#524 Myra Kingsley the No. 1 Astrologer

American astrologer described as "the No. 1 astrologer of the U.S." in an article in LIFE magazine ("Hollywood Likes Myra Kingsley's Horoscopes," 7 August 1939), it appears in full below. She wrote "Outrageous Fortune: How I Practice Astrology" (Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1951). Miss Kingsley died on November 20, 1996 aged 99.   Myra was … Continue reading #524 Myra Kingsley the No. 1 Astrologer


Frankland’s Musician

William Frankland in his book, Investigative Astrology c. 1900, has this chart with the question of what is his problem?  He gives us some clues:  there is a kite configuration made of the opposition between Mercury and Uranus. He also lets us know that Jupiter is in its essential house of Pisces and Venus is … Continue reading Frankland’s Musician

The daring do of the Robber from Zutphen

This chart comes from Alan Leo in his November 1909 magazine. He notes that Saturn is at 01 Cancer right near the Ascendant at 08 on the cusp of the second house of resources. Since it is in its fall, we wonder does that mean that appropriating others resources will be their calling and not … Continue reading The daring do of the Robber from Zutphen

Azzedine Alaia fashion designer

Azzedine Alaïa,  died on Saturday in Paris. He was 82. His company said the cause was a heart attack.  Alaia was called a sculptor of the female form, and his couture were worn by women from the First Lady Michelle Obama to Rock Star Lady Gaga. “I dressed women directly on their body, by intuition. … Continue reading Azzedine Alaia fashion designer

Sen. Pat McCarran, Harry Reid & HUAC

Biograph: Nevada Sen. Patrick Anthony McCarran (Dem 1931-1954) drafted several pieces of legislation in the 1930s and '40s all of which became the foundation for today’s aviation regulatory structure.  He has an airport in Southern Nevada named him, the McCarran International Airport.  Sen. Harry Reid appealed to the Dept of Transporation to change the name, … Continue reading Sen. Pat McCarran, Harry Reid & HUAC