a customer, salesman, or opposing batter away. He waited, and watched like Job in the Old Testament, and learned some new skills (Moon in the 9th), but the War interrupted, and so had to wait again.


Abrams was a true mutable. He changed careers, moved around the country several times and then entered the Navy in World War II.  When that stint ended, for twenty-eight years, he was district manager Acushnet Golf Company (owners of Titleist Golf Balls & Clubs) of New Bedford, Massachusetts,   though based in Evanston, Illinois (north of Chicago) his turf was once again the Midwest.

Abrams became an avid golfer Because of his job and interest in ball playing, and retired to Clearwater Florida. He died there in the Morton Plant Hospital on December 5, 1986.  He is buried in Clearwater too,  but that’s about all we know.¹

map of Clearwater peninsula


  1. Lee, B. (2009). The baseball necrology: the post-baseball lives and deaths of more 7,600 major league players and others. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.Marc Edmund Jones also has a George Abrams listed in his 1000 Nativities in the back of the book “Sabian Symbols” but that fellow was a pugilist.  During World War II, while in the Navy, the Sabian Abrams played some ball.
    1. Mead, William B. Baseball Goes to War. Washington, D.C: Broadcast Interview Source, 1978.

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