The new Cuban Leader: Miguel Diaz-Canel


miguel diaz canel

                                             Diaz-Canel as Proxy for Cuba

That the horoscope of a king may be used for the country he rules has been known since medieval times, but that a public official or the administrative head of an enterprise  can be can be used  as a proxy for the organization or country as a whole, is not always well understood.

The reason is that the individual in charge is symbolic for the object, as he is flesh and blood while is it at best a representation of an abstract idea via either its Terms of Incorporation or its Constitution.  As a living being the person has free will, a factor that the institution or country can never possess, and so could not be reflected in its inaugural chart,  but needs to be updated with the the times and circumstances at hand, something that the individual chosen to lead at that time, should manifest.
                                                          — Arabian Astrology chapter 17, Marc Jones²

                                                                   The sculptor in his studio

pygmalion & galatea underdrawing from seville.jpg
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City


We worked on Senor Diaz-Canel’s chart and found we that 27 Sagittarius, a sculptor at work, epitomizing the mastery of intelligence over form, rising best for several reasons:

  1. it is conjunct the Galactic Center — giving his locomotive temperament type added energy.
  2. Sagittarius rules education and he is currently the minister of education and culture allowing Cuba to boast a 96% literacy rate.
  3. it makes stolid Capricorn in his first house with its lord exalted.

Other things we noticed was that since Uranus rules engineering and particularly electronics, his majoring in electrical engineering, gives his eighth house emphasis particularly as its co-Lord Pluto uses the constructive power of the past for personal transformation.  Pluto is also part of his Grand Trine, the other two legs are his Taurean Sun  and at Jupiter in Capricorn in the first, making him hungry to fulfill his  zealous need for recognition and self-aggrandizement through political power.

Diaz-Castro has no planets  in the fifth, sixth and seventh houses which demonstrate his lack of interest in his private life  because of his pursuit of elusive public acclaim  (eleventh house).  His ninth house North Node  typifies someone who travels for his career for unlike most Cubans he has been around the world:  Nicaragua supporting the Sandinista’s in the 1980’s, Venezuela extolling dictator Hugo Chavez and China bowing to Xi Jinping.

Raul Castro, the current dictator, is stepping down on April 19, 2018 so that Diaz-Canel can take the throne on his 58th birthday.  We do not wish him success.

At his inauguration, according to Cato Institute, Diaz-Canal said:

“Raúl Castro Ruz, as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, will still make the most important decisions for the present and the future of the nation.”



  1. Anonymous, from the Seville School of Art, 17th Century, Seville, Spain.  In the Met Museum’s permanent holdings , a drawing of Pygmalion creating the statue of Galatea.  This mythic tale from the Latin poet Ovid,  where  Pygmalion, the legendary king of Cyprus, fell in love with a statue of his own creation.  Every night he prayed to Venus that he might have a wife as beautiful as the image he had created. Finally, the goddess caused the statue to come to life. As Pygmalion’s wife, she came to be called Galatea.
    1. The Getty Museum has a similar drawing from Goya, here.
    2. George Bernard Shaw’s play, My Fair Lady was dramatized in 1938 and then again in 1962 with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn.
  2. Jones, Marc Edmund.  Arabian Astrology, self-published April 17, 1933.


We constantly vet our stories for accuracy.  This one was revised on July 5 2018.