This week 12/10-16 in Tucson

Our header image is of a Tucson rodeo c. 1900. The Santa Catalinas in the background, rim the open plain. Our map above, from Bing, is an aerial shot of Tucson. The white line on the bottom is the Mexican border. Ole! Our ascendant this week is 17.11 Pisces or "men seeking illumination," and that … Continue reading This week 12/10-16 in Tucson


Saturn return: DeKlerk legalizes the ANC

I could find nothing to support this date under the original heading of "abolishing apartheid" but upon further research I was able to spot an article from the New York Times archives about DeKlerk legalizing the ANC, that must have been the incident to which it was referring.  Another pertinent fact, is that apartheid was … Continue reading Saturn return: DeKlerk legalizes the ANC

The 2017 Solstice & the Winter Ahead

Today, December 21, is the Winter Solstice  at 11:37 AM EST, the Sun enters Capricorn. This is the chart set at Washington D.C., at the Capital Building.   The Ascendant of the chart is the 18th degree of Pisces, with Neptune in the 12th House and Jupiter, co-ruler, in Scorpio in the 8th House.  Sun and … Continue reading The 2017 Solstice & the Winter Ahead

Barack Obama, 1st Inauguration

Bucket Temperament Type Barack Hussein Obama's 1st inauguration on January 20, 2009, at 12 noon had the Ascendant of  13.56 Taurus.  Sepharial wrote about 15o years ago about this Symbol that it denotes a "humble and conscientious nature that find pleasure in good works. .... The chief characteristic is the sense of justice and fraternity … Continue reading Barack Obama, 1st Inauguration