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Asteroid Listings by Mark Pottenger

Mark Pottenger is Dr. Zipporah Dobyns's son.  He has for sale an Asteroid program to supplement your main astrology program as none have a full listing themselves. does provide for free a good account, but to get all that active that day you must pay $69.00 per year.   Pottenger's version is $100.00 for … Continue reading Asteroid Listings by Mark Pottenger

Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.d. on the future of astrology

In a book by Malcolm Dean, the Astrology Game, he quotes Dr. Dobyns about her belief that astrology will be accepted in her lifetime.  She was wrong there, and when she died in San Diego on June 7, 2003 it still was unaccepted, but she is probably right that we are closer now than a … Continue reading Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.d. on the future of astrology

Martha Wescott’s Tools of the Trade

Ms. Wescott, fondly called the Queen of Asteroids, is offering the latest set of her monthly Tools of the Trade in a 3 year set, but it is yet listed in her shop, so contact her via the above or email for an invoice if you are interested.  We receive no reimbursement for this ad.  It … Continue reading Martha Wescott’s Tools of the Trade

Astrology, a lucrative path…..for very few

Astrology and being an astrologer are distant outliers from the cultural norm. Making a living as an astrologer is not a prosperous path. In the late 1800s, Alan Leo generated a rebirth in the interest of astrology when he produced mass horoscopes and employed astrologers as a group. Today, Astrology reports are a computerized commodity … Continue reading Astrology, a lucrative path…..for very few

John Toland on #462 Adolf Hilter

by Gary Noel Last week, I was asked some questions regarding my comments about Hitler and . I was asked if I was arguing that Hitler was a humane mass murderer. I never said those words. In fact, I put “humanely” in quotes to emphasize the absurdity of genocide being benevolent.  For the June 1995 … Continue reading John Toland on #462 Adolf Hilter

ISAR Board member resignation

On Tuesday evening, February 27, Dr. Glenn Perry announced his resignation as an International Society for Astrological Research board member. In his resignation letter to the board, Glenn stated, “I will miss my ISAR family. Should the need arise, I will remain available for projects to which I might usefully contribute.” ISAR regrets the circumstances … Continue reading ISAR Board member resignation